Flight Attendants Reveal Airline Details Only They Know

By Yuri S.

No matter our age, ethnicity, or gender, we all want a lovely, tranquil vacation. We want to travel as far away from home as we can, if possible. The problem is that we often need to board a plane to reach our picturesque destinations.

Even pilots and flight attendants don’t like flying. But at least they know all the insider information, stories, and mysteries about air travel. Get ready to read some advice and anecdotes from folks who work on commercial aircraft. Heads up! Some of them can shock you!

They Don’t Wash the Blankets and Pillows

Sometimes when our friends tell us they have a dirty secret, we get excited and want to hear all the details. But we get the feeling we may have been better off not knowing about this dirty secret about our pillows and blankets during flights.

Photo by Thinkstock/Getty Images

They’re DIRTY. This flight attendant has revealed that they do not wash the blankets and pillows. THEY DON’T? LIKE EVER? Think of all the people who have already used them. Jeez! The next time you travel, bring your blanket onboard.

Your Airplane Is Broken

Would you think of yourself as a lucky person? Maybe, but let’s be honest, not everyone can be lucky. Most people aren’t. And this is as true on the ground as in the air. Not to scare you, but we’ve got some news.

Source: YouTube

The planes you board aren’t as new as you may think. Yeah, they’re shiny and have nice seats, but most of the time, there’s a broken part. We don’t think there’s cause for alarm because apparently, they’re still good enough to get you to your destination.

Don’t Yield to the Barefoot Temptation

Although most of us don’t think we should remove our shoes publicly, the rules may change during long trips. And who can blame us? How can anything be more comfortable than removing your shoes on a plane?

Source: Flickr

It must feel comfortable freeing your feet and giving them some fresh air. But maybe you should think again. The flight attendants warn us that we shouldn’t. Why? The floor is filthy. And you should also avoid eating anything that falls on the carpet.

Nobody Gets Paid for the Delays

What’s more frustrating than flying for long hours? Yep, waiting for a flight when it has been delayed. No one likes being forced to wait more hours than they initially thought before getting onboard. That’s why we often see people complaining to the flight attendants.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM/Unsplash

But while you’re angry and frustrated at what’s going on, remember how annoying the delays are for flight attendants. They’re as frustrated as we are, if not more. That’s because they don’t get paid during that delay. So, remember that when you complain.

This Must Be an Airline Secret

From helpful tips that can help you while traveling to handling some weird behaviors, there are some crazy things on our list so far. But this has to be the most mysterious of the bunch. First, why did the flight attendant want to be anonymous?

Source: Flickr

Could this be the biggest airline secret they’ve been hiding from us? And why did she choose these seats specifically? We’ve got many questions, and we’re sure you do too. Guess you’ll have to try to figure that out on your next first-class flight.

Beware of the Coffee

If you’re a lover of coffee, then this one is for you. Hopefully, you don’t get sick. Flights can be grueling and prolonged, and while some people make every effort to sleep, some still try to push through the journey with their eyes open.

Photo by Stewart Sutton/Getty Images

If you fall into the second category, you’ve probably been consuming some bad coffee on a flight. Ever wonder why the coffee on airplanes is so terrible? Now you know! Are you thinking of all the coffee you’ve had? Sorry, we had to break it to you this way.

Want to Have a Quick One in the Bathroom?

Hollywood films have created irrational assumptions about how our lives should be. And one of them is having sexual activities in public and unexpected places. Some people believe life can imitate art, so they don’t mind doing it on the plane. We’ve seen countless movies like this.

Source: Kristoferb/CC BY-SA 3.0/Wikimedia Commons

But if you thought you could get away with it without anyone knowing, think again. The cabin crew can open the door any time and fully know what you are doing. We just hope there aren’t any cameras lurking somewhere in the bathrooms.

Help the Cabin Crew a Little

Flight attendants have one of the best jobs, right? Imagine getting paid to meet new people, fly to different countries, and enjoy tasty meals. It may seem like flight attendants are having a blast traveling to other nations while getting paid.

Photo by 233698/Pixabay

However, the truth is that they have a difficult job and typically put in long hours without much rest. This person is asking that you eliminate your cabin crew’s trash-cleaning duties. It’s only a small price to pay to make their job easier!

Flight Attendants Don’t Know Each Other Like That

With how the cabin crew members smile at each other and how much they do things together, you’d think they have a deep connection. But the opposite is the case. Their relationships are not as deep or close as you think behind the scenes.

Source: Jetstar Airways/CC BY-SA 2.0/Wikimedia Commons

Maybe there is a relationship between two flight attendants, and one of them may even be someone’s ex! But the reality is that they rarely interact, which is why they often use these terms of endearment.

