The Cat Code Is Finally Decoded, And It’s Adorable!

By Yuri S.

The cat code is something that’s evaded our understanding for a long time. Cats are the biggest example of indifference, and at the same time, they can be way too clingy and wanting attention all the time. So, even cat experts have an adamant time decoding some of the things cats do all the time.

They blink differently at different times, twitch or move their ears in a different fashion according to their mood, lick you out of the blue just because they feel like it, and lots more! But we’ve finally been able to decode the cat code, and it’s truly adorable! Read on and see for yourself what it means to be a cat!

The Blink of Love or the Stare of Death?

As cat owners, we all love to tell our cats just how much we love them, don’t we? We give them food and say, I Love You. We let them scratch us and say I Love You hoping that they just might say it back to us.

Photo by Aleksandr Zubkov/Getty Images

Well lucky us, or rather dumb us. Because cats tell you that they love you a lot more than you’d think. Whenever your cat stares at you and slowly blinks, it’s essentially telling you that it loves you. Or, if it is only staring, it is threatening you. Yeah, best to look away right about then.

The Attention-Seeking Interference Causing Drama Queen

Ever sit to do some work, and your cat immediately stops you? Ever have to deal with the pain of keeping your beloved pet away, but that drama queen just has to come over your laptop or book and ruin everything? Lucky you…

Photo by Paul Hanaoka/Unsplash

Cats do this because they kind of get jealous that you’re giving your attention to something else and not them. So interfering with you in the middle of your work is their way of directing you to provide them with all the attention and pets they already deserve!

The Petty Rejection Formula of Heartbreak

Cats are intelligent creatures, that’s for sure. Don’t ever let someone tell you otherwise. But, unfortunately, they are also born petty and are the biggest example of indifference. Also, you’ll admit that cats are almost always stubborn than anyone else.

Photo by Ömürden Cengiz/Unsplash

So, when you call them by their name, they will always know that you’re calling them. They simply choose not to because they don’t care. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love you. It just means that they act like a diva. So, don’t take it personally and relax. They’ll be back to interrupt your work or for lunch.

The Time of the Paw Press

New owners or old, young kittens or old hags, one thing we have all experienced from cats is their occasional paw press on the soft parts of our body like our palm or belly. It’s sometimes comforting and not so comfortable other times.

Photo by Jonas Vincent/Unsplash

It was observed that kittens, while drinking milk from their mother, often press their mother’s belly. And now, experts believe that our pets mimic this behavior to feel that sensation once again with us. They do it when they are relaxed or when they are stressed and seeking comfort.

The Sniff of Curiosity and Comfort

Cats are known to sniff everything in their surroundings. Whenever they are in a new place, it is usually the first thing on their agenda to grab a sniff of whatever they can find. This is because cats use this sense of smell to know that they are in a safe place.

Source: Flicker

While being in unknown environments, they look for places that smell familiar to know that they are safe. So, if your cat tries to get a whiff of your breath, it means you give your cat comfort and a sense of protection.

The Call to Danger: Relentless Chewing

As a cat owner, it shouldn’t be a surprise when your cats are constantly scratching every smooth surface they can find. However, you should be surprised, if not worried even, if your cats start chewing on something relentlessly, especially plastic!

Photo by Perchek Industrie/Unsplash

Experts have often pointed out that cats start chewing on things, mainly plastic, if they are anxious or if they don’t have enough nutrients in their bodies. Also, a condition known as pica is common in cats. So if your fur baby loves to chew plastic, you might want to go to a professional immediately!

The Vaguely Threatening Chatterbox

Sometimes you catch your cat making an intensely serious chattering sound. This is usually accompanied by the cat starring at a bird through a window, or at a distance, it can’t reach. Many experts believe that the sound is out of frustration.

Photo by Caroline/Unsplash

The frustration is because they cannot catch their prey, a.k.a that bird they are intently looking at. Cats simply don’t like that they can’t pounce on their prey. However, some others say that this is just to warm up the muscles to help hunt and has nothing to do with frustration.

The Tail Lift of Assurance

One thing we can all agree about our cats is that they don’t give a crap! They are very much upfront about their feelings and are not shy from showing it in their own way. One such way of cats that actually shows affection is the tail lift.

