It’s Not the End of The World – Funny Headstones

By Yuri S.

Ordinarily, when a person passes away and is buried, their tombstone will state the deceased’s name, date of birth, and date of death. Often people add a quote, poem, or sentence that would mean something unique to the family or the person who passed on.

Usually, deciding what to write on a headstone is a somber and grave process. However, some people prefer to take advantage of the opportunity to make some killer jokes. These are the funniest gravestones we could find; they prove that some people would rather die than lose their sense of humor.

Poor Fred’s Good Old Head

Fred or the family he left behind sure appreciated a good rhyme. It’s too bad that he ran out of time. His grave either describes his death or his burial and says, “Here Lies Good Old Fred, A Great Big Rock Fell On His Head.” Let’s hope it didn’t hurt.

Source: Twitter

It’s hard to say whether the rhyme refers to the circumstances of his death or the gravestone itself. Either way, Fred’s sense of humor doesn’t seem to have been impaired by the rock, even if he is dead. Rest in peace.

The Geekiest Gravestone

Mr. R. Anderson seems to have liked computers. Perhaps the shape of the tombstone or the inscription gave him away. This twenty-eight-year-old claimed to have “came, saw and logged out” of life. Apparently, his connection was reset by a peer. It seems to be taking forever for him to log back in.

Source: Facebook

Mr. Anderson’s dry humor seems to have been preserved even after his connection was reset. Maybe he has logged into a higher level and has passed on to better things. We just hope he remembered to save his files in the clouds.

Revolutionary Sam Whittemore

More a memorial than a headstone, Samuel Whittemore’s inscription is sure impressive. The oldest known warrior in the American Revolutionary War, this farmer killed three British soldiers when he was eighty years old. Despite being shot, stabbed with a bayonet, and left for dead, Whittemore survived and lived till age ninety-eight.

Source: Facebook

When he died at almost one hundred years old, Samuel couldn’t help but show off his accomplishments a little bit on his tombstone. Old Sam is probably still rolling over in his grave, trying to pat himself of the back.

In A Pet Cemetery

Mrs. Blanchard’s headstone is kind of endearing; it’s topped with a life-sized likeness of a black cat, sitting like a sphinx. She had a lot of self-awareness and even engraved on her grave the sentence, “destined to be a woman with too many cats.” How many cats are too many cats?

Source: Twitter

It seems that Susan Blanchard was in good company; the grave behind hers appears to be devoted to another animal, a Mrs. Peacock. Maybe Susan wanted to be buried in a pet cemetery alongside her cats. The drawing of the sunflower also adds a nice light touch.

Looks To Die For

This atheist seemed to have had a killer sense of humor and a great sense of style. Someone who has “all dressed up and no place to go,” written on their headstone, knows that they will be remembered for their superior fashion sense, even after all their senses have faded.

Source: Pinterest

The ability to laugh in the face of death might be more effortless for a self-proclaimed atheist who doesn’t believe that judgment awaits. However, even if they were wrong, at least the judges will give them a good evaluation for their stylish look.

Hole In One

Joel must have really liked golf, or his family must have thought he was especially terrible at it. With an inscription like “At Last A Hole In One,” the seventy-two-year-old, Mr. Cheskin sure had a good sense of humor, even if he lacked an impressive swing.

Source: Facebook

Imagine loving golf so much that you want it forever written on your gravestone; it must have been a life or death game for him. The only thing left to do is hope that Joel is happy with his final hole in one and that he went out swinging.

The Two Things I Love The Most

This guy truly went all the way and spelled out his favorite things; however, he may have been better off taking his secrets to the grave. A modern-day cowboy, his final wish was to be tanned and pressed between his two great loves.

Source: Twitter

We appreciate the sentiment and the honesty, but maybe he should’ve just stuck with the first part, “Two Things I Love the Most, Good Horses and Beautiful Women.” However, it’s too late to take back now, so hopefully, his family has the same sense of humor as him.

Baby Got Buck

The front of Steven James Hayworth Jr.’s grave is pretty standard, aside from the pretty winter landscape that he has engraved on it. But boy, oh boy, does baby got a surprise on the back. Connecting between his two great passions, hip hop and hunting, Steven is a regular Sir-Mix-A-lot-of-subjects.

