Amusing Bumper Stickers We Found on the Road

By Yuri S.

It’s pretty boring being stuck in traffic with nothing to look at but the car in front of you and dreaming about everything you could be doing instead. It helps the time go by when the vehicle in front has a hilarious bumper sticker. Some people have a great sense of humor, and others are just questionable. We will look at some of the funniest bumper stickers spotted on the road. It might even make you want to go out and get a bumper sticker.

Adults Matter Too

This sticker makes fun of all the bumper stickers that say “baby on board” or “Children on board” and lets you know that grown-ups are just as important. It doesn’t matter who is on board. It would be nice you always were careful.

Source: Imgur

It’s easy to forget that everyone is worthy of being kept safe, but this bumper sticker “Adults on board we want to live too” is a hilarious reminder that adults matter too. Just in case there was any doubt on the issue.

You Are Not an Artist

It’s common knowledge that artists often feel misunderstood, which inspires them to paint as a creative outlet. This car owner is letting you know that you aren’t an artist just because nobody gets you.

Source: Imgur

If you feel misunderstood and the world doesn’t understand how great you are, this bumper sticker might cause you to self-reflect. There is nothing like a bumper sticker to change your outlook on life.

Child Free and Having Fun

It’s not just parents who get to have all the fun bumper stickers on their vehicles. There are many hilarious and fun stickers for childfree people too. This bumper sticker wants everyone to know that this driving is childfree.

Source: Imgur

The driver thinks it’s cool to brag about having cash just like others would about their children. It looks like they are enjoying their luxurious, childfree lifestyle and aren’t afraid to let everyone know.

Let The Chicken Cross

Every bumper sticker needs an injection of dad humor and cringe joke that will make everyone laugh. This bumper sticker is a real giveaway that a dad drives this car with his funny take on a well-known joke.

Source: Imgur

It’s a silly but funny request by this driver, just like the chickens cross the road without always question their motive. At least it’s a fresh take on the oldest joke of all time, and this dad is trying something new with it.

Most People Can Read

Some bumper stickers something along the lines of “If you can read this. You’re too close!” or something similar to let the other driver know to back up. This funny sticker is a little different and will be guaranteed a chuckle or two.

Source: Imgur

This one lets you know the driver doesn’t care if you can read this because he isn’t impressed. It’s not the sticker you expect to see on a bumper, but it’s a little humor to pass the time away while waiting for traffic to move.

Too Close for Comfort

Instead of flashing your lights and letting the driver know behind that they are a little too close for comfort and back off, this sticker gives a subtle hint. Let’s hope the sarcasm doesn’t get lost on the person reading it.

Source: Imgur

If you were that driver, it would make you back up and give them some space. Sometimes we can be in such a rush to get to where we are going that we forget to give the other driver some space, but this is a good reminder.

Too Old to Be Bothered

It’s hard to tell what previous experiences this elderly driver had; They seem fed up with drivers being too close to the back of their car. It’s either that they are feeling vulnerable or because they are too old for nonsense.

Source: Imgur

It could also be a clear reminder to give them a bit of space or stop honking at them. Maybe going too slow because the older we get, the more cautious we can be. Either way, if you are reading it, you are too close.

Good Taste in Music

The owner of this car has good taste in music and humor, and they placed the sticker in the perfect spot. Just seeing this bumper sticker is enough to get the song stuck in your head. Who doesn’t love Jack Black’s singing?

Source: Imgur

It’s hard to know if the sticker came with the car or the owner just has great taste in music. They must have spent ages looking for the perfect sticker car combination, and they nailed it with this hilarious sticker.

Once Bitten Twice as Shy

These stickers are so relatable, and it’s impossible not to find them hilarious when reading them. Maybe this sticker was a gift, or did the person who owns the car had that many bad experiences they bought it.

Source: Imgur

It’s impossible not to love this sticker and even more funny that many men will see it. The generalization might hit a nerve with some men’s, though, and we are unsure if they’d take a date in that car.

