This Is the Last Time – Notes Left for Bad Drivers

By Yuri S.

We’ve all encountered a few bad drivers in our time. Maybe they cut right past you on the roads, maybe they forget to use any kind of signal when turning at an intersection, or maybe they break the speed limit. Often, they’re awful parkers too, showing no respect for the rules, stealing other people’s spaces, and ignoring the lines that are supposed to guide them. Usually, these people get away with their bad parking jobs, but sometimes, good folks take the time to call them out.

There have been some amazing and hilarious examples over the years of people leaving jokes, notes, and messages for awful parkers and bad drivers. We’ve gathered together some of our favorites to share with you, reminding us all of the importance to follow the rules and try to park as well as we can, in order for everyone to get along. Read on and enjoy!

Lesson Learned

When people see bad parkers or awful drivers, they might sometimes write a little note on a piece of paper and put it on the windshield to let the driver know and hope to change their ways. The person responsible for this message, however, went for something way more dramatic than that! They actually decided to paint a message all over the car’s windshield, saying “Dogg, stop parking in my spot. Thanks.”

Source: Imgur

We doubt that the owner of the car appreciated this particular message, especially as they probably had to spend quite a lot of time washing that paint away, but hopefully they learned an important lesson about stealing other people’s spaces and showing no respect for the rules.

Next Time, It’ll Be Worse

Some people don’t feel the need to get too dramatic with bad drivers right away. They believe in the idea of giving people a second chance and an opportunity to change their ways and fix their mistakes. That seems to be what this person was thinking when they wrote this note and left it on the windshield of someone who parked in their private spot.

Source: Twitter

They wrote a letter to the driver, informing them that the spot was reserved and saying that, for now, they hadn’t called the tow truck. However, if the bad parker strikes again, the note-writer revealed that they’d call the truck, as well as smearing Vaseline all over the door handles and wiper blades, making it pretty difficult to get inside or drive away.

That’s Pretty Deep

Some of the notes and messages left on other people’s windshields are designed to be light-hearted and humorous, but others are way more serious and even a little sinister. This is an example of the latter, as someone spotted an expensive-looking BMW car parked across two spaces and just had to write something for the owner.

Source: Pinterest

They started the message by saying that the car’s owner must be pretty rich in order to afford such a car, so why couldn’t they spend a little money to learn how to park? The writer of the note then gets quite dark, saying that their handicapped grandma could actually die due to the carelessness of this driver. It’s quite a grim message, but maybe it got the point across.

Grumpy Cat Isn’t Happy

The internet has given us a lot of amazing memes, funny pictures with amusing messages that never fail to make us laugh, and lots of people have taken those memes out of the digital space and into the real world in some unique and hilarious ways. Here, for example, we can see someone has drawn the Grumpy Cat meme and attached it to someone’s windshield.

Source: Imgur

They also wrote the message “Grumpy Cat does not like people parking in his spot. Next time it’s towed!” Hopefully, whoever saw this cute cat will have had a laugh at the note and maybe learned a lesson about their bad parking. It’s much better to find something like this and change your ways than end up with a parking fine.