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Star Wars Movie Secrets and Behind The Scenes

The Star Wars movies are filled with inside jokes, hidden details, and some incredible continuity scenes between some of the movies. With the love and dedication that the studio showed with these movies, it’s no wonder that they’d be filled with hidden easter eggs.

Here are a number of details that were hidden in the movies that even franchise fans may have missed the first time they watched them. Here’s to an even better viewing experience next time you venture to a galaxy far, far away!

Signaling to Audiences Through Lighting

In almost every film, there is intention with how a scene is lit or even how the director uses light. The filmmakers will manipulate the light for certain characters or places to subconsciously send a message or symbolize something.

Source: Reddit

Star Wars does it in overt ways, like the lightsaber colors, and also in more subtle ways like in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. During the last conversation between Obi-Wan and Anakin, Obi-Wan stands in the light while his protégé is in the shadows. This foreshadows which side of the Force each one will be on.

A Loyal, But Messy, Friend

One of the easier characters to impersonate in the franchise, Chewbacca has been a fan favorite ever since the first Star Wars film came out in the ‘70s. In the movies, he proves himself to be a loyal co-pilot to Han Solo, but being a good teammate isn’t only when there’s action.

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For anyone who has had a roommate, you know that it’s crucial to keep the communal spaces clean. In Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, those who are paying close attention can see that Chewie’s chair is a mess and covered in hair.

Crossover of Two Iconic Franchises

Harrison Ford and George Lucas have worked on other projects together besides Star Wars. There were a couple of smaller films that you may have read about: Indiana Jones. When they were filming Solo: A Star Wars Story, the creative team took the opportunity to use a reference from Harrison Ford’s other iconic role.

Source: Reddit

In the Star Wars movie, a detail-oriented viewer will spot a replica of the golden idol that Indiana Jones takes at the beginning of the movie Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark.

R2 Just Wants to Help

When thinking of the strongest or most aggressive character in the Star Wars universe, not many people would have R2 as their top choice. But we will say that R2 does everything in his power to help the other protagonists save the day. Plus, he sometimes offers some comic relief.

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For example, during a battle in Star Wars: Episode III, R2 is present and trying to help. Some viewers may have missed him in the background as he tripped over a Battle Droid. He performed just as well as we expected, and we can’t fault him for it.

Enough Love to Go Around

The most heartbreaking part of Anakin’s entire character arc is that he turns to the dark side during his personal pursuit of love. Not at one point of his journey did he realize that in front of him the whole time was what he was searching for.

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Throughout the three prequel films, the final words that Anakin heard from those closest to him were full of love. They wanted him to know that they loved him and that he already had what he was looking for. Unfortunately, he didn’t believe what they were telling him.

Alien Language Crosses Over Films

We love a crossover episode! The Star Wars franchise might be one of the most well-known in the world, but there are rumors that the Men In Black franchise exists in the exact same universe. During the first Men In Black movie in 1997, the background noise has a group of aliens speaking Huttese to each other.

Source: Reddit

Huttese is the language that Jabba the Hutt uses in the Star Wars movies. Though the MIB aliens look smaller than a Hutt, there’s still a chance that they’re related to each other.

Wrote a Scene to Explain Actual Injuries

In 1977, Mark Hamill was injured in a pretty serious car accident. The accident left him with some serious damage done to his cheekbones and nose. Rather than completely ignoring this, George Lucas decided to use it to their advantage.

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When they started filming Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back shortly after Hamill’s accident, Lucas wrote a Wampa attack in the film to explain Hamill’s injuries. If you keep an eye out for them, you’re still able to spot them before that scene, at the very beginning of the film.

What Was With Those Space Buns?

Princess Leia has rocked several legendary looks throughout the franchise films, but her outfit in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope was completely calculated by George Lucas. The iconic side buns were modeled after women in 20th century Mexico called “Soldaderas,” who were all part of the revolutionary uprising.

Source: Reddit

Along with the long white dress, Lucas pushed for Leia to be braless because he rationalized that they didn’t exist in this universe. With all of these aspects put together, one of the most recognizable looks in entertainment was achieved.

Someone Actually Painted Those Backgrounds

Before they utilized green screens to put in the backgrounds that we see in media today, filmmakers used to hire artists to hand-paint painfully large backdrops to be the scene background on the film. The original Star Wars films followed this laborious process.

