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Test Answers That Only Kids Could Write

Most people remember elementary school fondly. Playing in the playground with your friends, dominating at kickball, or gossiping and giggling on the monkey bars are all memories we cherish. Some children attend school to study and develop new skills, and others are content to daydream through class until the beautiful bell tolls to signal their sweet departure. In any case, everyone who has gone through 12 years of school is sure to learn something.

Because their exam answers are so far out there, these youngsters must have had some intriguing instructors! One thing is sure: These kids have a great sense of humor. Whatever the case may be, the professors who created these assessments could not have anticipated such responses, and we are thrilled at such brilliancy.

Ghosts Are Not Real

There are many amusing and spooky stories ideal for sharing over a campfire. But let’s be honest, a lot of children seem to grow wiser as they get older, don’t they? They aren’t readily deceived by spooky ghost stories, unless it’s Halloween, of course. There is no such thing as a tooth fairy, unicorns do not exist, and ghosts are fictional entities.

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You could suppose the teacher was simply looking for the answer to a simple math problem. But one boy took advantage of the chance to clarify certain facts and put a stop to the teacher’s wild speculations. No, no, no. She is undoubtedly suffering from some hallucinations, and we must help her see the light.

Tony the Big Nerd

To give you a little background on this scenario, this student was given a test on cause-and-effect relationships. What was the outcome? He applied logic to determine the impact of daily 20-minute piano practices on his social life and came up with a well-thought-out solution. OK, there might be other consequences, such as Tony becoming a world-famous prodigy and earning international acclaim.

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When you contemplate what Tony’s life has been like, you can’t help but think that only a special person would be up to the task. That said, I’m sure you’ll change your mind once Tony gets rich and famous. Hopefully, by the results of 20 minutes of daily commitment.

He Decided to Put a Ring on It

If you need a daily dose of laughter, we might as well prescribe a daily dose of children. We’re sure Beyoncé would be ecstatic if her famous song was included in this kid’s test. It is, without a doubt, an all-time classic. You’re always right as the queen of pop, but this instructor wasn’t having it. At the very least, the teacher was cool enough to go along with the reference.

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In any event, if you’re going to invalidate a student’s response, you owe it to them to explain your choice and why it was problematic. In any event, it was an admirable try, but Saturn’s rings resemble icicles rather than diamonds. Does that mean Saturn is still available?

What a Straightforward Question

I’m sure none of us like being asked questions that have an obvious solution. Finding Waldo in a large multi-colored crowd might be difficult, but why would you leave an X right there, in plain sight, if you’re going to urge us to discover it? In the middle of the day? I discovered it for you, instructors. You’re more than welcome.

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This teacher believed that giving students directions like, “Solve for X” was superfluous and wasteful of time and space. Now they’re having to pay for it in a big way. I’m hoping this kid’s instructor gives them some credit. After all, they were the ones who made the error. Playing dumb isn’t going to cut it as you get older, so live up to your awesomeness today.

Two Mean Giraffes

To us adults, children’s naked truth may appear harsh, yet that is part of what makes them children. On the other hand, their amusing insults may teach you something new. This youngster was unsatisfied with all the answers to this question. The correct response was most likely B.

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That is because Darwin’s theory says that only the strong survive and the weaker members of the herd eventually perish, but this child was not convinced. While most people wouldn’t go that far, the youngster was a touch harsh in labelling all giraffes “heartless beasts.” Maybe it’s just these two giraffes that are a touch naughty. Every species appears to have its own bully.

Please Don’t Bother Me with Your Questions

We don’t mind tooting our horns now and again; maybe you don’t, but we certainly don’t. This is an excellent illustration of why children should attend school. You see, you don’t only go to school to learn stuff you didn’t know before. Knowing a few random things does not make you clever, as this smart aleck demonstrates.

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We go to school to learn how to back up our claims. Allow this to be a lesson to you, young man. School is about more than just scribbling anything you want on a piece of paper. However, sometimes it’s necessary to just follow the rules. Just wait ‘til you’re in college and required to write 10-page essays. You’ll quickly discover that “because I’m smart” isn’t enough.

Getting Tired of Judy

Judy, you’ve done it again. Don’t you realize that true beauty is found within? This is clearly not Judy’s first practical joke, judging from the teacher’s irritated response. I wouldn’t be shocked if this was the same Judy who left an upside-down thumbtack on the teacher’s chair only a week ago. She had to complete the phrase and circle the word that best described the sentiments of this child who had just fallen off his bicycle and torn his trousers on this English test.

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Judy did what was requested. Well, not really. She not only dismissed the possibilities presented to her, but she also added a term of her own, which, like Judy’s, was brash and inflammatory. Judy, what are we going to do with you? A naughty pupil, to be sure.

Mom’s Special Advice

It’s also no secret that kids are fierce when it comes to asking a lot of questions, the majority of which seem entirely out of the blue or at the very least unexpected. They’re also good at telling it like it is. Everyone knows that children will always tell you the truth, even if it’s something you don’t want to hear. In fact, kids will frequently tell you precisely what you don’t want to hear.

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These booklets help instructors to have a better understanding of their students’ home lives, but now and again, we stumble across tiny morsels that are better left at home. Mom, it appears you’ve been caught. You’d best make sure your kids are sleeping next time you go to the wine cupboard because they’ll call you out on it soon enough!

