Worthwhile Camping Pictures That’ll Make Anyone Smile!

By Yuri S.

Plants, wild animals, nature. There is something special about pitching a tent and experiencing it all firsthand, isn’t there? After all, inadequate equipment, personal encounters with predators, and the human ability to use anything as a grill are things that are not often parts of a camping trip plan.

There are many ways to burst a little camping bubble, and a Google search will happily share them with you. We gathered tons of camping pictures worth seeing that will either make you want to adventure in the great outdoors or stay home and order some takeout.

Boy Scout Deserves Innovation Badge

If we have ever had any doubts about sending our children to the scouts, this picture eliminates all of those. All of the doubts, we mean. If this child’s level of innovation is any indication of what being a Boy Scout has done for him, then we are definitely in support of it.

Source: Twitter

Do you know the saying that the future is in our children’s hands? If that’s true, then it seems like we’re all going to be in pretty good hands. With this kind of ingenuity as a Boy Scout, we nominate him for president

Importance of Pegs

You might assume that the poles are the most essential parts of a tent, but you’d be incorrect. While the poles may keep your tent up, they can’t ensure your temporary home won’t blow away with every gust of wind.

Source: Pinterest

Plus, another picture on this list shows that a tent doesn’t need to be held up for people on a camping trip to sleep in it. All this put together can only lead us to one conclusion — use some pegs or watch as your tent transforms into a kite.

A Dog’s Dream Trip

It seems like Buddy is too eager for his morning walk! This small dog must be having the best time — he got to be in the wilderness with his owners all day, sleep with them at night, and find ridiculous amounts of sticks to carry.

Source: Cheezburger.com

It is not surprising, then, that he is so looking forward to seeing what he’ll be doing on this next day of the trip. We can only hope that his owner that he’s using as a ledge is just as eager.

Close Enough

There’s no stopping someone when they have a clear goal in mind. And these excited campers’ goal was to get some quality sleep on their trip. The kind of situation their tent was in wasn’t going to deter them from that sleep.

Source: Chocolate.com

Weirdly enough, this deficient tent appears as it doubles as an added blanket. Together with the campers cozying up together, it seems like it ended up being an overall favorable arrangement. And if it works for them, it works for us.

Be Careful With the Mattress!

A camping mattress is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment you must bring with you on a camping trip. However, it can only be helpful if you know how to use it properly. Using a mattress is pretty straightforward most of the time.

Source: Glensh.com

There aren’t any intricate knobs or an introductory packet, but the makers of this camping mattress thought it would be wiser to include a photo of ways *not* to use the mattress just to be extra careful. Just in case, you know…

Just Being Extra Careful

Camping does require many safety measures, but this seems like a bit too much. Don’t get us wrong, fire can be a hazard and requires a level of diligence and caution. But making s’mores with roasted marshmallows is the highlight of camping trips.

Source: Dailyforest.com

We can’t let such a large stick prevent us from finding true love. By the time the marshmallow has finished roasting, and the guy gets ahold of it, that little pillow of sweetness will be cold again! What a heartbreaking cycle.

A Poor Man’s Teepee?

Someone on their camping trip attempted to pay homage to the Native American tribes who might have inhabited the land years ago. Though coming from a good place, they obviously were not well educated on how a teepee is supposed to be built or look.

Source: Tworeddots.com

Traditional teepees, and this is true, are sturdier, large enough to plenty of camping equipment, and obviously assembled by people who know how to do it correctly. Now, why don’t you sit this one out and leave the tent assembly to the pros?

Camping Lumberjack Style

This must be what camping with a team of lumberjacks is like. You and your small hands can be responsible for getting the tent poles through the small loops in the tarp while the lumberjacks will attend to the fire.

Source: Toppoptoday.com

To make sure we’re as clear as possible, when we say, ‘attend to the fire,’ what we mean is ‘locate an entire tree trunk and figure out firewood for weeks, despite the fact that you’re only planning on camping for a total of two days.’

Scottish Camping

Running into wildlife is the name of the camping game. But if you’re trying to do a camping trip in Scotland, running into highland cattle is something you have to keep in mind. Besides cattle, you also have to take into consideration your tent.