Source: Pinterest

The back of his tombstone has an engraving of him standing and holding a stag. Furthermore, it reads, “I like big bucks, and I cannot lie.” We can’t deny that we appreciate how invested Steven was in planning his gravestone.

Lola Didn’t Give A Darn

It Looks like Lola S. Holt didn’t care about much of anything. Neither life nor death seemed to have fazed her if she decided that engraving her tombstone with “Oh Well Whatever” was legitimate. One would think that this obnoxious grave was that of a teenager, but Lola was eighty-one when she passed away.

Source: Twitter

Who knew that people born in the 1920s were so sarcastic? She must’ve learned to take life and death lightly and to think like Dr. Seuss, who famously said, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

The Non-consensual Death

This former resident of Chattanooga, Tennessee, seems to have many complaints to relay to the manager. Not only was he not consulted about being born, but he also died without consenting to leave. Pretty much every human being can relate to that.

Source: Facebook

Essentially, this grave gives quite a factual summary of the beginning and end of a human’s life. We hope that the late William R. Frye has learned to accept his eternal rest, or at least would be happy to hear that his famed gravestone has made many people laugh.

Wherever She Goes, There’s Laughter

Kay must have promised to take her fudge recipe to the grave. However, she decided to let her loved ones in on her secret as part of her final goodbye. If it is that good, maybe we should jot down notes too; her family seems to think that the fudge is to die for.

Source: Pinterest

The generous Kay was also known for her good-natured attitude because aside from the full fudge recipe, her grave also says, “Wherever she goes, there’s laughter.” With that much sugar in her fudge, she was bound to be a sweetheart.

Inside (The Grave) Joke

Janet’s grave is among the dirtiest on this list, and that’s saying a lot considering they’re all six feet in the dirt. She is here to remind us always to read the fine print. Anyone who stands close enough can see the engravement, “If you can read this, you are standing on my boobs.”

Source: Facebook

Janet’s insistence on respecting people’s personal space even from beyond the grave is admirable. This Texas broad got a good laugh out of planning her head- (and whole-body) stone. She successfully ensured that her mourners laughed instead of crying at her grave, a worthy cause.

Too Spanking Good

It is pretty clear that people had a great sense of humor at the turn of the century that could even be dubbed timeless. There is no doubt that with a surname like Spanks, Arthur and Katherine were the butts of their fair share of jokes during their lifetime.

Source: Pinterest

They must have wanted to have one last laugh in death, as their tombstone can be easily misinterpreted and comes off as quite naughty. Arthur and Katherine were most definitely a spanking good time; who knew that people in the Victorian era were this hilarious.

Pretty Straight Forward

This tomb is probably misunderstood, but even if Beer is just this deceased’s last name, it’s still a laugh. Mr. Beer has quite the pretty headstone and really should be toasted for it. We hope that this ghost only cracks open a cold one every so often and isn’t haunting a bar somewhere.

Source: Pinterest

Or perhaps this Mr. Beer’s name wasn’t as literal as it sounds, and he didn’t even drink. Either way, his gravestone indeed makes many passersby crack a smile, and so he still deserves a place on this list of the wittiest headstones.

We Had Fun

It appears that Constance W. Bigsby is prepared for death, seeing as she already engraved her gravestone before the fateful day even came. However, with such fun last words, there’s no doubt that she continued living it up till the very end.

Source: Reddit

Her stone says, “Too Bad… We Had Fun,” which is nice to know. Constance seems to have held on pretty long, considering she lived from 1914 till 2000. This fun lady probably had a great time partying on her last New Year’s Eve and bringing in the twenty-first century.

Passionate About Chocolate

Whosever grave this is must have been extremely passionate about chocolate with this inscription, “I never met a chocolate I didn’t like.” However, as expressed by Forest Gump, “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get,” and whoever this person was, they sadly passed away relatively young.

Source: Reddit

We can only wish for them an afterlife of unlimited chocolate bars of every shape and kind, like something out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. It is tradition to eat a piece of chocolate when seeing this grave out of respect for this queen of cocoa.

