An Old Photo, a Secret Necklace, and a Strange but True Tale

By Yuri S.

What is it like to find out something amazing after years of waiting? We see two people who had an incredible reveal in the stories here. They were shocked when an epic truth was unearthed. The first is a mother whose suspicion about her daughter’s boyfriend would turn out to be true.

We also see how an extraordinary man managed to keep an incredible secret from his girlfriend for years before she finally found out the truth. Read on to find out how revealing secrets can lead to some incredible happiness.

Heidi’s Mother Had an Odd Feeling

When Heidi Parker and Ed Savitt met and went for their first date, they knew it was to be. They fell in love and looked forward to being a couple, the perfect couple. These two were lucky to have a supportive family and friends, and when they planned to get married, they had all the support needed.

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However, even with all this excitement, Heidi’s mother, Kay Parker, seemed unsure about her son-in-law. She was not against Ed marrying her daughter, but there was an odd feeling that she could not tell what it was about. It did not take long when she discovered a picture which was the turning point for everything.

Heidi Parker Had a Great Childhood

Heidi’s childhood seemed to be the best a child can ever wish for. The little girl grew up in a family that could afford most essentials, and for her, life was exciting and fun. Her family was united and cheerful. They could afford summer vacations that Heidi did not miss out on. Heidi was also blessed with brains because she did very well in her studies.

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The bright young girl passed her exams and joined Newcastle University, where she did a dual degree in Economics Management. The college dorms were expensive, and although Heidi came from a well-off family, she could not afford them. The young lady decided to rent a cheaper apartment to stay in during her college.

She Wanted Some Independence

Students struggle with studies and finances, and besides having a sharp brain and coming from a well-off family, Heidi was no exception. She could not afford an apartment on her own, so she moved in with her close friends. Eventually, Heidi found a decent one-bedroom apartment and was ready to bid her friends goodbye.

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When it was time to move again, she then planned a meet-up with the new tenants of her apartments to hand over the keys. She did not think a lot about it because these were just ordinary people that she was meeting. However, the universe had planned for her and one of the men she was meeting.

She Wanted To Share Her Place

Moving houses comes with many responsibilities and activities such as rearranging things in the new home. Heidi and the new tenants were too busy to have a conversation during the move. They did not even ask each other’s names. After handing over the keys, the three wished each other good luck and continued their activities.

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Living alone is exciting because of the freedom and privacy. When you get used to having your house, you don’t want to have roommates again. However, it gets lonely sometimes, and Heidi was at that stage in her life when she wanted a partner. Little did she know that the universe had already found her love.

Getting a Fateful Call

A few weeks after moving out, one of the men who occupied Heidi’s old apartment called her phone. He said that he had gotten her number from the landlord, and he was calling to ask about the washing machine. The machine was old and quirky, and because Heidi had used it for a long time, she knew better how to operate it.

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Because she could not explain everything over the phone, she figured that the best way she could help the guy was by going to the house to show him. There was a particular procedure she had to demonstrate, so she had to be there.

The Washing Machine Started It All

The man apologized to Heidi for making her go all the way there, but it was not a big deal for her because she was willing to help. Although it was hard to operate the machine, the new tenant finally figured it out. The man was generous enough to offer Heidi a cup of tea, and she took it as they had a chat.

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The realization that they had many things in common was interesting for these new friends, so they decided on another meeting that didn’t involve working a washing machine.

Her New Interest Was Ed Savitt

Heidi’s new friend was Ed Savitt. They went to the same college and took double majors, which was surprising. However, there was a difference in their degrees. Ed was a Psychology and Business student, different from Heidi’s.

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Heidi fell for Ed during their conversations. Ed had already started falling for her when she entered the house to show him how the washing machine worked. After the realization of their common interests, the two planned a date. Was it to be the start of a promising relationship?

Heidi’s Mother Was Happy For Her

Heidi had an excellent mother-daughter relationship with her mother, and they shared most things. She was so excited to date Ed, and she wanted her mother to know. When Heidi’s mother received the news from her daughter, she was happy for her.

