Grandparents Are Prime Examples That People Improve as They Age

By Yuri S.

Today’s youth seem to think of grandparents as history and not relevant to their lives. However, there is a lighter, sweeter side to grandparents, as the stories here will show you. Just like fruits ripen and sweeten with age, you’ll see that so do grandparents. So said the iconic Jason Bourne, the hero of Robert Ludlum’s novels. Should you happen to be stranded at your grandparents’ home without your pajamas and your grandma hands you a pair, just go with it.

Your grandma might hand you a pair of pajamas your grandpa used to wear. Undoubtedly, there was a day many years ago that those pajamas were trending. But, must you wear them now? It could be worse. Your grandma, with all good intentions, may hand you a large-sized nightgown. Don’t sweat it! You just need to wear it and go to bed.

What Do You Mean When You Say …

The English language has plenty of words that have two meanings. It also depends on the generation to which you belong. The juxtaposition of words can also lead to confusion, just like this message from grandpa in response to greetings from a grandson on the grandparents’ 51st anniversary.

Source: Twitter

You will never know whether grandpa willfully misunderstood what was written or just took the words literally. And you would not want to ask or correct them. The old geezer can be wily as a fox and could be pulling your leg.

Facetime With an iPhone, The Grandpa Way

The fun of video chatting is that you can see each other when you talk. So, when this kid decided to have a Facetime chat with his grandpa, he should have taught grandpa what Facetime really is. Otherwise, your grandpa could well put the phone right next to his ear for the entire chat.

Source: Twitter

It is moot whether grandpa would have agreed to look at the phone camera and talk. After all, for decades, those oldies have been used to talking with the phone next to their ear. Maybe it’s time you give them a brief tutorial on how to Facetime.

Sustainable Environment Exemplified by Grandparents

Everyone is so used to throwing away packaging and wrapping that they could learn a lesson or two from their grandparents on sustainable living. This grandma never throws away packaging and has put an iPhone container to perfect use.

Source: Tumblr

Take a page out of this grandmother’s book and reuse your containers. If butter could think, it might be proud to discover it’s been hidden away in an expensive iPhone container. Let’s hope Apple gives us more reusable, sustainable containers.

Anything to Keep Him at Arm’s Length

A neighbor has the hots for this grandmother. She, however, is most disinterested and will do anything to keep the neighbor at arm’s length, possibly a mile away, as can be seen from this picture.

Source: Tumblr

All that the neighbor did was ask her a simple question about whether she had her dinner. To which she fittingly (or otherwise) replied that she never eats. Do you believe her? Anything to brush him off. Anything that works!

You Know How They Stuff Turkeys

Turkeys are supposed to be stuffed full. Grandmothers believe that their children fail to feed their own children properly. So, the next time you visit your grandmother, be prepared to be stuffed with goodies until you can’t take it anymore.

Source: Reddit

Clearly, grandmothers believe that the amount of food they dish up is equivalent to the love they feel. Maybe you can’t have too much of a good thing, or perhaps you can?

This Is How Doctors Treat Grandfathers With Addictive Tendencies

This grandfather went to a doctor and requested some pills to curb his gambling tendencies. The doctor had a quirky sense of humor and prescribed these pills for grandpa.

Source: Tumblr

The pic says it all and should be a surefire cure for grandfather’s gambling urge. However, be warned it will work only on older people, and it may not benefit everyone.

It Is Not What It Looks Like It Is

Appearances can be deceptively alluring, as this image shows. This grandma used a beautiful rock as the centerpiece of her table decoration. If she only knew what that beautiful rock really was!

Source: Tumblr

Be a sport. Don’t tell her it is an old piece of candy. Tell her it is a precious, rare rock, a jewel, and the only one of its kind. Watch as she glows with pride and pleasure. Happiness matters more than the truth.

I Just Cannot Take It at This Age!

This is what your grandpa is likely to say when a spider bites him, and you rush to get some ointment. But then, the way he expresses it could be funny and unique.

Source: Tumblr

Grandpa quirkily says he is too old to be Spiderman. He may be getting along in years, but the mind, as ever, scintillates with brilliant wit.