Source: ash.com

With Scottish winds, your tent might be blown over and end up in one of the local bays. To be honest, though, with a view like that and the chance to befriend additional cows, a slightly wet tent isn’t that much of a tradeoff. When’s the next trip?

When You Try Your Best, but You Don’t Succeed

After years of research, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve finally found it. The most heartbroken and defeated person at the campsite has finally concluded that camping might not be for them. At least they had a table, which looks pretty sturdy.

Source: Twitter

Besides the table, it looks like everything else was going wrong for them. We feel so bad. We are unsure of who the person behind this photograph is, but we hope things are okay with them and that they got the love and hugs that they obviously need.

Soccer Camp

OK, you’ve caught us; We confess, we never went to soccer camp. Or any other camp for that matter. Wasn’t enough of an emphasis on the camping aspect. But seriously, if that’s what soccer camp is like, we aren’t convinced to even want to try.

Source: Toppoptoday.com

First off, there’s the fact that some people think that this patch of grass is equivalent to “the wild.” Secondly, they seem to think that a soccer field is an acceptable campsite. And let’s end strong with the fact that they think it’s okay to put up a tent sideways.

They Forgot to Pivot

Ever seen the TV show called “Friends”? Any loyal viewer of “Friends” would look at this photo and instantly hear Ross yelling “PIVOT!” as loud as he could. Those of you who aren’t as familiar with the reference will have to use their imagination.

Source: Cheezburger.com

Picture four people attempting to get a vast couch up a small staircase, and maybe you’ll understand the idea. While there are few things a slight pivot can’t fix, they might also consider just blowing up the mattress after it’s already inside the tent.

Bear-y Scary Campsite

Imagine, coming back to your tent only to find out that someone’s been lounging in your seat. Or that someone’s ate your food? Someone’s been snoozing in your bed? It appears that the three bears finally got back at Goldilocks, who thoughtlessly set up camp where it was ill-advised.

Source: Chocolate.com

Just looking at the tent size, it looks like the Baby Bear was the only one who appears small enough to fit inside and get a good night’s sleep. Papa Bear and Mama Bear will be forced to accept that their own meals and sleeping arrangements will be on the ground.

King Of the Campsite

Some people are masters at choosing their attitude to make the best out of everything. This guy, for example, has a beer in his hand and seems to be doing alright. This flooded campsite had the potential to ruin his entire camping trip completely, but he didn’t let that affect him.

Photo by MJ Kim/Getty Images

He looks like as long as he has a beer in his hand and is on a floatie, no disaster could bring him down. More power to you, man. We’re really impressed and hope that the lifeboat reached you quickly.

Wicked Witches, Take Cover!

This tent has to be on its way to fall on top of a wicked witch. We don’t think that it will have the same outcome as Dorothy’s house in “The Wizard of Oz,” but it was a good try. It is hard to imagine that they were thinking, ‘let’s get a tent that doubles as a kite.’

Source: Glensh.com

It is a thing that campers always seem to forget one item behind when packing. This time it was the pegs that keep the tent on the ground. We hope it didn’t fly too far.

Who Wants More S’mores?

Someone here is obviously an incredibly experienced camper. Nay, a professional camper! A camping champion for sure. Not only do they possess the most elaborate fire pit, but they’ve truly mastered the art of making absolutely perfect s’mores every time.

Source: Dailyforest.com

This rake is obviously being utilized for more than its intended gardening purposes, and we’re so here for it. Marshmallows on the tips, melted chocolates over graham crackers, this s’more strategy might be the smartest thing we’ve seen all day.

Light Travel Load

You know the saying — if you’re always ready, you don’t have to get ready. Why bother putting the tent together at the campsite when you can literally assemble it in the comfort of your own home and then put it on top of your vehicle?

Source: Tworeddots.com

While this group obviously doesn’t understand what traveling light means, we don’t doubt for a second that they will be missing anything that they need at the campsite. Truthfully, is it actually camping if you take all of your belongings with you?

Most Loyal Partner? Your Bike

Bringing your bike on a camping trip is makes sense, but sleeping with it? Even if you dream about riding, having it physically with you will help with nothing — not staying warm, keeping the tent clean, or keeping your relationship.