Get Up and Just Deal with It

This might not have been the correct response for the teacher, but with the limited information, this youngster got it right! That’s what I’m saying. What would you do if you were to fall and scrape your knee? This boy is miles ahead of his peers, and he just wanted to make it clear.

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This instructor should ponder his response; it is something we all learn later in life. Give this youngster an A since he has a far better knowledge of life and its difficulties. Young fella, you receive full marks in my book for demonstrating tremendous maturity. You have a bright future ahead of you!

Straight to the Point

It’s a well-known fact that children are the most brilliant little philosophers, but as is frequently the case with great minds, they’re misinterpreted and often outright wrong. You would know the answer to this question if you’re a scientist or even if you just paid attention in science class (which you should all do, kids!)

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But, like myself, this youngster seemed to have forgotten any plausible scientific explanation for Miranda’s inability to see inside the microscope. Impaired eyesight might be one of the causes. That teacher shouldn’t dismiss it so quickly. I thought this child’s response was rather brilliant.

Taking it One Step at a Time

Many times, at the start of a new school year, students are asked to write a message to themselves for the future. School might be a difficult time for everyone. Lots of students lose control of who they are and forget who they want to be between tests and attempting to fit in. It may be a stressful situation.

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But, hey, it’s all part of growing up and learning how to deal with life’s challenges. After thinking over last year, this youngster came to the sensible conclusion that this year would be a lot better if there were fewer sob sessions. They’re probably correct. Honey, welcome to the real world.

A Rebel Without a Cause

It appears that your child will turn rebellious at some point as they grow. Welcome to the terrible 2s, or the uncomfortable and angsty stage of your child’s adolescent and teenage years. When conflict arises, it’s not unusual for parents and children to butt heads over an almost infinite number of topics.

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Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that we have a true rebel on our hands. Not only did the child explain it plainly, but they also utilized four words instead of three to emphasize their point. You did an excellent job. You had a lot of consistency. You can’t let the youngster down with this planned response. It appears that containing this young renegade is futile!

A Long Football, Indeed

This is what I refer to as “thinking outside of the box.” Being a teacher is one of the most difficult professions in the world, so I’m sure the ones who got this homework welcomed the chuckle! Teaching is a lot of labor, but it also comes with a little bit of much-needed levity every now and then. Have you ever sat down to grade papers and laughed so hard you almost fell out of your chair after seeing a student’s response?

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There’s no way of knowing if this kid got the right answer or even knew what a football was. Even so, a football cannot possibly be more than one foot long. What would you do if you couldn’t even contain it? Despite all of this, this response appears to be inaccurate.

Don’t Be Concerned

Math can be rather mind-numbing. I’ve never met a youngster who didn’t think it was completely worthless and exhausting to explain to their math instructor how they arrived at their answers. So, what if they didn’t record the lengthy and difficult procedure that led to the correct answer? It entails far too much. Why not eliminate the middleman and save everyone time and money?

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This youngster got the answer correct, and yes, they did it with arithmetic. So, what’s the point? I hope their teacher didn’t deduct any points for this quick and accurate response, especially since it was given under the heading “Try This.” In my opinion, this kid should have gotten an A+ merely for this answer.

Where Do People Usually Sign?

We all know that kids don’t always just say the most outrageous things. They also use them as answers on their quizzes, creating infinite fun for their professors. Teachers, as we just learned from our previous brilliant young rascal, need to be a lot more detailed at times. There’s no doubt that this child’s response is, at the very least, correct.

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It’s usually at the bottom when you sign almost anything. I wouldn’t be shocked if we’re dealing with a lawyer’s or businessperson’s offspring (or any other profession in which you sign things often). This kid was aware and informed enough to summarize his previously acquired common knowledge and apply it to the topic at hand. Do they know where the Declaration of Independence was signed? We’ll never know, I suppose.

References to Music

There’s never a dull moment with kids. This is without a doubt one of my favorite scenarios. First things first, let me point out the absurdity of this issue in the first place. Who does this instructor think she is, expecting a student to explain love to them in two or three lines?! What’s more, we’ll do it when you’re ready!

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This talented pupil, however, was undeterred. They got into their stride and nailed their response. Few children nowadays recall the lyrics to these songs, let alone how to apply them in an educational context. However, the comedy is present, and the level of inventiveness is great. Kudos to you, kiddo.

Love is Mentioned

We could have come up with a million answers to this question, but not this one. Where do kids come up with this stuff? What gives this instructor the right to cross out such a response? This is how hatred spreads! This is how wars are started! Love is the most powerful force on the planet! Kid. Never let anyone persuade you otherwise!

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This youngster must come from a family that has high expectations for him in terms of romantic relationships. Either that, or he’s hopelessly smitten by Suzie, the girl in the first row with the long black hair and big brown eyes. In a situation like that, I could imagine becoming distracted from your test. Would you have agreed with this response?

Definitely Not an Earth Day

How many times have you made up things on your exam because you didn’t know the answer, or tried to be clever by scribbling down answers that should gain you points just because they’re brilliant, even if they’re incorrect? You’re not alone. This child appears to have chosen the same tactic.