Source: Twitter

They employed artists to paint plexiglass with oil-based paints to illustrate sections of the Death Star and background soldiers. We encourage you to rewatch Episodes IV, V, and VI to see if you can tell that it was painted by a human rather than computer work.

Fed Half-Truths About His Father

Luke Skywalker just wants to know the truth about his roots and is basically only met with lies. Granted, his uncle is lying to try and protect his nephew. But Luke’s uncle did tell his nephew some truths, even if they were small.

Source: Reddit

During Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, Luke was sure that his dad was a navigator on a spice freighter ship. The prequel movies show that this is a lie, but in the Clone Wars television show, viewers see Anakin get “The Twilight,” which is an actual spice freighter.

Full Circle Fighting Moment

One of the largest woes in Star Wars was the scene when Anakin battles Obi-Wan for the final time. Obi-Wan comes out of that face-off with a victory over the youthful Vader by securing the higher ground.

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In Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, we see an homage to this moment, except this time it’s between Vader and Luke. Vader notes that Luke’s techniques are similar to Obi-Wan’s when Luke secures the higher position. Obviously, Obi-Wan knew that the move worked and taught it to his new student.

An Homage to Bad Robot

J.J. Abrams owns a production company called Bad Robot. This production company produced a number of the Star Wars films, but their logo never appeared at the beginning of those movies. However, the Bad Robot mascot was featured in the movies in a different way.

Source: Reddit

In Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker, Babu Frik was an expert in droids and had a lab that showcased all kinds from the entire Star Wars Universe. One of those robots was a specific red one that looks an awful lot like J.J. Abrams’ company’s logo.

Sporting Some Space Patchwork

It’s all in the details! One of the reasons why the Star Wars universe feels so authentic is the attention to the smallest of details. The creative team’s commitment to the continuity aspects is what makes it more realistic.

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In Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, Finn battles Kylo Ren and ends up tearing his jacket. In the following film, Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, the jacket has been repaired in the exact spot that Kylo Ren had ripped it. If you’re not looking for it, chances are you’ll miss this detail.

Based on Real Species

Droids are an important aspect of the Star Wars world, and throughout all of the movies, we see a number of special droids. Well, it turns out that all of them share a connection. Every single droid in the Star Wars universe was designed based on the species that created them in the first place.

Source: Tumblr

So, whether we’re talking communicator droids or battle droids, they all resemble an actual species. This is pretty neat when we think about it from the perspective of the prop design team.

A Natural Sharpshooter

This hidden easter egg will surely give a confidence boost to all of the Star Wars fans who think that Rey is one of those people who just is naturally good at everything. In Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, Rey is clearly new to the whole idea of battle.

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When Han gives her a blaster, she has next to no idea what it is or how to use it. When Rey grabs it and tries to aim it at her target, she closes the incorrect eye but still manages to hit her target.

The Most Loyal Character

R2-D2 is easily one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars universe, and his unyielding loyalty to his friends is what makes us love him. We see a fantastic example of that in Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back.

Source: Tumblr

When Luke instructs R2 to remain on the ship, he ignores the instructions and follows Luke. R2 remembered what occurred the last time his master instructed him to remain on the ship. In Episode III – Revenge of the Sith Anakin told R2 to remain on the ship and never came back.

Not Much Jango Could’ve Done

There are plenty of cool characters in the Star Wars franchise, but Jango Fett, from the prequel trilogy, might just take the cake. His fate was a sad one since no one wants to see a character they like get beheaded at the hands of Mace Windu.

Source: Reddit

Upon further inspection of that scene, however, it’s clear that there wasn’t a way to avoid it. Jango’s jetpack malfunctioned as Mace Windu was coming right at him. There wasn’t enough time to escape, so Jango had to meet Mace’s lightsaber.

Teeny Tiny Spaceships

Which seems more realistic, building real-size models of aircrafts and filming them on-site, or creating miniature versions of spacecrafts and using camera tricks to make them appear bigger than their actual size? Well, the filmmakers of the initial Star Wars trilogy went with the second option.

Source: Reddit

They operated smaller cameras to film the models so that they could scale them up in post-production to appear huge on-screen. Most viewers would be hard-pressed to point out any obvious differences, so hats off to the film crew!