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Besides being happy that her daughter was happy, Kay, Heidi’s mother, knew that the daughter had a problem getting attached too fast. This often led to heartbreak. Since Kay did not want to stand in her daughter’s way, she wanted to ensure that Heidi’s new boyfriend was the right person for her.

They Shared Many Common Interests

Falling in love with someone you share interests with is exciting, and it was for Heidi and Ed. They started doing things they enjoyed together, like hiking. The two lovebirds also weirdly disliked the same things, like art and literature.

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It confirmed that they were made for each other and made their relationship public to their friends. It was a great time in Heidi’s life as everything was going well. She had her place, studies were going well, and she fell for this new man who seemed perfect.

They Were College Sweethearts

Heidi and Ed were almost through with their degrees, and their friends nicknamed them college sweethearts. They would spend time together with any chance they got. Life became overly exciting, and these two were inseparable as they shared a true connection.

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When they finished school, they both focused on their careers but created time for each other. It was a time for both of them to look forward to what they were going to do for the rest of their lives. They were excited about these challenges ahead and doing them together.

Finishing College and Getting Jobs

After college, Ed and Heidi got into the real world and practiced different things. Heidi was lucky enough to join the Sony Interactive Entertainment team as a PR manager while Ed ventured into the entrepreneurial world and opened a coffee shop.

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Their love was strong, and they had each other’s backs and supported each other’s goals. Work took most of their time, so they decided to move in to spend the evenings and any extra time together. They saved up and got a lovely house. They also planned to meet each other’s families before moving in together.

The Announcement at the Dinner Party

Everyone wants their family to have an excellent first impression of their partner. Heidi and Ed planned a dinner party with their moms Kay and Fiona. It was a critical moment for the lovers and their families, which brought in a lot of anxiety.

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Fortunately, everything went well, and the two families were happy together. The dinner was good, and they had a lovely time together. After dinner, Heidi stepped up and announced that they planned to marry each other. They were ready to take that huge step together.

A Mother’s Odd Feeling

The happiness of their mothers was a confirmation that there was nothing to worry about. The two mothers were excited and happy. It was evident to Kay that Ed loved Heidi truly because it was written all over his face. She gave them her blessings and wished them happiness.

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Fiona and Kay sat and had a chat, where they realized they also had similar interests. The dinner date went well, and after enjoying it, they talked a little more. However, one of the topics they discussed that night brought an odd feeling to Kay about Ed being her son-in-law.

A Love for Sailing Sparked Memories

Besides Ed and Heidi’s similar hobbies and interests, Fiona and Kay also had similar hobbies. They both had more than two children, and they loved sailing. The sailing and hobby stories stirred up the memory and adventure discussion.

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Both families discovered that they loved the sea, specifically the Mediterranean Sea. They had gone for many holidays there, and they had a lot to discuss on their vacations and adventures. This topic made the two families discover something unbelievable.

Remembering Heidi’s Holiday Romance

Kay remembers one of the exciting vacations with her family when Heidi was young. Her little girl had just turned six when they planned a trip to Gumbet, Turkey, for two weeks. Kay remembers Heidi meeting a small boy there who she quickly became friends with, and they started calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

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The two kids became best friends and started holding hands in the streets. Ed didn’t like this story as even though she was young, he didn’t want to know about her previous boyfriends and the good times.

Old Memories and a Curious Name

On the other hand, Fiona seemed very curious to know more about this story, so she did not want Kay to stop. Things took a surprise turn when Kay mentioned the little boy’s name, and you may guess what comes next in this wonderful story.

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The boy’s name was Ed. This was seen as merely a coincidence, and the discussion didn’t go any further. It was interrupted by the reveal by Heidi and Ed of getting married by the end of that year. Kay was still not okay after remembering Heidi’s vacation boyfriend, Ed.

She Had an Uneasy Feeling

Ed loved Heidi so much, and Kay could see it. Although she was pleased about her daughter meeting a nice guy, the vacation boyfriend story still disturbed her. She knew that there was something in the back of her mind that she needed to work out.

