Google Earth Finds Some Strange Things

By Yuri S.

We’ve all seen Google Earth and find it pretty cool to be able to see such up-close things from outer space satellites. But as it turns out, Google Earth finds some rather up close and personal things sometimes. First of all, these images come from several sources. There are satellites located somewhat close to the earth and can capture high-resolution photos. Then some satellites are located much further away from us since they’re in the geosynchronous orbit they’re able to snap much wider shots.

The only problem is that they’re shot with a much lower resolution. The good news is that with all these sources, Google Earth has compiled a fair amount of interesting images of our fine earth. From marriage proposals to strange lakes, let’s take a look at some of the weirdest things Google Earth has captured.

An Other-Worldly Marriage Proposal

Guys have gone through great lengths to propose to their lovely ladies, but no one can top what this guy did to propose to his girlfriend. Back in 2008, a man from Tokyo named Yasushi was ready to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Natsuki. But he had no idea how to do it. He just knew that he wanted to do something memorable.


When he came across several types of GPS art, he figured that proposing via Google Earth was the best way to propose. His mind was set. So after a lot of logistics and a few dollars spent, Natsuki said an enormous yes after this very unique proposal.

An Escher Effect

This photo is what happens when two satellite pictures get stitched together: you get an interesting take of the earth. This picture combines two aerial images of buildings in Paris, France. They were both taken from different vantage points. Since the buildings’ photos were taken from a different angle, the buildings located on the edges of the photo look like they are leaning towards those standing next to them.


If you look at this from a different perspective, it can also appear as though they are leaning away from each other, too. If you’re familiar with M.C. Escher’s artwork, then you get why this has an Escher effect. If you don’t, go ahead and Google it!

Diamond in the Rough

This satellite image shows the location of what was once a volcano crater called Cerro Prieto. The now-extinct crater is located near Mexicali in Baja California, Mexico. Through the decades, it looks like site visitors continued to mark the site with their graffiti, which resulted in a piece of art that is actually big enough to be seen from up high – outer space high.

Source: Flickr

Now, the probability of this being accidental is low, as it looks like whoever did the graffiti was hoping that it would be seen from high above – either from an airplane or a satellite. And in that case, well-done graffiti people, you did your job.