NFL Memes Make the Best Sport in the World Even Better

By Yuri S.

There are not many sports greater than football. Some even say it’s the greatest. But whether you agree or not, one thing is for sure, the NFL is one of the best leagues. Millions of fans watch the athletes’ bravery and skill on TV and in stadiums across the country.

Along with rooting for their favorite team (and booing their opponents), NFL fans share memes on social media. NFL memes are abundant online because fans (and trolls) create and distribute them. We’ve gathered some of our favorite NFL memes that honor (and mock) our favorite players, coaches, and referees. Touchdown!

Not the Greatest Wikipedia Page

Everyone expects that Wikipedia is the place to get a fair and accurate source of information. But as it happens, it doesn’t always turn out that way; the editors might be biased at times. Take a look at the “NFC Championship Game” definition on this page.

Source: Pinterest

Oops! Either some ecstatic Buccaneers fans or dejected Packers fans joined the editing team at Wikipedia and altered the definition. Still, it appears that the NFL needs to make some changes to the rules and give the Packers a chance to win the NFC Championship Game!

Jedi Knight Mahomes vs Jedi Master Brady

NFL quarterbacks are ranked according to their talent level, just like the Jedi ranks in Star Wars. Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, is a Jedi Knight who is growing in strength and might. Tom Brady, the quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is a Jedi Master.

Source: Reddit

However, although Mahomes’ powers have doubled since the last time he faced Master Brady, it was not enough to defeat Brady and win Super Bowl LV. Currently, it appears that he will need to double down and further grow his strengths before he can take down the master.

Time to Shake Things Up a Bit

In the same way that an ocean without fish makes no sense, a Super Bowl without Tom Brady doesn’t feel right. Since the beginning of his professional career, the gifted quarterback has been in 10. The two are inseparable. However, not all fans are pleased with this; some want a surprise.

Source: Pinterest

But they didn’t get their surprise. Brady left the Patriots for the Buccaneers in the offseason of 2019. Fans wanted to see someone else in the Super Bowl, but Brady was able to push the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl — and to victory – in his first season with the team.

Patrick Mahomes’ Blurred Vision

During the regular season, Patrick Mahomes suffered many injuries. A foot injury and a concussion are not things you want to have in your recent past if you’re going to the Super Bowl. Despite the fact that Mahomes was unstoppable, his field of view might have looked something like this:

Source: Reddit

It’s nearly impossible to compete in the most crucial game of the year when you have that kind of vision problem. Despite Mahomes’ laser-like focus, even he was unable to see clearly enough to lead his team to victory. There’s always next year to look forward to.

Stiff-Arming the Bern

Derrick Henry’s famous stiff-arm can be lethal, as anyone who is familiar with the Titans’ running back will agree. The majority of those who go against him are brushed aside as the 6’3” 247lb “King Henry” advances down the field with one mission.

Source: Tumblr

But Henry is not brushing other players aside in the meme above. Instead, he’s using his physical might to toss aside Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders – which, to be honest, shouldn’t be that tough given how much stronger Henry is physically. Bernie doesn’t seem to be too bothered though.

Our Fight for Equality Continues

Due to the widespread perception that football is a “manly” sport or for men alone, the vast majority of people associate football supporters and football referees with men. However, the times are changing, gender equality is becoming more prevalent, and the NFL is catching up.

Source: Pinterest

As per the meme above, 2021 heralded the introduction of the first female referee in the Super Bowl! Although people were skeptical, Sarah Thomas performed well. Hopefully, this will open the way for other female referees, because, as the meme suggests, some women may even do a better job.

The Flag That Came Late

Did you watch the NFC Championship Game between the Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Then you must have seen how tight it was. It went down to the flag! Also, you’re probably aware – particularly if you’re a Packers fan – that the officials were the main problem.

Source: Facebook

They chose to pull a flag very late in the fourth quarter, almost ensuring Tom Brady and the Bucs would play in the Super Bowl. And this came even though the Bucs got their fair share of penalties during the game! It was a questionable call.

At Home with Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield, the Cleveland Browns QB, is well known for his abilities on the field. He’s also extremely well known off the field, thanks to a series of television commercials for Progressive Insurance. The commercials for “At Home with Baker Mayfield” have a fun, humorous feel to them.

Source: Pinterest

The ads became a major hit. In contrast to their advertisements’ popularity, however, the Cleveland Browns were unable to replicate that success last year with their football team. Baker and his teammates were unable to participate in Super Bowl LV and instead had to watch it from home.