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There was a strange feeling that she could not tell where it was coming from and why she felt it. Kay decided to research the little vacation boy to get peace of mind. She had that mental itch that simply needed to be scratched.

Kay Found Some Evidence

Every parent wants the best for their child. The feeling that something was not right disturbed Kay, and she had to call Fiona for help. It was all about the little vacation boy. Both parents decided to research and find more information about little Ed.

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Days passed by, and while Kay was cleaning her room, she found something that could offer the answers. Was this the thing that was going to be finally able to put her mind at rest? She hoped it could provide all the answers that she needed.

Finding the Key Photo Album

When Heidi and Ed decided to get married, Kay offered to help them, and she decided to declutter her storage room to make room for the two, and the lovers offered to help. They found the photo album in the process of cleaning, and Kay hoped it would be the missing piece in the jigsaw.

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However, she later admitted that cleaning the space was an excuse to find the photo album because she wanted to answer the little Ed. Whatever the reasons for cleaning the room, it worked as the photo album was found.

She Looked At the Gumbet Pictures

Kay held the album in her hands, and she knew that it would provide the answers she needed. She then sat and stared at the pictures one by one to find out who the little six-year-old Ed was. Thankfully, she would have some hard evidence to back up her suspicions.

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As she got to the Gumbet vacation pictures, Kay knew she was moving towards her answers to knowing who Ed was. What was she going to find? That uneasy feeling that she had was just about the change into a different feeling altogether.

Kay Had an Extraordinary Discovery

If you think you know what happens next in this incredible story, then you’re probably right! After a few flips, Kay got to the vacation pictures of little Heidi’s boyfriend, Ed. The same Ed wanted to marry her in a few months. That came as a surprise to her!

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The moment was very unreal for Kay. Although she had had a weird feeling, it confirmed that Ed was the perfect match for Heidi. She couldn’t believe that such an amazing thing happened at it seemed as though fate wanted to bring the two back together.

She Confirmed It Was the Same Ed

Kay looked at the pictures closely and keenly to ensure she was not mistaken. However, the closer she looked, the more confirmation she got that the little boy in the photographs was Heidi’s Ed. It got more exciting for her because this same man was madly in love with her daughter and planned to marry her.

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Kay remembered all the adventures they had together with Ed’s family and how her daughter was happy with Ed during that trip. Even though they were so young, he was her daughter’s, first little love. It seemed that she was getting married to her first and last love.

They Were Always Smiling

Kay found more photos of Heidi and Ed, and she realized they were always smiling when together. They loved each other at a young age, although they did not know what love was about. With the look of things from their young years and today, Ed and Heidi seem like they were meant to be together.

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Kay continued flipping through the album, and she came across another picture of Heidi and Ed in a swimsuit, smiling. They looked good and happy. Kay was eager to tell them the news, but she had to tell Fiona first.

Fiona Got the News

Kay and Fiona had become good friends, and she wanted to share the discovery with Fiona first. When Kay sent the photographs, Fiona found more pictures of Ed and Heidi. No one had thought that Heidi and Ed met and liked each other even before college. Not even the lovers remembered that part of their childhood.

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Fiona recalls how she was shocked to confirm that it was Ed in the pictures that Kay sent her. She then started remembering the trip’s details and realized that it was true that Ed and Heidi became close friends during the trip.

They Shared the Amazing News

Kay decided that it was now time to share the photos with her daughter and future son-in-law. The couple was astonished to see old pictures of them holding hands. Heidi says that she was so surprised that she had to lay down.

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When Fiona checked her family album, there were five more pictures of Ed and Heidi, together with their siblings, during the holiday. They shared the photos with the entire family, surprising for everyone. It was a beautiful moment in time and a great memory for the two of them.

It Didn’t Start With the Washing Machine

Nobody could believe the discovery. Heidi and Ed knew that their love story began when Heidi offered to go over to his house to demonstrate operating the washing machine. Little did they know that they started liking each other at six years when none of them understood the meaning of love.

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Heidi’s mother played a significant role in making the couple realize that they knew each other years ago. Heidi can’t stand the thought of not knowing that she and Ed had met earlier if her mother did not find the photo album. They were later brought together by fate, and the affection was still strong for them.

