Looking Once Isn’t Enough. Images That Need a Double Take

By Yuri S.

In this picture, all you see initially is a woman at peace, loving the environment, and relaxed. And right there in the background, you can see the spectators looking entertained like there was something extra going on. The extra is the not-so-obvious animal well camouflaged within her hair.

Look closely and carefully: there is a tarantula on her head. Tarantulas are large hairy spiders, and this one may be unnoticeable at first glance because it blended with her hair. Now we know what caught the spectators’ attention. But tarantulas are harmless to humans—albeit they have a painful bite.

Could this Be a Professional Mannequin?

Most times, when we see something odd in a picture, it becomes difficult to unsee it. In this picture, what one would see at first glance is a lady pulling up her top half way to show off her stomach. But no, there is an even more satisfying interpretation to this picture.

Source: Facebook

Take a look again— and carefully this time. When you look closely at the girl’s feet, you will realize that they are plastic. On a closer look, there are two pairs of legs. The pair belong to a mannequin, and the rest is the lady standing behind the mannequin with her hands resting on it.

Blended to fit

Initially, looking at this picture, everything seems normal. A pretty woman, standing outside a room, in a hallway. She is carrying a bag as though she just returned from shopping and wants a nice picture. While the picture is lovely and can hold its own on Instagram, the picture is weird in all the wrong ways.

Source: Twitter

After a closer look, the pretty lady appears to be floating in thin air. What is she standing on? How can a human being float? The picture may just prove the possibility of teleporting. But her legs are not missing. She is wearing leopard print pants, the same print as the tile floor she stands, making her legs blend into the tile pattern.

Just Another Brick in the Wall?

Bricks are a common material used to build walls, fences, and even houses. They are strong, durable, and also aesthetically pleasing. Different kinds of bricks are used in buildings—wooden, ash, clay, and cement bricks. The type of building project and cost are the factors to consider when choosing a brick for a building.

Source: Facebook

This picture shows a brick wall, but eye-catching is that a wooden block has replaced the different materials used, one of the bricks. This leaves you wondering what could have happened to cause this and if the wooden block is strong enough to keep the wall standing.

The Perfect Camouflage

Animals that are not strong enough to fight off their predators are helpless. How else will they survive environments where the predator’s habit? The best way is through the art of camouflage. The predators cannot harm what they cannot see. Animals, therefore, look for ways to hide best, should their predators arrive.

Source: Reddit

This picture looks like nothing but a collection of snow. There is nothing special, but not until you look closely. Two tiny dots make up a pair of eyes, the next dark spec makes up the tip of ears, and now you can see the nose. Such beauty!

All Hands Out

Editing is one important part of every project, from writing an article to designing a flier and creating a catalog ad. Editing ensures the perfect images align to ensure that the audience is emotionally connected— this is what makes a catalog ad or a campaign perfect.

Source: Facebook

But what happens when editors make a mistake? At first glance, this picture looks perfect—connecting to the audience the right way. But when we look closer, we see that this picture has too many hands. The man seems to have his hands everywhere (around his daughter’s neck, on his wife’s neck, and by his side). Maybe we have another episode of Men in Black because he must be an alien.

A New Buddy in Class

In many colleges today, there is less homogeneity and more variety. There are all kinds of people from different backgrounds, religions, interests, and even beliefs. In college camps, you find the bold, the weird, the intelligent, black, white, and even animals.

Source: Twitter

Looking at this picture, we see different students, all with different goals, and in for different purposes. Looks like a normal class, right? But there is a special student, right at the center of the class—a dog. That everyone around is still so comfortable attests to the fact that colleges are diverse.

How Many Legs Are They?

Every normal human has two legs, right? If you have three or more, you would be in a lab under a ground six miles away from reality. This is why this picture looks so weird. How come she has three legs? It is a picture that stands out and an image that is hard to get off the mind. But when you realize what is wrong with the image, you cannot unsee it.

Source: Reddit

Now let’s figure out what is wrong with this picture; if you look closely, the lady is holding a vase with a similar color tone to her legs. The vase sits on her right and looks too much like her lap and feet. Now we see that it is not three legs but two and a vase.

