Adorable Animal Selfies That Will Brighten Anyone’s Day

By Yuri S.

The selfie has come a long way in recent years. Not so long ago, the word didn’t even exist, but nowadays, it’s a key part of modern language, with kids, teens, and even old folks snapping selfies while on vacation, hanging with their friends, or even just relaxing at home. And apparently, we’re not the only ones mastering the art of the selfie. If the following funny photos are to be believed, it looks like our furry friends have joined in with the fun!

Dogs and cats are known to be mortal enemies. They usually really don’t get along, and we’ve seen countless examples throughout history of dogs chasing after cats or cats hissing at dogs to scare them away. But it looks like these guys didn’t quite get the memo! This funny animal group selfie shows a grey cat posing beside a fluffy brown pup and a couple of Rottweilers.

Smile for The Camera

Here are two of the best animal selfies ever taken! There’s actually quite a funny story behind this one! British nature photographer David Slater traveled to Indonesia, befriended a group of wild macaques, and then left some of his camera equipment set up around the forest, hoping that one of the animals might snap something like a selfie.


David was absolutely amazed when he took a look through the camera later on and found these hilarious images of one of his furry pals. The animal in question is a Celebes crested macaque, also known as a crested black macaque or black ape. They’re Old World monkeys that live exclusively in Indonesia on several small islands, living on a diet of fruit, leaves, bugs, and sometimes even small birds.

Cats and Dogs

Wow! It looks like cats and dogs might be getting along way better than any of us could ever have imagined. Maybe they only pretend to be enemies in front of people but are actually good buddies behind the scenes. That’s what it seems like in this selfie, which shows a couple of cats posing with two Rottweilers.


One of the Rottweilers is clearly visible on the left side of the frame, while the second is just hidden behind the grey cat, who takes up most of the shot and was the one to trigger the camera into taking the selfie. The snowy setting and serious expression on the main cat’s face make this one of our favorite furry selfies!

Absolutely Adorable

This is one of the best selfies around! Many people try to take selfies with animals, but they rarely work out in the end as the animal usually moves at the last minute or looks away from the lens. In this case, however, we can see both the man and his little quokka behind posing perfectly at just the right moment for a photo they’ll never forget!

Source: Twitter

Quokkas are little macropods found on small islands off the coast of Western Australia. They’re really friendly and docile creatures that generally don’t seem to be too afraid of humans, so they will happily approach people and pose for fun photos like this one. However, they are on the ‘Vulnerable’ list of species, so they should generally be left alone.

No Makeup Selfie

This sloth has to be one of the most naturally photogenic animals on the planet! When most people take selfies, they have to snap about 100 of them until they finally get one they actually feel proud to share on social media or send to their friends. This sloth only took one selfie, and it’s absolutely perfect!

Source: Twitter

Sloths are famous for being pretty lazy and slow-moving animals that spend a lot of their lives hanging upside down in tropical rain forest trees. There are several species of sloths, but they all have lots of similarities, and apparently, they’re all pretty good selfie-takers too. We can all learn a few things from this sloth’s selfie technique.

Just Like Twins

It seems like in the Land Down Under, animals really don’t mind snapping selfies with the locals. First, we had a quokka, and now here’s a kangaroo posing beside an Australian man. The story here is that the guy really wanted to get a selfie with a kangaroo and waited around for the perfect moment to present itself.

Source: Pinterest

The final photo was definitely worth the wait, as it’s one of the best animals and human selfie combos we’ve ever seen. The best part of all is how the guy and the kangaroo seem to be pulling the exact same face, both gazing into the camera with their mouths wide open and a look of surprise in their eyes.

On the Prowl

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lions are snapping selfies! This amazing shot was taken after a camera trap was set up out in Africa. A group of lionesses was seen approaching the camera, and when one of them touched it with her front paw, it triggered the creation of this utterly incredible selfie!


The laser-focused expression on the face of the lioness in the center is quite scary, and we can imagine that this is what it must look and feel like to be hunted by a group of some of the toughest and most ruthless predators on the planet. Nobody would stand a chance against these mighty lionesses, all hunting together as a pack.