Fate Brought Them Together

The pictures made it clear that Heidi and Ed were meant to be together. Although Heidi did not believe in fate, this discovery made her believe in it. She felt that it was a confirmation that the two were meant to be together.

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Heidi now believes that everything happens for a reason. It could not be a coincidence to meet Ed again. It was the universe and fate showing off what it could do. It was also a confirmation for Kay that her daughter was about to marry the best man and that Ed would be her son-in-law.

They Started Planning For Marriage

The photographs and old memories made Kay believe that Heidi and Ed subconsciously realized they shared moments as kids after they met. However, for the two lovers, the photographs were just a confirmation that they were doing things the right way.

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Ed and Heidi had become inseparable since they started dating. In one of the interviews, Heidi said they both knew they wanted each other for life partners. They had a good foundation for their love and were setting an even stronger foundation for their marriage. They started planning for it, and their families and friends came to witness them tying the knot.

They Had a Fun Wedding

The wedding happened in 2017 in the beautiful Haddon Hall in Derbyshire. The hall was old and strong, and this was one characteristic that defined their relationship. Everyone at the wedding was happy. The party was so much fun and ended in the early morning.

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People were very excited, and some jumped into the pool towards the night’s end to enjoy it even more. The guests had a lot of fun, and the newlyweds were also excited to start their life together. This is usually the longest awaited moment for couples on their wedding day.

The Mother’s Instincts Were Right

If Kay’s mother was not curious about finding out, no one would ever know that these two had some history. The couple would also have never realized their special connection as children. Kay’s photos in the album helped to strengthen their foundation. Knowing that you are doing the right thing gives a person more confidence.

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Heidi and Ed’s love story brought a lot of memories. Kay and Fiona had gone on vacation with their other children, so they met there as a family, but they did not know that they would become a family. This entire story felt like a movie because most of these things happen in movies and not real life.

The Two Families Are Close

Heidi and Ed brought everyone else in their families together. Their siblings got to know each other, and their parents reunited and became not only friends but a family. There was a lot of happiness in the air. Kay and Fiona grew even closer, and they became best of friends.

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The two families spend a lot of time together. One thing that makes their lives interesting is that they both like adventure. Kay and Fiona’s family travel together and go for vacations in the same places. Little did they know that their shared love of adventure had started to blossom decades earlier.

The Man and His Mysterious Necklace

Our next story is about Anna, who received a thoughtful gift from her boyfriend, a necklace. She wore it for two years as the necklace was special and unique, mainly handmade. At least, this is what she thought. But she was wrong!

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They were two young people in love, so his gesture was expected, but nobody would have expected such a thing to be inside the necklace. Anna wore it for two whole years before finding the real surprise. She would have never expected such a shock as nobody would have ever thought about this kind of reveal.

Getting Serious With an Anniversary Gift

They started as just friends, but things got serious after four years. After one year of a great romantic relationship, Terry thought he should find a special gift for his special girl.

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He seemed like a person who loved to give gifts, but this one had to be perfect. He couldn’t just buy something. He wanted an unforgettable anniversary. It was their first year together as a couple, so it was not just any day. After repeatedly thinking about what to buy, he decided to make the gift himself.

He Made a Beautiful Handmade Necklace

He wasn’t a handy person, but he knew that a handmade gift would make everything even more special. Such a gift would mean more to his girlfriend. First, he considered other things to make, but he decided that nothing would be greater than a necklace after analyzing all the options.

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You may say that a necklace is not such a big or impressive gift, but he decided to make the necklace from scratch. He was aware that this was not going to be easy, but he wanted to do things his way.

He Had To Pick the Right Materials

The main part of the necklace was the most difficult to make. After a lot of work, he managed to finish it. After considering that it looked good enough, he went to a local store to purchase a chain. Picking the wood type was not easy either, as not every type of wood would work.

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It had to be hard enough to last but soft enough to be carved. Terry decided to go with Tasmanian wood for its high quality. It is also a good material for making furniture, cabinets, or even small objects like jewelry.