The Prints in The Snow

Every time we step out, we step out prepared for what the weather has for us. During summer, we wear light and easy-to-breathe clothes. In winter, we are ready for the cold; hence we have sweaters, cardigans, beanies, scarves, and gloves. We go out ready, prepared for whatever surprises the weather has for us.

Source: Reddit

But when you look at the picture, you see bare feet in the snow. You notice a sudden stop along the foot trail, showing that whosoever went out realized they did not go out with shoes on and then cautiously returned home. The bone of contention is this: why would a human being leave their home, into the snow, without wearing a pair of shoes?

He Is Just a Patient Pup

A first glance at this photo may scare you. The pup in it looks like a decoration or the head of a deer hanging on the wall. For lovers of antique art, this piece is priceless. But do not be too swayed; the picture isn’t remotely what it looks like.

Source: Reddit

When you look carefully, you will notice that this dog is not hanging off some wall. Rather, he is sitting on a beige-colored carpet, looking into the camera as though patiently waiting for a prize from its owner. Rather than a weird decoration, we see a patient, obedient pup.

What is in Your Background?

Have you ever had beautifully taken pictures where all the poses, lighting, and angles were just right? The average human takes at least three selfies in a day. Many things can ruin a perfect selfie. Sometimes, the imperfection may just be what will make your picture go viral.

Source: Facebook

Bad backgrounds have a thing for ruining almost perfect pictures. The curvy lady just wanted to show off her beautiful tattoo, but her golden retriever drinking from the toilet decided to steal the show. Good picture, but the poorest background.

The Adult Item in the Toy

Children, as we all can tell, are fond of toys. A toy cash register is one of the many toys one would easily find in a child’s toy box. The reason is not far-fetched; almost every child has pretended to work in a grocery store at a point or two.

Source: Reddit

Now what is odd about this picture is one of the features on the cash register. On top of the toy, we see buttons for items like orange, doll, milk, and other things common to a child. But what is beer doing among this list? We are speaking about toys for a young child here, Sam.

What’s Between the Vases?

Vases are beautifully crafted works of art. They can be plastic, clay, recycled glass, and even artillery shells. Vases also serve various purposes, but they mostly hold flowers and beautify the environment where they are found. Now let’s look at this picture. What do you see?

Source: Facebook

An image is formed in the spaces between the vases when one is placed next to the other. This image is a woman’s silhouette. It may be difficult to notice without squinting. We dare you to squint a little and tell us we are wrong.

What We See Between the Racks

Clothing racks are used in homes and even supermarkets to arrange clothes properly. Racks are great tools that help you sub-divide your clothing into colors, shapes, and sizes. Imagine walking into a store where you have to check through piles of clothes. Not cool!

Source: Reddit

Take a look at this rack; nothing looks odd, right? Now, look properly at the red shirts on the rack. Pay attention to the sleeves of these shirts. The sleeves make up what looks like the face of a man. We see the sleeves outline the eyes, a nose, mouth, and even an obvious jawline.

Who Grills a Cake?

This picture looks as though the plate contains grilled cheese or a sandwich of some sort. But this is one of the instances where the phrase ‘if it looks like cheese and it smells like cheese, then it is cheese.’ If it is not grilled cheese or a sandwich, what is it?

Source: Reddit

What if we say this is an image of a cake? You will ask ‘how?’ Inside the box, look carefully at the bottom part that carries the “grilled cheese,” a baked cake, and so is the “grilled cheese” on top, baked and decorated to look that way.

A Rock-Solid Pup

This picture has a perfect setting: blue skies, green grass, and a huge formation of rocks. Perfect background for beautiful pictures, and another attractive thing is, when we look at the rock at the right altogether, it forms a hound dog shape. Imagine the beautiful poses you can strike with this rock.

Source: Imgur

Rocks are formed by physical changes like melting, cooling, and pressure. We are incredibly impressed with the work of nature here. The melting, cooling, and pressure produced a protective hound dog. Nature has its way of making a point through nuanced efforts.

Is This a Regular Tree?