Photo by Camille Frey/Unsplash

Most cat owners think their cat is just being mean and leave them be. But the truth is, your cat is showing you that it is comfortable and trusts you fully by showing you its vulnerable end. It’s a sign of assurance meant just for you.

The Safety Rule of Back Roll

As big a diva your cat may be, it is still a kitty pile of cuteness, isn’t it? One such cute thing your cat may want to do is lie on their backs and start rolling. This is your cat’s way of wanting to play with you.

Source: Imgur

Another sign that says it trusts you and is comfortable around you is when they lie back and appear to be reaching out for something while showing their belly. Still, you should approach it cautiously because it could also mean your cat marking its scent on the carpet.

The Cry of the Heavens

Historically, cats are night creatures. So it’s not uncommon that your cat sulks around the house, plotting its next big destruction while you’re sleeping. But sometimes, it simply chooses to give a cry of the heavens that’s so loud. You will not be able to sleep anymore.

Photo by Alan Chen/Unsplash

This loud cry is the sound of frustration because they have found prey and cannot catch it. Sometimes it can also be that they simply cannot find any prey and are getting pretty worked up. Try and play with them during the day to tire them.

I Hide You Seek: Cat Version

At some point after getting a cat, you will start to notice that it’s not anywhere in the house. You will call out for it, and your cat will respond, but you simply won’t be able to figure out where the sound is coming from.

Kevin Zhao/Unsplash

When you finally give up, they come out of their “hiding” spot that’s just a ridiculously small space. Cats just like the spots because it gives them the comfort of a sanctuary. They have a strong instinct from the wild to seek out places that are small and inconvenient.

The Call of the Wild

Sometimes, your cat just charges into your room and runs around as if it’s charging at something you can’t see for reasons that are beyond you. Don’t worry. There aren’t any ghosts in your house. It’s just your cat’s way of letting you know that it has way too much energy and doesn’t know what to do with it.

Source: Pinterest

It goes without saying, that domesticated house cats don’t hunt much, but those instincts of finding prey still remain. So, with this excess energy and the lack of prey to hunt, they spend it running around and breaking all your china.

The Gift of Appreciation

We all love a nice gift and a pleasant welcome from someone. It’s especially great if our pets bring us any nice gift, isn’t it? Cats are such kind (when not on diva mode) creatures. They will occasionally bring you a lovely bird or a mouse as a gift but probably dead prey only.

Chuan Xu/Unsplash

Mother cats bring such prey for their kittens to let them know that they are part of the group. So your cat is just doing its traditional welcoming into her family and showing you how much it trusts and accepts you.

The Comfort of an Open Leg

One other way for you to understand that your cat is completely trusting towards you is if it sleeps with its back legs wide open and belly exposed. Make no mistake, cats would never sleep like this in a new place. Some won’t work even after years of being in the same house.

Niklas Hamann/Unsplash

Sleeping in this position puts them in a greater state of vulnerability against predators. So they usually would never attempt this. So if your cat is sleeping like this in your company, that means you’re an incredibly trustworthy parent for your cat.

Always Check the Litter Box

In the wild, cats are used to cover their tracks and their scent. They even cover their droppings once they are done. Since these instincts don’t fade away, we all put a litter box for our cats with some sand for them to feel comfortable.

Source: Imgur

If your cat has stopped doing so, that’s usually because your cat is not comfortable in this place for some reason. Or it could be because of any stress or anxiety they are going through. Sometimes, it’s your cat trying to show you that there’s something wrong with it.

The Game of Ear Whispering

Although your cat primarily only communicates through eyes, ears, and their position, too can say a lot about a cat’s mood in real-time. For example, if the ears are twitching, that means that your cat is agitated. If they are pointed forward, that means your cat is happy.

Photo by Lina Angelov/Unsplash

Conversely, if the ears are pointed backward, that means your cat is irritated. These ear cues usually tell tales of each cat and help new and old cat owners alike understand their pets well. So, keep an eye out for those ears, if you will.

Your Hunter Needs Practice

You could be sitting idly doing nothing at all, and your cat would pounce at your feet without warning. This is usually just because they are practicing for their next bird sighting so that they can hunt. Or it could be because they want to play with you.

Photo by Oleg Ivanov/Unsplash

Either way, it’s a sign that your cat is comfortable around you and likely wants to engage with you. If you’re in the mood, great! If you’re tired, just through a toy at them to distract them, and they will leave you.