It Was Part of an Elaborate Plan

If you want to make or purchase an object made out of a special kind of wood, this would be a perfect choice. Tasmanian Wood is no ordinary material as it is close-grained, and it has a dark shade that makes it extraordinary for a handmade piece of jewelry that has to last for years.

Source: YouTube

Even if he had everything planned, it was difficult for him to design it and put all the pieces together. He put all his hopes in the idea that his girlfriend would love the gift, especially since he was hiding a secret from her.

The Necklace Was a Risk

No one knew his secret, not even his family. The day of their anniversary came, and he announced to Anna that she should get ready for a special type of dinner.

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It was just natural for him to be nervous, but he knew for sure that there was no way that she wouldn’t love such a thoughtful gift. However, necklaces weren’t her thing or something that she would normally wear as she wasn’t the materialistic type, but Terry hoped for the best.

Nervous for the Big Surprise

Anna liked the place her boyfriend had chosen for the special dinner. She always loved eating a romantic meal together as they loved each other’s company. Terry waited until the end of the dinner to give Anna the special gift.

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When he told her he had made something, she was eager to receive the mysterious gift. His hands were shaking while getting the little box out of his pocket. He never thought that he would get so nervous in a moment like this. Her reaction was exactly what he wanted.

Anna Was Delighted With Her Necklace

She loved the gift, just as he hoped she would be. The necklace was, of course, a nice little piece of jewelry, but the fact that Terry himself has crafted it made the gift even more beautiful. Not every girl receives such a gift.

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She appreciated the gift and couldn’t believe that he went through all the trouble of making her something so special from scratch. Even if he was sure that she would love it, he was still nervous, so her reaction came as a relief for him. Fortunately, everything went according to plan.

He Didn’t Tell The Whole Truth

Anna made it clear that she was ecstatic about the gift. She liked it. Her face was full of joy. She turned around to let her boyfriend put the necklace in its place. It was no surprise that it fits perfectly. While having the gift in her hands, she felt curious about the type of wood and its origin.

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Of course, he explained everything to her leaving the most important part out. The necklace was not just a nice, small gift. It was unique, but also, the surprise was yet to come.

The Elaborate Plan Was In Motion

His plan was not a usual one, but he was aware that this was the only way that no one would find about this whole story. Something was hidden inside the necklace; something is so well hidden that no one could have guessed how special this gift was.

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It was a unique and hard to forget type of gift. For a while, his idea seemed excellent. Everything was going just as he hoped. But, as we all know, most hidden things are eventually found, and this was his biggest fear.

He Started To Get Worried

She would have eventually found out about the real gift, and this was worrying him. His plan was a specific one, and Terry was always thinking about what would happen if his girlfriend or anybody else ruined his plan. It was all about time.

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There was a specific moment when Terry wanted his big surprise to be revealed. It would have been a disaster if anything had been found out sooner. He planned this, so everything had to go according to his wishes. One of the issues with his plan was the necessary time to put it together.

She Wore It All the Time

One thing was sure; she loved the gift. She wore it all the time and even showed it to all her friends. This was a nice thing on her behalf but problematic for Terry. If it had been a normal gift, it would be a problem.

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But people would analyze it, touch it, and ask questions about it. These things were normal, but he became very anxious about it. These actions were putting his big reveal at risk. The truth was that anyone could have figured out his plan and secret.

Being Curious About the Necklace

Anna and Terry had many friends, and some were spread around the world. That is why Anna showed some of them her special gift via zoom calls. By wearing it all the time, people would ask all kinds of questions. It was a unique necklace, so it was hard to miss it.

Photo by 10?000 Hours/Getty Images

Time passed, and will all the questions from her friends, and she started to realize that the necklace was a nice gift and an unusual one. Whenever they would meet up for a coffee, her friends would have many questions for her. This made her realize that she knew very little about her necklace.

The Questions and Fear Subsided

She didn’t ask her boyfriend many questions. At first, she was curious and intrigued, but she eventually saw it as a nice handmade gift. She thought she was just so lucky to have a boyfriend who would make her something from scratch.