Finding Inspiration From Everywhere

Every time a lightsaber swings, you can’t help but audibly make the noise. Well, it turns out that the lightsaber’s recognizable sound was due to an error. The sound wasn’t supposed to be recorded and was done so by mistake.

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The sound team had prepped a different sound entirely to use in the movies. However, the infamous sound is actually just feedback from a tube for the TV. It was recorded by a defective microphone that happened to pass at just the right moment. Talk about perfect timing!

A Reason For Everything

It’s really cool when films offer explanations within the universe for events that happened on-set. This is precisely what happened with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. In the original Star Wars movies, Red and Blue Squadrons were intended to attack the Death Star.

Source: Reddit

But they were using a blue screen, so they couldn’t use a Squadron in blue. They made the change to gold without much of an explanation. That is, until Rogue One. In the movie, the Blue Squadron gets destroyed on Scarrif, which explains why they aren’t seen later attacking the Death Star.

Guilty of Hidden References

The Star Wars universe is filled with hidden details and inside references in all of the franchise’s endeavors. The creative minds behind the films do this for the dedicated fans. Many will rewatch the films until they see all of the details that were slipped into the project.

Source: Reddit

A classic example of this kind of thing was in Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi. The movie starts with a run filled with bombings dropping from the sky, and one of them had “Han Says Hi” written across it in some alien language.

Extra credit

In many films and television shows, a human actor will don a suit to portray a creature like Jabba the Hutt. Except that Jabba didn’t have anyone in a suit playing him. In Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, the Jabba the Hutt we saw was animatronic with no one inside.

Source: Tumblr

For that reason, Jabba the Hutt was listed in the end credits as himself playing the role. The movie kept the same credits even after Jabba was digitally replaced in later releases. It’s a shame he wasn’t nominated for an Oscar.

The Man Behind the Voice

Anthony Daniels might be one of the most unmistakable voices in the Star Wars universe. He was given the honor to voice C-3PO for numerous films and shows, and it’s unfortunate because while everyone recognizes his voice, nobody knows what he looks like.

Source: Reddit

But one perk was that he could go watch the films in theaters without swarming fans. Well, don’t worry, because Daniels finally made a small cameo appearance in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. Glad this man finally got some well-earned screentime.

Some Furry, Four-Legged Cameos

The Star Wars universe has hosted dozens of celebrity cameos – from Freddie Prince Jr. and Kevin Smith to Tom Hardy and Daniel Craig’s stormtroopers; the films have seen plenty of famous actors. But did you know that there have been some cameos from four-legged stars as well?

Photo by CJ Rivera, FilmMagic, Getty Images / Source: Tumblr

In Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, Carrie Fisher’s dog Gary can be spotted in the Canto Bight casino as a gambler’s pet. Obviously, when he’s not by Carrie’s side, he can be a bit tougher to identify.

The Mirrored Arc of Obi-Wan

Obi-Wan Kenobi had a long personal journey from the end of the prequel movies and until the start of Episode IV – A New Hope. The sacrifice that he made in the middle of the movie concludes his character arc perfectly.

Source: Reddit

At the end of Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan watches the birth of Luke and Leia seconds before they are separated. Nearly two decades later, in Episode IV, the final thing that Obi-Wan sees before he dies is the siblings reuniting for the first time since their birth.

You’ll Want to See This

If we saw a robot start using four lightsabers all at the same time, there’s a high likelihood that we would also want to look at how awesome it would be, so this one is completely understandable.

Source: Twitter

In Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, as Obi-Was begins to battle General Grievous, the most observant viewers will likely notice that there are two Battle Droids in the background. When Grievous activates his lightsabers, one droid gets the attention of the other and motions for him to watch the fight.

Checkmate Versus Chewbacca

The filmmakers think of everything in the Star Wars universe! While filming Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, the director, and producers removed two game pieces from the legendary Holochess game to make the board appear less crowded.

Source: Pinterest

The missing pieces were explained away with a scene from Solo: A Star Wars Story. In the Solo film, Chewbacca plays Holochess but smashes the table in anger. Two pieces disappear because of this table smash and, in turn, provide an explanation for why the table was ruined.