No Body Is Perfect

Billy Wilder, the brilliant and talented film director, and screenwriter, also had a sense of humor. On his headstone engraved in gold are the words, “I’m a writer, but then nobody’s perfect.” Known for his hilarious cinematic masterpieces like Some Like It Hot, it’s no surprise that Wilder knew how to self-deprecate.

Source: Tumblr

If we’re completely honest, Billy Wilder was an almost perfect writer, winning numerous Academy Awards for his talents in directing and writing, including for The Lost Weekend, Sunset Boulevard, and The Apartment. His humility only made him more likable.

Too Bad For Ester

Ester A. Freer certainly had a comical side. Anyone bold enough to have “I’d rather be reading this” engraved onto their tombstone deserves a place on this list. This grave is guaranteed to make her loved ones laugh while they cry.

Source: Tumblr

Mrs. Freer sure knew how to crack up the crowd with a witty one-liner. Who knows, maybe she is in a better place now, reading whatever her heart desires and making other souls laugh with her facetious jokes. Either way, her life must have been pretty good if she was so keen to stay around.

The Kids Think Its Gnarly

This New Mexican gravestone of Jed Hall is one of a kind. Not only was this rhymer buried with his Harley Davidson motorcycle he was a criminal and was never caught. Hall used his headstone to make a last brag about how gnarly he is and how he evaded the law.

Source: Reddit

The most impressive part is the perfect rhyme on the grave; it begs the question of whether Hall came up with it or if his friends had a healthy sense of humor as well. It’s good to know that graveyards allow people to be buried with their motorcycles.

Let Your Eyes Be Your Guide

Leonard Victor Manning’s grave is highly unique; it is topped with a figurine of a British taxicab and adorned with a likeness of the deceased himself. Furthermore, Manning left behind a quote engraved upon the black stone, in which he thanks all his friends and loved ones for a good life.

Source: Tumblr

He also tells them all to let their eyes be their guide and keep their cash close till the end. This cabby comedian finishes with a bang reminding everyone to take their medication! Talk about dedication; Leonard is trying to take care of everyone from behind the grave.

What A Punny Name

Puns are fun unless your name is one. Poor old Noah Scape (no escape) must have had a hell of a time growing up. Parents, take note and check what your baby’s name sounds like with your last name before filling out the birth certificate.

Source: Facebook

Luckily, Noah Scape had a great sense of humor and liked to laugh at his own expense. On his grave are the words “Always felt trapped,” a double play on words, about his name and his current state of being stuck in a coffin for eternity.

An Infectious Sense of Humor

With a name like Yeast, one is bound to be a baker. John’s sweet sense of humor is displayed on his gravestone, upon which is embossed, “Here lies John Yeast. Pardon me for not rising.” It’s alright, John! We forgive you in light of your current circumstances.

Source: Facebook

John’s kids probably roll their tearing eyes at his impressive dad joke every time they visit their father’s grave. Laughing is better than crying, no matter how you look at it. These lifeless comedians deserve some credit for leaving us all breathless from laughter.

Rest At Last

Being a couch potato is a trait usually looked down upon; in death, however, it can come in quite handy, as is strongly suggested in the case of this dearly departed’s grave. Whoever chose the obituary for this headstone should probably try to let go of their anger now that whoever this is had passed away.

Source: Twitter

The inscription reads, “Here lies a lazy bum. You finally get to lay in one place and not move at all, like you’ve always wanted.” It sounds like they deserve the rest, to be honest. We hope they have a comfy coffin.

Computed To A Better Place

This couple must have loved computers to have one sculpted on their tomb for eternity. Sadly, the computer they chose is already outdated; they never knew that technology would move on so rapidly. However, a smartphone would be more practical to be buried with, which they would have liked very much.

Source: Reddit

In a few years, children won’t even understand what the big square box on their grave is. However, the engraved picture of them on the marble computer’s screen is pretty cool, and this tech-savvy duo certainly deserves points for graveyard originality.

Gosh Dang It

Dang might be their last name; however, it is also a pretty expressive word. The use of it here is actually highly fitting, considering the sad story behind this gravestone. On this stone are the names of a mother, father, and son. Alas, only the son has a death date and passed away very young.