Disney’s – No – Baltimore’s That’s So Raven

It can be difficult to sit through a Baltimore Ravens game at times. When it comes to the regular season, they’re virtually unbeatable. The unrivaled ability of quarterback Lamar Jackson propels them into the postseason, where many believe they will extend their winning streak.

Source: Tumblr

But then something unexpected happens. The club that seemed dominant during the regular season suddenly can’t compete in the postseason. Are we sure they aren’t switching bodies? This happens virtually every year, prompting a meme-maker to reference a popular Disney show – That’s So Raven! – to describe them. Pretty close!

One for Packers Fans

The small cartoon below captures the dashed hopes that Packers supporters have experienced over the previous ten years. They haven’t won an NFC Championship Game since 2010, despite the fact that their quarterback, Aaron Rodgers (3-time MVP), is the most decorated player in the league.

Source: Reddit

Everyone – from Rodgers, to the team, and even the fans – finds this frustrating. It appears that the same thing happens year after year. Despite playing outstanding football throughout the season, Green Bay is unable to capitalize on its opportunities when it counts the most. When will it end?

The Secret Everyone Knows

The moment Buffalo Bills CB Tre’Davious White discovered the Ravens’ secret playbook is depicted in the meme you see below. But what exactly did he discover? Don’t worry. It’s nothing we didn’t already know – because the secret isn’t as hidden as we once assumed it to be.

Source: Pinterest

Take a peek around. Lamar Jackson, the Ravens’ quarterback, is known for his incredible speed. Those two words – Lamar fast – pretty much sum up the Ravens’ strategy. White and the Buffalo Bills were probably aware of this, but it certainly feels good to have proof!

The Dilemma of Placing a Bet

As the quarterbacks were so competitive, it was difficult to predict the outcome of Super Bowl LV. Although the past two decades have proven that it is foolish to bet against Tom Brady, the past few years have indicated that Patrick Mahomes is not to be taken lightly.

Source: Facebook

Needless to say, the decision caused a lot of consternation among supporters. Now that the game has concluded and Brady and the Buccaneers have claimed victory, the only question that remains is: did you make the proper call?

Say ‘Bye-Bye’ to Pro Bowl

Even though the NBA’s All-Star game generates a lot of excitement, the same cannot be said for the NFL’s Pro Bowl. This underappreciated event – which was canceled in 2021 due to COVID concerns – falls short when compared to the Super Bowl in terms of popularity and attendance.

Source: Twitter

As the meme above shows, the vast majority of people simply don’t care – they believe it is pointless. There isn’t much the NFL can do to change this situation, either. Maybe the NFL should cut its losses and put an end to the Pro Bowl tradition once and for all.

Jesus vs the Bengals

Many drivers like customizing their license plates with inscriptions that are meaningful to them. However, because of the limited available space, this does not always work. The ‘Jesus Saves’ plate below had to have the letters ‘a’ and ‘e’ taken out and the letter ‘s’ doubled up.

Source: Reddit

The Bengals sticker right next to it contributed to the confusion. The woman on the left clearly understood what was being said. The cat on the right, who was trolling, saw it through the perspective of football: Jesus vs the Bengals. That was a fantastic Sunday night match!

Watch Your Back, Brady

Patrick Mahomes is on the verge of becoming one of the greatest, if not the greatest, players in the history of football. When he first arrived, everyone knew he was a gem, and his abilities have only grown in recent years. Just in case you forgot, here’s a quick primer:

SOURCE: Pinterest

This meme summarizes Patrick Mahomes’ career achievements into a succinct package that serves as a constant reminder of just how much he has accomplished in his relatively brief NFL career. And how much he could still accomplish. The more time passes, the more we believe he’ll get better and better.

The Kid Is Also a GOAT

The meme pretty well sums up what happened during Super Bowl LV. There we saw the old GOAT Tom Brady taking on the young GOAT Patrick Mahomes – the veteran facing the rising star. It was indeed a legendary clash that will go down in the annals of history.

Source: Tumblr

In 2021, the old GOAT (Brady and the Buccaneers) took home the victory and the championship ring. However, we are confident that the young GOAT is putting in the necessary effort to prepare for next year. Mahomes is unquestionably at the start of a long and great professional career.

Wait a Minute, Surely That Needs to Change…

Think how long the moniker ‘Washington Redskins’ has existed even though it is considered derogatory to many Native Americans. Sometimes names have been around for a long enough period of time that they are no longer questioned. But what if we changed things up a little?

Source: Imgur

Many people will gain a new perspective as a result of the type of switcheroo picture shown above. Would we be okay with a football team dubbed the ‘Caucasians’ if they played in our league? Most likely not. Fortunately, the Washington club decided to change its contentious name in 2020.

