Humorous Set of Failed Attempts on Social Media

By Yuri S.

Back in the day, when you did something absolutely absurd and made a fool of yourself, only the people who saw it firsthand would know. That isn’t the case anymore. These days, due to social media, anything deemed as a funny fail can be shared with thousands of more people.

This can be truly unfortunate for the person who the failed attempt, but for everyone else, it’s something that can brighten our day by making us laugh. The saying goes, “So close, but so far,” and that definitely applies to these times that the internet caught people having an off-day!

Crunchy Hard-Boiled Eggs

A number of people store large amounts of hard-boiled eggs in their refrigerator for a quick treat. Oftentimes, one of the first items people learn how to cook is one of these healthy and versatile snacks. It is generally known that after you’ve boiled the egg, you throw away its shell.

Source: Twitter

Why we expect so much from people, we couldn’t tell you, because it turns out that not everybody is as well-informed as we thought they were. No need to worry, as someone on the internet was ready to give this poster the secret to normal hard-boiled eggs.

Getting Schooled in Grammar

We think the person who responded to this post gave this person the perfect amount of ‘proof’! Do you like what we did there? This is a prime example of why you need to double-check that you are making a legitimate claim when you challenge someone to prove you wrong.

Source: Facebook

Do we think that the responder could have let the person who posted this down a bit easier? Yes, it did come off a little harsh. But to be fair, he definitely has a point! This was a failed attempt to make people believe that they were smarter than they were.

Fear of Government Tracking

There are plenty of people that think all of the new technology actually helps the government track our movements. Keeping that in mind, this post is to be expected. But it looks like people completely forgot about the old-school way that the government uses to identify people.

Source: Reddit

You are correct; long before touchscreen cell phones or Face ID, there was the classic old-school driver’s license. However, it’s not that old-school since we still use them. They save our photos and basic information, so most of the government has identified us from age sixteen.

Rookie Grammar Police

If you make yourself a rookie of the ‘grammar police,’ then you need to be at your best when you attempt to police other people on their grammar. If you don’t, you won’t be able to get your point across correctly, and you’ll make yourself look pretty foolish in the process.

Source: Pinterest

The proverb, “those who live in glass houses,” is pretty relevant when discussing grammar police. It essentially means we shouldn’t judge others for things we also do. If people find us guilty of something like that, then we must live with the “hypocrite” label.

A Geography Burn

Some people are simply not skilled when it comes to geography. If you identify as one of those people, that is fine. But it’s probably best if you don’t call anyone out. Sadly, this person did not hear that announcement and really stuck her neck out there.

Source: Reddit

Granted, it takes a certain amount of courage to publicly correct people on the internet, but you have to fact-check yourself before doing so. The original person who posted thought she could use a visual aid as a quick refresher in her geography. We think that was an understated yet effective strategy!

Bro, Do Better!

Posting inspirational little quotes and life lessons is something that many people partake in. It is always good when you try to influence others to be more kind but if you are going to post that, then make sure you are being genuine and honest.

Source: Twitter

This guy assumed that he could use a photo of his own grandmother as a viable option for his plan to project that he was a perfect gentleman. But he didn’t remember that his friends had met Granny and they called him out on it!

When the Joke Is Too Funny

A majority of the time, burglars attempt to break into homes when the house is empty. Perhaps this story is a perfect example of why that is a rule of thumb. After all, you never know when someone might crack a funny joke, and we all know how tough it is to stifle a laugh!

Source: Facebook

This failed robber found himself in that very situation and couldn’t control himself. This led to the homeowners discovering him. The takeaway of this story is not to rob people, especially if you can’t keep it together in hilarious situations.

Smooth Way to the Hospital

Having a quality set of tires with a lot of treads is crucial to a driver’s safety. The fact that this woman thought sanding down her tires until they were smooth was a good idea is unfathomable. And as absurd of an idea as it was, she was extremely proud of her hard work.

Source: Twitter

That pride didn’t last long before someone took the time to warn her of the dangers behind her smooth tires but in a funnier way. We hope that she understood the joke and came away from it, realizing that she ruined her tires.

Backfire of a Poor Visual Aid

If you want to prove a point, most people think that the most effective way to do that is to provide a visual example. This person thought they were only helping get their point across by posting a photo alongside their commentary, but all they did was showcase themselves as a hilarious fail.