Baby, I Was Born This Way

Back in the day when the word ‘selfie’ first appeared, many selfies were all pretty similar and showed people staring right into the camera from the same old angles over and over again. But as time went by, many of the best Instagram models and influencers started to take their selfie game to the next level with bold new poses and fresh angles.


This Husky seems to have mastered the art of the ‘accidental selfie,’ which is stylized to seem just like an accident but still produces a super flattering photo of the subject. The beautiful Husky has her eyes closed as the sun beats down on her body and is posing at a really stylish angle, making this one of the freshest animal selfies we’ve ever seen.

Hi You Guys!

If the previous photo, featuring a classy Husky taking a stylish selfie, was all about elegance, grace, and ‘accidental’ beauty, this one is the total opposite! This funny pup was captured on camera, grinning right into the lens. She’s showing off her fangs and big pink tongue as she smiles happily for the picture.

Source: Twitter

It’s one of the cutest animal selfies ever taken, with the dog’s long pointy ears and excited eyes really making this photo stand out. For information, the dog’s name is Bella, and she’s a very good girl! When we look at this photo and see that adorable smile, we can’t help feeling a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. It’s the sort of selfie that can make any dark day feel a whole lot brighter.

Looking Good

This beautiful grey bird has totally mastered the art of taking classy and super cool selfies to show off to all of her friends on the Gram. She looks so suave and stylish with that hairstyle, those beautiful black eyes, and that blade-like wing stretching out across the bottom of the frame. It’s definitely one of the classiest animal selfies the world has ever seen.


The bird in this selfie is a tufted titmouse. They’re very small songbirds that live all around North America and measure up at about 6 inches in length. They always have a grey upper body with a white front and black forehead, as well as the all-important tufted grey crest on the top of their heads.

Happy Horses Posing Together

Some of the best selfies we ever take are the ones we take with friends by our side. Snapping a photo of yourself is all well and good. Still, when you’ve got some close buddies on your left and right, it’s even better, and the image is usually much more memorable, even if at least one person always complains because their eyes weren’t quite open or their smile didn’t quite work for them.


We can imagine that all three of the horses must be pretty proud of this hilarious photo, showing the trio posing side by side. It really looks like an authentic human-style selfie as the horses are pushing into each other, posing a bit awkwardly, and doing their best to smile for the camera.

Me and My Babies

Many moms and dads like to take selfies with their kids of all ages. It’s a fun way to save a magical moment with your little ones and to share it with the world via social media too, so it’s only natural that a lot of modern parents can spend hours and hours posing for quick selfies with the kids, in between all the crying, diaper changing, and playtime.


It looks like even our canine companions are joining in with the mom and kid selfie action as this dog, named Pikelet, was captured posing for a selfie and looking right into the camera with all of her gorgeous little fluff ball puppies lying in their bed in the background.

Make A Funny Face

How do you take a selfie? Do you simply hold the camera up in front of you and give the lens your best possible smile? Do you try to pout and look fabulous to show off to all your friends and followers? Or do you just get bored pretty quickly and start making funny faces instead? It looks like that’s exactly what happened with these super cute dogs.


They look like two best friend teens who have spent all afternoon making happy selfies and eventually decided to just start pulling some funny faces, sticking out their tongues and looking dramatically into the camera lens to see what would happen. The results are absolutely awesome, and we want to see more from these photogenic pups!

Storm’s A-Coming

Sometimes, the background of a selfie is what makes it special, while other times, it’s all about the person snapping the photo. In this case, both the foreground and the background are interesting to look at! In the back of the image, we can see some pretty grey and stormy clouds beginning to build up in a beautiful jungle scene.

Source: Imgur

Then, in the foreground, we have this curious little lemur gazing right into the camera. His bright golden eyes almost look like they’re made of honey, and his little wet nose is only inches away from the camera lens as he grabs onto the sides of it with both hands, triggering this fantastic photo.

What A Tourist

These days, no matter where you go, you can’t help but see tourists and travelers snapping selfies in front of pretty much every major landmark or site of interest on the planet! Whether it’s an ancient Asian temple in the forests of Cambodia, the magnificent Eiffel Tower in the heart of Paris, the stunning skyline of New York City, or of course, the Hollywood sign in California, there are always people pulling out their phones and taking photos of themselves.