History Repeating Itself

Everybody would love a dinosaur, but unfortunately, they’ve been extinct for about 65 million years now. However, this driver thinks that if history keeps repeating itself, they’d like a dinosaur, but what kind exactly?

Source: Imgur

Dinosaurs would not be a welcome addition to any zoo. However, we all know how Jurassic Park ended. Yeah, they are cool but probably wouldn’t make the best pets. They haven’t said what exact species they would like, but let’s hope it’s a vegetarian one.

Extra Protections from Aliens

This sticker is one of the best stickers because it reminds everyone to have their seatbelt and promotes safety amongst drivers. That’s not the only reason everyone loves a bit of extraterrestrial humor when stuck in the car.

Source: Imgur

This driver is all about safety and wants everyone to be safe from accidents and aliens. It’s harder for aliens to abduct you if you are wearing your seatbelt, so make sure to buckle up when driving.

Let There Be Peace

This car sticker encourages peace and tolerance whiles showing off an awe-inspiring knowledge of superheroes and symbols. The driver is a big comic book fan or movie buff and isn’t afraid to own it.

Source: Imgur

The only problem is that it encourages the car behind to look closely to get its meaning, distracting them. It could cause a traffic jam because it could take ages to study each detail, but maybe Superman could come to the rescue?

Just A Little Quirky

It takes personal reflection to understand who you are and be okay with letting everyone else know it too. It’s hard not to smile at this bonkers bumper sticker because everyone is a little bit crazy sometimes, right?

Source: Imgur

It’s better to embrace the crazy and own it than trying to hide it. It also has the upside of making other drivers keep away. Nobody is going to pull up too close to this driver when they see the bumper sticker.

Just A Cover Up

This sticker seems like a cover-up job. The car driver couldn’t get the other sticker off, so he decided to make his own. It’s still amusing to see how much the driver hated the previous sticker and wants everyone to know.

Source: Imgur

It might be a trick to tell you that you are too close to read this sticker. Don’t let someone else rants distract you from driving safely. It can pass the time if stuck in a traffic jam with nothing better to do.

A Meta Bumper Sticker

This driver’s funny bumper sticker of its own makes it known how annoying bumper stickers can be. Not all of them are as entertaining as some mentioned here, but just a ploy for you to visit their website.

Source: Imgur

It’s pretty accurate what the driver is trying to get across to the world. Does anyone visit these sites? Most people completely ignore advertisements unless it’s something witty that sticks in your head.

Reminiscing On the Past

Usually, bumper stickers are a way to let everyone know what things you like and how cool you are. It sounds like this has teenage children who let him know they aren’t cool. We all know kids can be brutally honest with their parents.

Source: Imgur

They have decided that they aren’t cool anymore but not before reminding everyone else that they used to be cool, so it’s okay. It seems like the driver has completely given up on trying to be cool again.

Strapped For Cash

Everybody is strapped for cash sometimes, and it’s easy to get down about lack of money or hide it because nobody wants to admit they are broke. This driver is okay with everyone knowing, and they don’t seem embarrassed.

Source: Imgur

It’s no biggie to be broke and not something to be ashamed of because it happens to everyone at some point. This sticker will make anyone feeling a bit down about money get a little laugh after reading it.

Self-Love Is a Good Thing

There are tons of different funny bumper stickers with self-deprecating humor to get the driver behind to either roll their eyes or laugh at it. This sticker reads more like an advertisement or a post on a dating site.

Source: Imgur

Nothing is more refreshing than self-love and appreciation and knowing your worth. Brewing your beer is an excellent skill to have, and who doesn’t like a nice cold beer at the end of the night? I bet it goes down well with the ladies.

A Deep Thinker

It’s nice to see some people appreciate life and all the little things about being alive. The world is full of new and exciting things making sure we never get bored. It seems like this driver enjoys a simple life.

Source: Imgur

According to this bumper sticker, the driver’s other biggest asset is their mind. It seems like they don’t value material things much and are happy with their minds and using them to take them, good on them.