Source: Facebook

These grieving parents intend to be buried beside their young son, who they nicknamed Ace. Hopefully, Ace’s parents, Hung and Thudung, will enjoy good, long lives before being reunited with their young son in the next life.

David Dares Even In Death

With a name like David Dares, this dad was bound to be a daredevil. He is undoubtedly “knock, knock,” knocking on heaven’s door as his loved ones grieve. A lover of trucks and jokes, his headstone was obviously curated to his specific tastes by his mourning family.

Source: Pinterest

David definitely dared not to take life too seriously; he knew that no one gets out alive anyway. However, the joke on his headstone doesn’t have any comedic meaning, but the sentiment is heartwarming, so no judgment. Maybe David was a better comic than those he left behind.

Heed Your Headstone

A gravestone adorned with a sculpture of a dead man holding another head in his hands is pretty particular. This person’s family must have thought that they were very two-faced to give them a gravestone with this statue. Lucky for them, they’ve laid their troubles to rest.

Source: Facebook

If the family had left an inscription on the grave, maybe we could understand exactly what they meant by this piece of art, but they didn’t bother. The reposed philosopher seems to be deep in eternal contemplation of their second face; we hope they finally know the meaning of life or death.

Pushing Up Daisies

The following gravestone is an incredibly odd one, with an engraved portrait and pretty cutting-edge text. First off, it has a likeness of a laughing man wearing an old-style outfit and a monocle, and beside him are the words “HA! HA!” Underneath the picture is the saying, “I’m pushin’ up daisies!!!”

Source: Twitter

This fellow seems to find his own death extremely funny and deserves some applause. It may be just the weirdest engravement on our whole list. Although despite the quirky and kind of creepy picture, his excitement over death is sure catching.

I’m With Stupid

The morbid among us often joke with friends about what music we’d want playing at our funeral or what our gravestone should say. But imagine if your friends followed through and made sure you were remembered by your obnoxious humor forever. That’s what probably happened to this couple.

Source: Reddit

Their graves look like a pair of joke t-shirts; engraved the words “I’m with stupid” on one tomb and “stupid” on the other. Since they died on the same day, we can’t be sure who is responsible for the eternal joke, but it’s endearing that they went out laughing.

The Sixth Sense

Sixteen-year-old Micah G. Green passed away far too young; however, he left behind a legacy of humor. The teenager must have loved The Sixth Sense and been a pretty sarcastic guy because his tomb is inscribed with the hilarious quote, “I see dumb people.”

Source: Pinterest

Instead of writing “I see dead people,” as the original movie quote goes, Micah wanted to get a few last laughs from his loved ones and make people feel stupid. We can’t help but wonder what M. Night Shyamalan would think of this heartbreaking plot twist.

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

This grave has a fascinating statue adorning it. A mustachioed man is either sleeping or dead, covered in a blanket made of large and rough stones. The sleeping man has his arm raised above him and is holding a rose. What could it all represent?

Source: Reddit

Despite how impressed we are with the vision and the artistry, we don’t quite understand the statue’s significance. However, whoever designed it deserves some credit for following through with such a wild vision. We hope that despite our confusion, this creative is resting in peace.

The Magic Eight Ball

Upon this headstone rests a detailed pool table with just a few balls left to finish the game. Whether a pool-playing couple or a billiard-loving pair of friends, Sharol and Leon must have been highly invested in the game if they asked for it to decorate their graves.

Source: Facebook

It’s hard to tell how big the pool table actually is, but because it’s sideways, it can’t be played on, which is probably better because other graves are around. Imagine how awkward it would be for neighboring mourners if Sharol and Leon’s loved ones were always playing pool.

Resting Those Eyes

Gloria M. Russell left this world with a witty quip, promising that she was just resting her eyes. Her sense of humor isn’t lost on us, and her family surely appreciate it, but sadly it doesn’t look like she’s going to wake up from her nap.

Source: Pinterest

It’s clear that Gloria was well-loved, considering the heart and two beautiful roses that accompany her joking last words on the gravestone. Maybe she’ll be reincarnated and wake up from her repose to kid around some more; if not, at least she seems to be enjoying her rest peacefully.