It seems like this funny pug decided to join in on the action! She was visiting Hollywood and saw all of those other tourists making selfies of themselves with the sign, so she decided to do the exact same thing.

Best Friends Forever

The best selfies are usually those you take with a good friend by your side. It’s amazing how much fun two people can have using nothing but a camera and their own imagination, spending hours of the day posing side by side, making funny faces, and capturing special memories that they can look back on for years to come.


These two funny dogs seemingly decided to spend some of their free time snapping a few selfies as well. This is one of their best photos! It shows the little dog on the left looking quite shocked and even scared by what’s going on, while the big dog on the right just seems to have yawned at the worst possible moment, right as the camera turned on and snapped this photo.

The Pride of The Pride

Here we can see another couple of lions posing together for a selfie. It looks like they spotted the camera trap out in this plain and decided to walk over and investigate. One of them seemed to be a little bit more curious than the other and got close enough to the camera to touch it and trigger the selfie, leading to this awesome image.

Source: Imgur

Many people all around the world will never have a chance to see lions up close like this, and many of us wouldn’t want to either, as they’re some of the most dangerous and deadly predators on the planet. Even though humans are at the top of the food chain, we wouldn’t really stand much of a chance if we were being chased across that landscape by these big cats.

Happy Times

If you look closely at the many different selfies all over the internet, you can start to notice some differences between them. You can examine the expressions on people’s faces and really see exactly how they were feeling at that precise moment in time. Some of the smiles sometimes look a little forced, but others are totally genuine, showing that the people in the photos were truly happy.

Source: Twitter

We can see an amazing example of true happiness in this hilarious and joyful photo here. It shows two best buddy dogs posing side by side, laying down together in the backyard and grinning up at the camera. They look super cute posing like that together, and it certainly looks like they were having a great day!

What’s Up, Doc?

Some animals are known for their ferocious and dangerous nature, like lions and tigers and bears, but others are renowned for their super cute and cuddly appearance and docile temperament. This bunny definitely falls into the second category! He’s one of the cutest animal selfie-takers of all time.


This selfie is a wonderful example of a photo being taken at the most perfect possible moment. It was taken just at the exact ideal second to capture the funny expression on the bunny’s face, with its little tongue hanging out of the side of its mouth. It’s super adorable and sure to add some light and joy into even the darkest and most dismal of days.

Sunday Morning Selfies

When you look as good as this husky, right after waking up in the morning, you simply have to snap a selfie and share it with the world! That seems to be what this funny pup was thinking when she was spotted lounging around in bed on one lazy morning, playing with the camera and taking some selfies.


She has such a beautiful coat and gorgeous blue eyes, we’re glad she shared this image with the world! Many people are too frightened to take selfies right after getting out of bed in the morning as they worry about looking too tired or a little messy, but this dog just doesn’t seem to care about any of that!

Two Very Different Expressions

This is definitely one of our favorite ever animal selfies. Some of the other selfies taken by furry and feathered friends are pretty simple, but this one tells a whole story and can be interpreted and enjoyed in many different ways, depending on how you look at it and what you think was going on at the time. The selfie shows two dogs with very different expressions!


The Corgi in the background is smiling happily at the camera and has a couple of toys by his side, ready for some playtime fun with his friend. But the Pug right in the front of the image looks so scared and worried about everything. We wonder what was going through his little mind.

Like Father, Like Son

Many people have said over the years that pets and their owners tend to look alike. Maybe it’s psychological. Maybe there’s some part of our subconscious mind that draws us towards animals that resemble ourselves in some way, and there are many examples out there of people having weird things in common with their cats, dogs, and other pets too.

Source: Imgur

This is another awesome and hilarious example of that! It shows a cat and its owner attempting to take a selfie together. They’re both gazing into the camera with expressions of confusion and fear on their faces, and they both look so similar! It’s like they’re twins or something. Clearly, these two are meant to be together.

Cheeky Monkey

Animals can be amazingly intelligent, and this is especially true of monkeys. They’re some of the smartest animals around and share a lot of genes with humans. They’re able to use tools, learn all kinds of tricks and abilities, and even understand basic language too. In short, they’re pretty incredible creatures, and they can be quite mischievous too!