Honoring Minority Representation

This hidden gem actually includes multiple neat details into one. So, officially, Poe Dameron from the moon Yavin IV. This wasn’t a happy mistake, thanks to Oscar Isaac, the actor who played Dameron in the sequel trilogy.

Source: Tumblr

Isaac is a Guatemalan native, and he made them promise to make his character a native of Yavin IV because the original trilogy filmed the Yavin scenes in Guatemala. This is a wonderful way to honor the background of Dameron and connect his minority identity to an actor who also represents a minority group.

How to Build a Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon is famously the fastest spacecraft in the galaxy. Not many ships can make the Kessel run in only 12 parsecs. But any notable vehicle is bound to be tough to build, and the prop design team would certainly agree.

Source: Reddit

During the original trilogy, the props department had quite the challenge to tackle when they had to design the Millennium Falcon. One of their biggest obstacles was trying to find an interior lighting solution that didn’t melt the ship itself. Their solution was to add big vents to the top and back of the spacecraft.

Do-It-Yourself Special Effects

These days, most sci-fi movies heavily rely on the modern technology of CGI to make their project come to life. But back in the ‘70s, filmmakers had to find alternative creative solutions to make the special effects seem authentic. The Star Wars films serve as the perfect examples.

Source: Reddit

During Episode IV – A New Hope, the creative team needed to come up with a way to make Luke’s speeder look like it was actually flying. They figured out that they could cover the wheels with mirrors to make it look like it was in flight.

A Selfless Slew of Stormtroopers

Stormtroopers might be the bad guys in the Star Wars movies, but in real life, they can be very charitable and caring. The 501st is a group of Star Wars fans who volunteer in the community while dressed up as stormtroopers. Their goodwill even translated to the films as a background cameo.

Source: Reddit

In Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, a pink R2 robot is seen in the background rushing around. This is an actual droid named “Katie” that the 501st created to visit children in hospitals getting treatment.

Such Painfully Obvious Details

Oftentimes, the obvious things that are staring us in the face are the details that we look past. This detail certainly meets that criterion. In Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, the Millennium Falcon is docked whenever it’s not in use at the Docking Bay 94.

Source: Facebook

What some people might not have seen was that the number 94 was actually carved on it. And it was stylized to perfection if we may say so ourselves! To be perfectly honest, we’re kind of embarrassed we weren’t aware of it this whole time.

Finding a Loophole With Spaceballs

When it comes to parody movies, Spaceballs deserves the top spot in the hall of fame. Most people might not know that there’s a fascinating story about the main character. Before he made the movie, Mel Brooks met with George Lucas to as for permission to direct a Star Wars parody movie.

Source: Reddit

Lucas agreed on the condition that Lone Star wouldn’t look too much like Han Solo. Cleverly, Brooks took the loophole and decided to resemble the character after Harrison Ford’s other iconic role of Indiana Jones.

An Intimidating and Frightening Villain

The Star Wars universe is filled with frightening villains, like General Grievous, but none of them hold a candle to Darth Sidious. Don’t believe us? Let us remind you of this intimidating moment from Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith.

Source: Twitter

There’s one scene in particular where Grievous is preparing to go and speak with the Emperor. But before he is in front of the Sith Lord, he lets out a loud cough. This is to not disturb Darth Sidious and goes to show just how scared of him his followers were.

Keeping It Somewhat Realistic

Despite the fact that the Star Wars movies appear to break the laws of physics all the time, they still must operate within a somewhat realistic framework, so viewers won’t get completely lost.

Source: Tumblr

This is the reason; if you really pay attention, you can see all types of attention to detail within moments that make a lot of sense. For instance, during this scene from Solo: A Star Wars Story, you watch as the giant Space Octopus’s skin is torn off of it as it’s sucked into the gravity well.

Boba Fett’s First Appearance

Boba Fett is one the most beloved characters in the Star Wars universe ever since we first met him in Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. Or at least we thought so. Few people realize that Boba’s real debut into the world of Star Wars was in the Star Wars Holiday Special in 1978.

Source: Reddit

During that special, Boba can be spotted with the same exact gun that Din Djarin sports in The Mandalorian on Disney+. At the same time, his costume went through a transformation between the cartoon and the live-action project.