Breaking The Law

It looks like this driver has no fear about breaking some standard rules of the road. They even put up a bumper sticker to tell everyone, including the cops, not to bother pulling them over. It’s a bold move as not everyone might enjoy this joke.

Source: Imgur

It’s a brave sticker to have displayed, and hopefully, the cops see the funny side. They figured this was a fun sticker on the back of their car for everyone to see. Maybe it’s a gift from a passenger as a subtle hint to the driver.

Windscreen Wrestlers to The Rescue

It can be annoying when it’s raining, and the window screen wipers are on. It seems like this driver decided to add a bit of fun to his car. These two window screen wrestlers are a hilarious addition to the vehicle.

Source: Imgur

It’s handy to have these wrestlers taking on the tough job of keeping the car windows clean. Let’s hope the wrestlers don’t distract other drivers too much. It would be interesting to see if these wrestlers stay attached when driving fast.

Don’t Know What Happened

This bumper sticker is funny and kind of sad, and it doesn’t seem like being a former honor student has helped this person much in life so far. What has happened to this former student to be down on themselves?

Source: Imgur

It’s hard to know if the sticker is referring to their driving or just life in general. The sticker lets everyone know how disappointed this person is in themselves and their education. Hopefully, they got a scholarship and aren’t still paying back college loans.

Not Salty About It

It’s hard to imagine that being a salt truck driver is a fun job to have. Working in cold, snowy, and icy weather seems like a miserable job. It doesn’t bother this driver because he seems to love his career despite the freezing weather conditions.

Source: Imgur

This driver has a great sense of humor and doesn’t mind making fun of himself. The guy has stuck the popular meme Salt Guy on the back of the truck, helping him spread a little bit of humor with the ice.

Don’t Skip Leg Day

This one might be the funniest bumper stickers yet, and it’s not uncommon to see those “don’t skip leg day” memes all over the internet. It takes on a whole new meaning when it’s at the back of an enormous four-wheeler.

Source: Imgur

It’s a good example of how leg days can have massive benefits when done regularly. This truck is enormous but still manages to stand up. It’s interesting to see what the driver looks like and if they ever miss a leg day themselves.

Squeeze It Out

It’s easy to run out of fuel, and one of those things to keep forgetting to top up until it’s too late and the gage is blinking. This sticker is a little reminder to stop at the nearest gas station and fill up your car.

Source: Imgur

There is nothing worse than the low fuel sign flashing, and you are far away from the nearest gas station. You are praying and hoping that you can keep going and squeeze another bit out of the fuel just like this little guy by some miracle.

Just Be Honest

It might be hard to read this one unless you have good eyesight, which hopefully you do when driving. The sticker says, “Please don’t hit me. I’m not 100% sure about my coverage”. How thoughtful of this person to let other drivers know.

Source: Imgur

It’s not just amusing, but it might make other drivers extra careful around them, preventing any accidents. It’s more likely that drivers will avoid crashing into someone without insurance. Shouldn’t they avoid this regardless?

Beep To Wake Me

This driver’s bumper sticker is more worrying than funny and will make other drivers want to keep a safe distance. Many advertisements and signs warn of the dangers of driving when tired and for a good reason.

Source: Imgur

It’s just a joke and doubtful that the driver means it. It would be interesting to see how many people honk at them just in case. How long could the driver put up with constant honking at him before he removes the sticker?

A Rebel at Heart

It’s a shame that we don’t get to see the expression on this person’s face. It is easy to imagine what his expression looks like. They were in a rebellious mood and wanted to show the driver they weren’t afraid of them.

Source: Imgur

It’s a dad joke if ever one, and this person isn’t afraid to be a little cheesy. It’s an old photo but still funny, and who could resist doing something when told not to? It looks like this guy couldn’t resist the temptation.

Somebody Is Shy

People who aren’t afraid to be flashy drive a Lamborghini, but what if the car is shy. This Lamborghini has its back engine exposed for everyone to see, and it’s hard not to look at this beauty when it drives past.

Source: Imgur

It seems like the driver knows that he can’t help but look at his cool car. It’s impossible not to look at Lamborghini when they go by but even more challenging when the whole back is exposed. It’s a good joke, and the sticker is an excellent addition to this car.