Source: Pinterest

While traveling around Indonesia, home to many different species of primates, a man was surprised to see a mischievous monkey pickpocket his camera and somehow take this super funny selfie before leaving it behind. The monkey’s grinning expression and wide eyes really make the photo extra special and super hilarious. We’re just glad it didn’t run away with the camera!

Get Me Out of Here

Some selfies are just simple selfies, showing people smiling at the camera to show off how they’re looking to friends, family, and social media followers. But then there are other selfies out there that seem to tell a whole story in nothing but a single image! This is one of those selfies.

Source: Twitter

It shows a cat posing for the photo while its owners sing and play musical instruments in the background. The cat’s expression really says it all in this one. The poor little guy seems to be saying, “Won’t someone please let me out of here?! I can’t stand this awful music any longer!” Let’s hope he found his way outside shortly after the image was captured.

The Magic of The Selfie Stick

In the past, the only way people could take selfies was by holding their phone up and in front of them, as far as their arms could reach. But then someone invented something that changed the game for selfie-takers all over the world: the selfie stick! With this new accessory, it became a lot easier to take selfies of yourself from a distance, making it simpler to fit your friends into the shot or capture something special in the background.

Source: Imgur

It looks like this little sea otter has also discovered the amazing abilities of the selfie stick as well. His name is Charlie, and he lives in the zoo, where workers set up a camera so he could snap some cute photos of himself.

Another Monday Morning

We all know that feeling when you’ve just enjoyed a really great weekend, relaxing in bed, spending time with your friends and family, having fun out and about, and then suddenly, before you even know it, the new week is about to start all over again. It’s hard to find anyone on Earth who enjoys Monday mornings, and it seems like this cat isn’t a fan of them either!

Source: Twitter

He was captured in this utterly hilarious selfie looking into the camera with a very sad and pained expression on his face. We’re not sure what he’s so worried about, though. After all, every day is a day of napping and playing when you’re a cat.

Chilling with The Girls

As we’ve stated before, some of the best selfies ever taken are those taken with friends. Many people like to take selfies when they’re hanging out with their buddies and then post them on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to show everyone else that they’re having a good time. We often see this sort of thing whenever a group of friends get together, and it turns out that you don’t even need to have friends of the same species to take awesome selfies with them!

Source: Reddit

This funny photo was taken by a super cute cat, hanging out with a couple of her friends, who are busy styling hair in the background. The caption at the bottom of the image that says “just hanging wif my friends” really makes this photo extra funny.

Those Teeth

If you’re a big fan of taking selfies, you probably take hundreds or even thousands of them in an average year. Some people can spend hours just sitting in front of the mirror and trying to fix their hair or test out different angles to find the best possible shot to show off their good side. Sometimes, with all your hard work and effort, you manage to make the sexiest selfie of all.

Source: Pinterest

But more often than not, your selfies really aren’t that great and end up being deleted. This selfie, of a funny looking dog with tiny teeth, probably falls into that category! It’s definitely not the most flattering photo we’ve ever seen, but we’re glad the dog didn’t accidentally delete it because now it’s making people happy all over the world.

Too Cute for This World

What is it about kittens that makes them oh so adorable? They’re just the cutest creatures on the planet, and most people agree that out of all the different baby animals out there, kittens are usually classed as the sweetest of all. There’s just something special about their teeny tiny paws, adorable wide eyes, and cute pink noses that just makes us melt.


That’s why this is one of the best ever animal selfies. It’s too cute for words, showing a gorgeous Gray kitten looking curiously into the camera and reaching out to touch it with one of her little fluffy paws. Just look at those lovely long whiskers and pretty pink ears!

A Teeny Tiny Tiger

Because one little kitten is never enough, here’s another awesome animal selfie featuring everyone’s favorite baby animal. This little kitten is super cute with her unique coloring and fur pattern. She almost looks like a little baby tiger with those stripes, and her wide green eyes are utterly gorgeous too.


Her expression makes it look like she was pretty surprised to find a camera floating around in front of her face as she made her way out of this little fluffy cave, and the resulting photo brings a whole new definition to the word ‘adorable.’ Whoever owns this kitten is very lucky and just wants to cuddle up close with her all the time! She’s simply beautiful.

