British Widow Discovers Late Husband’s Identity Three Years After His Death

By Yuri S.

Being in a union that appears to be synonymous with the life expectancy in some countries, Audrey Phillips of Trowbridge, the country town of Wiltshire, and Glyndwr Phillips shared a powerful intimacy. Investing lots of time and sacrifice was an unpaid job Audrey found joy doing;

she maintained a transparent persona with her family only to find out that her husband hid most of his identity from her.

One-Sided Love and Life

Not everything about him was a lie, like how the two young adults found themselves unknown, in our world where true love, at first sight, seems of all myths the greatest, Audrey and Glyndwr found theirs. Never was a story of love so complex. The two began to go on several dates, exploring different cities.

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The two love birds felt a maiden feeling that made itself an addiction to Audrey. According to her, there always existed the off atmosphere around him, but as if nothing was wrong, she’d feel relaxed and comfortable in his presence. And of course, there was the adorable look he threw at her like she was the only girl in the world. It wasn’t long before his presence became an undefeated addiction.

The Sweet Caress of Happily Ever After

The love between the two adults soon grew, and they sealed their fate in holy matrimony. To Audrey and everyone else, their love was predestined from heaven. Though he always went on private business trips, he always found time to be with her, and Audrey was certain that no one knew her husband better than herself. So it came as a blow when everything she knew was a lie.

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Later, to retire as a home economics teacher, Audrey and Glyndwr married in 1951. Of all the decisions she ever made throughout her life, she thought of him as the best and adored him as a wife should be to her husband. In all those years, she knew him to be one who prioritized his family, was a civil engineer, and he played for the local football team.

The Cry of a New One

A few months after their marriage, Audrey began to feel some sharp pain in her abdomen and, without hesitation, rushed to the hospital with an emergency for a check-up. At this time, Glyndwr had traveled for one of his private businesses. After carefully examining Audrey, the doctor gave them the news that would affect their lives.

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When Glyndwr returned, the doctor smiling with hope esteemed the couple in a congratulatory salutation as they were expecting a baby a few months from now. They received the news with a great sigh of relief and joy. She delivered a son named Jake, and together, they led a happy family.

Many more Mysteries

Glyndwr never wavered in his love for Audrey. He did everything to keep her safe and comfortable, even with his unclear private trips. She never questioned his love and faithfulness towards her, and aforesaid, he was a family man and one who took jealous care of his family. But she always wanted to know what he did on those trips.

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Glyndwr Phillips began to take walks whenever he was at home, and on this very day, he came home very agitated. He informed his wife that they had to relocate their home within a week. This news got Audrey very disoriented and disturbed as she didn’t desire to leave, especially suddenly. She needed answers but got none.

Surprise in the Middle of a Chaos

While trying to find answers, challenge her husband and convince him to stay as they had had lots of memories and lasting relationships, Audrey felt another sting in her abdomen. The two rushed to the hospital before conclusion made a statement.

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The doctor told them the good news before the bad. He said they were expecting another child, a baby girl, but it came with complications. Pursuing the pregnancy process of having the child meant she couldn’t conceive another child again; what would they do?

A Decision That Affected Another

The couple chose their baby girl and couldn’t go on with the argument of relocating or not as Audrey’s pregnancy and condition had a high risk of relapsing if they traveled. Glyndwr went back to his everyday routine of being the family man and going on private trips, though they reduced because of his wife. Audrey knew at heart, Glyndwr wasn’t happy that they wouldn’t be relocating.

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Glyndwr came one day with what seemed – to him, a changed mind. He told Audrey that they didn’t have to relocate again because they now had two children to cater for and needed all the supports they could acquire in raising the two nations. This outburst made Audrey more than confused.

The After Hours of Glyndwr Phillips

The Phillips had a good time for the rest of their next fifty years, they were not wealthy, but Audrey was very content. They had two children, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. However, another challenge rose as Glyndwr’s health began to shut down with his hands shaking and body refusing to walk.

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Due to his health conditions, he had to be rushed to the hospital. The doctor told his prognosis to his wife; he had Parkinson’s disease. His wife was really sad. Glyndwr always hoped to tell his wife about his secret but hesitated till he died. His death wasn’t now the only tragedy, as he had already left his wife in complete darkness.

In Loving Memory of Glyndwr

Following his departure, family and friends who knew him came to pay tribute to Glyndwr. Many knew him as a family man who did everything to ensure his family lacked nothing. He was a dedicated civil engineer and made many sacrifices for the local football team. But the many didn’t know who he was.