Source: ash.com

We support an avid cyclist, and biking on a trail can be so fun. But there’s being someone with a hobby, and then there’s this guy. His loved ones must know by now that they always come second while his beloved BMX remains in his life.

Elks Aren’t Big Sharers

When you go on a camping trip, people warn you to beware of bears. They warn you to beware of bugs. They warn you to beware of contaminated water. Nobody warns you to beware of the very territorial elk when you’re attempting to catch your dinner.

Photo By Joe Amon/The Denver Post via Getty Images

But when we refer to people, we mean literally anyone else besides this guy. He will obviously be the first to jump at the chance to warn you not to get on this animal’s bad side. But we believe that your instincts will tell you the same thing.

Make Camping Glamorous Again

OK, when you think of the car brands you will take on a camping trip, usually, Jeeps, vans, or SUVs make the list. But what about the car brands that you would take on a trip geared towards camping glamorously?

Source: Pinterest

That is when a Glamborghini comes in handy. Not only will it draw people’s attention at the campsite, but it also doubles as a way to dry some of your fancy camping clothes in case they get soaking wet! Talk about versatility!

It’s the Sign of the Times

Imagine that you and a friend are looking for a place to set up camp, and you come across a clearing. Your friend points out a clear patch of grass and suggests pitching the tent there. You notice a sign that literally says, “No Camping.”

Source: Cheezburger.com

Your friend looks at the sign and then points out that it didn’t stop the other 10,000 people from setting up their equipment. Finally, you cave and agree. I mean, if everyone else can, then why can’t you two? Plus, maybe one of them has extra ice for your beers.

Russian Style Camping

Camping in the United States looks one way since the weather is more or less manageable. Camping in the freezing temperatures of mother Russia is an entirely different story. Only genuine wilderness people raised by Serbian wolves can set out to experience such adventures. Without a shirt.

Source: Chocolate.com

These people don’t need the classic camping equipment. They have no need for a tent, a campfire, or marshmallows. For food, they catch fish with their own hands, tear into them raw, and use the leftover bones to make belt buckles.

Floating Campsite

Spending a long-time outdoors is difficult for the modern human, who aren’t used to being unplugged. This is the reason we pack so much stuff before we go on a trip. But these specific men, they are bringing camping to another level.

Source: Glensh.com

Unwilling to part with any piece of comfort that their homes have to offer, they packed everything with them. And we do mean every single thing. From the La-Z-Boys all the way to their television. Lord knows how they figured out how to power it in the middle of a lake.

A Bear-y Good Catch

Let’s be honest, the one great thing about camping is the opportunity to connect with mother nature. The negative side of that is that your chances of meeting a considerable, predatory animal rise substantially when you’re visiting its natural habitat.

Source: Dailyforest.com

Out in the wilderness and the wildlife has the upper hand (or paw). Take a gander at this guy. So delighted. So filled with pride over his catch. So oblivious to the bear photobombing him. We surely hope that the photographer told him and that they had time to get away.

Alone Zone

Sometimes, and this is true, going camping with family members or a group of friends can be a little overwhelming. Finding a peaceful place where you can be alone with just your thoughts is crucial. This camper decided to build himself that place.

Source: Tworeddots.com

Now, whenever he wants to meditate alone, he can hop on the apparatus he built himself and let the lake rock him peacefully. Our one curiosity is what he does when he wants to rejoin everyone at the campfire. Does his homemade float come with an oar?

A New Kind of Fishing

This man appears to have used his time camping to invent a new sport — barefoot sand skiing! The name says it all, but it doesn’t clarify if the athlete has to have any fishing experience that they can catch a fish strong enough to pull them through the sandy slope.

Source: Toppoptoday.com

All that’s clear is that the fish needs to be strong enough to pull the player through the beach’s sand. The highlight is the dinner after the whole game is finished. That nice large fish from the game? Welcomed and shared with everyone as the guest of honor.

We Are Bear-y Lost

This family was searching for the closest campsite, and the map was confusing, so they thought they’d ask some natives. And who better to ask than this local mother bear and her baby cub? At least, that’s what it looks like happened.

