How an Uber Driver’s Job Became Her Personal Nightmare

By Yuri S.

When Breanna started as an Uber driver, a lot was happening in her life. Her boyfriend’s mom had just gone to the hospital, which strained the relationship. Her boyfriend took a flight to New York to see his mother, and Breanna was left by herself to begin her new job.

Less than an hour after her boyfriend’s plane took off, Breanna got her first Uber customer – a woman needing to be picked up from the airport. Breanna got ready to pick up her client, but little did she know that her first Uber ride would completely shake up her world.

Love at First Sight

When all of this was going on with her first day at Uber, and her boyfriend’s mom’s hospital visit, Breanna and her boyfriend had been dating for quite some time. For the pair, it was love at first sight. After their first meeting, they immediately started dating.

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Their relationship began super casually, but the couple’s feelings for each other grew stronger, so they soon decided to commit to an official relationship. Actually, Breanna soon began considering that this could be the man she would want to be with forever.

Quality Time Within Busy Schedules

Despite the good times, this couple’s main problem was a lack of quality time together. Her boyfriend focused much of his energy on his job and career goals. At the same time, Breanna was struggling to balance her various jobs with any kind of personal life.

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The two made an extra effort to spend time together. This was notably difficult since both lacked free time. Despite all of the obstacles, the couple continued to put effort into their relationship, and Breanna continued to find solutions to spend more time with her boyfriend.

A Call From the Hospital

Having triumphed over their time problems, this couple’s love life was generally running smoothly. That was until Breanna’s boyfriend got some upsetting news on a phone call. His mother, who was very sick, had worsened at an accelerated rate and was staying at the hospital.

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Obviously overcome with emotion, Breanna’s boyfriend booked a flight to New York for the next day so that he could be with his mom. Breanna chose to delay the talk about their future that she had planned and instead kept him company for the night before his flight.

Comforting Him Throughout the Night

Breanna’s boyfriend waited nervously for his flight the following day and quickly packed his suitcase. This problem highlighted the hardships of living so far away from one’s family. While Breanna felt for him, there wasn’t much that she could do to improve the situation.

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Breanna gave it her best effort to support her boyfriend. Because family is such an important part of life, Breanna recognized that her boyfriend would be deeply distressed due to his family issues. As a result, she did her best to support him throughout that night.

Their Difficult, Emotional Goodbye

The next morning, Breanna’s boyfriend left for the airport. As they said goodbye, Breanna promised him that everything would be okay. After a kiss, he drove himself to catch his flight. Pulling herself together, Breanna got in her car for the first day of her Uber job.

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Despite missing him, she knew she couldn’t call him while he was on his plane, so Breanna thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to make extra money through Uber. While she was still thinking about her boyfriend, her phone got a notification that she had a new customer waiting.

A Seemingly Normal Passenger

Breanna saw that her passenger’s pickup location was from the airport of all places. Once she had arrived at the airport, Breanna saw that she was driving a woman in her late 20s. What Breanna didn’t yet know, however, is that a shocking surprise awaited her during the Uber ride.

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The passenger’s destination location was automatically entered into the navigation system as Breanna began driving. The talkative passenger said she was from out of town and had come to visit her boyfriend. She shared how much she missed her boyfriend and how thrilled she was to be reunited.

Missing Her Own Boyfriend

As they continued on their drive, the passenger continued to talk about how delighted she was to have landed on time to go and see her boyfriend. While Breanna was excited to be driving her first customer around, their chat got her mind back, thinking about her boyfriend.

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With her concentration now only focused on her boyfriend, Breanna began to feel an overwhelming sense of sadness due to the growing distance between them. At this point in the drive, nearly fifteen minutes had passed, and the car had almost reached its final location.

Arriving at the Apartment

As they drove through the security gates of the apartment complex, Breanna felt an uneasy feeling creeping up her spine. This was because this particular apartment complex was a residential area that Breanna herself was incredibly familiar with.

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Breanna parked the car and expected the passenger to start exiting her car. It turned out that the passenger wasn’t as familiar with the apartment complex and wasn’t sure which specific building her boyfriend lived in. As a courtesy, Breanna waited with her as she called her boyfriend to get the specific number.

Shock to the System

Upon entering the complex, Breanna and her passenger finally managed to find the correct apartment building. While the passenger was looking forward to seeing her boyfriend, Breanna was left in complete disbelief over her abrupt realization that she had been here before.

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This was the exact building where her own boyfriend resided. Breanna had been there supporting her boyfriend a few hours ago and came back because of her job. This made her longing for her boyfriend even stronger. While this coincidence really shocked her, it was nothing in comparison to what she was about to see.