Thanks, Captain Obvious

Maybe this person thought it would be a fun sticker on the back of their car. It might be because the sticker was on sale, and that’s why they bought it. It could be that they wanted a bumper sticker but had no idea what they wanted it to say and chose this one.

Source: Imgur

They decided to go for the simplest of statements, changing the bumper sticker from something funny to stating the obvious. They could also be so in love with their car that they wanted to share every part of it.

Feed The Cat or Else

Choosing this bumper sticker is a unique addition to any car, and it’s hard not to love it. It’s got a cute cartoon cat on it. What’s not to love? The vehicle is the perfect color for the drawing, white being a blank canvas for any artist.

Source: Imgur

It’s impossible not to keep staring at this hungry cat, and everyone knows cats love their food. The great thing about this is that the owner has cleverly put the cat’s bowl where the fuel filler is, ensuring you don’t forget to feed it.

Still A Baby at Heart

What does it achieve when you let people know you have a baby on board? Does it mean they should be extra careful not to crash into you? It’s okay if they aren’t as cautious if you are in the car alone, right?

Source: Imgur

This driver seems to think it will make the difference, and just in case, and they have included a witty take on the original sticker. They tell everyone to drive carefully around them because they were babies at one time.

Not Everyone Likes Bumper Stickers

Not everyone is a big fan of bumper stickers, but they usually don’t bother putting one on their car then. Some can be too pressured to find the right combination of funny, engaging, and remarkable for their bumper sticker.

Source: Imgur

There could be many reasons for why the driver’s choice of this bumper sticker. Maybe it got all too much for them, and they decided they didn’t like bumper stickers after all. They chose to go with an alternative version and say it how it is.

A Fan of Science

It seems like this driver is a fan of science and decided to do a witty pun that will give any nerd a laugh. It could also be because he is against flying cars and decided it’s a good idea to let other drivers know to respect gravity.

Source: Imgur

It’s doubtful this driver is a fan of flying because they believe it’s best to obey the laws of gravity. The wholesomeness of this sticker makes it fun and a good pun that will put on a smile on others’ faces.

Just Another Muggle

That may be Arthur Weasley driving the car, or maybe it’s just another muggle who is proud of their child. Whatever the case, this driver is a fan of Harry Potter and isn’t afraid to show it. We are not sure the Ministry of Magic will approve of them letting everyone know.

Source: Imgur

It’s a good idea to drive extra careful around them because their child uses magic, so it’s best not to mess with them. It certainly would be a terrible decision to get in any road rage incidents with this car because it might be one of the Weasleys.

Don’t Be Afraid to Honk

It can be the simplest thing that makes a joke funny. It doesn’t need to be that complicated to get a laugh out of people. Maybe this driver likes honking and is looking for their fellow honkers to play around with them.

Source: Imgur

It could be quite an annoying and noisy situation if this driver comes across people who love honking just as much as he does. I doubt it would be a pleasant traffic jam stuck behind this vehicle with all that noise.

Just Use Magic

It seems like this driver isn’t a fan of overtaking and is willing to use magic to stop vehicles from attempting it. There must be a reason why they decided this was the sticker they wanted on their car for everyone to see.

Source: Imgur

It might seem like a great laugh, but before you decide to overtake this person, it might be worth reconsidering just in case. You never know when someone is joking, or they are a wizard. Why take the risk better to avoid.

Nothing Like Some Home cooking

Many stickers display cute stick figures of the person’s family on the back of their car or even those popular silhouette style images of people. It’s because they want to show how many people they have in the car.

Source: Imgur

It might be too cute for some, and probably why the owner of this vehicle thought it would be a good idea to make fun of the original. It’s funny and gruesome imagery that might scare any kids who see it.

Making Three Mistakes

It’s easy to become attached to your car, and when it’s time to exchange it, there can be some regret. It seems like this person isn’t happy with their decision, and after testing out their new car on a few drives but it’s too late now.