On few occasions, we may have come across trees like this. This tree has leaves that look like buds. You may not give much thought to the tree from a distance, as it just looks like a regular tree with leaves on it. But is it a regular tree?

Source: Twitter

When you move closer or when an object hits the tree for whatever reason, things get interesting. You realize that what looks like leaves from afar are birds closely seated and in a perfect array that looks like leaves—Another beautiful and artistic expression from nature.

Perfect Alignment a Coincidence?

We see a stack of different cards in this picture, all held together by a money clip. It looks like just a random picture of credit cards, nothing more. But what is weird about this is that the arrangement of the cards brings out a funny image, which may not be easily noticeable.

Source: Reddit

There is a gym card placed on top of the owner’s drivers’ license. The gym card has a hole in it (for hanging). These cards line up perfectly such that the eyes of the driver can be seen through the hole. Weird right? Such perfect alignment

A Cry for Help?

Weddings are beautiful events. The happiness, festivity, the pre-wedding shoot, bridal shower, bouquets, the vows, the affection, and the blissful union of two people who become one, are only a few of the reasons we love attending wedding ceremonies. With love in the air, and Cupid smiling sheepishly for a job well done, the rest is left to the photographer to capture the beautiful moments and turn them into memories.

Source: Tumblr

But with this groom, it’s a different ball game. His shoes are a cry for help—literally. ‘Help me,’ boldly written at the sole of his pair of shoes might just be the work of a clown. We cannot say for sure, as we neither know the bride nor the groom. If it is a cry for help, then it’s a union heading to the rocks.

A Human in an Elephant Skin

Elephants are beautiful and smart creatures. They are the largest existing land animals and share similar traits with humans; they are emotional, form complex family structures, and are said to even hug each other by putting their trunks in each other’s mouths—how human?

Source: Tumblr

The elephant, wrinkled from aging but beautiful nonetheless, rolls out a masterpiece. The wrinkles of the ears from the perfect shape of a human face. While this is a work of nature, it closely resembles a work of art by greats like Pablo Picasso. On another thought: the Indians worship animals (elephants included), and this mammal might just be a mother goddess over there. We should call the Indian embassy.

Who Is the Weird Guy?

Weddings are incredible and beautiful unions. We see the bride, groom, and groomsmen stand for a memorable shoot in the picture. The picture is perfect; the weather is clear; the bride is happy; the groom is enthralled; the friends would not miss the wedding for anything else in the world; nothing bad can happen.

Source: Reddit

But something weird does happen—photo-bomber inserts himself in the picture at the exact time the photographer says, ‘say cheese!’ We guess wedding security should be readily available for moments like this. We suggest a thorough whipping—or at least the intruder should be thrown out of the open venue.

What a Garlic Surprise!

Garlic is a common ingredient people use in preparing their dishes. From boiling and grilling chicken to making rice, garlic remains an essential food seasoning. Garlic also has many health benefits including, lowering cholesterol levels, quieting inflammation, and even lowering blood pressure. Garlic also helps to improve the flavor of many dishes.

Source: Imgur

Garlic is very common; hence, many people know how it looks or how a typical garlic bulb should look. Now I am sure you can imagine how surprised this person was when they peeled their garlic. As you can see, it is not divided into cloves as it normally should be.

A Puzzling Puzzle

Puzzle games test one’s mental acuity. Plenty of puzzle games exist. The common ones are jigsaw puzzles, cards, word puzzles, logic, and even mathematical puzzles. There are also board puzzles, and the ones played online through phones or on a PC.

Source: Twitter

Now, this is a picture of a Reddit user working on a jigsaw puzzle. The puzzling thing about this puzzle picture is how there are two similar jigsaw pieces. For the owner, it was just another copy of the same piece. But what if another person working on the same puzzle is missing a piece?

Clear Knuckles Are the New Money

Look at your hands now; you probably think right now that nothing special is going on. Many things happen every day or things we see that we do not give much thought to, not until it matters. Do you see anything odd in this picture?

Source: Reddit

A particular Reddit user shared a picture of his hands, showing that his thumb could not fully bend. Hence, the creases we now have (from bending frequently) do not appear because he doesn’t bend his fingers. His knuckles are as clear as a child’s skin—safe the hairlines that line up the finger.