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She even forgot about it and got used to wearing it every day. Of course, he loved this. He was, at first, a little nervous. Their friends also got used to seeing her always wearing it, so the questions soon stopped. It became a great gift from a great boyfriend.

It Was a Truly Great Gift

Anna never took it off, so she was seen with it everywhere. The necklace appeared in many photos for a long period. It was a gift that stood out, so it was the first thing you would see by looking at her. She wears it even at the pool, gym, or at the beach.

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It was already a part of her. Terry was happy. The first part of his plan was a success. Anna loved the gift and wore it not only because it was from her boyfriend but because it meant something to her.

Trying To Travel Together

Time passed by, and the couple kept on enjoying life. They would always talk about what the future holds for them, but serious talk never occurred. Their discussions were mostly about their short-term future and adventures together.

Photo by CasarsaGuru/Getty Images

All their conversations were like this as none of them were rushing into anything just yet. The only thing that they wanted to do as a couple was to travel, so they wished to schedule a trip together. However, times were not easy, and traveling was expensive for both.

A Fear of Flying Caused Issues

Any holiday would be expensive, but this holiday was special, so they had to put some effort into it to go well. After a while, they managed to put some money together. Now they were ready to travel with each other.

Source: YouTube

They wanted to make it a special experience, so it was necessary to discuss a few things before going on a trip. Also, there was another problem with Terry’s plan; his girlfriend was afraid of flying. There wasn’t much choice to fly with living in Australia if you wanted to discover new and exciting things.

Anna Wanted an Australian Adventure

Terry liked to travel, but a little bit differently than Anna. Terry was usually eager to discover new countries, but Anna was keen on discovering Australia. This time Terry gave in and decided to discover their own country just like Anna wanted.

Photo by Hinterhaus Productions/Getty Images

After a few discussions, they decided to take the bus. A road trip seemed like a great adventure. They wanted to explore things and to discover different kinds of places. This would be fun and would allow them to spend quality time together. This was all that mattered.

They Were Deeply In Love

They were aware of the fact that they were many places to visit and explore in this country. The holiday was set, everything was ok at work, and they were ready for their lifetime trip. This trip was also a reminder for Terry that Anna was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Source: YouTube

She was perfect for him, and he loved her very much. Everything went perfectly, and he was often reminded of just why he fell in love with her. She was everything that he ever wanted.

The Struggled To Finish His Plan

No matter how wonderful everything would be, Terry was always fearful. His secret was a constant reminder that something could ruin it all. He was also afraid that something bad would come along that would ruin his plan, such as her losing the necklace.

Photo by Caleb Ekeroth/Unsplash

He couldn’t hide it for much longer, so he had to be careful. Now he only had to find the right moment, but there was no right moment. Whenever he taught that he should do it, something came along. Nothing seemed right, and Terry didn’t know what to do.

He Never Found the Right Moment

The trip was over, and all the right moments just passed by. He couldn’t believe it. They had all those beautiful moments together, but he couldn’t find the right moment to show her what he was waiting so long for.

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They even got back home, so he decided to wait one more time. The reveal had to be special so that he couldn’t pick just any moment. He had to find the perfect moment. It may seem incredible but a year passed since their trip together. It was time to travel again, but Terry wanted to take an international trip.

Facing a Fear of Flying

This time he was quite stubborn with picking the place as it couldn’t be just any place. It had to be special in some way. He didn’t want to repeat the last experience. This time he wanted everything to go smoothly.

Source: YouTube

Is time; she was more accepting of her fears as she wanted to go somewhere she hadn’t been before. She was afraid of flying, but she was also aware that she would eventually have to face this fear. So it was the perfect time for her to let her boyfriend choose their destination.

Finding the Perfect Destination

Anna seemed willing to go on a bigger trip finally. However, she wanted to visit some of her friends. This was her only request because many of their friends lived abroad, and there were not many occasions on which she could have met them. The real problem was the distance, so she thought that this would be a great opportunity to go on a trip and meet those closest to her heart.