Source: Imgur

The owner wanted to let the whole world know how unhappy he was with his decision. Maybe he was trying to prevent others from making the same mistake he did? He doesn’t need to feel regretful for too long because he will be back at that garage with this Ford.

It’s An Emergency

It’s a good idea when the car in front intends to stop and let others know in advance, maybe a signal of some sort, in this case. The guy hh lets everyone know that they might halt suddenly depending on how hungry they are.

Source: Imgur

This driver is willing to stop anytime for bacon-wrapped hotdogs, and it’s hard to judge them on that choice. It sounds like a pretty good pit stop. Let’s hope they are willing to break for other reasons too, like people or cars.

Running When Necessary

Here is another one of those hilarious bumper stickers, but it’s hard to tell if it’s intentionally funny or not. It’s a famous sign, except it usually isn’t running at the end. It could be a deliberate mistake, and maybe they like to be different.

Source: Imgur

It could be because the creator of this sign might not have a good grasp of English. It could also be that they decided to add a little mistake to see if anybody would notice. It’s only a little sticker, and it’s got the right amount of humor.

If You Are Hungry Enough

Commonly, expensive cars tend to enjoy flashing the cash, and some people love showing off their wealth. It seems like this driver either borrowed this car or decided to make some adjustments because they didn’t like the owner’s message,

Source: Imgur

It seems like they wanted to make a statement that they weren’t happy with the inequalities of wealth. It’s a heavy message for the back of a car, but it doesn’t seem right that you eat the rich just because you disagree with them.

It’s Important to Know Oneself

It seems somebody borrowed a car from their grandparent or a parent because otherwise, this car owner has a multidimensional aspect about their personalities. It could be a car share arrangement between two very different people.

Source: Imgur

It would be interesting to see these two people in the car together and how they have decorated inside. Although someone could have bought it and decided they would make the car their own with a new sticker.

My Other Car

Having a “My other car” sticker is one of the most popular go-to for a sticker newbie. The idea behind it is to let people know that even if the car you are driving is a bit of a wreck, you have another fancy vehicle at home, so it doesn’t matter.

Source: Imgur

This car owner decided to go a little further than showing off and wants to let everyone know he is either an astronaut or has a space engine fitted in his other car. If he says it on it a sticker, it must be true, right?

That’s A Bit Too Specific

It’s essential to warn people of dangers they might face, such as “Beware of the dog” or “Prone to anger,” but this driver decided to go a little further with the warning. Usually, you don’t have to worry about those things when driving on the highway.

Source: Imgur

If you are an anxious person, it might be worth avoiding this driver because of the laser. Yeah, lasers are cool and all, but they can do much damage. Never mind the Ninjas and Pirates. Nobody wants to go head-to-head with them in a battle.

It’s Important to Know the Risks

It’s funny how these warning stickers manage to be so oddly specific and sort of vague at the same time. It doesn’t entirely reveal how death occurs when approaching the vehicle or why it does. Maybe the driver likes their own space and uses it to keep people away.

Source: Imgur

If anyone doubts what the sign means, they have included a diagram of how said death might occur and why you should stay clear. It could be something this driver has experience before, so it might be safer to heed the sticker and avoid.

An Important Priority to Have

There is a bumper sticker for everyone’s taste or any disaster that might happen in life. There are many popular sticker themes around and some know-how to use dark humor. Some of these stickers are plain weird and puzzling.

Source: Imgur

This driver is a planner and knows what they want if the rapture happens. It’s usually the extremist who talk about the rapture who lure you into their secret bunkers. This guy might just be looking for a new car.

Having A Bad Day

Previously we talked about “I brake for” signs giving the car behind a fair warning that breaking could happen at any time. This driver decided to make it a bit weirder and warn that anything could happen, so it was better to keep clear of him.

Source: Imgur

It’s never a good idea to text and drive, and especially if it’s with multiple people, then it’s a terrible idea. It’s hard to know what the voice is telling him, whether they are a good or bad influence, so it’s safer just to avoid this car.