A Huge Tree or What?

Looking at this picture, all we see is a huge tree that most likely has been growing for a long time because it is tall and also well grown. But it does not look like every other tree, no leaves, no flowers, just a tall tree with spines.

Source: Reddit

On a closer look, we realize that it is not like every other tree, as it is a photo of a cactus, a huge one. This is surprising as cactus plants are not known to grow so huge. And cactus plants do not have leaves; they grow spines to conserve water. This ‘’cactus tree’’ is amazing.

Are the Unidentified Clouds Flying?

When we talk about how beautiful nature is, we speak of what we see in the environment. This picture is one of nature’s beauty. A forest, a mountain range, and fascinating clouds. Such a place would be perfect for taking pictures, as the background is lovely.

Source: Tumblr

The clouds in this picture are beautiful, no doubt. But there is this shape formed by the clouds, looking like a UFO-unidentified flying object. They also look like parachutes with their dome shape. But do not worry; they are just clouds and won’t drop off aliens on earth.

Does This Stop Sign Mean ‘Stop?’

Signs are one of the tools used in road safety. Many signs on the road have their meanings and are used to communicate instructions to all road occupants. One of the common signs is the stop sign. The stop sign usually says STOP and has the universally accepted red color.

Source: Twitter

But the odd thing in this picture is the stop sign. Rather than the usual red color, this stop sign is colored blue. This leaves one wondering why the stop sign is blue. And also, how effective is this stop sign, as we can’t tell if it is being obeyed or just ignored?

One Wrong Move Is All It Takes

When we look at this picture, all we see is a lady. Zooming in on the picture, we notice her pretty face and jaw-dropping fashion. She is just walking down the street in her heels and most likely with her man. Nothing serious seems to be going on.

Source: Facebook

But, if you zoom in on her feet, you can see how risky her stance is; her stiletto heel is just placed close to an opening in the grate drainage. This opening is wide enough for her heel to get stuck in. One wrong move, and she could trip and break her ankle.

Is This New Packaging a Norm?

This picture indicates that a family with a newborn bought a package for their newborn son. In the package is a skincare lotion made for newborns. Newborns must have their skin well taken care of to leave them fresh at all times and also to ensure that germs are destroyed so they do not fall sick.

Source: Imgur

While ninety-nine percent of brands out there put mothers in the spotlight, this brand took a u-turn. In the product package, you see a man and his child. The picture subtly screams men take care of children also. Men should be praised for their good works as fathers and husbands.

Too Much Nature

Public restrooms can become incredibly unsafe. When too many people use the same restroom, you stand a chance of getting an infection. What’s worse? If the cleaner doesn’t take proper care of the restroom, it becomes plagued with micro-organisms, dirt, decay, and a pungent smell.

Source: Reddit

While the decay, dirt, and smell are a no-no, this picture depicts something far terrifying. What is a snake doing in a restroom? Is this a restroom or a reptile house with toilet seats? Whatever your answers are, we do not think anyone in their right mind would take a piss. What if a snake sneaks out and bites your wiener?

Sweet Looking but Inedible Bread

Many people may see delicious-looking chocolate bread. Others may ask who dropped a loaf of bread on a wooden table. If you look at the picture for too long, you may yearn for a loaf of bread, especially in winter. A loaf of bread and hot coffee do not go wrong in winter.

Source: Reddit

This is not your usual home-baked bread. It isn’t even a loaf of bread; rather, a piece of rock with the shape, color, and texture of the bread. If you doubt the story, you should try taking a bite. No sooner would you try than you would land on a hospital bed with broken teeth.

Take a Pose for the Camera?

In this image, what is immediately obvious is the owl in the center. The picture is a perfect close-up. It looks like the cameraman and the owl agreed to pose for a quick picture. He even has a fascinating expression on his face—more like a professional model.

Source: Twitter

But what is not so obvious unless you look well enough is in the background; there is another owl. This owl in the background looks more surprised or maybe angry. Whatever her emotions are, she certainly does not want to be in the picture. And who blames her, the foreground owl has taken all the shine.