Chilling in The Hood

One of the best things about selfies is that you can take them pretty much anywhere and get awesome results! Some people like to take their time with selfies and sit around in their bedrooms for hours to master the perfect pose and get the lighting just right. Still, other folks just snap selfies while they’re out and about in the streets to see what will happen and make some fun memories by themselves or with their buddies.


This squirrel looks so carefree, grabbing onto the camera and taking this funny little selfie. We have to assume that the camera probably belongs to the person whose legs are visible on the left side of the screen, but the squirrel just needed to borrow it for a second to take this amazing photo.

Classic Duck Face

So many of us hope and pray that our selfies will turn out great, flattering our features and making us look beautiful so that we can happily and proudly show off the resulting photos to all of our friends and followers. In an ideal world, every single selfie would be perfect. Sadly, we’re not living in an ideal world, and sometimes, even our best attempts at selfies go badly!

Source: Pinterest

It looks like that’s what happened to this unfortunate duck, who pushed his beak a little too close to the camera and ended up looking very silly in the final image! This guy is bringing a whole new meaning to the classic selfie phrase, ‘duck face.’

This Is Just Too Cute

Baby animals are just the best. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking at something classic, like a baby bunny or a sweet little kitten, or something exotic and wild like a baby hippo or cute little wolf cub, they’re always amazing to see and always make us melt with their cuteness. This super sweet baby sloth is yet another awesome example of how brilliant baby animals can be!

Source: Imgur

He’s so small and has the cutest pink nose of all time. It matches perfectly with his beady black eyes and his sweet little mouth. This little sloth is pretty much perfect in every possible way, and it’s so cute to see him reaching out of his box to snap this selfie.

Dogs Look Like Just Like Their Owners

Dogs can bring so much joy and happiness into our lives. They make us smile so much with their cute and cuddly nature, loyal personalities, and wagging tails waiting to greet us when we get back home. And they can also make us laugh with their funny faces and unpredictable antics, as we see here. For this selfie, a man and his Husky tried to take a selfie together.


The results are absolutely fabulous, in all the wrong ways! Both the man and his dog don’t look too prepared for the selfie and almost have their eyes closed at the moment the button was pressed. They both look a little confused and tired, but the resulting image was just so good, the guy knew he had to keep it and share it with everyone.

The Bear Necessities

Back when selfies first started, most people just took them of themselves to show off their faces and hairstyles to their friends and social media followers. But over time, we started to see new and different forms of selfies begin to emerge. Many travelers and adventurers started to use selfies to show off the fun and exotic places they’d been visiting, caring more about the background than how they actually looked in the image.


It looks like this big fluffy bear is a bit of an adventurer too! He seems to be sweeping the camera around at an angle to try and capture the wild scene behind him. And the way he’s looking directly into the lens with such a serious and stoic expression makes this one of our favorite ever animal selfies.

Say Cheese, Everyone!

It’s always nice to see a selfie where two best buddies are sitting side by side and smiling happily into the camera. Even when we don’t know the people (or pets) involved in the image, we can’t help but feel a little happy ourselves seeing their big smiles and joyful faces, and this is a wonderful example of that, direct from the animal kingdom! This funny photo was capture by two little dogs posing side by side.


The younger and smaller dog on the left looks like he’s having the time of his life, with a super happy and playful expression on his face. The one on the right looks a bit older, wiser, and larger, but just as happy as his little pal! In fact, he’s smiling so much we can see all the wrinkles stretching out across his head and neck.

Cooking Up Something Special

Some people go a little overboard with selfies. They think we need to see every single aspect of their lives, even going as far as snapping selfies on the toilet or in the kitchen! It looks like this cat has been observing his owners snapping lots of selfies all around the home and decided to join in on the fun.

Source: Pinterest

This photo shows the cat in a weird position in the kitchen. We can see a chopping board behind him, with a lemon and lime on the side and some herbs, spices, and oils dotted around the scene as well. It looks like this feline furry friend is cooking up something special, but we really want to know how he actually reached the camera at such an odd angle.

Selfie of A Selfie

Some of the selfies on this list have been captured by camera tricks. In some cases, people set up cameras with little motion detectors to try and make it seem like the animals were actually the ones taking the photos. In some cases, however, the animal selfies are actually 100% genuine, with the capture button being hit by the paw of the furry friend in question!