Grandma and the Brand Gulf

This anecdote so aptly illustrates that grandparents are out of sync with current brands. This guy asked his grandma for Converse sneakers. The loving grandma thought she knew what he meant and came up with this:

Source: Twitter

You have to hand it to her. She went to the trouble of knitting him a pair of woolen mittens for his feet. Was he surprised and pleased? Hard to say, but with grandmas, you have to be precisely specific, especially if there is a brand involved.

High Tech Is Way Beyond the Older Generation

Everyone knows what an iPad is or they should. However, as this picture amplifies, the older generation is apt to misinterpret and take it to mean something else. The next time you are talking hi-tech in front of your grandma, please enlighten her about what the term really means!

Source: Tumblr

This grandma thought the iPad her grandson referred to was a cutting board. Thank goodness she did not think of it as a sanitary pad!

It Is About the Best Food All the Time

You cannot blame them for having a one-track mind, and if you think we are referring to sex, forget it. Grandmas, when visiting, are likely to bring along a suitcase full of good food.

Source: Tumblr

Not just good food, but lots of it, so that you can keep your fridge stocked with this abundant supply for quite some time. Doting grandmothers think that grandchildren need food day and night.

A Childlike Approach to Discovering New Things in New Gadgets

You have to hand it to them. Grandparents can discover novel things to do with their new gadgets, taking child-like pleasure in their discovery, as this grandfather proves:

Source: Reddit

Here’s Grandpa calling all his friends and telling them to send him their selfie so that he can assign a pic to a number. You can be amazed or learn something new from them about hi-tech.

Never Trust a Machine to Do a Man’s Job

Grandparents today can be termed the Terminator generation. After all, the actors in that movie are grandparents today. This doesn’t translate to trust in machines, as this image shows. Here’s Grandpa following a robot vacuum cleaner to see that it does its job properly.

Source: Tumblr

Some jobs are best done by people and not by robots. Do robots even know what dust is? This is what grandparents are likely to think of new-fangled robots trying to do a man’s job.

Rules Go Out of the Window

It is a radical shift in rules between grandparents and grandchildren: rules go out of the window. Grandchildren can get inside the walk-in fridge and get patted for being so clever!

Source: Reddit

Oddly enough, the grandparent would not have tolerated her own child walking into a fridge. With grandchildren, rules simply do not apply. Doting is the new rule.

Think Before You Gift Your Grandma Something

You might not see the problem, but the pet cat sure is bound to yowl to high heaven when you get your grandma a camera phone for Christmas. She then thinks of things to photograph, which is all very good, except when it comes to her pet cat.

Source: Tumblr

It might be fun for grandma to dress up her cat, snap some images, and WhatsApp them, but the cat certainly is not going to be happy about it. His pride and dignity are wounded.

Grandparents Know Everything…But in a Different Way

As a child, you expected your grandparents to know everything and have answers to all of your questions. They would give you anything you wanted. So, when your phone got wet, and you asked grandma for some rice to dry it out, this is what you got.

Source: Tumblr

Did she know well in advance that you would one day ask for rice to dry out your phone? Was she psychic? How wonderful of her to label a container and have it ready when you needed it!

Now You Can Switch Off Your Ears

You can close your eyes but not your ears…except when you get to the grandparent age. Hearing aids can be a mixed blessing, as this image shows.

Source: Twitter

A grandfather at a concert nonchalantly switches off his hearing aid when a girl sings on stage, and he is spared her screeching voice. Don’t you wish you too could switch off your ears when you felt like it?

You Get What You Ask For

Doting grandparents will give you everything you ask for, but beware, it may not be precisely what you expect. A grandchild asked his grandparent for a pack of onion and sour cream chips. We bet he was surprised when he got this:

Source: Tumblr

Being handed a pack of onion-flavored rings and a dish of sour cream might make your jaw drop, but what is stopping you from trying out this delectable mix? It could be a serendipitous discovery! After all, things like onion and sour cream chips didn’t exist in their time, so you should have explained things better.

The Best Therapy for the Silent Treatment Grandma Gives Him

Who says grandpas don’t have brains? When he has a problem with his wife, he doesn’t go to the therapist to get his wife to talk to him. He has his own home-brewed remedy for that.

Source: Reddit

The simple solution to get her to talk to him was to tighten the pickle jar lid so it wouldn’t open easily. A trick for a treat—that is what it is. She has to talk to him to get that jar opened!