It’s Killing Me

On the ground beside this headstone lays another stone engraved with the quote, “she always said her feet were killing her, but no one believed her.” We don’t know if this woman, in fact, died of foot-related complications, but we still appreciate the joke.

Source: Facebook

There is a moral to this story that maybe we shouldn’t ignore people who say that some body part or other is killing them. Usually, these people are considered annoying complainers, but this woman seems to have died of what she’d always grumbled about, making her the boy who cried wolf.

The Worst Deal

Some people have no regrets, while others look back at their lives and aren’t happy with every choice or result. This dealmaker obviously had his fair share of regrets, especially the one that ended his life. However, he was able to keep his sense of humor even in the face of shame and death.

Source: Twitter

Not only does his headstone excel in its witty financial wordplay, but it is also relatable and endearing. We forgive their bad choices and reward them for their good humor. Money is just material, whereas a good joke can live on forever.

He Just Knew It

George W. Jr. here knew he would eventually die, as we all do, but somehow writing it the way he did on his tombstone makes a great joke. The dry and straightforward humor is to die for. George didn’t need to have his tarot cards read to know he would pass away.

Source: Twitter

However, is it possible that he was referring to the specific details of his passing? If so, he has good reason to show off his superiority even after he’d dearly departed this life. Maybe he knew too much and paid the ultimate price for his knowledge.

Parallel Parked In Peace

Katherine and Sterling weren’t expecting much from the other side; they only wanted a final parking place. Parking must be hard to find in Georgetown if they decided to refer to the transportation issue on their gravestone. Their play on words is pretty amusing and incredibly relatable.

Source: Reddit

Either way, it’s good to know that they finally found a spot to park their bodies parallel to each other forever. The deceased couple can turn off their engines together and make themselves at home; it looks like these spots will be their last.

Neighbors Are Dead Quiet

In the present real estate climate, finding a nice place isn’t easy on a budget. We’ve all learned from horror movies that renting out haunted houses is always cheaper, so this deceased decided to try and capitalize on their new property. Despite the dead quiet neighbors and the low price, I wouldn’t take it.

Source: Pinterest

The accommodations look pretty cramped and dark. Though it definitely isn’t the worst apartment I’ve seen. The deadly realtor has a chance of finding a tenant if they keep trying; maybe they’ll make a final bargain yet.

It Ain’t Easy

Accepting the end of one’s life is no simple business, and many of us live in fear of the next step our whole lives. Whosever grave this belongs to was not a happy camper and wanted everyone to know it. With the engravement “sucks to be me,” they manage to be both funny and tragic.

Source: Twitter

All that is left is to wish them a pleasant stay on the other side of the grass. Life isn’t always a walk in the park either, though we understand why death can feel like the end of the world.

A Tasteful Armchair

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan must have adored sitting down. Choosing to decorate one’s gravestone with a stone likeness of an armchair is a pretty specific decision. Their grave might be modeled after a favorite chair or even one they designed, though regardless of why they chose it, the chair has its benefits.

Source: Tumblr

It is the easiest grave to find in the cemetery and the only one that its visitors can rest on without feeling disrespectful. A chair is meant to be sat on, isn’t it? Too bad they can’t just move it into the shade, though.

Just In Case You Forgot

This contemporary piece gets its point across directly and concisely. Some people have a tough time finding the words to express their sadness and instead prefer to get right to the matter at hand. The minimal design and one-word description are impressive.

Source: Flickr

Whoever this person was in life, their unique personality shines through in death, aided by their very special gravestone, with its modern facade. The cynical choice of writing only the word “dead” on the grave with no other quotes or sentiment is brief but summarizes the situation thoroughly.

Kiss Him Goodbye

Steam’s song lyrics are used here to express this music lover’s last goodbye. Whoever visits this grave probably leaves with these iconic words playing in their ears for a while. We can only hope that the departed got a few good kisses goodbye from their loved ones before taking their final bow.

Source: Facebook

With a headstone like this one, there is no doubt that the funeral was also an exciting affair. We bet this character went out with a bang and is still singing in the choir in the sky beside some angels or cheering on sports games from above.