Source: Reddit

In the picture they chose, there’s light reflecting off the rock, which is why there’s a shaded side of the rock. So, we can’t be mad at the person who commented on this post and tried to clarify things. There are already enough inaccuracies on the internet!

Death by Final Exam

The anxiety of taking final exams is enough to make anyone’s brain a little tired but mixing up the date of the exam is totally unacceptable. We can only imagine how all the air got sucked out of him when he realized that he had completely missed the exam.

Source: Facebook

We hope this student was able to turn his awful day around, explained the situation to his professor, and was allowed to take the test. It’s better if he’s going to feel like such a failure that it comes from a poor score rather than not even getting a chance to take it.

Put Through the Window

Delivery systems, like Amazon or FedEx, have reputations of efficiency and accuracy, so if you specifically ask for your package to be put through a window, then that’s precisely what the delivery person will do! Whatever happens on the other side of that window isn’t the delivery company’s fault.

Source: Twitter

From the picture, it looks like the delivery company followed the instructions exactly as written. However, the homeowner didn’t remember to close the toilet seat. If they have any complaints, they should look in the mirror since it’s their own fault that the parcel ended up being soggy.

Math Riddles Can Be Tough

Riddles and brain teasers are a fun way to keep you preoccupied, especially when they are more difficult like this one. This person confidently stuck with their answer, and no one disputed it. We think that someone should have commented to emphatically explain to them that they had an incorrect answer.

Source: Reddit

The correct answer is 67, and someone needs to tell this guy the right answer. The odds are that his confidence was boosted, so now he’ll go around sharing this riddle until he’s corrected to his face. That fail will be more embarrassing than in the comments section!

Warning Sign to Stop Posting!

Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, but we hope that if and when they decide to share it, they use actual scientific proof. For that reason, this person’s opinion failed on so many levels and didn’t make much traction on the internet.

Source: Tumblr

It’s hilarious how sometimes, when people give extra effort to sound intelligent, they often apply words or phrases incorrectly and end up sounding like the opposite of smart. It should go without saying if you want to dye your hair an eccentric color, go for it!

That’s Christina Aguilera

It always feels like justice when some internet troll gets called out by a verified account on social media, especially like this user who mistook this woman for a drag queen. Most drag queens love this woman, as most people likely recognize her as the talented Christina Aguilera.

Source: Facebook

Netflix, one of the best accounts when it comes to calling out trolls, had to jump in and state the obvious to let the guy know that it looks pretty obvious that this person isn’t that well versed in pop culture. We’re crying from laughter! Classic drop the mic moment.

Jokes About Sodium? Na, We’re Good

When it comes to smart humor, the key to success is making sure that you’re catering to an audience that will understand. This social media user posted a chemistry joke about Sodium, and the element’s periodic table symbol “Na” was seamlessly included in the punchline.

Source: Reddit

If it wasn’t obvious before, now it’s crystal clear that this person who responded to the joke doesn’t know that much about chemistry. He took the statement at face value, and the humor went right over his head. It looks like someone needs to review their period table of elements!

Just a Mom Trying Her Best

Insurance companies have made many advancements in the past few decades and sometimes don’t even need to send an agent out to the scene of an accident. That’s because of the rise of cell phones and the fact that everyone now has the ability to take and send pictures.

Source: Tumblr

Insurance agents can now ask for photos of the accident from their clients. But this mom thought they were asking for photos of her. She hilariously failed to get it right on the first try, but she eventually did it right. At least her agent was so kind and understanding!

Celebrities Can’t Seem to Get It Right

Kylie Jenner is the youngest billionaire to date. And yet, this ridiculous amount of money doesn’t mean that it exempts her from being a complete hypocrite. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Just look at these two pictures that she posted, one right after the other.

Source: Pinterest

She posted a devasting picture about the harshness of the Australian wildfires and how they killed so many animals, which is extremely devastating! But only a few hours later, she posted a photo of her pedicure in these fuzzy and super expensive slippers made from out from mink fur!