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Audrey herself didn’t find it easy mourning the love of her life. She had a hard time dealing with his departure; she didn’t know how to clear his belongings in the house. But she had to do it; things could never be left like that forever. She finally summoned enough courage to remove it, but it didn’t seem easy given the memories each of them weighed.

Fight Over Her Resistance

It seemed the clearer weighed more than expected as it took three years to brush out his properties. Now it was more threatening to her soul as memories had tried to bury found ground to resurface. At this junction, she had cleared everything with only his drawer left.

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The drawer was Glyndwr’s personal and office drawer. Asides from his civil engineering career, football passion, and private trips, her Glyndwr had a hobby of writing. In his free time, he wrote poems and novels. It was his retreat from work’s stress. Audrey soon found out the content of his writing and everything about him; she never paid attention to it.

The Drawer of Revelations

Curiosity held Audrey now in his impenetrable crawls; she couldn’t wait to uncover the content of the wooden object. Opening it, she saw documents that had every need to be open. The documents contained things Glyndwr had never mentioned to her. She was countering the fact that they shared everything opening between each other.

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To make matters worse, the documents contained a detailed description of a boy child who took a test they called a “this” test. According to the reports of the tests, the boy had an incredible photographic memory that he could remember pictures and maps precisely as it was. The only question on her mind now was how the document had anything to do with her husband, Glyndwr.

Unguided Curiosity Brought Alone Confusion

Searching in for more explanation concerning the child, she uncovered a letter. The letter contained a decision of a certain elusive captain to redraw a certain kid from school with the consent of his father because of his photographic memory. The letter was dated

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Estimating the boy’s age, the letter spoke about and her husband’s date was the same as he was thirteen that year. But she chose to assume it was one of his childhood friends, but she still wasn’t free from puppet-master Curiosity. She was dying to know, dug deep into the pile of papers till she found an even stranger-looking paper.

An Even Stranger-Looking Paper

The document contained details about an operation “XX”; now, she had never had more confusion than this in her lifetime. She tried to decipher the connecting wire between the document’s operation “XX” and her husband. Digging deeper, she found a little note with a telephone number. Whatever this was, she had no choice but to call now.

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Looking down, not literally, at the note, it was the only thing she hoped could settle her turbulent mind. It was her only clue to know the very truth of his identity. She was double-minded at first, trying not to hurt every perception she had about her husband of over fifty years, but she was too far gone in this rabbit hole; she decided to dial the telephone number but failed to.

Would you please Answer the Telephone

Days went by like grains on the Sahara, and Curiosity still had his fingernails in her limbs; she pondered for days and had to decide whether to offend her husband. Would he be upset that she tried to dig out the truth about who he was from the content of the paper he failed to take to his grave?

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After finally dialing the number, she called twice with her heart racing its normal speed. The number rang twice, and no one picked; this made her both feel protected from the truth she dared to uncover and anxiously desperate for an answer. Later that night, she got a call.

Assisting Colleague of Glyndwr

She picked the call and waited for the caller to speak without hesitation. “Am I speaking with Audrey Phillips?” Asked a smooth and calm elderly voice, “Yes!” She answered, “I found your number in between some document of my husband that I fail to decipher. I don’t know if maybe you could help me out,” she said. “Let’s meet tomorrow; I’d explain everything,” he said.

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Come the following day; an older man arrived at her front door. They exchanged salutations, and the man extended his condolences. Getting him settled into the house, the man started with, ” Audrey, I’ve worked with your husband for over thirty years, and there’s something about him you don’t know.” “Glyndwr wasn’t the man you thought he was.”

The Untold Tale of Glyndwr Phillips

The old man continued, ” we were young children then, and normal school was incredibly boring for us. We needed an adventure fitting our taste. Glyndwr was a very talented and smart man, which was discovered when he was young in 1944- precisely when he was 13″. He continued, ” the time was troubling, and there was a lot of tension in the world with the war. The British army recruited us”.

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“We were recruited by the army not to be soldiers but to for a special operation—an M15 counter-espionage operation against the Nazi army and their controllers in Germany. Only our fathers knew about it, and we had to keep it a secret from everyone we ever met, including yourself, Audrey”. Audrey was numb as he continued, ” we went through all sorts of training programs. We were taught the German language and had to memorize lots and lots of tests”.