Source: Twitter

A second option is that the bears were actually the ones who were lost. They could’ve walked too far from home and thought that they could hitchhike their way home. You know, because bus passes aren’t given to bears anymore.

A Porta-Potty Catastrophe

Using a porta-potty is already not the most fun experience; add the fact that it’s on fire, and you’ve got any person’s worst nightmare. Or at the very least, one of the worst moments in their life. The epitome of a camping failure!

Source: Pinterest

At least whoever saw this will likely not have an issue with going to the bathroom in the woods. We aren’t positive about exactly what happened here, but we hope that the vehicle in the background came to the rescue.

Protect the Children

Camping is one of the most entertaining and fun activities for children. However, we have a feeling that these children might not feel that way after this particular trip. Picture falling asleep in the woods and waking up to this interaction!

Source: Chocolate.com

We can’t see any food in the photo, so we think this bear just strolled by, and the kids were left untouched but truly scared to their core. Whatever took place in the 10 seconds that followed this picture, we hope, was just a close call!

Girls Get It Done

Girl power! This woman wasn’t about to let a little water ruin her camping trip. Or perhaps, she just concluded the opposite side of the river seemed like a better campsite, so why go through the hassle of taking apart a beautifully set-up tent?

Source: Dailyforest.com

We hope there wasn’t something valuable in the tent because one misstep onto a large rock and there goes your wallet! She genuinely seems like she’s enjoying herself through this whole ordeal. Look at how she’s balancing both the tent and her sunglasses! Truly talented!

Packed to the Brim

We are all familiar with hoarders, but we’ve never seen hoarders on the road! We’re unsure if this driver just concluded that he couldn’t afford a moving truck or simply thought it would be a brilliant plan to bring all of their possessions on a camping excursion.

Source: Tworeddots.com

What we can confidently tell you is this; we are impressed. They actually figured out a way to pack and fit it all in. With enough determination, anything is possible! We’re just curious how the truck managed to stay upright?

Nature’s Can Opener

There are not many things more infuriating than arriving at your campsite and noticing you packed only canned foods but forgot the can opener. But if you’re ravenous enough, you’ll get creative to find a solution, like this man apparently did!

Source: Toppoptoday.com

And yes, we fully respect the effort because a pointy rock was most likely the best option available. Just remember to be vigilant and double-check for rock bits when you have your bean dinner! Our mouths hurt just imagining it!

Themed Camping

Who said hippies couldn’t be methodical and think ahead? Apparently, when it comes to camping, they have everything all planned out. Just feast your eyes on this fun, vintage 1960s-themed tent! We have never seen a tent like this, in a store or out in the wild!

Source: Toppoptoday.com

Not only does it appear big enough for all of your equipment, but it looks so comfy to sleep in. This tent brings you back in time and has you feeling like you’re legitimately camping in an actual VW Van! Anyone trying to road trip to Woodstock?

Big Direction Decisions

Dead End or New Life Lane? The signage appears pretty obvious, but we’re guessing that it is dependent on what your mood is when you pull up to the signs. In spite of everything, these signs are incredibly ironic and actually pretty funny to pass by on the road.

Source: ash.com

It would definitely be well worth it to pass by a carefree camper who’s stuck at the signs, contemplating life for a while. Making a turn or continuing straight or turning left has never been such a crucial decision! Which direction would you take?

Party All Day, Everyday

This bundle belongs to a professional DJ, a serious partier, or just the appointed music provider for a party in nature. Regardless, we must respect his dedication to actually tie this huge, old-school stereo to a backpack that already looks ridiculously heavy.

Source: Twitter

Whether it was a ginormous rave or just wanting to provide the optimum sound at your campsite, we are positive that no one ever treasured music the same way this guy did after lugging that giant thing all over the woods!

It Will Definitely Fit In the Trunk

Obviously, these people are a little obsessed with their boat. It’s unbelievable that this vehicle can even drive with that boat in its trunk; this is one of those instances where it’s time to let go.. Perhaps it didn’t cross their minds to strap it to the roof?