The Importance of a Simple “Hello”

Whether due to frustration from a delay, overexcitement, being in a hurry, or a lack of courtesy, many people ignore the flight attendants’ greetings. People just walk by them like they’re not there despite their greetings. This hurts their feelings. And there may be some benefits to responding.

Source: Tumblr

Never underrate the impact of a spontaneous act of kindness! This story shows that compassion is important and could be key to getting better treatment. This passenger got enough alcoholic beverages for their flight and possibly even their entire vacation with just a simple “good morning” greeting.

Getting Fined for Not Fastening Your Seatbelt

“Please fasten your seatbelts.” “Your seatbelt sign is on.” We’ve all heard these statements before. Have you ever become quite irritated when a flight attendant kept bugging you about your seatbelt? While we can all agree that seatbelts are important, they can also be annoying!

Source: Daniel Schwen/CC BY-SA 4.0/Wikimedia Commons

This is a free country, and this flight attendant can’t just order you, right? That is technically true, but because of you, the cabin crew could face sanctions and fines. Put on your seatbelt for the sake of your security and the sake of the flight attendant.

The Gossip Girls of the Flight

We know y’all want some drama. Well, here it is. We mentioned earlier how flight attendants (FAs) don’t have any deep relationships with each other. While the FAs may not always know each other personally, there is a good likelihood that they don’t get along either.

Source: Facebook

Forget all the sweet smiles. You will never know if you are just a passenger on an aircraft, but flight attendants love the drama and gossip. It kind of makes sense. Wouldn’t you be grumpy if you worked 12-hour shifts and got as little sleep as these people?

Where Does the Cabin Crew Sleep?

Have you ever fantasized about having your bed at work? Or have you wanted to take a short nap in the middle of the day to refuel your energy before continuing your work without your boss breathing down your neck? Cabin crews are living that dream.

Source: Twitter

Here it is if you’ve ever asked where the crew sleeps on long flights. You won’t experience the same luxury as a passenger unless you pay extra for first class. Know that the crew is enjoying themselves somewhere hidden away with a room full of beds, just for them.

Stop the Poking, Please

Flight hostesses are known for enduring terrible storms, and we’re not just talking about the kind caused by the weather because they don’t happen as much as you might think. We’re referring to the internal raging fury that results from being poked and prodded.

Photo by Kenny Eliason/Unsplash

No, this poking is not by your child or partner—it’s by a stranger! Please try to avoid poking your FAs, and if you must, make sure to do it in the right place. Poking someone on their behind is all kinds of wrong. What happened to raise your hands followed by an “excuse me”?

When You Ask FAs to Change the Temperature

Well, well, well, we knew we couldn’t trust them! Maybe there’s a reason people believe raising their voices at FAs is the best way to get things done. It seems they don’t pay any attention to us at all and certainly not in terms of temperature.

Photo by Image Sourcei/Getty Images

If you complain that the air is too cool for you, the FAs will do nothing but lie to you—boldly. While you think they’ve changed the thermostat, they’ve done absolutely nothing about it. It’s for the best, but maybe an explanation is better.

It Pays to Be Courteous and Polite

Some people believe that shouting at the FAs and making a scene are the only ways to get what they want. Our sources inform us that is not the best course of action. If you act like a jerk, you’ll get treated like one, says one flight attendant.

Source: Tumblr

If you have a habit of being rude or know someone who is, tell them to be nice for a change. Not only could it make a difference in the attendant’s day, but it might also be the best choice for you during the flight.

Moving People, Dead or Alive

We’re sorry to have to break it to you, but usually, when a dead person needs to be transported from one nation to another, they are taken by airplane, just like we are. A passenger aircraft moves people from one place to another.

Photo by John McArthur/Unsplash

We didn’t read everything about the “people” being transported. The next time you fly abroad, the plane you are on might contain both the living and the dead. It could surely give you goosebumps. But we don’t think there’s much to worry about, right?

I just Needed Some Fresh Air

With all the windows tightly shut for hours and about a hundred people onboard, it’s easy to think it can get stuffy. The air on an airplane is purified and refreshed every few minutes, so you shouldn’t worry. But look out at the window at all that fresh air!

Photo by Alonso Reyes/Unsplash

What would it feel like on your face? That’s probably what this passenger thought. But the problem is you’re not in a car speeding down the highway, and opening a window mid-flight can lead to catastrophe. Thankfully, it was almost impossible, but it still seemed like she wanted to try it.

The “Just in Case” Training

Many careers require formal education or training before you can work or be considered for employment. And being a flight attendant is one of those careers. But it’s not as easy as you may think. Getting the job and going through the training are challenging.