Never Thought I Would Be a Living Circus

Shower your love on your grandchild, and she might turn you into a circus figure. Just grin and bear it and go along. It is so much fun when a grandchild showers their affection on you.

Source: Tumblr

This little girl had lots of fun trying out her creative art on her patient grandfather. Did he love it? You betcha.

Grandpa Has the Last Laugh

So, if you think you can poke fun at your grandfather and get away with it, you have another thing coming. This image shows grandchildren having fun at the expense of their snoring grandfather. Did he take it lying down?

Source: Twitter

Now, it is your turn. You snore, and grandpa has the last laugh. Revenge is a dish best served while you are sleeping.

If You Think I Am Old, Then Watch This

Youngsters, poor saps, are often misguided with a false sense of chivalry. One such guy thought it was only fitting to offer his subway seat to a grandfatherly person, who then demonstrated just how young he was and felt.

Source: Twitter

Grandpa showed beyond a doubt that he is as fit as a fiddle, and the youngster undoubtedly vowed never to offer his seat to a senior citizen again. Gray hair is no indicator of age or fitness.

Better Than Tooth Fairies—Grandparents Give You Everything You Want!

Grandparents sure are better than tooth fairies because they give their grandchildren whatever they want, whenever they want, no questions asked. Better still, when the parents of the child are not around!

Source: Tumblr

Grandparents will give you all you want, but do you have hands big enough to take everything you desire, such as a bag of candy? Oh well, you can always have Grandma hold on to the bag while you finish them, one by one. That is until mom comes along to spoil the fun.

Rule Number One: Never Bite Grandmas

When it comes to scolding someone, grandmas do not discriminate between children and pelicans, as this image shows a cowed-down pelican facing Grandma’s wrath.

Source: Facebook

A pelican had the audacity to bite a grandma and got a good dressing down in return. He will likely remember it for life and stay a good distance away from anyone who remotely resembles a grandma. What was the pelican thinking? Grandmas don’t get henpecked.

The Disappearing Act Done the Conventional Way

Does the phrase “hidden in plain sight” come to mind. It should. When grandmas choose to disappear, it is not like waving a wand and pouf! This is what wise grandmas do when they want to become invisible.

Source: Facebook

This grandma used traditional camouflage to vanish right under the noses of her annoying grandkids. Army men can take a page (or, should we say, a carpet) out of her book and do the vanishing act.

Jesus in a New Avatar!

They get religious as they grow older, right? This adorable grandmother apparently has impaired eyesight and thought it fit to depict her adoration of Jesus differently by getting this bracelet. Just priceless!

Source: Twitter

She got a bracelet of John Cena, firmly believing it to be that of Jesus in his full youth. Oh well, Jesus can do with a new avatar, and hopefully, Grandmother remains blissfully ignorant and devout.

If You Can’t Be Explicit, This Is What You Get

Grandpa knows everything. So, when you tell him to put his wet phone in rice to dry it out, you are in for a surprise and not a delightful one at that.

Source: Tumblr

Grandpa straightaway cooked the phone with the rice and came up with a novel pilaf. It just shows that you must be very explicit and explain in great detail what kind of rice you want, its purpose, and how to do it.

Nothing Like a Burger to Stay in Love Forever… Almost

Grandma and Grandpa are fond of going to the In-N-Out burger joint, and every time they do, she texts a photo of them enjoying a burger to their grandchild. Surprisingly, In-N-Out was started by owners when they were newlyweds, and they have remained steadfast to each other. It must be something in the burgers.

Source: Twitter

Or maybe it is a photo of being together that keeps the love cemented or the burger itself. But, it all boils down to celebrating togetherness. Marriage is like a burger—a bun and something in between that makes up a whole.

Going All the Way to Show You How It Is Done

When they get down to it, old-timers do a fantastic job of it and go all the way. A grandpa was invited to a wedding with a medieval theme, and this is what he came up with—from clothing to transportation, everything was medieval.

Source: Facebook

For the grandfather on a horse, the question now arises: how would he find a dancing partner willing to giddy up with him? Well, maybe he got off the horse.

Playing Possum Is What I Do Best

Grandmothers can be clever and can clearly outsmart grandkids who want to play all the time. This wily grandma came up with a brilliant idea for playing with her grandchild.