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Most schools take time out of their daily routines to discuss the forthcoming holiday. It appears that this child missed the memo! Sure, Earth Day is on April 22, and yes, knowing that would be handy in the case of a holiday-themed trivia game. But I don’t think that specific test will lead our star student here to become involved in environmental advocacy.

Not Happy with School, Obviously

Kids are ready for life, at least, even if not for school and their examinations. If I were a teacher seeking a one-word description, I’d most likely choose an adjective. Although Hellish made the cut, this youngster is just breaking the rules. What are your thoughts? Is this a rule-breaker or a cry for assistance?

Source: Tumblr

One thing is certain: This child is far from alone in the American educational system in having such a strong attitude. Instead of relying just on the findings of this poll, perhaps their institution should make a greater effort to boost student happiness. I see this student either flipping burgers or becoming an entrepreneur in the future depending on the guidance and nuturing they receive.

Teaching Financial Dependence

One of the most essential traits of a parent, and teachers by extension, is the desire to secure your child’s future. We all want children to grow up to be self-sufficient and capable of supporting themselves. This teacher appeared to be attempting to educate the students on how to generate money on their own. Unfortunately, not everyone has attained that degree of financial freedom.

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While most kids would rather perform tedious domestic duties like dishes, laundry, or mowing the grass, this youngster took the easy way out and relied on his parents’ income. The instructor must have been shocked by the response, but at least he’s honest.

Boundaries Must Be Respected

Oh, no! I’m hoping this is a joke. While some of the children’s comments are amusing, others are just nasty. I can’t believe someone would be this brave or lack this many social skills (and etiquette) to contemplate answering a genuine exam question with anything like this.

Source: Facebook

They’d never write anything like this if they knew their instructor was going to read it, right? I’m sure one of their pals set this kid up to gain popularity points. I just hope the prize was worth the embarrassment they’ll suffer at the next parent-teacher conference.

Three States of Matter

While we would prefer to guide our children away from making ridiculous remarks or actions, this is difficult. We must assist them in learning how to respond correctly to inappropriate behavior. That’s a life skill they’ll need a lot as an adult, regrettably. If you’re going to educate your kids about the three states of matter, you should probably be prepared for a wide variety of responses.

Source: Tumblr

You can’t blame the kid for observing things scientifically. After all, science is the study of things, and our body functions are a part of that. Nonetheless, I hope the instructor does not deduct points or negate this child’s exam because of a completely right (though politically incorrect) response.

Failing at Class Etiquette

Mr. Thomas likely distributed this questionnaire at the start of the school year to ensure that his pupils were aware of the appropriate behavior in his classroom. Mr. Thomas likely discussed each scenario with his students several times before administering this exam. It’s another matter whether this student was there during any of the practice runs.

Source: Tumblr

Kids’ reasoning is a bit contradictory at times. We’ll never know, but whatever this child lacks in timeliness, he more than makes up for it with charm and humor. They might not understand proper manners, but a response like this will undoubtedly win them a warm spot in Mr. Thomas’ heart.

Wrong Analogy

Every parent is confronted with the issue of a child’s morals at some point. In this case, the kid might be mistaking the hardworking engineer for another male employee, or perhaps someone he knows a little better? Guess what, kiddo, that isn’t the only cause for someone’s job being terminated at a corporation (neither is a bad engineering idea, I might add).

Source: Tumblr

True, that might be a viable explanation for the scenario described in the last question, but I’m very sure it’s not the one the teacher was shooting for. After all, who are we to judge what a lonely ocean engineer’s life and extracurricular activities are like? This kid needs to do some explaining.

A Different Direction

One of the most contentious issues in sociological theory is whether sociology should be called a science. While we think it’s fantastic that this instructor taught the motions and behaviors of atoms and electrons in class, sociology still needs to be discussed. While it’s unlikely that this response was accepted, this student might have gotten a point or two if they could back it up.

Source: Tumblr

Since we’re on the subject, isn’t socialism the superior option? In any case, this is a complicated subject that will require further investigation.

Is it 6 or Six?

This third grader was apparently recently taught the fundamentals of cross multiplication, although ineffectively. At first glance, it appears that if the common elements are removed, the solution is straightforward. When there are no more N’s in the equation, it equals six, so six = 6.

Source: Imgur

So, there you have it! Poor baby… they’ll have to go back and reread those books for a long time to find out where they went wrong. They’ll eventually realize that nothing comes to you on a silver platter and that you normally must put in some effort to get results. It’s a shame it had to be learned at such a young age.

Simply Delicious

Children can be disappointing at times. They make errors, misbehave, or just do not live up to our expectations. Some of their blunders are tragic, while others are far too amusing to be overlooked. To be honest, I’d never consider comparing a brain to a melon. Who knows what these students are learning at this institution?

Source: Imgur

One thing that comes to mind when I think about cantaloupe is zombie shows! Perhaps this child has been binge-watching too much of The Walking Dead. That may explain this weird (but hopefully humorous) response. All I can say is that I hope this youngster has never eaten human brains and is only speaking from their crazy imagination rather than recollection.

You Shouldn’t Hit Pets

Most children like pets. They’re always pleading for a puppy to snuggle or a rabbit to feed, but it’s a significant commitment at times. Undeniably, this youngster took devotion to a whole new level. Teaching grammar is one thing. It’s quite another to add ethical considerations into your English exam. Regrettably, the exam selections reflect beliefs that the child finds objectionable.