Source: YouTube

The funny thing about their training is that they don’t often use anything they’ve learned. According to FAs, 98% of their training is for what to do during emergencies. Well, this sounds like a good thing. It means there aren’t too many emergencies.

The Worst Part of the Job

When people share the worst part of their jobs, you hear things like “security issues,” “life-threatening injuries,” and “fire hazards.” But if the worst part of your job is pouring Diet Coke, then you have a splendid life, my dear. Trust us; we’ve seen worse things.

Source: Flickr

But yeah, we understand what she means. There must be some scientific explanation for this. This FA revealed that Diet Coke fizzes much longer than other carbonated drinks. If anyone knows the reason, please let us know. More importantly, why can’t the passenger pour their own Diet Coke?

Flying Leaves You High and Dry

One of the benefits of being a regular traveler (i.e., a flight attendant) is the opportunity to taste various cuisines and beverages from all around the world. Unfortunately, the grass is not always greener on the other side . . .

Photo by Tadeusz Lakota/Unsplash

. . . not to mention the water and air on the plane. Drinking water from around the world and being so high in the air causes your skin to dry. Even though our jobs are stressful, at least our skin is still in good condition!

Funny for Them, but Not for Us

We all know this story more than we’d like to admit. After all, we swore to pack less this time since the trip would only last three days. We’re trying to pass off a large suitcase as a little carry-on bag because it didn’t work the first time.

Source: YouTube

We usually pray that no one can see us at these moments. Unfortunately, it is the cabin crew’s responsibility to observe what is happening with us. While we’re struggling to fit the bag into the overhead in, they’re laughing loudly among themselves. NOT FUNNY!

Choose Your Seats Wisely

Everyone has some dirty little secrets we don’t want people to know because doing so will ruin our reputations. Airlines also have a few secrets, but they are bigger and, um, nastier. The seats near the restroom are the worst to sit on.

Source: Facebook

That’s because when the toilet breaks, the mechanics put all kinds of gross and unpleasant bits and apparatuses on the nearby seats. Considering how they never wash the blankets and pillows, we’re sure the seats will be the least likely to see soap on the plane.

No Hairspray or Vape on the Plane

Even though it’s common knowledge that some items should never be brought on a flight, some people simply cannot live without their hairspray or vape. We understand that keeping your hair in tip-top shape for the duration of a 13-hour journey is a basic human need.

Photo by Chiara Summer/Unsplash

But hairspray, like vapes, shouldn’t be used on a plane. You’d think this would be rather self-explanatory, but nothing is self-explanatory with the kind of passengers we have nowadays. You must tell them. We’re sure you know someone who needs to hear this ASAP.

The Ice Is Safe

We certainly don’t want to be thinking about anything negative or frightful right before the start of our nice vacation. The plan is to shut down and let someone else think for us. Unfortunately, you must stay sharp and keep your eyes open, even on the plane.

Photo by aviation-images.com/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

If any FA tries to offer you tap water, kindly say no. Trust us, that’s the best thing for you. If you need to drink water, choose bottled water. Fun fact: Since the ice is not made from the plane’s water tanks, it’s okay to drink.

An Open Secret from a Flight Attendant

Flight attendants have been to many cities, so you should listen when they’re giving you travel advice. Usually, when we imagine what it might be like to be an FA, we picture world-class restaurants and resorts. Well, here’s a secret you should know.

Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes/Unsplash

That’s what the cabin crew cares about. They even have a strategy to search for the best restaurants in any city. So we think we can pick up a couple of tricks from them, especially the one above.

How to Get Your Luggage into the Plane

We’re sure you’re here for some secrets on how to save money while flying. With flight attendants revealing secrets, you probably came here to see if they gave tips on something like this. We don’t blame you because everyone’s always looking for ways to save some dollars.

Source: Billy Hathorn/CC BY 3.0/Wikimedia Commons

There’s some good news for you. You can save a couple of dollars if you check your bags at the gate, and you may end up not paying for them. We’ve not tried this one before, but we think it’s worth a try.

Tips for the First Class Flight

We’ve all heard of first-class travelers but never met one. We could have, but since we’re stuck in the economy, we wouldn’t know. Those who don’t fly first class can move on since this advice is solely for the first-class flying people.

Source: Flickr

So, it turns out that sitting in the first two rows will guarantee that you get to pick your meal before anyone else. We must admit that this tip didn’t exactly blow our minds. But oh well, just in case someone didn’t know.

Healthy Food Choices for Your Trip

Food is a big consideration while traveling. This Alerion Aviation flight attendant is here to ensure you’re well-fed, and here is their advice. We can all agree that eating at airports is notoriously bad. It’s not what we call gourmet, and that’s an understatement.