Source: Twitter

It takes time for grandchildren to learn to respect their grandparents’ wishes. Usually, by then, they will have grown up. Anyway, this grandma used the trick to get her grandchild to play possum and snored away blissfully.

Sparing No Pains for the Costume Party

Never doing things halfway is clearly a mandate close to grandparents’ hearts and minds. When asked to take part in a costume party, they dressed up as snowmen, and boy did they resemble the abominable snowman!

Source: Twitter

As the Eagles belted out in their song, Take it to the limit! Hopefully, they inspired this pair, but there is a limit to what you can bear! The pair looked awesome and terrifyingly scary, but you have to give them credit for being innovative and thorough.

Enhanced Security at ATMs – The Grandmother Way

Leave nothing to chance, or you’ll give robbers an opportunity to grab and run with your hard-earned cash. While you are drawing money from the machine, Grandma stands guard. Beware all those who try to enter!

Source: Facebook

The ability to deter a thief may be in doubt, but you can never doubt her intention. She is ready for anything and anyone. In a worst-case scenario, she is ready to use her handbag as a weapon. You are warned!

Rocking’ Along With a Boom Box

No, none of those tiny music players for old-timers. The right way to listen to music is with a pair of full-sized headphones and a boombox in tow. You can really rock away, as this grandpa will show you.

Source: Facebook

You might stare goggle-eyed at the sight of a grandpa listening to music this way, but what the heck; this is the way to rock and roll even when your knees wobble. The good thing is Grandpa does not have to listen to anything going on around him.

Life Starts at Sixty, So They Say, and I Say “I Do”

For all those youngsters who think you have to be young to fall in love and get married, this image is an object lesson in the adage that life starts at sixty, and there is no age limit to fall in love.

Source: Tumblr

Would you guess that this woman is not just a grandmother? She is a great-grandmother who shows you that it is possible to live, love and marry when you want, no matter what age you are.

My Hat Collection Is About Something Else

No, Grandpa does not love to collect hats, nor was he a baseball player in his younger days. This is all about Grandpa collecting hats of all his grandkids who enrolled in college. Each hat is symbolic of a proud moment.

Source: Tumblr

The more, the merrier. Each baseball cap tells a story of a grandkid who grew up and finally made it to college, much to the grandfather’s pride.

Sock It to Him Grandpa!

Parents love to watch their kids play soccer, and grandpas would love to play along with their grandchildren, even if it is just a practice session at the nets. It’s fun kicking the ball around with kids.

Source: Tumblr

The grandchild in jersey No. 3 is watching his grandpa, hopefully egging him on to “sock it to him,” the kid in jersey no. 4. Boy, it sure is good to have Grandpa on your team and by your side. You can root for him, and he will likewise root for you.

Romance Has Nothing to Do With Age; It Is In The Heart

Love is like fine wine. As this picture shows, it ages well and becomes all the better for it. The grandmother is in hospital on their 57th anniversary, and grandpa decides to dress up in a tux and turns up with flowers in his hand.

Source: Twitter

You truly value and appreciate your partner when you grow older. This is just one way to show how much old-timers appreciate each other. Age dims the eyes, but the fire of love burns bright.

Playing Scrabble Can Be Tough With Some Words

A grandmother upped the ante when she chose to play specific words in this Scrabble game. Scrabble improves cognitive abilities and word power, but this is limiting, to say the least.

Source: Tumblr

What makes it a hard mountain to climb is that this grandmother in question chose to play using only two names: Fred and Dexter. And, you guessed it right—they are her grandchildren. Now try playing and winning with these two words.

A Pet in Need Is a Friend Indeed

Children fly the coop, and grandchildren have no time to spend with Grandpa. Sometimes it takes a pooch to take the loneliness out of this grandfather’s life, and boy, do they get along well. There’s nothing like a pet in need being a friend indeed.

Source: Twitter

See just how close these two are to each other? It is heartwarming to see a grandpa with a pooch, both comfortable and caring for one another.

Memories Don’t Leave As People Do; They Will Always Be With You

Particularly more so when you wish to forget something like a past relationship. And grandmothers, God bless their souls, will use social media, of all things, to bring alive memories of relationships you wish were buried eighty feet deep in the ground!

Source: Tumblr

This grandmother excitedly shares memories her grandchild would rather not bring up, share, or even think about. What’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander.