The Perfect Architecture

This picture is, without a doubt, really fascinating. It looks like an apartment with great design. More like something you would see offs a real estate website. The open space on top of the photo could pass off as an opening for skylight—the real state of the art.

Source: Reddit

But that is not what this photo is. You are right about it being an interior design, but it is not an interior design of some apartments. It is a shot of the inside of an acoustic guitar. Phew! The hole isn’t an apartment ceiling; rather, the round hole found in all guitars. Just north of the hole are the pegs that hold the guitar string in place. Now, we are talking music and real estate.

What a Way to Blend In

When you decide to do a blend in, especially if the predominant color is a shade of green, do not wear purple boots. The picture shows a man lying down on a couch. This picture may be voted as the worst blend-in attempt anyone ever made.

Source: Imgur

We have revealed the tell in the picture, and we should move on to better things, but hold on, there is another obvious tell. Take a look at his neck; you will notice a tiny silver neckline. On second thought, this might just be a tired military man who just got back from war.

Would the Caterpillar Sing?

While this picture may look like a beautiful caterpillar, a closer look will reveal something different. Reality may look exactly like an illusion, but it is completely different from an illusion. Take a mirage—when you drive down the road on a hot summer day, you see what appears to be water; however, there is a reflection of the clouds on the fine tarred road.

Source: Imgur

In this case, instead of a caterpillar, about half a dozen birds are sitting on the tree branch. The birds are colorful, small, and intrinsically aligned to give the illusion of a caterpillar. Nature is beautiful—both in its realities and in its illusions.

Not a Picture, but Actual Cats

What you see is a cute little bag with cuddling cats stitched on the mesh. The image of the two cats may mean the bag owner is a cat lover, and the dark aura, color, and depth of the cats’ eyes seem intimate. But what you see isn’t always what it is. Sometimes, it can be more.

Source: Facebook

Yes, there are two cats, but not in print. We have two actual cats starring through the bag mesh. Take a closer look, but don’t get too close if you cannot stare into the cat’s eyes. These feline creatures are animals of the night—and the texture and darkened hue of the room make the whole image a little bit creepy.

A Poorly Rendered Picture or a Reality?

Architectural rendering is the norm nowadays. Photorealistic rendered images are supposed to look life-like, but this image is an exception. The yellow poles look drab; the shadows do not show; everything looks like the work of an inexperienced 3d designer.

Source: Reddit

This, however, isn’t the work of a graphics designer but a real-life image of a store in Hawaii. The reason why the image looks somewhat off is because of the intense sunlight in Hawaii. The sunlight removes most shadows, leaving what you see as plain—almost like a 2D image.

A Picasso Level Painting

This painting is breathtaking. The nuances, the brushstrokes, the color, and texture, every detail is incredibly laid out. If we are to set a price on this piece, we will buy it for a hundred million dollars—and we would add half of New York to it.

Source: Reddit

But this isn’t a painting. This is a picture of the Namib-Naukluft National Park in Namibia. The park is situated between the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean and the edge of the Great Escapement. The park’s rare beauty, breathtaking scenery, and yellow hue and dominance make it look like a painting—African art.

Cityscapes or What?

A city scrape is a visual appearance of a city or urban area: a city landscape. This is something a lot of people are used to seeing. Most of these images are taken from above-using drones—to give a bird’s eye view of the city. But this isn’t just any bird’s eye view. This picture is a tribute to something more—a tribute to life and death.

Source: Reddit

But what is this picture about exactly? This picture shows a view of someone in Tokyo from the window of their hotel. This cityscape is a view of a cemetery. What appears like skyscrapers to us are headstones that contain commemorations of the buried dead.

A Natural Frame Work

In homes, frames are hung around to give the room a certain feel. In this particular picture, it looks as though this frame is to help the room have a little piece of nature that is more natural than a picture showing the sky, clouds, and some land.

Source: Reddit

But this is not a framed picture; it is an image of the Australian outback—a remote area in the center of Australia—taken through a window in a set of ruins. The dark window frame makes the view look more spirited than it would look without the frame.