We can see some proof of that here in this hilarious photo showing a dog pretending to be asleep and getting ready to take one of those “Bae caught me sleeping!” selfies where people act like they were innocently sleeping when someone else snapped a photo of them.

The Biggest Ever Selfie Taker

We’ve seen a lot of different animals taking selfies throughout this list, including dogs, cats, birds, and even otters. But how about an elephant?! Well, this photo shows that anything is possible, with an elephant actually using its trunk to snap a selfie! It’s a truly amazing image that really shows off the immense size and strength of these creatures!


Imagine being the person taking the photo, standing there and looking up at such a mighty creature. Elephants are the biggest land animals around, so this guy right here is probably the biggest individual to ever snap a selfie, unless a big blue whale wants to try and beat the record and use one of its fins to hit the button on an underwater camera someday.

Ready to Drop A Hip-Hop Album

Some of these animal selfies look a little silly due to the angles at which they were taken or the funny expression on the animals’ faces at the moment the lens activated. But some of them actually look really cool and could almost be described as art! This is definitely one example that falls into the latter category. This super selfie shows two tough-looking Rottweilers posing in the back of a car as one of them reaches out to snap the selfie.

Source: Pinterest

They look like some kind of hip hop duo, getting ready to blow our minds with their latest album. Many people are scared of Rottweilers as they have a reputation for being quite strong and even vicious dogs, but the truth is that they can be just as calm, cuddly, and cute as any other dog breed out there.

A Day at The Beach

Which is cuter, kittens or puppies? It’s a tough question for anyone to answer, and many people say that the two are just as cute as each other, so it’s 100% impossible to even try and choose between them. Well, if you prefer puppies or just like to look at cute baby animals, you’ll definitely love this selfie.


It shows two adorable pups spending a happy day together at the beach. One of them is very busy digging in the background, looking for buried pirate treasure probably, while another little goober is sitting right in front of the camera with sand on his face and his tongue sticking out for the selfie.

Don’t Mess with These Chicks

Amazingly enough, it seems that there are pretty much no limits as far as animal selfies go! We’ve seen countless dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies taking selfies, as well as huge animals like elephants and tiny little flapping birds too. Now, we can see a couple of chickens getting in on the fun and snapping one of the coolest selfies around.


This tough-looking chicken couple actually looks pretty tough and serious in this selfie! It’s like they’re trying to send a message to the world, saying that they want to live their lives free and safe, rather than ending up being turned into chicken nuggets someday! After seeing this photo, nobody will want to mess with these guys.

Soaking Up the Sun

Australia is famous for its wildlife. Many people are actually scared to go to the Land Down Under because Australia famously has some of the most venomous snakes and dangerous insects on the planet. Still, many people also love the idea of touring Australia because of its other amazing animals like kangaroos, wallabies, and koala bears.

Source: Twitter

The kangaroo is one of the most iconic images we all associate with the Land Down Under, and this awesome Australian dude decided to pose side by side with a kangaroo for a selfie to remember. It looks like both of them are soaking up the warm Australia sun. Let’s just hope they remembered to wear some sunscreen!

Let Me Take A Selfie

It’s a sad fact that some people see raccoons as pests. They’re found all over North America, sometimes known as coons to the locals, and are instantly recognizable with their striped tails, facial masks, and agile front paws which let them grip onto things and dig through trash bags in search for food.


Raccoons like this little guy are often spotted busting into people’s homes in cities and towns in search of something to eat, but they can also be found commonly all over the wild. This one was spotted in an enclosure, and when it saw this person’s camera, it really clearly wanted to take a quick selfie before letting them leave. It’s a really cute photo!

Australia Strikes Again

What is it with Australian animals and selfies? So far, we’ve seen kangaroos and even a quokka taking some of the best animal selfies around, and now it seems that another iconic Aussie animal, the koala, is joining in on the fun. Funnily enough, even though koalas are sometimes referred to as koala bears, they aren’t born at all.