Source: Cheezburger.com

Not that that’s an ideal option either, but at least they wouldn’t be driving around with a huge boat sticking out the back. The positive side is that they know that cars will keep their distance! We hope no ones got hurt during this delivery.

Campsite Finally Updated Their Phone

Who requires a smartphone or a payphone when you can use a cutting-edge can?! What makes this that much funnier is the ironic phone sign, basically calling out the lunacy of needing to contact the outside world when you are away camping in nature.

Source: Pinterest

The reason that we are obsessed with this because it’s such an intelligent reminder to unplug and relax, which, as ridiculous as it may seem, too many people are unable to do these days. Where can we buy ourselves one?

Just a Casual Hangout

Hats off to you, my friend. The only thing more enjoyable than drinking out of a red solo cup is drinking it while up in a tree. We aren’t sure if he ended up there by himself or if he was pranked, but he seems to be enjoying himself up there!

Source: Chocolate.com

And on the bright side, he can drink as much as he wants and fall asleep without stressing about bug bites or a bear attack. If we were ever to call someone a responsible drunk, it’d be this guy! For sure.

Outdoor Movie Theater

OK, who claimed that you weren’t able to mix the wilderness with modern technology? This guy concluded it was far too stressful to watch television from his house, so he packed his set up and brought it to his campsite.

Source: Glensh.com

For one thing, we get that every person’s concept of recreational time is varied, but this seems to contradict the original goal of going camping. Plus, how can the screen glare not annoy him? Though not our first choice, to each their own.

A Classic Camping Prank

We never get tired of this one. Nothing compares to taking your friend’s mattress and moving it to the lake in the middle of the night. Can you picture waking up and sticking your foot out from the blanket, only to tumble into (likely cold!) water?

Source: Toppoptoday.com

It goes without saying; we wouldn’t speak to the prankster for a long time… Besides, they look like they slept soundly through the night, floating peacefully on the lake. Maybe hotels should incorporate this option; someday, this could be a popular option!

Taking Camping to New Heights

Just the concept of climbing this rock wall makes us nervous, but actually setting up a tent and sleeping there?! We understand this is how professional rock climbers camp, and it’s supposedly incredibly safe and set up correctly, but still.

Source: Toppoptoday.com

These campers are absolutely wild. The idea of spending a night in a suspended tent, thousands of feet above the ground, with the chance of falling to your inevitable demise at any moment…we think we’re going to pass! But thanks for offering!

All-in-One Hammock

We don’t know what the actual name for this tent-hammock hybrid is, but we love it. This woman understands how to go camping in style; she even fastened herself a ladder! This takes traditional wilderness skills to a whole new level.

Source: ash.com

What more could she want? She has a personal suspended tent, complete with what we’re assuming is a comfy mattress inside, and she’s legitimately in a ginormous hammock, totally safe and protected from anything that’s happening on the ground.


We don’t consider ourselves camping experts, but we know the basics about camping, and let’s just say that these campers got something wrong! We have to give them props for pitching the tent, but it seems they forgot to hammer the anchoring pegs to keep the tent on the ground!

Source: Twitter

Now, if you can imagine how these people felt when they returned to their campsite and realized their tents flew away. In fact, we do hope that’s how it played out and that there weren’t any people inside the tents!

Non-Essential Camping Items

These special roasting sticks are kind of funny for a couple of minutes and only okay if you’re attending a bachelor party. But, when all is said and done, they’re pretty inappropriate. Plus, they can’t roast that much food at once!

Source: Cheezburger.com

We will admit that this is an imaginative use of this type of humor. We sincerely hope there weren’t any kids at this campfire to see, or even use, one of these inappropriate roasting wands. Actually, forget it. This is definitely a teenager’s type of humor.

Not So Secret, Secret Location

This sign is letting those passing by know of a secret campsite further up the trail. Based on the area surrounding the picture, we’re relatively confident that this campground is beautiful and very unique, but we’re still confused why it refers to itself as secret…

Source: Pinterest

There is a sign literally telling people about it! In place of announcing the campsite’s existence so clearly, it would’ve been cooler to put a series of clues on the ground. Then only those that solved the clues would find the campground.