Sleepy Cat’s Not a Lazy Cat

All cats love to sleep. Morning, afternoon, and night anytime you look for them, they are probably sound asleep. This is because, as kittens, growth hormones are released in their sleep. Since they are essential for them, kittens tend to sleep a lot more.

Source: Pinterest

As adults, cats still take a lot of time to sleep because they wish to save as much energy as possible for a possible hunting session. Either way, there is no need to panic. Just let them be, and they will come to you when they want to.

The Dangerous Wall Press Sign

Cats don’t just randomly hit the wall with their heads. If they do, you should definitely be worried that something is wrong with them. Try to find if there is a pattern to when and how they hit their head. Never ever think of ignoring this sign from your cat.

Source: Facebook

It is usually when the cat is feeling sick due to poisoning or has nerve damage. But it is more than likely that they have a tumor building up in them. So going in for a check-up with the doctor is extremely important now.

The Pure Joy of Purr Purr Purrrr

The joy of having your cat purr on you is heavenly. Historically humans have always longed for their cats to purr all the time. We would do anything to make them do it, won’t we? But, Welp, we just might have to rethink that.

Photo by Marta Markes/Unsplash

Scientists have never understood why cats make this noise, but they think it’s not because they feel relaxed. Instead, the purring sound gives your cat a soothing sensation. This means they are likely in an irritated state to want to feel comfortable, hence the sound.

The Notorious Stalker and His Investigation

The whole day, your cat won’t come to you when you call them. The divas won’t even respond to their names even though they very well know it’s their name! but go into the bathroom to do some private business, and they are all like, “how could you leave me human?!”

Source: Facebook

Experts believe that this is because cats feel vulnerable when you leave them alone. Turns out those insensitive cats are a bit possessive. Or, they’re curious to see what you do hiding behind that closed door each day.

How to Say *Blocked* In Cat Language? Tail Wag

Wagging their tail has an entirely different meaning to cats than it does to dogs. When dogs wag their tails, it just means that they are happy or excited and want to play with you. It’s the exact opposite for cats.

Source: Pinterest

When a cat wags its tail at you, it is telling you to go away and leave it alone. It’s the cat way of saying you are blocked. If that tail is twitching, it means that the cat is interested in something else that’s happening in the room or the surroundings.

The Dreaded Hiss From Hell

While we all love most of the sounds our cats make, there is one sound that is worse than the alarms at Chernobyl. That’s right. I’m talking about the dreaded hiss our cats sometimes make. Never approach your cats when they do this.

Source: Tumblr

The reason for this is that they only make this sound specifically because they are uncomfortable or afraid of some new changes. Maybe it’s a new animal or a person that entered the house. Whatever it might be, now’s the perfect time to leave your cat alone as it may want to take time to calm down.

The Disruptive Trouble Maker

Cats are the boldest trouble-making pets ever. Everyone in the house might be chilling happily, and that’s their perfect time to disrupt everything calm and break everything on the table. While this behavior is extremely annoying, and there’s probably very little you can do to stop them from doing it.

Source: Imgur

Experts say that cats only do this to get your attention to come to play with them. Sometimes, it’s to practice hunting since cats are known to play with their prey before they kill them. Showing them some love would be best.

The Habit Addict

Cat’s stick to their routine exceptionally well. Once you provide a litter box, the clean is life calling animal will only litter in there and also make an effort to cover it. However, sometimes they may stop doing it entirely. If so, a prompt investigation is necessary.

Photo by Erda Estremera/Unsplash

If all is well with your cat, it might be because you have changed the litter box or changed the position of the box. First, try placing them back as is. If it does not solve the problem, you should book an appointment with your vet as soon as possible.

The Chest Snooze of Love

One of the best feelings ever to experience as a cat owner is the feeling you get when your cat simply jumps onto your lap and decides to sleep all cuddled and warm. You wouldn’t even want to breathe lest the cat gets disturbed!

Photo by Alexandru Zbrobau/Unsplash

So here is our tip, please do breathe because our cats want to soak in our scent and relax in our arms. This gives them immense comfort and relaxation since they are closest to the most secure location they know.

Love In Another Form: The Nip

As time passes and your new kitty is comfortable and loving towards you, occasionally, it will try to bite you. Don’t worry. It’s not the cat’s love that has run out. It is simply a sign that your cat is stressed and possibly agitated and is looking to you for comfort.