Source: YouTube

Terry was ok with her request. He had no problem meeting some old friends on the way. His girlfriend’s happiness was an important thing for him, so doing this was not something that should have been considered before deciding upon it. He even managed to find the perfect destination for their trip.

They Decided to Visit Scotland

Their destination was Scotland. He had never visited Great Britain before so he couldn’t wait to get there and surprise his girlfriend. He was sure that it would be the most beautiful romantic trip he could ever plan. Also, one of her friends lived there, so this was the perfect opportunity.

Source: Pinterest

It was also a great location because of its beautiful scenery. This made the chosen destination the perfect location for revealing his secret. She wore the gift every day, but he had to make sure that she wouldn’t forget it one more time.

It Was Finally Time

What is incredible about Scotland is how beautiful the landscape is. Scotland is famous for many things, with its scenery being one of them and its 790 islands. It is not just another country to visit but also a great place to make unforgettable memories.

Source: YouTube

This was one of the reasons for Terry to choose this place. It was the perfect location to reveal his big secret. The moment was approaching soon, so Terry became a little nervous. He waited so long for this moment, and here it was, the perfect place. He couldn’t believe that the moment had come.

The Airport Was the First Barrier

They packed and got ready for the big trip. When the day came, the couple was full of excitement, but Terry became anxious when they got to the airport. There was something that could have ruined this trip also. He even thought his plan would fail again.

Source: Twitter

This would have devastated poor Terry. It was the first time they would travel internationally, so he had this bugging thought. What if the jewelry would “beep” while passing the security check? The police are very strict in airports, so his plan was dangerous.

Trying to Get Through Security

They arrived at the airport, and a strange feeling of panic was in the air. Terry didn’t know what to expect. Was his plan going to be destroyed? Revealing his secret in the middle of the airport was not part of his plan. He acted strangely at first, and his girlfriend noticed that something was off.

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The next moments were crucial for their trip. Having to reveal everything here would have been a disaster. Even if Anna sensed that something was not ok, she eventually let it go, and she supposed that Terry was only nervous because it was their first time being on such a trip.

He Didn’t Need to Worry

Terry couldn’t believe his eyes; he was so lucky! Everything went ok, and they managed to pass the security check without any problems. The necklace passed through the security point without posing any issue for Terry’s big plan.

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They got to the plane, and even if Anna was a little afraid of flying, Terry was there to support her. She didn’t like flying, and the trip wasn’t going to be short. But everything was ok, and they were now ready to land. After all this time, Terry’s secret was about to be revealed.

They Arrived in Scotland

They finally arrived in Scotland, and everything seemed perfect. They were sure that their trip was going to be one they would remember for the rest of their lives. Things were going smoothly, and after only one day in this beautiful country, Terry decided that it was time for the big reveal.

Source: YouTube

Anna wore this necklace for such a long time, but now it was time. Sadly, everything was going to be a little bit complicated. There were still some details that Terry had to organize, and this would take some time. His big reveal had to be properly planned to succeed.

The Big Reveal Was Getting Closer

It may seem unbelievable, but two years have passed since Anna received the beautiful gift. He first thought about picking apart the necklace to reveal the surprise on his own, but this seemed impossible because his girlfriend would always have the necklace on her.

Source: YouTube

There was no moment when she would take it off. This would be difficult for poor Terry, who just wanted to reveal his secret in a big way. Now he wasn’t even able to enjoy the trip. All he could think of was how to surprise her. He had to make sure that his girlfriend wasn’t suspected of anything.

He Found the Perfect Spot

They finally arrived at their destination, so the couple decided to go to northern Scotland to visit the caves. The scenery was incredible and was exactly what he wanted. Choosing this location was the best thing Terry could have done.

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Nature’s beauty was the perfect landscape for Terry’s big reveal. The moment was approaching, and Terry had to be quick. He was not going to let another one of these chances just pass. This time he was truly determined. It was time to take a deep breath and take that proverbial jump.

They Both Wanted To See the Caves

It must be mentioned that this was not just any location for the couple. They had discussed it previously for days. Even from the first day they landed in Scotland, they planned to visit the north to see the caves.