Seeing a Familiar Car

As Breanna was scanning the parking lot, she glanced at a car that looked a little too familiar. Though initially in denial about it, Breanna climbed out of her car to get a closer look to verify her suspicions. When she saw the car’s license plate, Breanna’s worst fear had been confirmed.

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This car belonged to her boyfriend. The Uber driver’s temper had built to extreme heights, and she saw red, but she decided to control herself until her customer had left. For Breanna, this was the realization of all a worst-case scenario concerning their relationship.

Worst Fears Are Realized

As she struggled to wrap her head around what she had just discovered, the next thing that her passenger said was the cherry on top to put Breanna out of her misery. When she saw the vehicle, the passenger said that she thought they’d found his place because that was his car.

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While taken by surprise by the passenger’s words, Breanna thought that it would be best to take a minute to let herself digest what just happened. Sadly for Breanna, the drama was far from over. Soon enough, she would be confronted with an all-too-familiar face.

Confronted With the Truth of Her Boyfriend

While waiting for the passenger’s boyfriend, Breanna was processing everything that her boyfriend had said. Were his mother’s health issues a lie? Has he actually just been here for the past hour? She didn’t have to wait long to get her answers because when the boyfriend finally showed up, Breanna was dumbfounded.

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Breanna and her passenger had the same boyfriend! It was now obvious that this guy’s story about his mother was a lie, and he was never flying to New York. This confirmed that he had been having an affair with Breanna’s current Uber passenger.

The Ultimate Betrayal and Heartbreak

While there were several hints that pointed to this worst-case scenario, the physical appearance of her boyfriend provided Breanna with the most heartbreaking evidence out of everything. She didn’t want it to be true, but she saw it with her own two eyes.

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Finding out that you’ve been cheated on is bad enough, but it cannot get more excruciating than finding out about it while with your boyfriend and the woman he is cheating on you with. Breanna was furious, and when she made eye contact with her boyfriend, she unleashed her anger.

Caught in the Act

When he saw Breanna sitting next to his other girlfriend, he was totally humiliated. He lost it and immediately pivoted to run. Breanna recalls the ironic moment with him coming toward the car to help with the bags and her anger taking over as she started screaming and calling him out before he turned to flee.

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When her boyfriend turned to run, Breanna jumped out of the car and chased after him. Before he could enter his apartment, Breanna was able to reach him. With her temper really peaking, Breanna planned to deliver some swift justice.

Things Take a Violent Turn

Enraged by this appalling discovery, Breanna started punching her boyfriend, embarrassing him in front of his neighbors. While he could have attempted to calm her down by apologizing, her boyfriend decided to keep trying to get away from her in an effort to get the chance to escape into his apartment.

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While she continued to deliver continuous punches, Breanna suddenly felt another person’s hand grasp her arm. She turned her head only to see her Uber passenger, who had now chosen to get involved by inserting herself in the fight. Things were going to get even more dramatic.

Just When She Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse

This would have been a good opportunity for the Uber passenger to come and scold Breanna’s boyfriend for his disloyalty. Instead, she chose to confront Breanna. Breanna took to social media to explain that while she was hitting her boyfriend, this woman decided to “protect their man” and tried hitting Breanna.

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Breanna turned to the other woman and easily defended herself against this mistress. Then, her boyfriend got involved in their fight to protect the mistress. Then he had the audacity to call Breanna crazy. It became clear that she needed to leave this confrontation.

Escaping This Mess

Up until the moment that Breanna was finally sitting in her own car, her boyfriend’s mistress continued to smack her. To any of the neighbors, it may have come across that Breanna, ironically, was the one who had done something wrong. In reality, it was the opposite.

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As she left the apartment complex in her car, Breanna felt absolutely wrecked. Not only was she involved in a horrific and embarrassing confrontation, but her ability to trust other people was now completely gone. Luckily, this wouldn’t be how Breanna’s story ended.

Funny How Things Turn Out

Breanna was sad, exhausted, and heartbroken. After that tension-filled confrontation, all she wanted was to cry to someone. Fortunately, Breanna’s mood would be significantly boosted shortly. Breanna spotted something in her backseat that would make her feel better.

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Breanna saw that the mistress left her bags in the car after getting caught up in the chaos. Since she kept hitting Breanna until the last possible moment, Breanna wasn’t in a rush to give this woman her stuff back. She wanted her boyfriend and his mistress to feel the karma of their actions.

Her Story Goes Viral Online

While Breanna wasn’t planning on giving the luggage back anytime in the near future, what she did decide to do next would only deepen the sting of karma that her boyfriend and his mistress would be receiving. Breanna decided to share this unbelievable experience on Twitter.