Photo by Ella Olsson/Unsplash

And airport food is at least twice as expensive as anything outside the airport. And don’t get us started on the food inside the airplane. So try to pack some healthy options beforehand rather than waste money on chips. It’s that easy!

How to Avoid Jet Lag

Flying for a long period comes with many problems, and you can probably find a solution for them. But one problem we’ve yet to find a remedy for is jet lag. How can you function when the day suddenly becomes night? Now imagine what it’s like for the flight attendants.

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan/Unsplash

It got so bad for one of them that they found a solution we may tap into. This one has found a homeopathic supplement for the brutal jet lag that comes with crossing time zones. Homeopathic supplement? A bit disappointing, to be honest, but we’ll take it!

Breaking It Down for the Passengers

We all know one person who is petrified of flying. We might even be that person. Although someone who chooses to spend their days on airplanes as a job will never understand our suffering, at least they are used to dealing with others who experience it.

Photo by Artturi Jalli/Unsplash

It’s also likely that they’ve learned certain tricks. That’s great, but have they considered that many people are also frightened of the sea and sailing? Can’t we pretend to be doing something risk-free, like lying in bed? Can you compare flying to that?

The Way You Dress Is the Way You’re Addressed

We’ve all heard that saying at least once before. While we don’t always agree with profiling people based on their looks, it turns out that the cabin crew does this. When preparing for a flight, everyone chooses cozy, fuzzy sweatpants for a long trip because they’re comfortable.

Photo by Markus Winkler/Unsplash

However, you could get much more than you bargained for by wearing a fancy dress or a suit. You’re more likely to get freebies if you dress professionally. Try wearing something elegant yet comfortable the next time you fly. Will it be worth it? You tell us.

A Flat Iron Can Save the Day

People travel for many reasons, not always about holidays and vacations. Those who travel for work-related purposes know how uncomfortable it may be to arrive at a meeting looking unkempt and wearing wrinkled clothing because you just got off the plane.

Photo by Artem Zhukov/Pexels

Here’s how to look professional despite the long flight you were just on. Don’t have a flat iron? Get one; they’re great for your hair and even your clothes! Since this one is cool, we might use it after a long flight when we need to look our best.

Fewer Shoes, More Space

If you fly regularly, you know better than anyone the importance of smart packing. While our destination sometimes requires us to have many options for our outfits, the smartest thing is to pack only the things you need. Yeah, you’ve heard it before, but it’s the truth.

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic/Unsplash

This flight attendant has confirmed it too. But even more, advice can help you pack better on your next trip. Shoes take up more space in your luggage, so limit the number. Also, instead of folding your clothes, roll them, and you’ll avoid going overweight.

You Can Ask for the Entire Can

Has it ever crossed your mind why FAs go to the trouble of pouring drinks into a plastic cup instead of giving you the can? Whatever you’ve thought, the reason is that they’re just being courteous. It’s pretty much a tribute to the good old days.

Source: Flickr

Some people also prefer to drink out of a cup. So, the cabin crew pours the drink for everyone. But who knew we could request the entire can of pop? Oh wow! We can decide to pour our drink ourselves and ask the flight attendant for the can!

A Nice Little Souvenir

As we mentioned earlier, your skin and lips may get unusually dry after a flight, and your vacation or business trip won’t get off to a fantastic start. Bringing lip balm with you would be a straightforward, obvious trick, but there’s a delightful twist.

Source: Michaelg2588/CC BY-SA 3.0/Wikimedia Commons

If you didn’t know, you could always get lip balm at the airport of the place you’re departing from. That way, you’ll have a fun, little, last-minute souvenir. We’ve got some questions about the dryness, though. Do you think birds’ beaks and feathers become dry at high altitudes?

Not All Delays Are Technical Faults

Remember when we said earlier that flight attendants lie about the real reason for delays because the truth might scare you? As it turns out, not all truth will scare you because sometimes they could be covering up for their colleagues. This story has shed some new light.

Photo by Robert Daly/Getty Images

Many of us love partying. But we usually must work the next day, so we can’t be complete party animals. However, flight attendants don’t care about that, according to this guy who dated one. Your flight may have been delayed because someone partied too hard.

Miracles on the Flight

When you’re flying, you’re high up in the sky. You can’t get closer to God than that, can you? So maybe that explains why so many miracles happen on planes during flights. Imagine going through all the trouble just because you want to board the plane first.

Source: Piotrus/CC BY-SA 3.0/Wikimedia Commons

And when it’s time to disembark, your legs suddenly work again. Hallelujah! This is a mockery of people who are disabled. These morons ought to at least have the guts and the shame to continue their activities throughout the flight! Just bad.