Spoke It Into Existence

We think that the news station should have had a “spoiler alert” before showing this visual aid. What would possess you to ask the guy with a knife if he was planning on stabbing you? It kind of sounds like you’re egging him on, which isn’t what you’d want to do in that situation.

Source: Reddit

We understand that news stations have to be fast so in order to make sure that they are reporting on news stories in real-time, but there is typically someone responsible for all the graphics and pictures, and they hilariously failed with this one.

Different Parenting Styles

Parenting is tough because there is no one right way to do it! That is why everyone has their own opinions and strategies to do the best that they can. But when you have questionable ideas and willingly put them on the internet, you are going to get some pushback.

Source: Facebook

So when this anti-vaxxer mother shared her efforts to the social media world, she was met with an example of that thought process that highlighted its absurdity! It was a bit harsh but written well and definitely puts things in perspective for the original poster to mull over.

How Uninformed Can You Be?

So many thoughts with this one. Suppose this person knows the late and great Kobe Bryant well enough to identify him in a photo. Why would they automatically think that something inappropriate was going on in this situation? They’re all just standing in the picture.

Source: Twitter

But it’s fine, as someone who saw this post was willing to point out the error of the original poster. We are looking at the same picture, right? From where we’re sitting, it seems pretty obvious that he’s their basketball coach. Obviously, this person has never played an organized sport.

You Can Say That Again!

Revising history to match their own opinions is how many people explain how they see the world. This guy seems like that type that is a fan of legalizing a specific green plant, but he thought backing up his claim with a biblical argument was his best strategy.

Source: Reddit

Well, someone had to say something, and this person’s rebuttal for this statement is hilarious and completely accurate. Maybe the original poster just hadn’t read the Bible for a while because God is said to have made eating the fruit from the Garden of Eden’s tree illegal.

Accidental Reward Instead of Punishment

Like we said before, parenting is no easy feat, and everyone does it slightly differently. Sometimes parents make choices to do the best for their children, especially if they’ve done something wrong. This mom was heartbroken to find that her child was selling drugs.

Source: Tumblr

She decided to transfer him to a private school in an effort to help him, but it backfired in a hilarious way. The young entrepreneur just brought his business to a different customer base, and though he surely got a better education, he also built up his operation.

Laughably Cruel Design Flaw

Most of us enjoy wearing clothes that have interesting graphics printed on them. This hooded sweatshirt was supposed to let people know that those who wore it were not in favor of animal cruelty, but the designer overlooked one very important detail.

Source: Reddit

They didn’t take the time to check how it would look when the hood was down. With this in mind, now the hoodie’s message is entirely unsuccessful in that it now supports the thing it’s against. This seems eerily similar to the analogy of shooting yourself in the foot.

Where Does She Live?

The Queen of England actually genuinely loves to get behind the wheel and drive around, but she doesn’t often get to. But when the press does catch her, those photos are worth good money. This user pointed out that her license plates were blacked out.

Source: Pinterest

We can only hope that the next part of what was written in his post was something humorous because you would have to be living under a rock to not know where the Queen lived or what Buckingham Palace was. Good thing he pointed out the obvious!

Can’t Even Count On Your Own Family

When you’re involved in politics, and you run for a position in public office, you just infer that you can count on your family’s votes. This might be a bit naive, as this Indian politician found out the hard way. Obviously, there is a divide in his family when it comes to politics.

Source: Facebook

We wonder how dedicated he was to figure out which four family members voted for his opponents. Or perhaps they just didn’t vote? That would be ideal, right? What an uncomfortable conversation to have at a family dinner!

Double Check Search Terms

Though many people in the entertainment industry are trying to get the word ‘actor’ to be the only title that is used, it doesn’t seem to be catching on as quickly as many had hoped. Until then, when you are searching for women in movies, you need to put “actresses” in the google search bar.

Source: Reddit

The person who responded was trying to share the truth with her, but it probably could have been delivered in a kinder way. No one likes being referred to as an idiot. Simply by correcting her, her intelligence is already up for debate.

Dangerous Word Puzzle

Going away to any Disney amusement park is a huge deal for families! When parents finally tell their kids, they want to do it in a fun, creative way. This dad thought it would be a good idea to let his youngest child attempt to find the answer to this word puzzle.