Uh-Oh, Jared, Bad Move

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff played a key role in the team’s run to Super Bowl LIII in 2018. The Rams may have lost, but it was still an impressive accomplishment. But despite the feat, he was traded to the Detroit Lions in 2021.

Source: Pinterest

As seen in the meme above, Jared Goff had to relocate from the City of Angels to the city of Detroit. We’re not suggesting that Detroit doesn’t have its own advantages; rather, it’s almost impossible to beat the glamour, glitz, weather, and beaches that Los Angeles brings.

You Can’t Beat Him

A few fans assumed that the league was done with him, but how wrong were they? He was back before they knew. Of course, we’re talking about Tom Brady. Many believed that after the Patriots were defeated by the Eagles in Super Bowl LII, the end had come.

Source: Tumblr

It turned out that he was simply moving things to the next level in his career. The next season, Brady departed the Patriots and signed with the Buccaneers, where he was able to guide them all the way to the Super Bowl in his first season.

Seems There’s a Problem with Houston

There’s something about the city of Houston that makes players yearn to leave the city. Is it because it’s too hot in the summer or something else? Take a look at the meme below – the city does not have a good track record when it comes to maintaining top-tier athletes.

Source: Tumblr

This is true in three different sports. In basketball, with Russell Westbrook and James Harden, George Springer in baseball, and then DeAndre Hopkins in football. All four of these professional athletes were eager to get out of town. Is there something we’re missing, Houston?

The Sad Big Ben

If you take a look at the meme below, you’ll see how dejected Big Ben appears to be. The legendary quarterback is in his 18th season with the Steelers. While he is undeniably gifted and one of the best, age appears to be catching up with him.

Source: Pinterest

Age, as well as the fact that a large number of excellent players have been let go, as depicted in the meme above. The case in point being wide receiver Antonio Brown and running back Le’Veon Bell. And shortly after, the Steelers were defeated by the Browns.

Close, but Not Close Enough

Russell Wilson has not gotten a single vote for the MVP, despite his extraordinary abilities and skill. He had a strong start to the regular season. It appeared to be a done deal – Wilson would walk away with the trophy, according to both fans and players.

Source: Reddit

Unfortunately, it didn’t happen as people thought it would. As his wife, Ciara, points out in the meme above, he should have handed the ball over to Marshawn Lynch. Wilson always seems to get so close but never close enough. Maybe next time, Wilson.

Like Fine Wine, He Gets Better with Age

Tom Brady’s combination of good genes and a strict diet has reversed the effects of aging in the legend! At least, it appears so. In the meme below, his face at 23 years old appears to be very similar to his face at 43.

Source: Tumblr

Almost like he hasn’t aged a day in the past 20 years – and, as the meme says, he may not age a day in the next 20 as well!… Patrick Mahomes may not fare as well against the passage of time. What is Brady’s secret to staying so young?

The Day Drew Left…

It can be difficult to say goodbye to a legend. Drew Brees, the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, announced his retirement after 20 seasons in the NFL. The moment was heartbreaking for many football fans, similar to the emotions felt by Titanic and Iron Man supporters during key moments.

Source: Pinterest

Although Brees’ last match came as a disappointment – a 30–20 loss to Tom Brady and the Buccaneers – we shouldn’t remember him solely for that performance. His career spans two decades of solid and consistent performances; we now look forward to his weekly football analysis.

Of Course, They Will Win

It should come as no surprise that the Packers have maintained a 13–3 record over the past two seasons in the NFL. As the meme below points out, if you play 6 out of your 16 games against weaker teams, you are almost certain to pick up a few victories.

Source: Reddit

Quite frankly, it’s unfair. But we still like watching the Green Bay Packers completely crush an inferior team every time they go head-to-head. In light of that, it is necessary to close the talent gap, which appears to be widening daily.

The Drew Bee Swarm Is Ready

When Drew Brees announced his retirement in 2020, the final game was gut-wrenching, and he was deeply missed. But we need to keep a legend’s memory alive – through memes, of course! Another way is to make a lighthearted joke about his name and have some fun with it.

Source: Reddit

When you have a name like ‘Brees,’ it’s quite straightforward to turn it into a pun – just remove the second letter. It appears as though the Drew Bee swarm is ready for some off-field activity. Perhaps they might lend a hand with the weekly analysis?