Somewhere above an Ocean

As frustrating as it can be, traveling can be exciting sometimes, especially if it’s your first time. Here are a few things to remember if you want to maintain good relations with the cabin crew. The first rule is don’t ask too many questions.

Source: Pixabay

Questions like “where are we?” are the most common among travelers. We understand that if it’s your first flight, you could find it exciting and want to know whether you are over Spain, Italy, France, or Germany, but in all honesty, it doesn’t matter, does it?

Pick Up Your Cross

Anyone who has worked in customer service understands that sometimes customers’ expectations and demands might be ridiculous. If something you packed is too heavy for you to carry, this flight attendant wants you to know it will be the same for her!

Photo by David De Lossy/Getty Images

That’s obvious if you understand the fundamentals of physics! Here’s another reason you need to be smart while packing, so you don’t stress innocent FAs. Be considerate of your flight attendant, who likely carries several bags daily. They will be grateful for your kindness.

Your Pilot Is Asleep

How many times have you been so relaxed in the plane, trusting in the experience of the pilots? The fact that you’re comfortable enough to sleep speaks volumes. It seems the pilots also enjoy sleeping. This person has revealed a secret we could’ve been better off not knowing.

Photo by Blake Guidry/Unsplash

Many of us dreamed of being pilots. It’s a respectable profession and pays well. But you don’t have to do too much to get all that money and respect. You can be chill as a pilot. How chill? Chill enough to sleep on the job without anyone knowing.

Choose the Kosher Option

We’ve all agreed that no one likes airplane food, right? It’s just bad, and with talk of the coffee-making process being close to the bathroom, well, that just makes us puke. Also, it’s mostly just canned food that has been on the plane since God knows when.

Source: Flickr

Regardless of how much we hate the food, we still have to eat, especially if it’s a 13-hour flight. That’s why we l0ve this flight attendant’s trick. Always go for the kosher meal because it must be prepared the same day. Finally, some fresh food!

Keep Your Sanitizer with You Always

We’ve already established that airplanes just look shiny and are not as clean as you thought. They’re dirtier than you imagine. It even extends to the private tray tables because apparently, the airline never cleans them! That’s where you always place your food, right?

Photo by Finn Mund/Unsplash

Well, we don’t know what has happened in the past. And quite frankly, we don’t want to know. But we advise that you never place your food directly on it. Given how much they charge for flights, you’d think they could just sanitize them, right?

It’s Not a Big Deal

Earlier we read about flights getting delayed because flight attendants partied the night before. Strangely, flight attendants are not subject to the same penalties for the delay as most of us would be at our workplace. This is from the person who once dated a flight attendant.

Photo by Image Source/Getty Images

According to the storyteller, the cabin crew’s powerful union allowed members to skip work without facing the consequences. For us passengers, that is a bummer, but it’s cool for flight attendants who want to party and aren’t great with steady hours or responsibility.

Come Onboard with Your Parachute

You know we just said the cabin crew’s union gave them power? Well, it turns out they’ve got even more power. Look, we don’t support being rude to flight attendants. But we need some clarity on what this FA meant by “removing someone” from the plane.

Photo by Bambi Corro/Unsplash

Maybe if the plane hasn’t taken off, sure. But this hopefully doesn’t mean removing people from a plane at 35,000 feet, especially someone who paid for a ticket! We hope we don’t piss off FAs like this. Don’t forget to pack a parachute on your next flight.

Don’t Let the Smiles Fool You

The cabin crew typically introduces themselves as they stand at the aircraft doors as passengers board. Either that or they just smile and wave as you board and find your seat. If you’re lucky, you might get a tasty treat to make your flight more enjoyable.

Photo by Image Source/Getty Images

They may be greeting you, but their only intention is to determine what kind of passenger you will be during the flight. Don’t let their nice attitude and cheery looks fool you. So the next time you’re boarding a plane, make a good first impression!

Flex-Restraints on the Plane

If you watch the news often, you’ll see that there are many instances where officers must restrain people. As law-abiding people, we find it hard to imagine that somebody could be so out of it that they would require restraint, especially aboard a plane.

Source: Norwegian/CC BY 3.0/Wikimedia Commons

However, flight attendants have been through it all and survived. Behave yourself because this person has admitted to having flex restraints on the plane. Although it’s difficult for us to imagine what someone could do to end up confined on a plane, maybe it’s all for the best.

Bring the Car Seat with You

Have you ever traveled with a child? Ugh. It’s certainly not a picnic, and that is an understatement. Parents can use any assistance they can get, and even the smallest tip can make a big difference. This FA suggests bringing the car seat along. It seems counterintuitive, right?