Source: Pinterest

Your cat is simply asking you to be an emotional support being and help it through anxiety or any danger it might be sensing. It is just a self-protection mechanism that’s activated, or it could simply mean that your cat wants to play with you.

The Sneakiest Creature in the House

Your cat can be the sneakiest thing ever. They can run through corners and go into a room only to come out of another room without a trace. It’s almost like they can teleport. This is because cats have a strong sense of hunting and are always on their toes searching for prey.

Source: Pinterest

So, if they cannot find any mice or a rodent in any part of your house, they will continue to practice to be perfectly ready for when the opportunity does come. And who knows? You might even get a gift sometime.

Cats and Water: It’s a Complicated Relation

One common stereotype that cats suffer from is that all cats hate water. This is completely false. While some truly hate water, many other cats love to play with it by dipping their paws into their bowls and making ripples.

Source: Twitter

So far, it is not clear why precisely a cat would do that. One theory is that they try to mimic the waves of a river which gives them an impression of fresher water, or it could simply be because they want to play with the water.

The Calling of Communication: The Loud Meow

If the meow is loud, however, that means that your cat is after something specific and needs your help. Of course, the most common thing the cat will ask is food. But sometimes, it may also vary to other requirements, such as being stuck in something.

Source: Facebook

Always check on your cat, whether it is a small meow or a loud one. If your cat is meowing, the chances are that it wants you to come for it. On the other hand, if they often meow loudly and disturbingly, they could be in pain that you don’t know of. So don’t hesitate to go and help your kitty and take it to the vet.

Human Nature: The Stand

Almost all the time, your cat will only walk on all four of its legs. Domesticated pets rarely change this unless they are trained to walk on two legs like us humans. However, your cat might sometimes stand on its hind legs for a moment or two.

Photo by rick-t-t/Unsplash

This is an evolutionary technique that they learned to appear bigger to their possible predators. It’s a defense mechanism for when they are afraid or feel danger coming their way. Sometimes, it’s just your cat reaching for higher treats, you never know.

The Cat Vices: The Scrachaholic

It is in the nature of cats to scratch whatever it is that they come across. They don’t care how costly it is for you. They are bound to scratch it at some point in time. They usually do this because it only feels good.

Source: Pinterest

Sometimes they will do it to mark their scent on the item. And even some other times to remove the dead skin on their nails. The best thing you can do is buy them a scratch post and encourage them to use it instead of your sofa.

The Cat Vices: The Streachaholic

Aren’t they the cutest when they stretch? If there’s one thing cats love more than scratching your high-priced sofa, it is stretching. No matter where they are, and no matter what they are doing, cats stretch. Stretching allows proper blood flow between all muscles of the body and can be a refresher to cats.

Photo by Zoltan Tasi/Unsplash

It is also found to push all toxins out of the muscle and thus gives the cats a great feeling. Cats only stretch if they are not in immediate danger. If your cat stretches a lot in your house, that means they are comfortable in your home.

The Low Key Ninjas

From the big cats such as tigers to the small cats domesticated in our houses, the entire cat family all have one peculiar ability: the art of being a ninja. They always land on their feet due to their backbone being so flexible that they can simply twist themselves.

Source: Twitter

They are also exceptionally light for their size and have many furs to protect them from any damage. This allows them to be as quiet as possible and stand on their feet at all times. Their astonishing sense of balance helps them achieve heights that are impossible to us.

Our Not So Aggressive Friends

Once you get accustomed to your cat, they will come and give you a soft head butt every now and then. This is the cat’s way of saying hello. For a cat, it is a way of making a special bond with you.

Photo by Krista Mangulsone/Unsplash

Through a process called “bunting,” cats touch you and transfer their pheromones to you. This is a way of marking you as their territory – something they will not do lightly. So if your cat does it to you, my dear friend, you should be on the moon!

Cuteness Perfected: The Tight Ball

Your cat can sleep in several positions at several places in the house. But one of the more common ways it will sleep is to curl up into a ball and sleep close to itself. This is a habit that was picked up I the wild, and they just continued to use it.

Source: Reddit

Regardless of the reasoning, cats so look hella cute in this position. But I wouldn’t disturb them, though. If they are sleeping like this, chances are they are anxious for something.