Deceptive Sinking Ground

This picture, at first glance, looks pretty normal. Just a park with the trail covered with dry leaves. It is autumn—a time where leaves turn and easily drop off their trees. It looks like the day is over, and you could be returning home to rest and enjoy the evening.

Source: Facebook

If you are returning home, you step on this path, and it would be a very disastrous decision. Looking at this picture more closely, you would realize that it is not a trail but a river with the surface covered by leaves. This makes it difficult to separate the river from the actual ground.

Not a Chocolate Doughnut but A…

At first glance, these images just look like a sad story. It looks like someone was about to enjoy a huge chocolate doughnut before it dropped off to the grass. How painful to have such a big chocolate doughnut go to waste. But is that the case?

Source: Pinterest

It isn’t a big chocolate doughnut. It is a picture showing a mushroom! Yes, a mushroom. This person’s yard is a mushroom with a brown cap that looks like a chocolate topping. It’s a part of the fungal life of the mushroom, some sort of adaptation.

It Is Realer Than It Looks

Looking at this picture, it is obvious what everyone would think. It is a plan for a neighborhood to be built much later or the architectural design plan on the computer of the Architect. Or a small model of what is to be built. Whatever It is, it does not look like an actual neighborhood.

Source: Twitter

But that is what it is; it is a real neighborhood where people even live today. It is a picture of a neighborhood in Mexico, and it is called the san Buenaventura Complex. This is the second-largest community in the Eastern part of Mexico.

Not Tiramisu, Just Snow

Initially looking at this picture, it looks like tiramisu with a few holes. Tiramisu is a coffee-flavored Italian dessert. It is made of ladyfingers dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar, and mascarpone cheese. But is that really what it is?

Source: Pinterest

Looking closer at this picture, you’ll see that this is not tiramisu at all. This is an image taken from the Algerian desert. It is a result of heavy snowfall, and after the snow, the dust settled on the surface of the snow– causing this effect. Then someone stepped across it, displaying the snow beneath.

Space on the Land

With Tesla planning to make the moon inhabitable to man, every picture of space may be worth billions of dollars in the coming millenniums. This picture shows us the surface of a planet, perhaps Jupiter. But you cannot be sure—we are certain that it is not the moon.

Source: Imgur

But this is neither Jupiter nor any other known planet or stars. It’s a simple picture of the beach taken through a pair of binoculars. The black surroundings around the beach are the parts of the binoculars that do not capture the image; however, they look like the blackness of space surrounding planets to the normal eye.

How Is the Ham Blurry?

This looks like bad photography or a picture taken by a photographer who wishes to blur the ham out of focus. We could make an endless list of the reasons the ham is blurry. Whatever the photographer’s reasons are, we sure hope his other pictures are clearer than this.

Source: Reddit

But oh, this isn’t a deliberate work of a photographer. It is an optical illusion—the ham is blurry because it has been sliced so thin it doesn’t. It is a little bit transparent. Can you see vein-like runs through the ham?

A Fake Bread or a Fluffy Soap Bar?

For someone who loves bread a lot, everything begins to look like a loaf of bread. Seeing this picture at first glance, one could easily conclude that it’s a loaf of bread– perfectly cooked and fluffy, just as bread should be. One could even smell it.

Source: Reddit

But taking this “bread” to mouth would be a terrible idea. Why? Because for some reason, someone decided to bake a bar of soap. When you bake a soap bar, the components break into a fluffy-like material. Except you love the taste of soap bars, you should stay away from this fake bread

How Many Are There, 3 or 6?

Taking a simple glance, this image does not look like much, just six purple decoration pieces hanging down from a ceiling or a wall. They are well done and seem to do the job they’re asked to do well… beautify! But is there more to it than we can see?

Source: Reddit

When you zoom in closely, you will notice that out of the six purple pieces of decorations, three of them have strands (or ropes) that are holding them up. This shows that the other three are just a reflection of the actual decorations.

Look Well So You Can See

Most people use key holders, so they do not mix up keys or lose them carelessly. Key chains can hold more than two keys, and this feature keeps all the keys in one place and easily accessible. Key chains can also have an addition, like a tiny doll or a favorite animal.