Source: Imgur

When the instructor does not provide a viable option, this is what happens. As this child correctly pointed out, the responses lacked the third option, and instead of being tested, he ended up teaching his instructor a valuable lesson in good pet handling conduct. We hope this kid received bonus points for his answer. It appears that the principal should take a close look at those tests.

A Future Cautionary Tale

This kid understands a little about American history, and he gets some points for it. For those who are curious, Abraham Lincoln was killed in Washington, DC, while seeing the play “Our American Cousin.” This boy decided to utilize his hypothetical time-travel talent to advise their late president to avoid the theater at all costs.

Source: Imgur

This student, honorable and humorous at the same time, would have changed the course of history if given the opportunity. I’m not convinced such an occurrence could have been prevented merely because Lincoln had sworn off going to the theater. Besides, we’re not sure how seriously a time-traveling school child would be regarded if they approached Lincoln with such a warning.

The Wrong Color

People’s reactions to a topic will conflict, especially if they don’t completely comprehend the matter. This young man certainly needs further explanation. If you’re going to select a hue, make it Hugh Jackman’s, after all, he’s a very attractive Hugh. According to his previous answers, it appears like this kid understands his stuff.

Source: Reddit

We’re hoping they offered this answer in jest… at the very least, if it was, they wouldn’t be shocked if they got this one incorrect. It’s good to see that their teacher was amused enough to recognize the ingenuity of the situation. Is that a Wolverine scratch I see spanning across from 8 to the number 10?

It’s All in the Details

It’s the tiniest, most insignificant aspects that keep life fascinating. Life might be difficult, but it can also be exciting. When you spend a lot of time with someone, you begin to notice the small details about them that most people miss. It just so happens that numbers are the same way.

Source: Tumblr

If you spend a lot of time with them, you’re going to notice that the numbers 6 and 8 vary in more ways than one. This student appears to have been well-acquainted with these numerals as a result of all this arithmetic study. Thanks, kid, for reminding us that “8 is all curly (but) 6 is not.” It’s all because of you.

Everyone Can Learn from This

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that life in today’s world might be difficult, and it might be tempting for a developing youngster to resort to unhealthy habits or hobbies. While we readers understand that the teacher meant “please interpret the following sentences,” this student chose to respond as plainly as possible.

Source: Tumblr

I have to say, that makes sense, and if we’re being honest, I would have had a similar response. So, there’s only one person to blame: the teacher. Try wording this exam question a bit differently next time. It’s critical to master the art of asking the appropriate questions. This test appears to have taught both the teacher and the student something useful.

They Weren’t Quite Wrong

If you’ve ever played Boggle (or other word-unscrambling games), you’ll know how frequently we grownups encounter familiar swear words and have to fight our minds to see anything else instead. If you’ve never experienced something like this, you’ll have to take my word for it. Students were instructed to unscramble the letters and turn them into actual words in this basic spelling practice.

Source: Tumblr

However, it appears that this instructor came across one student who was perhaps a bit too familiar with some words that they weren’t intended to know to begin with. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, you’ve got to give the kid credit for the endeavor.

Expand On It

We’ve seen it time and time again: Children have the strangest methods of following instructions. If you’re familiar with Amelia Bedelia’s work and her highly unusual technique of drawing curtains, you’ll think this student’s response is reasonable. Even so, it’s still a lot of fun. “Expand,” followed by six little symbols, was the sole command provided to young Peter.

Source: Facebook

Peter accomplished this by increasing the amount of space between each element of the equation. That equation was physically extended by him. No, I suppose that doesn’t count as a correct answer, but he certainly earned some laughs in our book. We’re relieved that at least the teacher saw the comedy in it all.

That’s About Right

While the child knew this wasn’t going to work, we’ve got to hand it to them: These responses are a no-brainer. Sure, they could have just played along with the teacher and told them anything they wanted to hear, but these tiny freedom warriors decided to stand up for themselves. Without a doubt, these responses reveal a critical error. Always properly ask the question.

Source: Tumblr

It looks like the teachers need to take an exam in test-writing on their own. Nobody can deny that everyone at this institution is getting an education. Rounds of applause to these kids for their brilliant ideas.

Representation in Society

This witty young man proposes yet another spin on socialism. This instructor did not anticipate such a response, but I hope they embrace it nonetheless! This child’s parents, whoever they are, must be socially concerned individuals. When you think about it, and dig into the definition of the term “classify,” this kid’s response starts to make a lot more sense compared to the other options.

Source: Tumblr

There’s really no good way to ask this question. This youngster is intelligent, courageous, and direct. Do you believe their teacher gave them some extra credit for their effort, or simply a big, fat zero? I’m hoping it wasn’t the second option. That’s one sure-fire way to suffocate their ability to think critically.

Hunger Games Aficionado

We would have stated that a decent measure of your favorite movie program isn’t going to hurt, but that isn’t always the case. So, I’m quite sure this exam wasn’t given to Katniss Everdeen, and this response is completely wrong, given that The Hunger Games didn’t even fix Panem’s overpopulation. Despite this, it’s still a lot of fun.