Argue With Grandparents, and You Lose

Especially when you are wrong. This happened to a kid who loved having long talks with his grandparents. But sometimes that leads to arguments, and the grandparent always wins because they are always right.

Source: Twitter

The simple reason why the guy lost was that he got his birthdate wrong while his grandma remembered it perfectly. It took a whole 15 minutes for the guy to be convinced that she had it right and he had it wrong.

Numbers Do Not Matter with Grandparents, Love Does

So, what if the grandparent got the age of their grandchild wrong and gave the kid a card showing he was 4 when he had just turned 3? Numbers do not matter, and kids do not care. It is the gifts they get and the love they get that matter.

Source: Twitter

Once again, it is the loving thought that matters most, and when it comes to love, grandparents have it in abundance for their grandchildren—from cards to gifts and treats. Lucky are those kids who have grandparents!

Between Texting and Tweeting—A World of Confusion

Grandparents can interpret social media in different ways, and they should be forgiven for thinking it is all about communication. The dividing lines get blurred, such as when this grandparent tweeted her problem.

Source: Twitter

This grandmother used Twitter to text their grandchild, blissfully ignorant of how different social media channels operate. But then, she did manage to get the message across, did she not? And she was within the 280-character limit.

Clueless But Supportive All the Time

Grandparents have great, big hearts and will accept unconditionally whatever their grandchildren say, nodding along in approval. There are many generational ways of thinking, but they are there for you, no matter what.

Source: Twitter

These grandparents may seem like they are from another world and era, but they are quite happy to provide affirmative nods to what their adorable grandkid says, even though everything the kid says is in Greek and Latin.

Wish for the Moon, and This Is What You Get

It may be every girl’s deepest desire to be swept off her feet by a handsome, rich guy who drives off into the sunset with her to live happily ever after. Tell this to your grandma, and this is what you get.

Source: Twitter

A girl expressed her desire to her grandmother to be somewhat like Cinderella. Like all grandmothers who would grant their grandchildren everything they asked for, this one invited her grandchild to her home. The only twist is that the girl had the “other” Cinderella experience – she got to do the cleaning.

Things You Should Never Ask Your Grandmother…Like..

Grandmothers give you plenty of freedom to say what you like and may ask what you want, but there are things you should never ask your grandmother.

Source: Twitter

It is not polite to ask a woman if she is pregnant and certainly not your grandmother of all people. It’s downright rude. You will learn.

Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Or to be more precise, in the foot. This grandchild admired her grandmother’s shoes. Her grandmother promptly went out and bought her grandchild an identical pair of shoes. This means you should think before you say anything or, when you get a gift from your grandmother, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Source: Tumblr

Who else but a grandmother will treat every wish of yours as a command? It is the bottomless love she has for you that shows through.

She Loves Bingo More Than She Loves Me

The geriatric types are stereotyped as bingo lovers, so people assume that a grandma may be accused of loving bingo more than she loves her grandchild. Anyway, bingo is fun, so join them if you can’t beat them.

Source: Tumblr

Accompany your grandma to the bingo hall. Who knows, she might just win, and then you can ask her for any gift, and she surely will give it lovingly—proof that bingo can help grandmothers show love for their grandchildren in a different way.

Say Whatever Comes To Your Mind

There is no holding back when it comes to expressing whatever thought crosses their minds, even if it isn’t quite appropriate, such as in this case of a grandmother in a waiting room.

Source: Reddit

A skinny girl walking across the hospital floor prompted a grandma to quip that if skeletons escape from the morgue, that hospital is certainly not inspiring confidence. That’s a jaw-dropper quote for sure.

Not All Bunnies Are the Same

Ignorance can be bliss! But it can be embarrassing too, as this gift from a great-grandmother clearly shows. Perhaps she was being cheekily humorous.

Source: Reddit

That is what the gift-giver would have thought, not knowing about the iconic playboy logo on the bag she gifted for Christmas. She probably thought it was Bugs Bunny or Roger Rabbit.

The More Things Change, the More They Remain the Same

If you thought grandmothers and girls of her era were prim and chaste beings and conservative to the core, you should think again. A grandma’s response to her granddaughter leaves you speechless.

Source: Reddit

A possible explanation for such forthright frankness is that grandmother no longer is worried or cares about niceties at her age. She can afford to be and glorify in it.