Source: Reddit

This picture shows a key chain with a little doll addition. It looks like a frog on first look, but one thing you will notice is that the eyes and the mouth were post-production additions. The keyholder was initially created as a bear doll, but the eyes and mouth were later marked to make it look like a frog.

What Could Have Been a Mirror Image

These two women look like they are having coffee and talking next to a mirror, and that their reflection is showing at the other side, on the mirror. But is this really what is happening? As it doesn’t seem so. Let’s look carefully and notice the difference.

Source: Facebook

Even though one of them seems to be wearing the same color of sweater and hair, they have their hands placed differently. And if you look carefully, you’ll notice the other women are dressed differently. There is no mirror reflection, just two groups of women in a cafe.

Where Is the Shadow?

As the picture shows, we would expect that the same way the match stick casts a shadow, the flame would too. But this is not what we see in this image; there is just a shadow of the match stick, none of the flames. Is this an illusion or something that can be explained with a few physics theories?

Source: Imgur

A Robert Frost theory posits that ‘If the light Source behind the fire was brighter than the fire itself, the flame would cast a shadow.” Now it makes sense that the flame does not cast a shadow, as it provides light, and there is no brighter light source.

Creep Ruins Proposal Pictures

Proposals are wonderful, especially if the partner says yes. While weddings are great and should be captured, proposals also form unforgettable memories. In this picture, the couple captured this moment, and they intend to keep it forever. We hope the marriage lasts.

Source: Twitter

At first glance, the picture is endearing—and even more so for the hopeless romantics. When you look closer, the whole vibe changes because a certain creep photo-bombs himself into the picture. The creepy look from the window ruins the whole affair. We trust that the couples hired a Photoshop expert to remove the creepy face.

A Painting Adventure?

This picture does not look all that good, and it leaves one confused as to what could have happened. Did someone decide to have fun with colored paints, or someone just likes the colors pink and neon? How does one end up with these colors on their kitchen sink?

Source: Reddit

In reality, no paint was used to achieve such a color combination in this picture. This color mix is caused by a LED faucet light used by this Reddit user. This image was also captured at the perfect moment as the light switches between pink and green.

Lemon or a Little Demon?

In this picture, we see two yellow pieces of fruit— one is a lemon and the other, it’s difficult to tell what it is. The second fruit looks more like an alien blub than fruit, and we can bet it doesn’t taste like fruit either.

Source: Pinterest

However, the second fruit isn’t too different from the first. Both fruits were harvested from the backyard of a Reddit user. Both fruits are lemons, but the not-so-good-looking one is just a mutated form of the lemon. Mutations happen in plants or fruits when the DNA structures of the original fruit are altered.

Death by the Pool

Who doesn’t want to swim in a pool surrounded by cute little kittens? Even if you do not love cats, you must admit that you ‘awwwned’ when seeing the picture. The skylight is beautiful; the day seems cold and pleasant; we expect a lover of cats somewhere inside the house—probably making cat food.

Source: Reddit

But these are no ordinary cats. They are wild cats but look small because they are still very young. If these cats are here, then their mother is not too far away. You should call animal control immediately. Better yet, call 911 and hide in the safest place in your home before the police arrive.

Body Art Extraordinaire

This beautiful piece of body art is another evidence of the growing popularity of the sub-genre of painting. Today, people create incredible illusions on their bodies, and while this looks like another great body art, it isn’t. It’s another form of art—and it is excellently done.

Source: Tumblr

This isn’t body art or even a painting. This is an actual pair of jean trousers sophisticatedly created to give the illusion of painting or body art. What rating do you think the fabric makes of this beautiful design deserve? A ten over ten?

It’s a Happy Creep-Mas!

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year. The songs, jubilation, food, get-togethers with friends and families, love, hope, and warmth are some of the reasons people love Christmas. With social media’s exposure, many people tend to show off their Christmas decorations, which seem decent and pretty.

Source: Imgur

While you may love what you see, a closer look will scare you. The middle window reveals the face of a man with a weird smile. We hope it’s the father of the house, and he is trying to scare his children. Anything otherwise, and it becomes a merry creep-mas.