Source: Tumblr

If I were this student’s instructor, I would want much more from my students. It’s one thing to make a (hopefully) amusing response, but they should at the very least back it up with an argument and examples, as they were requested to. Examining the likelihood of life on Mars, come to think of it, is also a viable option. It’s also a Jennifer Lawrence (Passengers) picture… Perhaps this was a test for Jen.

Not a Name Challenge

Of course, no one is more adept at changing the narrative than our adoring children. Oh, Hope… you’re so upbeat. Perhaps I’m being overly optimistic. True, you named each of these quadrilaterals as instructed, but (and this is a major but!), this was clearly not what the teacher had in mind. Maybe our little Hope isn’t cut out for geometry.

Source: Reddit

Furthermore, before tackling any of these big ol’ quads, you might want to start focusing on those capital letters… She couldn’t even spell her name correctly! Also, who came up with the name Tedison? In any case, this was a lot of fun. Make the most of the adorable factor, Hope, honey, since this type of behavior will not be tolerated in college.

A Shot at Risk

When we glance around the classroom, one kid is usually a little louder than the others. Most of the time, it’s simply because they’re a bit smarter than the rest of us. Here’s a great example of one of those students and their correct, yet amusing, response.

Source: Tumblr

Risk-taking is a normal part of life; there’s no need to get worked up about it. We’re overjoyed to see a checkmark here, indicating that his teacher enabled one of the pupils to take a real-life risk and receive real-life credit for it. Sure, it wasn’t exactly what the teacher had in mind, but it turned out to be a success!

Into the Future

On our hands, we have only one realistic child. Today’s medicine can do a lot but surviving to be older than 100 is no simple achievement. Whether you’re 5, 8, or 12 years old, you’re unlikely to live another 100 years. So, instructors, be cautious about what you teach your students if you want to excite them and have them see a bright future.

Source: Facebook

Warren has worked it out, so he’ll take on the duty of designing this lovely gravestone. In 100 years, please remember to pass on his desires to his family. If you believe this is too depressing for a kid, you should avoid this type of assignment in the future! This is especially true if Warren’s in your class.

The Truth Is Unavoidable

Some parents will tell you that having small children is the best experience of their lives and that they wouldn’t change it for the world. However, there are plenty of people who are open about the numerous challenges they face while attempting to raise a child into a functioning human being. The parents of the child in this scenario probably have a weird parenting pattern and encourage him to offer an answer even if he doesn’t know it.

Source: Imgur

We don’t always know as much as we think we do, and we don’t always get it right. This child shares this viewpoint and did not hesitate to make sure that he voiced it. This youngster knew one thing, no matter how much or how little they had learned, and you can’t blame him for it. He did an excellent job in terms of logic. In terms of content, not so much.

That’s a Really Bad Situation to Be In

The early learning years for a youngster are usually challenging, especially when it comes to recognizing the distinctions between various settings. Unfortunately, the youngster in this scenario is still in distress, but I was saddened by the large red Xs. This child clearly understands the social concerns of the various states in the United States.

Source: Tumblr

Unfortunately for the student, this was not the purpose of the exam, and sociology and geography are separate entities. This student must have seen some bizarre TV shows or perhaps even read about migration statistics. In any case, spelling aside, this youngster is well-versed in the subject, to the point of making a joke about it during a scientific test.

Disturbing Lights

Before you can take your on-road driving exam, you must normally answer a few theoretical questions regarding the local traffic rules. This question was most likely taken from a motorbike license application’s official test. Nonetheless, the answer is hilarious. Nothing’s more irritating than driving past someone who has their brights on.

Source: Tumblr

That’s because they’re so dazzling you can’t see anything else! Our test-taker appeared under the assumption that motorcyclists’ high beams don’t serve the same purpose as car high beams, and they had little choice but to respond as best they could. Either that, or they were already failing their exam and decided to take advantage of the situation.


I have no idea what a plant cell looks like, but if I had to guess, it would look somewhat like this. Right on the money. That tiny, melancholy-looking flower is a fantastic depiction of the actual thing. This youngster might have been watching too many jail-related programs, but it’s a perfect representation of the real thing. This kid’s got the skills and has chosen to employ them in their immaculate representation of a plant prison cell.

Source: Imgur

I especially like their thoughtful analysis of the cell’s most critical features, such as the “iron bars” and “no windows.” This isn’t your typical intelligent response; this is art, made under duress and surviving against all odds, and it deserves at least some recognition, right?

On Steroids

Have you recently seen some amusing replies from children and found yourself giggling uncontrollably? Here’s an example: Is there anything we can learn from Bob and the candy bars? Math is about facts and consistency, and a second-grader lifting weights is anything but consistent for this youngster, regardless of how hefty it is.

Source: Tumblr

This seemingly basic arithmetic problem had several unexpected twists and turns. Marcus may be the strongest student in the class, but what exactly is he doing in the gym? Shouldn’t he be completing his schoolwork at home? And at 97 pounds, no less? Marcus, buddy, you’re not fooling anyone. Admit that you may have a problem and get some help.

Simple Use of Logic

We appreciate straightforward, truthful responses. There will be no overthinking or outlandish explanations, just get straight to the point. Why do teachers have to complicate everything with all these useless questions? This youngster realizes that math is extremely easy. After solving an ordinary math problem though, they were confronted with a second query.

