Hilarious Customers That Provide Laughs Due to Their Piffle Queries and Mistakes

By Yuri S.

We will admit that sometimes the customers’ complaints are legitimate, but we came across several stories where the customer was so off the mark that it was a big reel of laugh gags and nothing more. Many customers do not understand the description of the product or how the packaging works. You’ll see what we mean when you scroll down. There are some instances where people do not read the description properly and end ordering the wrong size. This is pretty common (especially in clothing and accessories etc.) and most of the time, the seller solves the issue.

But one seller who was selling a Jupiter globe and was in danger of falling on the floor laughing when they read that a customer was asking if the maker could be contacted and they could get a “life-sized” version of the globe. They went on to mention that they do not have a problem with the model having batteries.

Upside down Pizza

Sometimes people make such silly mistakes that you are left wondering how they even came about it. Something similar happened to a customer of Dominos who tweeted at the restaurant claiming that they had sent him just dough in the shape of the pizza but nothing else. Dominos promptly apologized and asked the customer to contact them directly so that they could rectify their mistake.

Source: Twitter

A while later, the customer tweeted again with the real story; he opened the pizza upside down and thought that they had gotten bread that was just baked. What can the restaurant do if its customers do not even know how to open a box, right? Maybe Dominos should start labeling the top of the box to help out such people.

She Blamed the Dissected Cord on the Store

A customer came back to the store and showed the salesperson that she was sold a cable that was already cut in half. She wanted her money back for the product, but the store flat out refused to give her the money. You might be angrily thinking that the store was committing an injustice but there is more to it.

Source: Pinterest

Turns out that the lady had made a mistake; while trying to cut the package open, she accidentally cut the cord in half too. Instead of owning up to her mistake and getting a new cable, she thought it would be appropriate to trick the store and put the whole blame on them.

Customer Fears That Mouse Pad Might Not Be Compatible

We call this an age of technology, and it has been so for decades but there is still a population of people that have refused to get with the times. When faced with technology in any shape and form, their brain collapses. Something of the sort happened to a guy looking to purchase a mousepad.

Source: Reddit

The person went on to the internet to ask the innocent question whether the mousepad is compatible with his Windows 10 or not. Some witty person clapped back asking if the asker knew that a mousepad is just a piece of cloth and nothing more. It just goes to show how there are so many people who are technologically dense even nowadays.

People Will Do Anything for a Picture

The trend of taking pictures of your food as soon as it arrives on the table is something that has been around for some time now. Some people do not approve of it because they feel that it is stupidity delaying digging into a delicious dish. Well, if they hear what this one girl did to her food just for a picture, they will be angry.

Source: Facebook

Her boyfriend asked her to pose with the dish, and somehow it slipped her mind that her dish had gravy in it. She tilted the plate for a better view and all the sauce dribbled down on to the table. The mind-boggling part is that she asked the waiter to replace the dish as if it was not her foolishness that led to this disaster. Customers are something, and sometimes they infuriate us but some even manage to make us laugh with their innocent but funny queries and mistakes.