Photo by Paul Hanaoka/Unsplash

Who has that much room in their luggage for anything like that? However, since toddlers dislike change, using the car seat on the plane or when you arrive in a foreign location may help minimize tantrums, make the vacation more pleasant, and make the parents happier.

Baby Drama on the Plane

Airplanes have a strict intolerance for aggressive behavior during a flight, and we’re thankful for that. Things can sometimes spiral out of control when people are in the aircraft 35,000 feet in the air for multiple hours. And crying babies are part of the annoyance.

Source: Tumblr

No offense to breastfeeding mothers, but it can be infuriating when you’re just about to get some sleep, and a baby starts crying. It doesn’t mean we’re going to be jerks about it like these teenagers. We were once like that. These teens need to learn some manners.

Took “Restroom” Too Far

When nature calls, you just must answer, even if you have to do your business for four straight hours! You’re not the only one who needs the bathroom, buddy. It turns out the guy just fell asleep. We know it’s called a restroom, but come on.

Source: Flickr

He probably didn’t know he could do that in his seat on the plane. But jokes aside, he was probably a nervous flyer who took some sleeping pills and a glass of wine to help him along. But the result wasn’t kind to the other passengers onboard.

What Happens When a Plane Is Struck by Lightning?

Planes fly all the time, whether night or day. While they mostly don’t fly during bad weather, sometimes the bad weather gets worse when the plane is already in the air. Nothing is more terrifying than seeing a flash of lightning beside a lonely plane in the night sky.

Source: YouTube

And don’t forget about the passengers on the actual plane! Well, this flight attendant had no idea what happened when the lightning struck. Presumably, the other passengers knew nothing either. Thankfully, other than the loud bang that was (probably) heard by everyone, it wasn’t noticeable.

Who Is the Hottest?

Our minds regularly drift in different directions when aboard a plane. You’d best entertain yourself if you’re on a long flight. It could be because you want to get over the nerves, your destination, or the things you packed and what you left behind while packing

Photo by Sam Bassett/Getty Images

But it’s just another day at the office if you’re a flight attendant. It’s a workplace where you are greeted by new people each day, and some of them are quite attractive. If there’s someone who sparks the FAs’ interest, then they’ll be the talk of the town . . . or flight.

Don’t Let Your Babies Crawl on the floor

When boarding a plane, you would think the interior has been sanitized and carefully cleaned. Not really. The aircraft receives a small “dusting” after the flight. We won’t go into much detail about those restrooms, but it sounds like everyone should bring their sanitizers.

Source: Flickr

Babies can sometimes be allowed to wander around unsupervised for a little period during long flights, but it sounds like that’s not a good idea. Keep your toddlers entirely off the ground, and if they want some mobility, use a towel next to your seat.

Getting Paid by the Hour

We’ve established that flight delays affect flight attendants just as much as you. If the flight is delayed and you’re a flight attendant who is only paid while you are working, you will board the aircraft regardless of whether it is moving.

Photo by Lukas Souza/Unsplash

Why should we blame them? They would be unwise to waste all that time waiting at the airport or elsewhere while their flights are delayed. Hopefully, most pilots will give the flight attendants the go-ahead to do that. It seems fair enough, or what do you think?

Keeping Notes on Rude People

Flight attendants have a lot on their plates. They deal with worn-out, anxious passengers and sometimes downright ridiculous (that suitcase won’t fit, sir). The flight attendants ensure that everything runs as smoothly and amicably as possible.

Source: Flickr

We should be kind to them. Just keep in mind that the cabin staff will label you as a Rude Ralph if you’re one of those who think they can get away with it. Not only that, but the airline database will record it, and soon everyone will know!

Flight Attendants Are Not Weightlifters

There’s a reason why luggage has wheels. It’s heavy! So, it makes sense that a flight attendant could politely decline when asked to lift a bag and put it in the overhead compartment. Carry-on luggage is allowed to weigh up to 35 pounds on some flights.

Photo by Jupiterimages/Getty Images

Lifting many of those could cause an injury. Although it may be hard, try packing a backpack or suitcase that you can easily lift. Lifting your suitcase isn’t technically part of FAs’ job descriptions, and it would be terrible if a flight attendant were hurt while carrying out their duties.

Separating the Russian Couple

Some couples are so passionate that adding extra alcohol would intensify their rage. An example is this couple who flew from Russia to Dubai. The cabin crew reportedly had to physically separate them because things got so out of hand, like misbehaving middle school kids.

Source: Twitter

As if things weren’t dramatic enough, what happened next was more like something out of kindergarten than middle school. Flying to Dubai with a wet bottom sounds very unpleasant, so we hope the woman had an extra set of clothes in her carry-on. What a shame.