Source: Facebook

The answer was supposed to say, “we are going to Disneyland,” but she didn’t quite get it. The little girl appeared to fail at finding the solution, though her attempt at the puzzle is quite hilarious but not the message that we would be excited to see!

Advertisements That Are Far From the Truth

When you purchase something that claims it is indestructible, you have no reason to think that it’s not. It looks like this company needs to employ this guy to do their quality control checks because he found a way to completely take that lock apart in under a minute.

Source: Tumblr

Even if he had past experience in breaking open locks, the “indestructible” design is supposed to be unbreakable against anything. If the product was good, he shouldn’t have been able to break it open so fast. This seems like a perfect example of false advertising!

Something Seems a Little Off

Companies tend to let people know that they give back through charitable actions. This gives them a positive reputation in the realm of public opinion. To spread the news, they’ll spend a lot of money, understandably so, but this math just doesn’t seem to add up to be worth it.

Source: Tumblr

We’re not experts on smart business plans, but something seems a little off. We’re here for bragging about giving back through charity but not if it’s going to cost you more than what you donated. Plus, social media, instead of creating commercials, is where advertising is going nowadays.

Defeating the Whole Point

Uber is one of those ingenious companies that was a long-time coming idea. It can be used for a slew of reasons, including decreasing the amount of drunk driving. Truth be told, that was one of the initial reasons why the app was even developed.

Source: Twitter

When news broke that Uber was thinking about changing their policy to stop picking up drunk customers, it appeared that the company was caught being complete hypocrites. We haven’t even gotten into if this is approved and how the car accident statistics will likely go back up!

Shhh, the Doctor in Astrophysics Is Speaking

Climate change is a divisive topic that some people believe doesn’t exist, or sometimes there are those people who exaggerate the reality. Gary came pretty aggressive with his response to Katie’s comment, but it was not his lucky day because her comeback shut down the debate.

Source: Pinterest

To be fair, if you can whip out a Ph.D. in astrophysics during a debate, odds are you’ve already won. Telling Katie to go learn some science is like telling a chef to go get a pan. She was already prepared. We think that Gary actually needs to take the time to educate himself!

Hilariously Bad Company PR

When you are attempting your own marketing campaign on your company’s social media accounts, you really want to make sure that whatever strategy you use warrants results in favor of your product. If not, how are you going to motivate customers to purchase your products?

Source: Reddit

Apparently, Pandora’s social media manager didn’t see this, and now it looks like they’re okay with getting the last place in their own poll. Someone should have gone over this post before sharing these results. Obviously, someone screenshotted it, but we believe it was quickly deleted from their page.

Taking Things Too Literally

We all want fast charging for our phones, and so when someone offers us a way to get it, everyone would jump at the chance. But this girl genuinely thought that all she had to do was literally type the letter ‘C’ in the comment section, and she would be fully on her way to a fully charged device.

Source: Facebook

It is evident that this girl is not well-versed in technology, and someone needs to let her know that is the name of a kind of charger, not instructions. But please, inform her nicely!

NYC’s Housing Maintenance Code

With social media these days, any property manager or landlord should be really careful when they try to take advantage of their tenants. This landlord tried to do exactly that in a message, but the tenant outwitted him by screenshotting their conversation and spreading the word.

Source: Reddit

This is a lesson to everyone that knowing your rights as a tenant is so important. It just goes to prove that if you really know the tenant laws, you are your best advocate. We hope she assisted others in the building, so they were able to handle this issue as well!

Failed Trip Down Memory Lane

Look, we totally get it. Everyone gets in their feelings and becomes a bit nostalgic sometimes. It can be inspired by a film, song, or even seeing a playground, for some people. But as a matter of fact, if your nostalgia for a particular item is personal, then keep it to yourself.

Source: Reddit

That may come off as harsh, but you are simply setting yourself up to be ridiculed and torn apart by posting a generalized statement like this. We love going down memory lane, but this was a completely failed attempt at what could’ve been a nice post.

High Stress of High-Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers are a fantastic way to cook a meal for those who want their meals done quickly. But they are also known to be temperamental, and so you need to be very careful when you use them. If you don’t keep an eye on them, you get fails like this one!