They’re closely related to wombats and are part of the Vombatidae family. They are usually spotted all around the coastal areas of mainland Australia in places like New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia. The main element in any good koala diet is eucalyptus trees, and koalas are quite lazy and sleepy creatures, spending up to 20 hours per day asleep.

Uh Oh!

If you’re feeling down, having a bad day, just got some news you wish you hadn’t heard, or have any other reason to need a little laughter in your life, just take a look at this super funny series of images! Like a little mini-comic book, they seem to tell a whole story that doesn’t even need any words at all to be effective.

Source: Pinterest

At first, we see the cat gazing at a screen and looking a little surprised. Moments later, in the next image, the cat’s ears have started to go back, and it looks quite shocked by whatever it can see. Then, in the third and fourth images, the funny cat seems to be absolutely disgusted and horrified as it gazes at its own reflection in the camera!

This Is How You Take A Selfie

The previous funny photos show us a cat taking some selfies in the worst possible way. But now we’re going to the other end of the selfie spectrum to take a lesson in Selfie 101 from the coolest cat in town! This good looking furry feline has clearly mastered the art of self-taking like no other cat on the planet!


He is posing at just the right distance from the camera, gazing handsomely into the lens, and reaching out with a single paw to bring the image to life. It’s classy, elegant, and graceful, just like all the best selfies should be. We can all learn a thing or two from this cool cat’s selfie technique.


This one wasn’t actually supposed to be a selfie, but it turned out very differently to how the photographer initially intended. Before the photo was taken, they saw one of their dogs posing happily with all her one-week-old puppies in the little pen. So the owner decided to quickly grab their camera and take a cute photo of mama and her little ones all together.


However, just as the person was getting ready to hit the button and take the shot, the dad of the dogs, who had been watching the scene from the sidelines, decided that he wanted a little attention too! He ran over and dived up right in front of the camera to make a ridiculous photobomb style selfie.

With A Little Help From My Friends

Sometimes, not every animal can take a selfie all on their own. They need a little help from a good buddy who knows how to work the camera. That seems to be what happened here. A guy was touring around the Amazon when he met this super cute little selfie and picked him up in his arms.


When the sloth saw the guy trying to take a photo of him, he reached out an arm to touch the phone. Right at that moment, the guy hit the shutter button and captured this amazing shot, while someone else took another photo from the side to show the whole scene as it happened. Both photos are simply amazing and we’re super jealous of this guy getting to hold such a cute sloth in his arms.

Is He Behind Me?

If you’ve ever owned a dog and a cat at the same time, you might know that these animals can be very unpredictable when left alone together! Outsiders might expect that the cat always has to run away from the dog, but sometimes, it works out very differently, and the dog ends up being more scared of the cat, rather than the other way around.


That seems to be what is happening in this house! This selfie shows the dog looking super scared and timid, looking right into the camera with his big wide eyes, while the cool, calm, and collected cat poses peacefully in the background. Let’s hope they can put their differences aside and become best friends.

Fluffy Face

Sometimes, you just need to open up the camera on your phone and snap a quick selfie to see how you’re looking. It’s a great way to get an idea of whether or not your hairstyle is still in place, and your face is looking good when you don’t have a mirror anywhere in the area. And it seems like this fluffy little alpaca is following that same wisdom with this super cute selfie. We can see a few of the alpaca’s friends in the background as she poses for the photo.

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A lot of people get confused between alpacas and llamas, but there are some key ways to tell them apart. Firstly, alpacas have much shorter and blunter faces that look a little squished when compared to llamas. They also have shorter ears in general and are much smaller overall, wearing in at around 150 lbs, as opposed to the 400 lbs maximum weight of llamas.

Still In Bed

Some people in relationships might like to take a cheeky selfie for each other when they get into bed each night and can’t be together. It seems like this fluffy cat is doing that very same thing, lying back among the soft and cozy blankets as she reaches up to the camera with both of her front paws and activates the shutter.


Like most cats, she manages to look totally fabulous, even in an unexpected selfie like this! Her fur looks soft, clean, and super smooth, while her golden eyes are simply beautiful. She’s definitely one of the best looking kitty cat selfie-takers out there, and we could even make a classy calendar with all these cute cats taking such awesome selfies!