Roadkill Makes a Tasty Dinner

Let’s hope this car owner is joking but maybe not because eating roadkill is a thing in some parts of the world. It’s a play on words and a clever pun, to preserve can either mean “Save” or a way to keep food, so it lasts for longer.

Source: Imgur

Hopefully, it’s just a clever play on words to get a laugh out of other drivers. Let’s hope that’s the case, and this driver doesn’t go out of his way to source dinner in the wild. Nobody wants to see little squirrels getting eaten.

Someone needs Coffee Pronto

There aren’t much funnier stickers than joking about how bad your car looks, but sometimes drivers go a little bit further and poke fun at their driving too. It’s all fun and everything, but maybe the owner needs to drink more Coffee just in case.

Source: Imgur

There are always signs everywhere when driving along the highway warning to pull over if tired. Not many suggest overtaking a tired driver and leaving them at it to get a good rest. It would be interesting to know why the driver chose that sticker.

Don’t Put It Off

This sticker is relatable, and it’s incredibly easy to procrastinate and keep putting off those jobs we hate. That laundry can wait till tomorrow, or I’ll do that assignment two hours before it’s due. This driver has some advice about procrastinating and wants to share it.

Source: Imgur

It seems like they know that putting things off can mean they never actually get done, and life is short. It sounds like a great club, and I’m sure lots of people can benefit from joining. Everyone should sign up for this club- well, maybe later we will.

Don’t Disrespect Aunty Em

We all loved Dorothy, but what did Aunty Em ever do to deserve this sign about her. It’s still funny, in any case. Maybe Oz was just short for Australia, and Dorothy tried to escape her overprotective Aunt and ran away.

Source: Imgur

Luckily, Dorothy has those magical shoes if she changes her mind and realizes she may have overreacted just a little. Let’s hope this vehicle doesn’t annoy some Wizard of Oz fan and get itself Yellow Brick Towed.

Can’t Drive Straight

This one is funny and bound to get a little giggle out of the most serious person. It’s always lovely to see rainbow flags on cars supporting the pride movement. It doesn’t matter if it’s pride month or not is always an excellent choice to have this sticker.

Source: Imgur

It’s great to see people standing up for everyone’s rights and sharing them with everyone. It’s even better when they can add a good pun into the mix. Let’s hope they aren’t pulled over and asked to walk in a straight line.

Using Protection Works

This bumper sticker is a slightly strange way to announce that you are child-free. It might be a jibe at all the other “Baby on board” stickers that they have seen on other cars. They could also just really like using Durex.

Source: Imgur

Maybe they worked for Durex and decided this would be the easiest way to advertise their products. It’s good that they are living life the way they want to and are proud of it. It’s just a little strange that they want everyone to know what brand of condoms they use.

A Whole Lot to Think About

There is nothing to wake you up in the morning more than an existential anti-capitalist debate. It’s always good to challenge perceived ideas, but maybe not the best idea for a bumper sticker is because it might distract others.

Source: Imgur

It’s difficult to argue with this point the driver is making. The church teaches us to live humbly and on what we have. Why doesn’t the church also do the same? Maybe it will make some people think twice about giving money on a Sunday in church.

Too Busy with Life

Here is a great sticker, an excellent reminder to be true to yourself and do what you want to do. Everybody loves to see someone living life to the fullest and being happy. This sticker is sure to make people smiles while reading it.

Source: Imgur

The driver pokes fun at stereotyping with the sticker and how missing church has caused all these things. Let be an honest church or no church. You are who you are, and it’s good to challenge the narrow mindset of others.

Toilet Humor for The Win

It’s great when people can make fun of themselves and lighten things that are a struggle. A sense of humor is essential for a happy life, and this driver has one. They are a fan of toilet humor, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love toilet humor?

Source: Imgur

We are sure this person stuck this on their car with good intention and suffers from dyslexia themselves. The play on words is a great pun, and if you can’t beat them, you might as well laugh with them.

The Perfect Body Doesn’t Exist

Sometimes it takes some dark humor to get a good laugh, and this sticker is as dark as they come. Either it is a gym fanatic, and someone bought the sticker as a gift. It could also be that the driver never expects to get fit and is making fun of themselves.