Slow to Make Certain Changes

It’s comforting to know that some things stay the same in the Star Wars Universe. Han Solo is a loyal owner when it comes to his spacecraft. He is obsessed with it, so changes have to happen over a long period of time. Because of this, many of the movies use the same props inside of the ship.

Source: Reddit

When Chewbacca, Han, and Leia end up inside of the space worm in Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, they all use a breathing mask. During Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, Finn and Rey use the same one.

Paying Homage to the Original

Star Wars is notorious for reminiscing and nostalgia – both the prequel and sequel trilogies were ways to honor the original films. So, it’s only fitting that these trilogies would honor the movies that were released before them. A great example of this was written into Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker.

Source: Reddit

The protagonists go to the Pasaana planet to celebrate the Festival of the Ancestors. This celebration takes place every 42 years, which is lined up with Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker being released after the first original Star Wars movie.

Recruiting Local Norwegian Extras

The Star Wars films are filled with battle scenes, but The Battle of Hoth was one of the most difficult scenes to shoot. They needed indoor shoots for the miniature models of the walkers and spacecrafts. At the same time, all of the shots of soldiers and people needed to be done outside.

Source: Reddit

Rather than hire extras to play the rebel soldiers, the producers decided to just recruit local Norwegians. There were plenty of volunteers to appear in the film who were from the area where they filmed the battle.

The Stealthy Tracking Droid

George Lucas is the king of subtlety. Throughout the entirety of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, there are hints that our protagonists were never fully safe. A queen on the run will always be followed by a search party, no matter what universe she exists in.

Source: Pinterest

After the pod race, Qui-Gon is speaking when a droid in the background appears. The tracking droid was sent by Darth Maul to locate Padme. No one seemed to sense the droid’s presence or even spot it, but that might’ve been how Darth Maul found them so quickly.

Man Behind the Music

The Star Wars films are filled with numerous characters that showcase their heroism. Then there’s George Lucas and J.J. Abrams, who are crowned heroes for bringing the stories to the big screen. But the actual hero is John Williams.

Source: Pinterest

Williams is the person behind some of the best movie soundtracks in the history of film. He composed the music for all nine of the movies, making him one of the only people who was involved with all of the films. Williams even had a cameo as a bartender in Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker.

Shot in the Hand

When Luke Skywalker tried to rescue Han Solo and got shot on Jabba’s cruise ship in Star Wars: Episode V – Return of the Jedi, he ended up getting shot right through his hand. In another example of continuity throughout the movies, we’re here to point out that the filmmakers didn’t forget that.

Source: Tumblr

In fact, viewers can spot the lasting effects of that shot in later films. During Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, sharp-eyed fans can spot some scarring where the shot hit Skywalker’s hand.

Saying Goodbye to Luke

Saying goodbye to a beloved character isn’t always done well, and fans have lots to say about it. Take our Jedi, Luke Skywalker. In Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, many viewers, would say that the filmmakers did Luke really dirty.

Source: Reddit

Some may even claim that his character was ruined because of the movie. But they did give him an awesome sendoff. During his last battle with Kylo Ren, sharp-eyed viewers will notice that while Kylo Ren’s feet touch the salt, Luke’s feet never do.

Turning a Passion Into a Home

Everyone has their comfort places, even Luke Skywalker. Fans of the movies will know that he loves X-Wings. So, it should come as no surprise that he managed to find a way to turn that love into his actual home? Okay, so not technically his home, but certainly something similar.

Source: Reddit

During Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, fans catch a glimpse of the front entrance into Skywalker’s home. For those who paid close attention, the door’s design was the same one from his S-Foil’s wing.

Not Much of a Holochess Player

We have already discussed references to the Holochess game in this list, but one more couldn’t hurt. Even though the Holochess board was aboard the Millennium Falcon, apparently, Han Solo wasn’t the biggest fan. This might seem surprising since the game is clearly set up during Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.

Source: Tumblr

In Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, Finn turns on the Holochess board by accident. The pieces are shown as they were left in Episode IV. The only explanation would be that Han never continued the game since then.

Big Proponent of Secondhand Fashion

When we are first introduced to the character of Rey, she is nobody special. Rey lived off of whatever she could find and searched around crashed ancient imperial ships on Jakku. It’s blatantly obvious just by her clothing that Rey was good at scavenging for goods and products.

