Funny Stories of People Caught Red-Handed Lying on Social Media

By Yuri S.

The stories of these people should help everyone one of us to realize that it is never wise to fabricate reality on social media. If, however, you are adamant about adding a little extra color or flair to your story, then make sure that there are no loose ends. Snowboarding is a dangerous sport but an ideal one for all kinds of thrill-seekers. This person, however, took a safer route by googling a picture of a snowboarder and uploading it on his Facebook. He claimed that he tried an egg flip on his latest trip to Colorado, but bonus points for adding some humility by saying that he was not able to land it.

His plan seemed to have been working well as several people flocked on his post praising him for his commendable feat. His sudden rise to fame, however, came to a halt when someone pointed out how the picture is found in the 2012 calendar and is the first thing that pops up when you search

How to increase your IQ 101

IQ levels are a great way to test your level of intelligence. Scoring high in IQ test is a piece of cake for some individuals, while others score high by bumping up their actual scores. For instance, this girl scored 85 on her IQ test, implying she has below-average intelligence.

source: Pinterest

Instead of accepting this and planning on improving her scores through practice and hard work, she ended up demonstrating her actual intelligence by boosting her score to 125, implying her intelligence was above average. What made this scenario extremely embarrassing was that the IQ test website posted the actual result alongside her forged result. Hopefully, she was able to fix her mistake quickly by deleting the post.

Look at my new wheels!

We have all, at some point in our lives, wished for a fancy car. Some people dream of sitting in a Ferrari, while others fantasize about driving a Lamborghini. In this case, the girls seem to be a fan of Porsche, to the extent that she stood by someone else’s Porsche claiming it to be hers.

source: Facebook

There was, however, one thing that did not match up with the rest of the story. The key she is holding is of Volkswagen, not of a Porsche. Now unless she has another key in her pocket that could get her inside that Porsche, it is clear to say that she never bought a Porsche in the first place. Better luck next time.

Self-appreciation is necessary, just not this way

People love to spend their time on confession pages. Not only does it lead to some big laughs, but it also makes you wonder about the identity of the person who posted it anonymously. Discovering the identity of the confessor was a no-brainer in this case, as Eric accidentally posted the confession on his own timeline.

source: Facebook

As expected, people started having a field day over Eric’s big blunder. The sad part about this all was how he accidentally revealed his loneliness to the entire world. We can even see his innocence and confusion in the second comment in which he is wondering why this post was not anonymous.

That’s the wrong bridge

Paris’s Pont des Arts Bridge is notable for the countless padlocks that have been attached to it over a long period. The padlocks symbolize the love between a couple, and apparently, this boyfriend wanted to impress her girlfriend with a similar padlock as well. He sure was able to fool her girlfriend with the padlock picture, but his lie was exposed when her girlfriend posted her story on social media.

source: Reddit

It does not take a detective to spot the famous Sydney Opera House in the background, and just like that with a simple comment on the post, her romantic story was brought to dust. We can only imagine what happened between the couple after this went viral.