Pack Your Food, or Go Hungry

We’re sure that after reading this, you’ll stop grumbling about the food on airplanes. Unlike some people on the plane, you get served a meal. Although we lack expertise and knowledge in airline management, surely preparing a few extra meals for the workers is not overboard.

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It certainly isn’t. Although it’s upsetting to read that flight attendants could go hungry on lengthy overseas flights, on the plus side, perhaps the snacks they bring are much tastier. We hope they can access fridges and microwaves to keep their food fresh.

The Crew Knows Everything About You

Although there are many flight rules, they are only there to keep everyone safe and ensure that the flight from point A to point B goes smoothly. Of course, some people don’t quite see it that way and try to bring their rule-breaking behavior to the plane.

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As clever as these people believe, the cabin crew has worked on numerous flights and is well-versed in what to look out for. So, know that you are being watched if you sneak a vape, take your pants off, or engage in other bathroom antics.

You Won’t Go to Jail, Darling

Airlines know that the interiors of their aircraft, including accessories such as armrests, trays, and handles, can get damaged. If you open a tray and notice that the hinges or something else is broken, don’t be worried. And no, you’re not Superman. It probably just needs to be changed.

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You won’t be charged for this either. Just let the flight crew know, and they’ll get it fixed for the next flight. That will save time for the next flight. Don’t worry; there won’t be any airline jail time or hefty fines for damaged trays.

Overgrown Babies Throwing Tantrums

When you’re 30,000 feet in the air, seatbelts may not seem like much, but they can greatly reduce turbulence. When an airplane’s airflow changes, the shaking and rocking you experience are less uncomfortable if you’re securely strapped in your seat. Seatbelts are important.

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You shouldn’t cause a scene when asked to use it. After all, it’s only for your safety! Don’t object the next time a flight attendant asks you to fasten your seatbelt. It’s not nice to spend the next seven hours with a lump on your head after hitting a bulkhead.

There’s a Designated Place for That

According to this flight attendant, these occurrences happen more often than they’re willing to admit. This is weird because we’re sure there’s a designated bathroom people should use when they need to go. We can’t imagine how filthy that place must be.

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But it’s even more disgusting that some people walk barefoot or in socks during flights. Considering how lackluster the airline is with cleaning, we strongly advise you always to keep your shoes on. We know it’s a long flight, but it’s for your good.

Rules against Drinking on the Plane

The BYOB deal doesn’t “fly” for airlines if you’re trying to save money. We know it can be expensive, but we strongly recommend that you choose the drinks and beverages offered on the plane. Why? The consequences can land you in jail or being “removed.”

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For safety reasons, the crew can monitor how many drinks you have on a flight. We’re all grownups, which sounds annoying, but there are always a few bad eggs. If you don’t buy anything during the flight, just wait until you land. Or take just one glass of bubbly.

No Time for Tours

A flight attendant’s job sounds cool, right? It turns out layovers are not long enough to explore a place, much less take a shower and get some rest. Landing in Rome and then rushing through the city to freshen up doesn’t sound so fun, does it?

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We can’t be the only ones who think not all flights are like that, and perhaps conditions differ among airlines. Maybe on bad days, you’re trying to get some sleep in a foreign country. On good days, you could get to tour the city.

Superstar Rapper Gets Thrown Out

If there’s one type of passenger harder to have on a flight than a sleepy and disoriented infant, it’s a famous person. Crying babies can be quite irritating, but they’re cute and helpless, so we forgive them. Musicians and movie stars are known for causing trouble on airplanes.

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In this case, a well-known rapper caused a significant stir but was not given the respect he expected. The plane turned around, and he and his entourage were simply removed from the aircraft. What’s even more humiliating is that it doesn’t sound like it was a private jet.

Wanted by the FBI

You’ve been waiting all year to take that flight to Majorca, and soon you’ll be burying your toes in the sand as you gaze out at the blue splendor of the ocean. Unluckily, a dangerous criminal on the FBI’s most-wanted list is seated next to you.

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That must have been an awful experience, and we feel bad for the passengers traveling with such a hardened criminal. We’re even sorrier for the one seated next to him. But it does make for a compelling story over dinner!

Take What They Say with a Grain of Salt

If you didn’t already know, we’re here to remind you—never trust the cabin crew. Why? It’s part of their job description to lie to you. A better way to say it is “calm the passengers down.” But that means lying to you if it makes you happy.

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This FA’s confession brings about a dilemma. Would you want to know the real reason the flight has been delayed, a reason that will freak you out, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it? Or do you prefer not knowing what’s going on? Yep, that’s what we thought.

Everyone Needs to Get Served

Being a flight attendant is stressful because you must care for all the passengers on an airplane. You could be serving food, answering questions, helping with luggage, or even pouring coffee. Passengers need to understand that they will get what they want.