Source: Imgur

Imagine this wasn’t a joke and just a way to deflect attention from the dead body in the boot. Let’s hope this isn’t the case, and the driver has a dark sense of humor and likes making people laugh but not harming them.

No Time for Stupid

This driver isn’t messing around, harsh but fair considering how many people park in accessible parking spots when they shouldn’t. It must be very frustrating for disabled drivers not to have an available space to park.

Source: Imgur

It seems like this has happened too often for this person, and they wanted to get their message across. It’s always good to send a message with a bit of humor so that others will remember it for the next time they feel tempted to park wrongly.

When You Don’t Like Your Job

Let’s be honest: most people don’t like their jobs, and this sticker is sure to give everyone a great laugh. However, most people wouldn’t be this brave to have this sticker on their bumper. What if the boss happens to be behind you in traffic?

Source: Imgur

It’s funny to liken your workplace to hell, and for some, it feels like that, but not everyone might see its humorous side. Other employees and your boss might take offense, or maybe they don’t have a sense of humor.

They Have It Sorted

It’s impossible not to worry about our carbon footprint because of the regular reminder through the news or other areas. Driving cars can be a big problem for the environment, and this driver has a great way to give back to the ecosystem.

Source: Imgur

We still need to use cars to get to work every day, and if you have a big family, you might need a bigger car. This driver tried to undo some of the damage by adding a little greenery to his car. It’s hard not a laugh as well as appreciate his effort.

Pretending To Be Single

This sticker is a little confusing, and I’m sure their partner wouldn’t appreciate the sentiments behind the stickers if they have one. The common philosophy phrase “I think therefore I am” is used a lot nowadays, but what does this sticker mean?

Source: Imgur

It seems that just because this person thinks they are single doesn’t mean they are, and it could also be a ploy to stop people from asking about their relationship status. Best not to get in any accidents with this one, or it will just end in confusion.

A Little Bit Much

Here is a new one that we haven’t seen around until now, and it is hilarious. It’s well known the dangers of driving under the influence. What if this is not about the driver but the passenger? Maybe there have indulged a little too much.

Source: Imgur

A drunk passenger can also be very distracting, especially if a bit of flirting is going on. Best to pull over and park the car before anything starts. This car could do with one of those Durex stickers, or they could find themselves with a very different bump in the road.

Just A Dash of Catholic Guilt

Religion is the quickest way to make someone feel guilt and shame, and it’s an excellent way to make sure people behave themselves and stay in line. This guy decided it would be a good idea to remind everyone of what Jesus would do.

Source: Imgur

It’s not entirely clear how this guy would know how Jesus would drive. Jesus could have been a terrible driver. Still, it hasn’t stopped him from using some Catholic guilt to remind the other drivers to use their signals when turning.

A Little Math Lesson

Here is one that’s going to get a laugh out of some math nerds. It might not cause the average non-math-loving person to laugh. It takes someone who understands math to get this pun, and the driver is probably a math teacher.

Source: Imgur

However, when the pun clicks, it’s a funny sticker that any teacher or math enthusiastic would enjoy. It’s in fashion to be intelligent, so don’t be afraid to show off those brains with a clever bumper sticker that lets the world know you like math.

Are The Kids all right?

There is nothing funnier than when the joke comes with a bit of advice and maybe some experience? It’s hard to ignore what the driver is teaching you because you are likely stuck behind them and have no choice.

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It’s motivation to be a good parent, despite the obvious reasons. It’s every parent’s job to be a good one because your kid deserves it. If you still need motivation, remember that your kids get to choose your nursing home.

Better To Stay Married

Love is a beautiful thing, and so is getting married if you want to, but divorce causes a fortune, so remember to make sure you marry the right person. This person knows what they are talking about with this bumper sticker.

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If you don’t laugh, you will probably just keep crying due to heartbreak, so it’s always nice to see someone finding the humor in a bad situation. Heartbreaks can be pricey, so It might be a better choice to stay single and richer.