Source: Facebook

We can’t blame a simple use of logic, can we? While the teacher was most likely inquiring about the math the student used to solve the question above, the child mistook it for a personal question. Perhaps the student believed the teacher was genuinely interested in his thoughts. In any case, he was truthful.

One Final Desire

All children are a challenge. Some are strange, and others are really amusing. If you don’t believe that already, look at some of the bizarre things youngsters say. I’m not sure what class this exam belongs in, but it looks like we’re dealing with a milk connoisseur who despises tests.

Source: Facebook

This answer is SO WRONG that it makes you think it could be correct for a brief second. On the one hand, the parents are doing a fantastic job if a glass of milk makes this child so happy. If, on the other hand, milk is the only thing that brings this child actual joy, cleaning chemicals should be kept out of this child’s reach!

Is It a Blunder or a Slip-Up?

This homework assignment appears to be straightforward. These children had just recently learned the sounds of the letters and were required to finish the names of their favorite animals using the letters that made the correct sounds. This youngster answered all but one of the questions correctly, indicating that they were likely familiar with the sounds that the various letters produce.

Source: Imgur

They even completed the word “dog” one line earlier with the letter “d.” We can’t all be right all the time though, can we? It’s also likely that the word “duck” was just too difficult to articulate. Another reason might be that they were familiar with another “uck” term. We’re thinking it’s the second option.

Dramatic Responses

Isn’t it perfectly OK to refuse some requests? As seen by their middle school reading exam, this youngster clearly prefers flying solo. They always respond “No way,” regardless of who’s asking. The teacher’s excellent remark just adds to the hilarity of this one. Despite the freezing cold rejection, it appears that they scored well on their test, implying that there were no hard feelings.

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Perhaps next time they’ll remember to make it seem more polite by adding a “please” in their request. Given that this was a history test, the student most likely felt compelled to inject some humor to break up the monotony. Hey, as long as they got the questions correctly, right?

The Almighty Builder

While no one should make you feel less than you are, this boy has a high opinion of himself, especially at such a young age. We suppose we should be pleased that he exudes confidence. Who knew God enjoyed playing with Legos and football? You learn something new every day.

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All of this, we believe, distinguishes the child. He also nailed the portion of the guidelines about utilizing entire phrases. It’s also worth noting the sequence in which they presented their replies. Playing football, it seems, makes you more special than being God. No worries, child: Millions of NFL fans share your sentiments.

How About Some Rhythm?

Now we’ve gone from weird responses to adding a bit of humor to the answers. How unpredictable children can be! Wyatt is clearly the resident class clown. He’s always making everyone laugh, including his math teacher, who is notorious for her innate ability to not smile, much less laugh. Hopefully, she wasn’t drinking anything as she graded papers, though, because apparently, she has a soft spot for log jokes.

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Doodling on tests is something she’s used to dealing with, but she wasn’t prepared to laugh so hard. Then again, she’s probably used to him including little jokes in each of his papers. What a nice kid to try to brighten his teacher’s day with a joke!

The Feline’s First Opinion

Words provide a great deal of context for situations. This caption is more of a narration than a plot, like what you’d find within a thinking bubble in a cartoon. Perhaps they just chose to tell the story from the cat’s point of view. The feline, on the other hand, seemed unconcerned by the hot dogs.

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In fact, he appears to be about to leap into the center of them and take a nap. If only they’d written: Once upon a time, there was a cat that worked in a factory and occasionally ordered pizza for lunch. But, just as the clock struck 12, and he expected to be eating his way into cheesy bliss, this big pile of hot dogs emerged.

In a Literal Sense

It’s easy to make these kinds of errors; we’ve all done it, especially when the questions aren’t very clear. This kid should be nominated for several awards for his outstanding test response. She not only got all the words in the right sequence, but she also got the letters in the right order in the alphabet.

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It might have taken us a whole hour of class just to figure out this answer, let alone finish the full exam and do the extra work! While most of these images depict responses that would most likely result in points being deducted, this one should be given additional credit!

Pink-Haired Bear Haiku

This child either comes from a hunting family or a family that wears a lot of fur jackets. In any case, it appears that he has a penchant for unusual fur.

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This bear, however, possesses unusual pink fur, not just ordinary unique fur. Interestingly, the person who is attacking it is dressed in a suit and tie. As a result, his parents are more likely to invest in fur. Bob has a machete instead of a gun, which is very amusing. He has a lot of confidence in getting so close to a bear.

Honest Truth

Many children believe that honesty is “not lying,” even though expressing the truth is an important aspect of being honest. However, honesty is more than just “not lying.” Isn’t this child supposed to be your spirit animal? Unless you’re a math nerd, you’ll probably be able to connect the answers on this pop quiz.

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He at least pretended to be interested in the first few questions. However, when they grew increasingly repeated, he decided to tell it like it is. Hopefully, he saw it later, because multiplication is useful in the real world. But we kept telling our middle school algebra teacher that we’d never use it outside of school, and he was correct.

Wrong Spellings

Accurate spelling is critical for a child’s success in school, as spelling is essential to passing examinations, and we can’t fault instructors for administering tests on the subject. Learning to spell allows a child to form a strong relationship between letters and sounds, as well as acquire high-frequency “sight words.” Yikes.