The Lion King: Simba Goes Camping

If this man made it out of this precarious situation in one piece, then he’d have a memorable story to share and an eye-catching picture to show. But we can assume that this is a photograph that didn’t have such a joyful conclusion.

Source: Chocolate.com

Perhaps the African Savannah was not the best idea for a campsite. This is especially true if you plan to spend your time reading a book rather than keeping an eye on your surroundings and keeping a hand on your rifle.

Just Like the Mighty Mississippi

If you’re going to have all of your stuff get flooded during a music festival, then you might as well find the fun in it. At Glastonbury, these people were not lucky at all and were clearly not ready for the amount of water they would be dealing with.

Photo by Universal Images Group via Getty Images

It’s really great to see that this festival enthusiast refused to let the flood affect his experience. He figured that a flooded festival was better than none at all. Positive vibes were physically flowing throughout the entire festival. That’s the spirit.

Recycled Toilet

We are supporters of recycling, so respect to the genius behind this. We just hope that whoever utilized this toilet cleaned every inch of it before bringing it on their camping trip. If a thorough cleaning was done, then this toilet seems to make the ideal improvised drink cooler and grill.

Source: Glensh.com

These people get so many points for innovation, but are these things really that costly to buy? We don’t think so. Regardless, we hope that it’s used for its repurposed use and not also fulfilling someone else’s restroom needs.

Dip Your Toes in the Water

Look at this aspiring camper decided that he yearned to be so close to the waves that he could fall asleep to the sound of the water hitting the sand. Well, it didn’t turn out exactly like he thought it would…

Source: Toppoptoday.com

He actually woke up to waves hitting his trailer, and we don’t believe that was his plan. Unluckily for him, he didn’t know that the tides alter the shoreline overnight. And it is blatantly apparent that he didn’t wake up to fix the issue!

Home Sweet Home

This camper appears to have packed nearly everything except for his literal house. Prepared packing is crucial for a camping trip, but this is more overly prepared. Plus, it would be best beforehand to ensure your air mattress is the right size for the tent.

Source: ash.com

This camper appears to have packed an air mattress that was king-sized for a twin-sized tent. We’re shocked he kept it like this rather than just accepting to sleep on the hard ground. When he wakes up covered in mosquito bites, he’ll probably regret not getting rid of the mattress.

Mobile Porta-Potty

One of the most challenging things when doing activities outside is locating a place to use the restroom. Even if there are toilets at your campgrounds, you usually prefer to pee in the woods because they’re disgusting. These campers seemed to come up with a perfect solution.

Source: Twitter

They built their own porta-potty and attached it to the back of their vehicle. That certainly makes for a cleaner restroom experience, but there is a lack of privacy. It could use some sort of curtain or privacy sheets. Good job!

A Painful Embrace

One of the unspoken camping rules is to respect the surroundings when you’re in the wilderness. An overall understanding of plants is helpful to avoid any prickly situations. This guy could’ve used a nature survival lesson before going out into nature.

Source: Cheezburger.com

He had fallen into a cactus bed, which is one of the worst places to fall. Fortunately, he had a group of local firefighters come to his rescue. We’re guessing it’s not a daily occurrence that a man is careless enough to mess around near a bed of cacti.

Floating Picnic

Boats can serve so many fantastic purposes, like fishing and relaxing. However, it’s not the most realistic idea to sit on a boat all day since there isn’t quality shade to comfortably eat lunch. So, these guys found a solution: the Picnic Boat.

Source: Pinterest

They managed to build a floating picnic table and made sure to have an umbrella for shade, a motor, and hung a sign with the vessel’s name, “Picnic Launch.” We really enjoy imaginative play on words like that.

Bundled Up Dog

Who doesn’t feel ridiculously stylish with their hood on? We know we do. While animals have hair, which keeps them warm again in the cold, some pet owners take the extra mile to make sure that their dogs are warm enough.

Source: Chocolate.com

Additionally, we are pretty sure that a big draw for the photographer is putting this cute photograph on the internet. The dog in the photograph dresses in nice clothes and rocks a jacket that is way nicer than most things we own!