Source: Twitter

Her outfits also hint that Rey doesn’t have the means to pay for any other clothes. Take her goggles, for example. Rey’s goggles were actually from a Stormtrooper’s helmet that she found from one of the original movies.

The Use of Color

Not every film will follow the same rules, and one of the initial things that filmmakers will decide when they begin working on a movie is to choose the color palette. The colors that are highlighted in every film are what communicate the special look and feel that represent the filmmakers’ point-of-view.

Source: Twitter

A really interesting example is shown through the first time that Rey meets Luke Skywalker in person. This is showcased in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens and Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi. The scenes look similar but use different color palettes.

Celebrating the Millennium Falcon

Star Wars is famous for its many differed spacecrafts, with special designs and iconic looks. Even though we enjoy all of the intricacies and specifics of each ship that the Star Wars world offers us, there’s one ship, in particular, that takes the cake.

Source: Facebook

The legendary Millennium Falcon may not be the flashiest ship, but it’s easily a fan favorite. It’s truly unfortunate that we went through the whole prequel trilogy without it, but there was a unique ship that landed on Coruscant in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. Surprise, it was the Millennium Falcon.

Matching Scars to Burns

Continuity is imperative in a series, especially if a director is switching between timelines. Anakin Skywalker goes through a dramatic transformation when he goes from a handsome man to a severely injured man. The only reason he survived was because of the dark side and his change to Darth Vader.

Source: Reddit

In Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Anakin suffers severe burns on his face. Those burns end up healing into facial scars that are seen in Episode V – Return of the Jedi when Luke takes off Vader’s helmet. The scars matched up to Anakin’s burns.

Going For the Kill Record

Without a doubt, one of the coolest characters in the Star Wars universe is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Even knowing he’s the coolest prepared us for this hidden reference. In Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, there is a reference to the character Gimli from the Lord of the Rings series.

Source: Reddit

On his starfighter ship, Obi-Wan had kept a count with tally marks of how many droid ships he had brought down. Think of how many times he said, “Hello there,” to tallying up that number of kills.

Confident in His Plans

Palpatine was always someone who preferred to plan ahead of time. His vision for the strongest weapon in his empire was set in motion way before anyone started building it. In the prequel trilogy, there were references and hints that mentioned his plans.

Source: Pinterest

During a scene in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Anakin Skywalker enters Shiev’s office, and the camera pans past two tables. Plans for the Death Star were sprawled out in the open and seemed to suggest how confident he was in his plans.

Preventing a Devastating Leak

Star Wars had one of the biggest twists in the history of film, and George Lucas made sure that it stayed a secret before the film premiere. While filming Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, everyone else in the cast was given a different script with the line “Obi-Wan killed your father.”

Source: Pinterest

Lucas and J.J. Abrams took Mark Hamill aside and told him the actual line that would be in the movie. The three of them were the only three who knew the actual twist for over a year.

Just a Pile of Scrap Metal

The Star Wars world has more droids than we can count. Droids come in all sizes and shapes, and each has its own purpose. But, when droids fulfill their purpose and have nothing left to offer, they become scrap metal.

Source: Reddit

C-3PO nearly experienced this in Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back when he’s on Cloud City and brought to the furnace. Thankfully Chewbacca saves him in time but not before we see the scraps of IG-88, an assassin droid that Boba Fett killed after attempting to assassinate Han Solo.

Cut Costs, Borrow Clothes

When comparing how successful of a franchise it is today with the budget that they were on back in the ‘70s, it’s almost funny to hear how eager they were to cut costs. When it came to costumes, they were all about secondhand fashion.

Source: Reddit

Many of the props and costumes in the original trilogy were recycled from other franchises and production sets. For instance, in both Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, and Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, Bossk’s costume was originally from Dr. Who.

Shot in the Privates

We had to include this one because it might be one of the sillier ones on our list. Boba Fett’s protective armor got very banged up by the end of the original trilogy since he’s been through so many battles. It’s obvious, just by looking at him, that he’s been shot at numerous times.

Source: Reddit

The shots left plenty of marks in all of the spots that he was hit. Someone was clearly going for a personal shot when they aimed and shot at Boba’s crotch, which left a subtle mark on his armor.