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But they need to be patient. They say patience is a virtue, but this man had none. We don’t quite see the urgency either because you’ll be on a flight for a while and won’t be going anywhere. But apparently, it was too hard to wait for his coffee.

A Dancer on the Plane

Here’s another story of someone without patience. We didn’t know being a dancer on the plane meant you deserve better treatment than the other passengers. That means getting served before everyone else. Well, at least that’s what this passenger thought. It must be delusions of grandeur.

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How rude could you be to throw your cup at a flight attendant? They just let her off easily because, from what we’ve heard, they could have removed her from the plane. We think she needs to be taught a lesson.

Pulling Up Close to a Stranger

This woman became a little disoriented on the flight, which was made worse by the Ambien she took to ease her anxiety. She stood up and walked into another man’s pod—a total stranger. As expected, the flight attendant confronted her.

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She showed no signs of backing down and said she could do whatever she wanted. No, you can’t, miss. Strange things could happen on a flight when you’re sleep-deprived and in a daze. We are sure she wouldn’t pull these types of shenanigans on a regular day.

She Forgot Her Teeth

We often quickly check all our items when stepping off a plane. Let’s face it, and a tired traveler can easily leave behind a purse, a set of headphones, or even the book they were reading. But most of these things are on us.

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Things get tricky when it comes to teeth. This poor old lady probably didn’t want to freak passengers out, so she kept her false teeth somewhere discreet. But unfortunately, she forgot them. Thank goodness she eventually got them in the mail. Let’s hope her Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t seriously impacted.

Allergic to Water without Ice

A refreshing cup of ice water can help make the journey a little better, but if it’s the first drink of the flight and the ice isn’t available yet, you may need to channel a little of your inner Yoda. But what if there’s no ice?

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Then just drink water without ice, right? But this woman had none of it and chose to remain thirsty rather than drink a cup of water without ice. That seems a little childish, and we wouldn’t be shocked if the FA rolled her eyes (in her head).

The Race to the North Pole

People from all walks of life can meet on airplanes as they travel to and from various locations for different reasons. We can usually tell when an average family is on vacation, or a businessperson travels for work and professional reasons. Other times, it’s less obvious.

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Although neither the flight crew nor we know the back story of this older adult dressed as an elf, it is still amusing to watch. What could’ve been his plan? Who knows? Perhaps all he wanted was to reach the North Pole in time for Christmas.

She Clogged the Bathroom Sink

Not everyone can hold it together on a long flight, which is why we think the airplane has bathrooms. This happened, and this lady made it worse to clean up the mess. We appreciate the effort because it could’ve been unbearable for the passengers.

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But maybe she did do something wrong because the staff had to close the bathroom she used. Airplane sinks are only actually designed to take a little quantity of soap and water down the drain and aren’t designed for such heavy-duty loads. She wrecked everyone’s trip.

BBQ without the Sauce

When you put more than a hundred people in one place, you’ll only likely see some ridiculous ones. If you didn’t already know, BBQ ribs generally come slathered in BBQ sauce—hence the name. This woman certainly didn’t get the memo.

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She wanted to get her BBQ ribs without the sauce that makes them BBQ—kind of a mind-bender. The woman also dared to whine that she wasn’t getting her way. Thankfully, the flight attendant’s supervisor was completely aware of this request’s absurdness.

Feet Fiasco on the Flight

Considering how tightly the airplane windows are shut for the duration of the flight, which could be hours, it’s advisable not to let off any bad odors. And when meals are served, no one wants to eat under such smelly conditions. That’s just cruel.

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This man not only took off his shoes that smelled awful, but he put his feet up against the wall and started clipping his toenails. It was so bad that the person who complained was two rows away. We don’t want to be the passenger seated next to him.

Flight Panic Mode Activated

We’re not exactly sure what brought this man to such confusion—after all, it’s not like you can tell where you are from the sky. But it was obvious that he had cemented in his mind that he was on the wrong airplane and traveling to the wrong place.

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If that were the case, he should have realized it as soon as he went through security or at the very least looked at his boarding card. Thankfully, after some time, the man finally came to his senses and realized that nothing was wrong. He must have terrified other passengers.

Puked All Over the Place

Turbulence is a frightening experience, not just for the nerves but also for the digestive system. If you’ve had too many plane snacks, your stomach juices could start swirling after a few violent bumps on the plane. We all know what can happen when the tummy starts behaving funny.

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That’s what happened here. Unfortunately for this person, it didn’t go out the back but came up and out. We feel sorry for everyone on board, including those who certainly lost their appetites—oh, and the flight attendants who had to clean up the mess!