Death By Chain Letter

Whoever’s grave this is, they were probably really sick of getting chain texts. However, many people still pass those threatening chains on. Being told you will die by an email or text if you don’t send it to ten other people is annoying and can worry the more superstitious among us.

Source: Facebook

Most people, however, ignore these ridiculous texts and emails and continue with their lives. The person buried under this gravestone seems to think they paid the ultimate price for not forwarding the last sinister text they received to ten other innocent people.

A Dark Sense of Humor

Nobody likes to think about the dark realities of the afterlife; going six feet under is not a dream ending and is quite depressing. This departed soul wanted to make light of the situation and had a joke engraved on their headstone. It reads: “Damn, it’s dark down here.”

Source: Twitter

We hope that this person wasn’t afraid of the dark; their sense of humor certainly makes a case for the contrary. However, their assessment is on point; being locked in a coffin under two yards of dirt is probably pitch-black and gloomy.

No Inheritance To Worry About

Walter’s grave is embossed with a limerick written by a family member who isn’t bad at rhyming. However, the writer seems to have had mixed feelings about their uncle and takes a few low blows. It looks like they weren’t at risk of being cut off any inheritance, so they had nothing to lose.

Source: Facebook

Uncle Walter sure knew how to enjoy his life, and we think he would have appreciated the humorous eulogy. We can’t help but wonder if his family forgave him for his womanizing and alcoholism in the end.

The Automobile Grave

The person buried here was, without a doubt, an automobile lover. Choosing to be buried with a BMW convertible replica on one’s grave is a clear expression of their passions. Keeping the top down in the car is a nice touch, especially since it creates a perfect spot in the backseat to put flowers.

Source: Tumblr

Creating a tombstone like this one doesn’t come cheap, but we guess that if they could afford the car, they could afford the grave. At least this suave car enthusiastic drove off into their final sunset in style.

After This Message

Merv Griffin was an American talk show host and tv personality from the 1960s. Known for the Merv Griffin Show and creating iconic game shows like Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, his legacy lives. He is also remembered for coming up with popular catchphrases like, “We’ll be right back after this message.”

Source: Pinterest

Therefore, the hilarious talent decided to make a final joke on his headstone and had it engraved with the words, “I will not be right back after this message.” It is highly appreciated that he couldn’t resist making a last silly remark.

A Final Fart Joke

Leslie Nielsen was a famous actor and comedian from Canada. He is known for starring in hilarious movies, including Airplane, The Naked Gun, and its sequels. Nielson is remembered as a real laugh, shocking people on and off-screen with his practical jokes.

Source: Twitter

The actor died in 2010 from complications of pneumonia and was buried in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His headstone is embossed with a reminder of his love for bathroom humor and reads simply, “Let ‘er rip.” Do you think he might have meant ‘Rest in Peace’ by the word rip?

Let Her Rest

Joan Hackett was really tired by the time she kicked the bucket. Either that or her family recalled that her beauty rest was essential to her and thought she’d like to be remembered by it. Her grave is adorned with a plaque that says, “Go Away- I’m Asleep.”

Source: Pinterest

Sleepy Joan can finally get a good rest without any interruption. She wasn’t the type to say she’d sleep when she’d die but rather liked her afternoon nap time. Some say sleep is like practicing for death, so Joan practiced until she got it perfect.

All’s Well That Ends Well

After we depart from this world, what happens is an eternal question mused over by philosophers and religions and people everywhere. It’s the one question with no perfect answer and stays with us till the end, and no one comes back from the great beyond to share the ultimate truth.

Source: Pinterest

The person whose grave this is wants to rub in our faces the fact that they finally have all the answers. With the words “Now I know something you don’t know” written on their headstone, it’s apparent that they were a pretty competitive person.

Jesus Is Calling

On this tombstone, a likeness of a cheery elderly lady appears, holding a big old phone. Below the odd portrait are the words, “Jesus called, and Kin answered,” alluding to the idea that Kim was called on by the son of God to depart this world and join him in heaven.

Source: Flickr

The humor here somehow leaves behind a sad feeling, as though Kim’s family would have preferred that she screen the call for a while longer. However, at least their belief that she is in a better place can help them through their grief.