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You can’t help but feel sorry for this kid. They’re either having a very tough time learning to spell or they have a learning handicap. If it’s the latter, their school should (ideally) provide them with additional time and tools to help them learn to spell. But if it’s the former, oh my goodness. It’s odd, though, the one word they spelled correctly.

Guess Who I Am?

Kids are entertaining and, of course, bad at the same time. These funny little birds always have a bit of unfailingly logical reasoning to contribute, but it usually falls into the category of very strange things to say. Not all their responses are as intriguing as the one in this case. It necessitates far more laughing than you would imagine.

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Let’s see, who has the initials JB, is well-known, and has a history of drunk driving? Justin Beaver, er, Bieber… ah, Justin Beaver… er, Bieber… ah, Justin Beaver… er… Biebs got busted for DUI in 2014, so this kid knows what he’s talking about. Clue 4 was that he’d been arrested for drag racing as well.

Eat What Now, You Say?

This youngster is on his way up, but we need him to tone down his language a bit. This elephant appears to have a Chippendale dancer’s hunger. Or perhaps it’s more like it has a taste for Chippendale dancers. But this child couldn’t stop at the appetizer; they went on to list every… part of the elephant’s supper.

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We certainly wouldn’t want to be around when they became hungry and began looking for food. When Mom got this back, she had to have burst out laughing. Who wouldn’t want that? Hopefully, he picked up on the adjustments and now spells it “peanuts.” Otherwise, his future instructors are in for a few surprises and laughs.

Does the Table Have Feelings?

You’ve already been warned. Not all the children’s remarks are amusing, and this is far more astonishing than anticipated. Reservations are not something that the child enjoys. Fortunately, it appears that this was part of a science test rather than a psychiatric evaluation. In any event, this person is unlikely to have done well on it. Or, at the very least, not on that subject.

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Granted, the idea of a table being able to feel things would be terrifying. Then you’d have to worry about the table attempting to take over the home and all that. Well, let’s leave all that to the little child’s imagination. Science doesn’t have to be confusing. We will just give this lad time while he understands all that goes on.

Correct… From a Technical Standpoint

Mathematical problems, regardless of how they are interpreted, are typically a source of concern. This child isn’t technically incorrect. We’d like to assume that they just misread the message. When the teacher stated “write or, <, >,” this wasn’t exactly what they meant, but the directions might have been a little clearer.

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In a technical sense, this student did exactly what was asked. Of course, the numbers aren’t symbols, but aren’t they close? Perhaps they were having a bad day in class and bombed the test. Or perhaps they felt they were in the right and were perplexed when the results returned with red markings.

Logic, Yet Again

Children are born with the ability to reason. But with the right support, your child might practice this important necessary skill in both everyday life and academics. We understand this. It is the essence of academics and schooling, yet children’s logic frequently defies academic rules. We ache because this one is so relatable. Some minds will never understand math, no matter how hard they try.

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This kid, on the other hand, has a natural talent for both English and humor. Unless he wasn’t trying to be hilarious, in which case it’s just that he has mastered the language. Because he is technically correct, the teacher should have accepted the response. However, because it was a math class, there’s a strong probability one of them was returned with a large red X next to it. Still, you can’t fault him for trying!

The All-Powerful

Too much TV has left its mark. Whoever filled in this treasure is a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien. After all, only devoted fans would see the Eye of Sauron while looking at that graph. And, based on the teacher’s reaction, this isn’t the first time the student has pulled this stunt.

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The teacher not only used all capital letters, but they also underscored their sentence for added emphasis. This says to us, “For the final time, Alex, stop writing about this movie and start paying attention in class.” Alex probably went home that day and watched Lord of the Rings to make up for his poor grades.

Not the Case

Answering questions has proven difficult, as though being a master in this field necessitates the acquisition of specific expertise. A “0” was included with these gorgeous red “X” markings. That suggests that whoever this kid’s instructor is, they don’t have a sense of humor when it comes to teaching. It’s also conceivable that they were having a bad day, or that they’d seen something similar before.

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Did this kid try to pull this off twice? Because it’s rather amusing. We might have overlooked this one. Then again, they did it on six other occasions. Hopefully, they scored better on the remainder of the quiz and the “0” is only for that area. We all know they have to improve their grades.

Need a Cup of Coffee?

Nothing compares to the capacity to think creatively and conceptually. Unless, of course, you’re in a geometry class with certain restrictions. Is anyone interested in taking a drink of tea from this obvious cup-and-saucer shape? The saucer and handle were sketched by the pupil, who had clearly forgotten their trapezoids that day. We can’t say that we blame them.

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Some shape names are difficult to remember, particularly those that we don’t use very often. After all, how often do trapezoids appear in day-to-day life? Sure, there are triangles. Yes, there are squares. Even octagons, at every stop sign. But what about trapezoids? Not at all. But the instructor didn’t have to mark it incorrectly, did they?

A Bear or a Pig?

We can’t deny that this one made us chuckle. Rather than looking for a solution, the child chooses to improvise. Is this a biology or math test? Something tells us the bear isn’t supposed to be there. Still, it’s a charming way to hide the fact that they don’t know the answer. Perhaps it even earned this student some brownie points with their instructor.