Twitter-Savvy Grandma Gets It Right

As this illustration shows, Grandmas can be smart and capable of tweeting the right thing at the right moment. A grandma snapped a picture of her grandson lying on the sidewalk and tweeted it pronto for everyone to see and share.

Source: Twitter

This grandma used just the right hashtags—the tweet was amusing and thought-provoking, proving that grandmas can be tech-savvy.

Speech to Text and Persistent Grandpa

Even with AI, speech-to-text is not quite as perfect as expected, despite persistent efforts. This grandfather proved to be persistent and diligent in trying to get speech-to-text to work but was not quite successful.

Source: Tumblr

He probably got tired of trying to get it right but sent the message anyway, hoping the recipient would understand.

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid

Grandparents can be smart and quickly figure out how to set up gadgets for their use, as this picture shows. Cut out the redundancy!

Source: Tumblr

Just like smartphone makers come up with helpful, user-friendly features. Hopefully, remote control makers will learn from this and offer senior-friendly devices with only the essential buttons.

Who Says I Am Old?

Grandmothers can do wonderful things, short of flying in the air. Before you label them as old, infirm, and incapable, take a look at this pic of Grandma doing advanced yoga that even women one-third her age cannot do.

Source: Pinterest

These poses look easy, but it takes great strength and lots of practice to master these moves. Grandma has surely put in years of training and kept at it regularly to be able to do what she does. Learn from her!

Grandma—the Fount of Good Advice

There is nothing like life’s experience to give you wisdom, and grandmothers have plenty of it. Besides, they love to share it with grandchildren, much to the latter’s benefit.

Source: Tumblr

Obviously, Grandma is clueless about Rihanna, the pop star. But the advice she dispenses is sound – Rihanna may not return calls, but that does not call for hate.

Out of the Closet and Listen to What Grandma Says

This guy kept it under wraps for a long, long time but made a clean breast of it at last. He particularly feared his grandmother, but he need not have worried – she knew all along.

Source: Tumblr

Grandmothers can be shrewd, and she probably guessed it long ago. She also might have prepared a response, waiting for the truth to emerge after all these years.

No Shame in Asking If You Don’t Know Something

Don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t understand a joke or all the abbreviations and jargon youngsters use, as this grandpa demonstrated.

Source: Facebook

This grandpa is honest and doesn’t hesitate to ask his grandchild what YOLO means. He wanted to one-up his geriatric friends, so good luck to him.

Houses Are for Humans

If you’re tired of looking at real estate pictures of all vacant and impersonal interiors, then look at this. Each pic features the grandmother in a different room of her house that she is trying to sell. It does add a human touch and a feeling of coziness and warmth.

Source: Twitter

Obviously, the grandmother takes pride in her house and wants to show that she loves being there and that it will be a good home for the buyer and their family. This is the close, personal touch that is missing so much these days.

Matched to Perfection – We Are One

People get married and live together for decades because they wish to be one. Marriage is the union of souls and loving thoughts, reflected in their activities, right down to their matching apparel.

Source: Twitter

This couple has been married for over half a century, and they go through the trouble of wearing the same color every day, proving that they are a perfect match for each other, a match made in heaven. Youngsters can learn a thing or two here.

On The Same Wavelength

The older generation may be on a different wavelength and is likely to ask you questions about modern gadgets, such as this couple who wanted to know what frequency they should tune their smartphones to “catch” the internet.

Source: Reddit

It isn’t too much trouble to explain in a few words how modern tech works, and your grandparents will surely appreciate it. So, when you gift them something, tell them how it works.

For Better or for Worse

For better or for worse, through thick and thin…these are the marriage vows that this couple took quite seriously. They stick together, whether in the washing machine or dryer.

Source: Facebook

If only the younger generation would learn a little from these two and stick together through good and bad times. The world would be a different place.

Giving Kingsize To Grandkids

Parents may impose controls on just how much candy their kids can eat, but for grandparents, it is all about giving kingsize treats to kids, as this picture demonstrates. So, when parents take their kids back home, this is what the grandparents give by way of a snack.

Source: Tumblr

Grandparents will spoil their grandchildren even if it means crossing the limits. Do you have a grandparent? Then you are lucky. You will get kingsize treats.