What An Amusing Selfie

And we’re heading back to Australia one more time for another of the best ever animal selfies. This time, one particularly brave emu decided to walk right up to the camera and peek into the lens to see what would happen. The results are hilarious, as we can see the rancher smiling in the background and all of the other emu buddies just pecking at the ground and walking around.


The emu is the world’s second-largest living bird in terms of height, beaten only by the ostrich. Emus and ostriches have quite a lot of things in common but live in different parts of the world. Emus are endemic to Australia and can be found all over the mainland, as well as several local islands too.

Cluck Cluck!

Usually, if we take a selfie, we intend to take that selfie, making it a purposeful creation. However, sometimes, selfies happen totally by accident. Sometimes, for example, you open up your front camera on your phone by mistake and hit the button without even realizing what you’re doing, leading to some very silly and unflattering images!


This funny chicken selfie was also made by accident. The chicken’s owner was walking around the backyard and accidentally dropped their phone on the ground. Before they could walk over and bend down to pick it up, a chicken ran over to see what it was. They got close enough to trigger the camera, and this amazing selfie was made as a result.

Oh Happy Day

Sometimes, you don’t need anything special or fancy to make a nice selfie. You don’t need to spend hours on your hair or choosing the perfect outfit. You don’t need to go outside and find some perfect backdrop to make your image stand out. You don’t need to travel around the world and snap your selfie in front of a landmark.

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Sometimes, all you need for a special selfie is a nice smile. And this very happy dog definitely has one of the best smiles of all! He looks like he’s having a really nice day, just relaxing on the couch, maybe watching some TV and chilling with his owner at the weekend. We can all learn a little from this very good boy.

That Sun Is So Bright

Have you ever tried to snap a selfie in the rain? Or have you ever tried to take a stylish selfie when the sun is right in your eyes? It can be very hard! Unfortunately, sometimes, the elements of the world get in the way of our favorite photos and prevent us from snapping the perfect selfies of our dreams.


It looks like this cute little pup is learning that lesson the hard way. She can barely keep her little eyes open as she gazes up into the sunny skies and snaps the photo. Someone definitely needs to get this dog some sunglasses as quickly as possible so she can get back to her selfie session and start making some stylish photos for her friends.

This One’s Going On The Gram

Some of us can spend hours and hours trying to get the perfect selfie. It might take a thousand attempts. You might have to spend all night taking photos. You might have to try out all kinds of crazy angles and fix your hair a million different times just to get everything right. But when all the stars align, and you get a great selfie, you know it was worth the wait!

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It looks like this dog has spent a while trying to get the angle and pose just right for her super selfie. And she finally pulled it off! She can totally be proud of this selfie, which really shows off her super cute nose, beautiful eyes, and adorable floppy ears as well.

Don’t Forget To Smile

Here’s another hilarious example of a dog taking a super selfie, but this time, he’s got a very special friend by his side. Usually, we see pet owners trying to take selfies of themselves and their animals. It’s quite a difficult thing to do, but many cat and dog owners still spend hours trying to capture a cool photo with their furry friends, and sometimes they actually pull it off.


In this case, however, we can see that it’s the dog reaching up to the camera to hit that shutter button and posing just right for the moment, while his owner smiles happily alongside him. They look so good together!

That Cat Is So Not Into This

Have you ever had a friend who just wants to take selfies all the time? It might be fun at first, but sometimes it can get a little bit boring and even annoying when someone keeps putting a camera in front of your face and asking you to smile. It looks like a similar situation is what’s happening here between this cat and dog.


The dog looks like he’s pretty happy to be taking another selfie, posing comfortable and looking into the camera. The cat, on the other hand, is gazing off into the distance with a look of total boredom on its face like it really isn’t interested in this activity at all.

We All Have A Friend Like This

Everyone has that crazy or kooky friend who always seems to be smiling, laughing, pulling funny faces, and wanting to party! It looks like that’s the case here, as one dog is standing quite calmly and peacefully in the background, while his buddy at the front of the photo is pulling a super crazy face with wide eyes and his tongue dangling out.

Source: Twitter

This just goes to show how animals all have their own unique personalities and characters. Some people make the mistake of thinking that every dog or cat or other animal is more or less the same, but they’re just like people in many different ways, all with their own unique likes, dislikes, and character traits.