Cart of Versatility

This list has already shown you campers who made their own grills out of miscellaneous things. We’re just curious if locating a camping grill at a store is that tough. Don’t a majority of people live near enough to a Target or Walmart?

Source: Glensh.com

It appears that this person exited the store with the cart but without the grill. All things considered, this is a pretty ingenious way to cook your meals and without breaking the bank. We’re just worried about how safe it is.

You’ve Got Mail

This is another fantastic DIY camping device that some people built themselves. They transformed an older, rusted mailbox into a cooking set-up to make their meal. It appears to be providing a large, hot surface to cook their warm meal in their backyard or the woods.

Source: Tworeddots.com

Wherever it’s located, this is a distinct method to enjoy dinner, and we’re into it. It obviously requires some work and equipment, but if you have an extra mailbox sitting around that isn’t being used anymore, why not give it a go?

Embracing Nature….with Air Conditioning

Nobody enjoys being sweaty, but it’s part of the camping experience. So, what does someone who isn’t the camping type do in the middle of the wilderness? He packs some of his homely comforts with him!

Source: Toppoptoday.com

In this scenario, the guy brought his window AC unit and plugged it into a generator so he could relax in cool air in the summer heat. Hey, it’s not like it’s that different from the guy camping in an RV, is it? And we’re optimistic that the “pure campers” will stop by for a quick visit.

Less Is More

We respect those looking to downsize, though this biker seems to have taken it a bit far. If you can only place your head in the tent, then that’s likely a clear warning sign that your tent is a bit small.

Source: ash.com

At least his face won’t have any bug bites, and he won’t be disturbed by the sun. Good for him. He probably should have thought twice before going in with his helmet still on because we’re unsure how he’ll squeeze himself out.

Reserved Campsite

While the “No Camping” sign listed earlier in this article appeared to draw campers, we can’t imagine anyone having difficulty following this rule. We’re unsure that anybody would want to put their tent in the middle of a mud pit.

Source: Twitter

It looks like the person who saved this spot had zero reasons to reserve it as no one else wants it. Unless all the other campers ganged up on him because they were upset that they reserved the best spot. You know the saying, payback is a…

Raised Tent

There are sometimes when wordplay is too clever not to share with others. Well, the time has come! These people managed to erect their tent properly, and the best part of it all, they completed the task with a sense of humor.

Source: Cheezburger.com

We get the joke; you pitched your tent. You are absolutely hilarious. We are curious whether the owners of this tent are in contact with the specialty order roasting sticks owners. If they aren’t, they should be since they have lots in common!

Dog’s Day Off

People aren’t the only ones who are desperate to get out into the wild and go on a vacation. Take it from a dog, like this one here, that desperately needed a break and relax in his owner’s hammock for a bit.

Source: Pinterest

Too bad for him, his owner returned and interrupted his alone time with this picture. But we aren’t upset, considering that this is such an iconic picture opportunity. It looks as though this dog is scolding the owner to wait his turn patiently.

All About Balance

Working from home has become overwhelmingly popular. But what about working while camping? This guy wants to be able to continue with his work while taking in the great outdoors. Is it still technically camping if he’s taking calls and typing on his computer?

Source: Cheezburger.com

Someone needs to teach this man the meaning of a work-life balance. What about his family?! Also, he should recognize that packing and bringing all that stuff with him was likely excessive. These days, a smartphone is all you really need!

Pile Up

While this creates an eye-catching picture opportunity, you must be questioning why they all decided to hang their hammocks on the same trees. We assume if there weren’t, then this set-up works well, as long as those in the hammocks at the top don’t have a fear of heights.

Source: Chocolate.com

We sure wish we knew the strategy those people used to get up into those hammocks and how they plan on getting down. Ladder maybe?! But you know the saying, that everything that goes up always ends up coming down!

Trying To Escape

It’s not a guarantee whether it’s a wise decision or not to bring your pets camping, specifically cats. Cats love basking on the couch for multiple days in a row; they certainly don’t need to leave the house to get some vitamin D.

Source: Twitter

Being stuck in a tent with the sounds of the woods all around is just not ideal for a cat. This is despite all the tasty birds they could chase around. This cat has obviously had enough of this trip and is eager to return home!