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While Twitter has a reputation for being one of the most well-known social media platforms, few could have prepared for the wide-reaching exposure that this wild story would get. As a matter of fact, Breanna’s story blew up on the internet, getting about 35,000 retweets and 64,000 likes.

The Power of Social Media

The story got so much coverage all across Twitter that Breanna’s ex-boyfriend would have definitely been shocked when coming across her tweets that as they were broadcast across the internet. There was a chance that he hadn’t regretted his poor choices and behavior during their heated interaction.

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But after being blasted on Twitter, he certainly would’ve started to feel remorseful now. Whether or not Breanna’s ex-boyfriend regretted his behavior, one thing is certain: the social media response provoked a reaction. The regret of these actions began to sink in soon enough.

What Happened to the Mistress’ Luggage?

By the time that Breanna had shared her story with the Twitterverse, the fight had ended. Breanna had driven away from the apartment complex and had not spoken to her boyfriend or his mistress since. It appeared that everything had finally come to an end.

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However, there was one matter of contention that hadn’t been resolved – aka the mistress’ “stolen” bag. Breanna found it in her car after fleeing her boyfriend’s apartment complex, and she hadn’t brought the bag back to her former passenger. From where we’re sitting, we can understand why she wasn’t racing back there.

Creative Problem Solving at Its Pettiest

As could be expected, her former passenger was extremely angry that her bag hadn’t been returned to her, and so she figured that filing a police report for her stolen luggage was the best course of action. Now, Breanna had to deal with her relationship problems and a potential legal situation.

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Breanna’s solution to this issue was not only creative but hilariously petty. She admitted that she did remember that someone had forgotten a bag in her car, but because there wasn’t existing proof of the bag’s contents, she returned a bag of trash to her former passenger.

Couldn’t Avoid Consequences Altogether

While she may have avoided any kind of legal consequence, Breanna was not able to come out of the situation totally unscathed. That life-changing ride took place on the second day of her job trial with Uber, and she got a one-star rating from the mistress.

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On top of all that, but the mistress also filed a formal complaint to Uber regarding Breanna. As a consequence of these issues, Breanna had no other option but to say goodbye to her position as an Uber driver. Even with everyone involved still recovering from the altercation, the story still wasn’t over.

Pathetic Attempts at Reconciliation

They went their separate ways, but Breanna’s ex-boyfriend refused to give up. He continued to send her texts, even after they had ended so poorly. He constantly tried to convince her to speak to him, but Breanna refused to talk, especially after having successfully moved on from him.

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As absurd as it may appear, Breanna’s ex-boyfriend even attempted to reconcile their relationship, giving her the pathetic excuse that he cheated due to boredom. Breanna was tough enough to maintain the upper hand, but she also had the “missing” bags that she could use as leverage over the cheaters.

He Wouldn’t Accept Defeat

Breanna’s ex-boyfriend couldn’t take the hint. In spite of already being shut down, he kept trying to convince her to reconcile with him. While his motives for their future may have been vague, what was clear is that he had other reasons for sending her messages.

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After all, his mistress was still missing her luggage. Eventually, he resorted to begging Breanna to return the luggage; however, as per usual, Breanna managed to respond with a humorous comeback. Soon, Breanna shared these messages on Twitter for all the world to see.

Remaining Cool, Calm, and Collected

Breanna had every reason to get angry. Not only was her boyfriend having an affair, but she found out about his cheating through a humiliating random encounter. On top of all that, her boyfriend’s mistress chose to attack Breanna rather than team up with her.

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Together they could’ve taught the actual wrongdoer a lesson. Despite all of these strong reasons to become infuriated, Breanna chose not to cry, complain, or lose her temper. By getting revenge in the clever way that she did, Breanna was the ultimate winner in this conflict.

Importance of Trust in a Relationship

Breanna’s relationship with her boyfriend initially appeared to be genuine and healthy for a good amount of them. Only when it was too late did it become obvious that it was ultimately built on a base of lies. This makes us wonder: can a relationship built on a lie survive long-term?

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Based on this viral episode, the answer is a huge no. As the saying goes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Once Breanna’s boyfriend had shown his true colors as someone capable of cheating, she knew that he wouldn’t be able to learn to remain faithful.

Right Place, Wrong Time

There are numerous factors in this story that make it seem that it wasn’t random. Out of all the Uber drivers that the mistress could’ve been assigned, it just happened that Breanna picked her up. Had it happened any other way, this captivating series of events would have never happened the way they did.

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While there may be several stories of relationships and betrayal on the internet, this is definitely one of the more well-known examples. Keep in mind, Breanna’s tweets on the events got tens of thousands of online reactions.