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Sure, they simply scribbled all over it, but it’s a comic, right? Perhaps we can’t always keep our problems hidden and must confront them. To be honest, it looks more like a pig than a bear. Bear, on the other hand, sounds a lot sweeter, so we can understand why they took that route.

‘Fruse’ or Dare

This student, it appears, was attempting some form of optical illusion to improve their exam mark. Rather than simply studying to get a general grasp of the answers, they opted to try something different. They combined the terms “true” and “false” to create a confused hybrid creature known as a “fruse.”

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The teacher undoubtedly had a hard time figuring out who said what at first. They saw right through the scheme and marked every single one of them wrong, which was fortunate for the teacher but not so much for the student. Next time, maybe they’ll have better luck. Only when the children make an effort to learn.

Not Math Again

Children (and parents) in states that have embraced Common Core math have been perplexed since its introduction in 2010. There are several memes about how absurd it all is, and it’s difficult to understand why schools would move to such a pointless and chaotic style of mathematics.

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For the simple reason we discussed before, not many individuals are interested in arithmetic. It’s not enjoyable. “If Stacey and Allen are heading to Utah by boat at 77 mph, how many chickens would it take to win the baseball game?” is one of the most bizarre common core math problems. Don’t worry about it, Jack. We’re with you on this one.

Keeping it Green

When this child grows up, he or she will be destined to achieve great things. Based on their response to this question, they might have already begun. Except that, as vital as it is to protect the environment, humans, too, require shelter. Isn’t it a difficult choice to make? We’ll have to make a decision.

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Considering that roughly 20,000 homes in the United States are now unoccupied, the youngster has a point: Forget building the house and go buy one that already exists. China has much worse figures (despite having a much larger population), with more than 50 million unoccupied dwellings in 2018 and increasing.

Pollution and Self-Concept

There’s a fine line between honesty and pride, and the two don’t mix in this situation. What is it with children making fun of other children because they are overweight? Full-grown (small-minded) adults do this as well. We’re guessing that’s also where these youngsters get it.

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Then, as expected, they take it to school and pass it on to others. Fortunately, this instructor was ready with the appropriate response, informing this kid that using such a word is derogatory. Hopefully, the student was able to move on from that mindset and become a kind individual.

Finnish, Not Finish

This youngster must be from Indiana because the flag at the Indy 500 finish line looks just like that. Hey, they did so well on the Danish and Swedish flags, we’re guessing they already knew what the Finnish flag looked like and was just having a good time with their teacher.

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On the plus side, this is most certainly one of those events that would make even the most hardened Grinch grin. Let’s hope they didn’t lose many points on this one. Drawing all of the little squares must have taken at least a few minutes. Aww, please, give the kid some credit!

Don’t Go Against the Girl Code

Trust is one of those things that should never be violated. This kid knew it when she was a small child, and it’s rather astounding. In high school, Frank, Mike, Ron, and George were all players who dated many people from the same social circle. So neither side, male or female, is cool. At the very least, this youngster and her mother are honest.

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She wasn’t going to get caught up in all that nonsense, especially when she’d known Mary and Louise since elementary school. She should be proud of herself for sticking to the Girl Code. Let’s hope the teacher found this amusing, and it wouldn’t hurt if they possessed a set of X chromosomes as well.

Cannibalism and Stars

We all appreciate honesty and openness, but in this case, it wouldn’t have made a difference. Either this child was starving during the test, or he or she has some problems. However, as terrible as this response may appear, it’s also reasonable. After all, if you’re stuck on an island, you never know what you’ll have to do.

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You’d probably become hungry and desperate to stay alive. Plus, it helps if you’re stuck there with someone you despise—after all, it’s not like it’s a friend or a family member. We’d suggest giving the student a gold star for creativity, but the instructor has already done so since this response is incredible. That kid has a bright future ahead.

Literal Reasoning

We have a lot of questions about this one, and this child doesn’t quite explain what’s going on. What is she pondering? Is it a rabbit? A dog? Oh, and her hands are up in a questioning motion, indicating that she’s asking her parents whether she can have one.

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The exclamation mark and happy face indicate that they either answered yes or that she expected them to. OK, we’ve figured it out. When you’re getting a new puppy, it’s hard to concentrate on a math test. We would never do such a thing! However, she demonstrated her thought process once more, which we believe answers the teacher’s question.

Global Warming

We can all agree that this is one of the most amusing answers on a math test. This student cares about animals and the environment—far more than arithmetic. They might have drawn a bear or a dog like most other children, but they went above and beyond by deciding to make their “I don’t know the answer” coverup meaningful.

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Isn’t it true that global warming isn’t something to take lightly? They took advantage of the chance to demonstrate to their teacher what was most important to them. Unfortunately, the teacher did not find it amusing, and they lost a few points as a result. With hindsight, we’re certain they’d make the same decision again. You can do it, kiddo!

Find the Answer Yourself

Let’s all try to discover solutions to our questions on our own, shall we? Yes, most certainly. There’s no use in stumbling over a problem that another person can simply handle, and this student believes the same. On the day of the test, this kid was not in the mood for arithmetic. He’d already had a horrible day, missed the bus, and had to walk to school, causing him to be late.

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Although Steve could easily check his car’s speedometer to see whether he was speeding, it was not what the teacher wanted to hear. To be honest, we don’t know what the teacher was searching for either. No one will be harmed by a little more clarity.