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They were sure it was going to be spectacular. They read about the location’s beauty, but Terry’s purpose was not just to visit the stunning place. He wanted to make it memorable. His plans went beyond just visiting, and all the right pieces were slotting into place perfectly.

Anna Had No Idea

They drove to the caves, but Terry was beyond anxious. What he was about to do was going to change their lives forever. He was never so nervous in his life before. He also hoped that Anna would be delighted to see the secret.

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Not many would appreciate such a reveal. Now, all he had to do was hope that his plan would succeed. Fortunately, Anna still had no clue about what was going to happen. This was going to be the most important moment of their lives.

The Moment Had Finally Come

They managed to get there finally, and they were stunned. The view was spectacular. They had never seen such a beautiful place. The caves were beautiful, and this was the perfect place for Terry to reveal his big secret. The first thing that he did was ask his girlfriend to take off the necklace.

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This took her by surprise. Why would her boyfriend want such a thing? It was his gift; why would he want her necklace back on earth? It is easy to say that she was caught off guard; anybody would be. It seemed strange to her, but of course, that she agreed as she trusted him.

He Broke Open the Necklace

His hands were shaking, and Anna noticed immediately. This was the moment when she thought that something was about to happen. Something was not right. Terry wasn’t himself. He then broke the necklace with a pocketknife and gave it to his girlfriend. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

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Terry just broke the gift that he gave her two years ago. Why would he do that? She loved the necklace. That is why she wore it all the time. This was not something that Anna would have expected. But the big surprise was yet to come.

Her First Emotion Was Anger

At first, she wanted to get angry. His gesture was unbelievable, but Terry asked her to look at the necklace’s inside. She was amazed. How could he have hidden such a secret all these two years? She was in shock. She even thought this could be a joke, but it wasn’t.

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All this time, she has been carrying around a big secret and surprise in that small piece of wood without even knowing. This was more than a surprise; it was also a miracle that she didn’t find out sooner. Terry had done it!

But What Was Inside?!

Terry opened the necklace and finally showed Anna what was inside. It was a beautiful engagement ring! She would have never expected such a big surprise, and Terry didn’t take long to go on one knee. She then realized what was happening.

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He was finally proposing to her. This was the big secret that Terry tried to keep for so long, and he succeeded. He was always afraid that somebody would ruin his plan, but everything was perfect. His wish of surprising Anna became a reality, and she was left without any words.

But What Did She Say?!

When she finally realized what was happening, she started screaming with joy. Anna wore her engagement ring around her neck for so long, and she didn’t even know. How was that possible? She couldn’t believe it. Anna wasn’t sure how her boyfriend managed to keep it a secret for two years. She was both amazed and surprised.

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Having such a loving boyfriend who would want a more serious relationship was one thing, but keeping this a secret for two years was something else. Now all she had to do was the answer. Terry didn’t have to wait long for this one. Of course, she said yes!

The Dangerous Plan Worked

After the big surprise, Anna realized why Terry looked so anxious. How was he so sure that she was going to keep the necklace safe? There was a possibility that she could have lost it. Things get lost all the time, but Terry had great faith that this would work.

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He also had faith in his girlfriend, whom he loved. He also found her reaction hilarious, but she was right; anything could have happened. Even if she had been careful with his gift, somebody could have stolen it.

Their Families Welcomed the News

After all the emotion, it was time for them to tell the families. They had to announce everybody, and her family loved the idea. It is safe to say that he was already part of the family, so their announcement came as no surprise.

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What surprised them was how Terry chose to propose to Anna. His entire plan required a serious commitment. The family was happy to welcome him even if they already loved him as a son-in-law. They were now eager to get married, but not before enjoying their engagement.

It All Paid Off in the End

There is no doubt that Terry had a crazy plan and one that could have gone hugely wrong. To keep such a secret for two years is not an easy task. In addition, he had to carve the necklace himself and find a way to hide the ring in it.

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Designing the necklace was hard enough, but keeping the secret was even harder. Not everyone could have managed such a thoughtful gift. Although it took a little longer than he wanted, his plan worked perfectly. The couple are now very happy together.