Source: Reddit

This poor attempt at cooking resulted in a blown-up kitchen and a meal that turned into very expensive repairs! We are curious about what was cooking in there that night. All jokes aside, we really hope that everyone is safe and that the only damage was the kitchen appliance.

When Your Life Is a Joke

As humans, we love an underdog story, and we love the idea of winning big money from the lottery. When you enter the lottery by purchasing a ticket, you understand that the odds are stacked against you. It’s just one of those situations where the odds of you succeeding are minuscule.

Source: Tumblr

But when all of the numbers on your ticket are all off by one point, you can’t help but laugh at what a joke your life is. We hope you have better luck next time, pal – we suggest investing in the stock market for a safer bet!

Be Your Own Biggest Cheerleader

It is great when you can truly love yourself. You may get to this point by complimenting yourself in the mirror every morning. But it is strange to do that on your own social media account. Maybe someone should help teach Madi how to switch between accounts.

Source: Twitter

It seems like someone has already called her out and pointed it out to everyone. We hope that her takeaway from this is that she should put less effort into her online life. Then again, we could be giving this advice to someone who doesn’t want to hear it.

Well Done, Overruled!

The conversation surrounding the actual name of the monster in the literary classic “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley is one that has been debated for years. So it was totally understandable when this person saw the initial post, and their first reaction was one of frustration.

Source: Pinterest

But, they didn’t read the whole post carefully enough, so when the original poster had a rebuttal with that response, they easily won the exchange. If you’re going to out the gate with that frustrated energy, you better be prepared with the correct information!

Outdated Dating Profile Photo

We don’t know what this guy was trying to do by including this photo on his profile on a dating app. There are so many things going wrong with this first photo alone! We can only assume he wanted to include the New York skyline but overlooked twin details…

Source: Reddit

In addition to that oversight, the picture itself also proves that the man isn’t truthful about his age since this picture must have been taken before 2001. Not cool, Rashed! At this point, is anything about this guy’s profile true?!

Seems Like an Exaggeration

We are aware that the Kardashian-West family has done well for themselves with money. We are also confident that they could use that money to make meaningful changes to help climate change, but we think it’s a bit of a stretch to assume they could solve the whole problem.

Source: Tumblr

This girl’s response to Kim’s post was a weak exaggeration. We wonder if Kim K. ever responded to this comment. If she did, what could she have said? It seems more likely that Kim didn’t respond because the claim was such an exaggeration and she’s most likely used to uneducated messages.

Friends With Boundaries

Emotions are uncontrollable. Sometimes you start having feelings for close friends, and those feelings grow into romantic ones. If you’ve hit that spot, there’s a chance you want a different kind of relationship with this friend and should discuss it with them!

Source: Facebook

Though we don’t think this was the best way to do it. First, this kind of conversation should be done in real life and secondly, being so crass about this is a surefire way to ruin the friendship forever. What an embarrassing fail at attempting to leave the friend zone.

Same, Same, but Different

Being different makes life interesting. People get to meet the authentic you and the one who tries desperately to fit in. So the shirts are really awesome in theory, except for the reality that all of these guys are wearing one. The audacity to only make fun of girls for dressing the same!

Source: Tumblr

The cherry on top is that every detail, from haircut to shoe color, is exactly the same. At least complete the outfit with different bottoms or shoes! Now, these guys just look like matching hypocrites. Apologies for our harshness, but we’ve exceeded our limit for false virtue.

Sit Your Butt Down!

The Marvel universe has become something that more and more people are discussing in their social circles. Plus, comic book nerds are all about this stuff, so when someone aggressively labeled Stan Lee, a dedicated fan was quick to intervene and clear up any misunderstanding.

Source: Reddit

It is a large issue these days where people’s words are taken out of context and changed to fit a negative or derogatory story to buy into cancel culture. We are going to leave this allegation about Stan Lee being homophobic in the trash where it belongs!

Flat-Out False Excuse

A flat tire is a viable reason not to go into work. After all, getting that repaired can take quite a long time, and it is dangerous to drive for a long time on a spare tire. So this person appears to have a valid reason for not showing up, right?

Source: Reddit

It’s only a good reason if it’s the truth, and remember – the truth always comes out. The recipient of this photo was able to quickly and obviously see that this nail had been photoshopped in. Additionally, the tire is in a room inside a house.