On Their Way To Adventure

“We were young and clueless about what tasks we’d be required to do or what how lives would look like. We were about to finish our training before news of the Second World War became more intense in the world. It was now everything became utterly clueless and out of meaning”.

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The man continued by saying, “Glyndwr and I had to be trained to crawl under dirty long pipes, fifteen feet by eighteen inches,” they did it to enter prison secretly, to be able to talk to German Prisoners Of War or POWs, to win their priceless trust and retrieve pieces of information for the British army.

When The War Ended

They did this until after the war, himself and Glyndwr stayed in touch with their captain that for this article, remains elusive. The captain told them he still had jobs in mind and had to do more training for them. Better yet, they were not to ever disclose themselves and their careers to no one.

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He said, ” they had been thoroughly trained to lead double lives. We were commanded to find a partner and a fake identity so that to the outside world, we were as normal as any other person”. If Audrey were sixteen, this would be the best Action Sci-Fi, but it wasn’t. “In the meantime,” he continued, ” they were going to partake in secret British intelligence mission.”

Missions after the World War

Following the Second World War, as promised by the captain, he gave them the jobs he kept in stock for them. “One,” as narrated by the man, ” we were to aid the capturing of two spies. We had to break into an army camp – without notice – and we were to keep diligent eyes on the suspects to make sure they were the right spies.

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“After providing enough details about their whereabouts, the army tracked them and struck them into captivity. Some, however, had high demands and dexterity. Some were synonymous to them exchanging their souls, but for the freedom of men whose deserving it was captivity and the criminals behind the plot.

The Football Lie Worked

Some missions, according to the man, were so dangerous, “like when Glyndwr was told that he’d be taken Portwrinkle, Cornwall, a few days after the capture of those spies. He was going to meet a boat that had loads of arms. He was told that two gunboats would intercept the boat, .and his job was to help a fellow spy escape.

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Glyndwr was to shine a searchlight of one of the boats to allow another intelligence man to come and board and save the fellow spy.”, the man smiles before saying, “when this happened, do you remember a few weeks after your marriage? That Glyndwr had to go on a football weekend. He had to find a clever excuse to execute the mission, and he was back with a lot of bruises, so we’re happy the football weekend lie worked.

Audrey lived with a total stranger

Audrey, now feeling so oblivious about everything that ever occurred in her marriage, remembers event officers apprehended their residence, and Glyndwr began to shout at them; after pushing her into the inner parts of the room, she tried to link the time with any of the missions and assumed it must have been the Portwrinkle mission.

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After the long narration and skimming through the documents, she became so questions, questions she knew she’d never find answers to. The older man, clearly deciphering her confused state of mind, gave her a piece of paper. Unlike all the documents she had seen, this one gave an ironic reaction.

A Peace of Paper

The piece of paper handed over to her was handed over to the older man as he trusted him to deliver it, following his passing. When she opened the piece of paper, she became dumbfounded. It was a special letter she had handwritten. She read as though he was speaking to her with the look he gave her that made her feel like the only girl in the world.

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With the old man smiling justified as she read, the note said, “Dear Audrey, if you ever read this, then you’ve discovered my biggest secret. I hope you understand I could never tell you what I did, I did it to keep you safe.”. Glyndwr left a surprise in the note, which was a cheque.

One Completely Answered Question

Although the man said, they were paid between £20-25 after capturing the two spies that had been feeding the information of the British army at ages 18/19. She wanted to know where all the money he had been paid went cause, according to her, they lived a simpler life than any spy she had ever seen or heard of.

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The note contained a cheque of all the money Glyndwr had ever acquired working with the British Intelligence Force. He had saved everything to give when he had passed away. It was going to be his way of apologizing to his wife all her life.

Audrey Service to her Country

Content and proud Audrey Phillips donates all of the money to the veteran relief as she was completely proud of him and how far he went to find his country. The whole family continues to honor the secret life and service of Glyndwr ” Glyn” Phillips to the British Intelligence Force.

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She printed his legacy for the world to read in his novel; Operation XX and Me, a bestselling book that shares how patriotic Glyndwr was to serve his country though it meant him lying completely to his wife till his passing. For our next story, we are looking into the disappearing case of Branson Kayne Perry. Branson was born in 1981 and disappeared on April 11, 2001. His disappearance acquired national media coverage and was profiled extensively by journalist and crime writer Diane Fanning in a book concerning Perry’s relative, Bobbie Jo Stinnett, who was murdered and had her unborn child stolen in 2004.