I Told You So

The “I told you I was sick” gravestone is both funny and heartbreaking. The hypochondriac buried here finally proved everyone right, but at what price? Illness isn’t always easy to diagnose and often invisible to the eye; however, those who experience these things often sense that something is wrong.

Source: Facebook

Having the last word and being right after all can be pretty comforting despite biting the dust. The actor and comedian Spike Milligan also has a similar quote engraved on his tombstone, though it is written in Gaelic and also says “Love, Light, Peace” above the comical quip.

A Practical Headstone

Whoever is buried here seems to be a fan of horror movies or just really wants to continue checking in on family and friends from beyond the veil. However, being set in a public place, they are probably summoned to chat by many other people as well; we hope they like to talk.

Source: Twitter

The Ouija board headstone is quite cool; it offers a feeling of hope for loved ones while also giving passersby a laugh. Other’s may be offended by it, but even they can’t scold the dead person who commissioned it unless they are willing to use the board.

Prepare To Die

There is no one so high as to escape death, and this gravestone has been engraved with a reminder for whoever sees it of the inevitable end that we face. “Prepare yourself to follow me” may seem like kind of a harsh thing to write on one’s final resting place, it is still good advice.

Source: Pinterest

The gut reaction when coming across this grave is to decline politely. The person buried here must have had a morbid sense of humor. Either that or they were going through some sort of an existential crisis.

What The Tree Wants

Planting a tree beside a grave is a beautiful gesture. However, this tree had its own plan and ended up growing around and over this family’s tombstone and merging with it; so much for catching a nice shady spot. In the photograph, it almost looks as if the tree is eating the gravestone.

Source: Pinterest

Many years have come and gone since this family was buried, so luckily, no one is still around to be upset by the fact that the tree has taken over. However, this circle of life isn’t all bad; it makes the grave unique.

The Emoji Grave

Before us, a catchy and pessimistic headstone shaped like a smiley face. The admission that life is terrible and then we die is engraved upon the eyes and mouth of the happy emoji, suggesting a sarcastic outlook on the whole experience of living.

Source: Facebook

The quote on this gravestone has been used in many contexts, including the name of a song by the Fools and an album by Cerebral Fix. However, the consensus is that Stephen King first wrote it in the book Pet Cemetery. A similar quote was coined by the American rapper Nas.

Only One Bathroom

Being quick in the restroom is not the virtue usually attributed to young ladies. Going in groups, gossiping, taking long hot showers, and spending lots of time in front of the mirror are more common stereotypes. Therefore, this gravestone is an awe-inspiring one.

Source: Reddit

Successfully raising four daughters in a house with one bathroom is no small feat. The parent buried here apparently felt that they deserved some final applause and recognition for raising their beautiful family. The engravement surely gives their loving daughters a laugh when they visit the cemetery.

Be Right Back

The possessive person buried under this gravestone doesn’t plan on staying long. They have promised to be right back and are sure they will reincarnate soon enough. Whether they are successful or not, it would be better to leave their stuff alone and not take the risk.

Source: Facebook

It makes us wonder if their family is waiting around and if they have hoarded the belongings of their loved one, or did they take it as a joke and chuck the stuff. If they do reincarnate, we can only hope that it is a human and not another species.

A Warning Sign

Another hilariously morbid one-liner is carved into this headstone. With two seemingly unrelated sentences, it’s unclear whether they are implying that death is a one-way street or joking that their grave is a private one and they don’t want visitors? Whatever their motive, we appreciate the warning and promise to heed.

Source: Pinterest

However, the idea that anyone would want to enter their grave is a little paranoid or maybe just hopeful thinking. Most people would rather wait for their hour to come than say goodbye before the Grim Reaper arrives to collect them.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Whoever was in charge of choosing the headstone for this departed soul really messed up. If their final wish was a pyramid, why didn’t their loved ones provide? I suppose not everyone knows how to mummify a body or has thousands of slaves to build for them.

Source: Reddit

However, they could have at least commissioned a pyramid-shaped tombstone, even if of small proportions. Instead, they just ordered the most basic headstone and engraved it with the unfulfilled quote, “I was hoping for a pyramid,” reminding us that we can’t always get what we want.