Getting Pumped for the Upcoming Season

When the Bills were defeated by the Chiefs, many of their players dropped their heads and went to the locker room in despair. But not wide receiver Stefon Diggs, who remained on the field. Not only that, but he also stood there and watched the Chiefs’ victory celebration. But why?

Source: Tumblr

Well, Diggs is a massive Tyreek Hill fan, and he was probably waiting on his childhood idol to sign an autograph for him! You never know when you’ll get another chance. Either that or maybe he was using the celebration as motivation for the upcoming campaign.

As Long as It Moves from Point A to Point B, Right?

We admit this one is a little below the belt, but quite frankly, it is fairly accurate. In the regular season, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is almost as fast as a high-end sports vehicle. When it comes to the playoffs, however, things are different.

Source: Pinterest

Instead of the luxurious sports car we’re used to, we see a broken-down old car abandoned in the woods. That tremendous speed seems to diminish. Many of us are left scratching our heads, wondering how and why it happens, and how to avoid it next season.

Deshaun Watson’s Big Decision

Although Deshaun Watson led the Houston Texans with exceptional performances as quarterback in 2020, the team sadly finished with a dismal record of 4–12. This certainly explains why Watson was pushing for a move from the Texans to join the New York Jets, according to reports.

Source: Twitter

Could it be because of the Jets’ better record? As the meme clearly illustrates, this is not the case. The Jets concluded the season with a 2–14 record, which was hardly a cause for celebration. Watson will hopefully be able to assist them in winning at least two more games.

COVID and the Dallas Cowboys

COVID initially appeared in the early months of 2020, and many people in the US believed it would be gone by summer – which clearly didn’t happen. Right now, predicting when COVID will end makes about as much sense as predicting when the Dallas Cowboys will win the Super Bowl.

Source: Tumblr

The last time they did such was in 1996 – a whopping 26 years ago. We’re keeping our fingers crossed, meanwhile, in the hopes that the Cowboys win and that COVID finally ends in early 2022. We’re now in 2022 though. Just in case someone forgot.

Could This Be Why He Was Traded?

Even though quarterback Jared Goff is no longer with the Los Angeles Rams, we think the following meme is amusing and fitting. Given the tremendous expectations that were placed on Goff when he first entered the NFL in 2016, things didn’t go quite as planned for the young quarterback.

Source: Reddit

The meme above depicts Goff as Chief Wiggum, who is being dragged along by the Rams’ defense and star running back Cam Akers. This could be one of the reasons why Goff was traded to the Detroit Lions for the 2021 season. We may never know.

Brady Isn’t Going Anywhere Just Yet

It seems as though some questions in the world of football will never be answered. For example, will the Green Bay Packers ever win another NFC Championship Game? Will the Dallas Cowboys win another Super Bowl in their proud history? Will Tom Brady ever retire from the NFL?

Source: Pinterest

Brady is just like COVID in that he’s sticking around beyond when people thought he would. Although he has endured 20 years of bruises, he continues to outperform expectations. We anticipate that he will still be around in five years, maybe even ten. Who knows with this guy?

Za’Darius: The Undercover Linebacker

Za’Darius Smith is a linebacker who enjoys having a good time with people – on the field, at home, and even while he’s out shopping for groceries. The post below, which was taken from his social media accounts, is a classic example of going undercover at the local Walmart.

Source: Tumblr

Aren’t you that famous linebacker?? While thinking about how to respond to the question, we imagine Smith’s face becoming brighter with a grin on his face. He opted for something a little more amusing than the standard “would you like an autograph?” approach. Nice one!

The Difference Between Quarterbacks?

This next meme is one of our favorites because it is not only funny, but perfectly encapsulates the dynamics between a quarterback and his team, especially for three of the finest quarterbacks in the NFL today: Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers. Take a look at this.

Source: Tumblr

The Chiefs are pulling Mahomes along, who is directing them from the back. Brady is out in front of the Buccaneers, who are towing the wagon with him. Rodgers, on the other hand, is left to fend for himself amid the entire Packers team! Is this correct? You be the judge!

Replaying a Brutal Past

The Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots battled it out in Super Bowl XLIX in a game that was extremely close throughout. Unfortunately for Seahawks supporters, it came down to the fourth quarter when the team committed a critical mistake that cost them the game.

Source: Reddit

A stinging reminder of that terrible day — when the Seahawks chose to toss the ball rather than run with it – is in the meme above. The rest is history – Butler snatched the ball and the game was effectively over. Perhaps it will serve as a useful reminder to everyone.

Gronk’s False Training Videos

Gronk is well known for his positive personality. After a year of retirement, he made the decision to return to the NFL and sign with the Buccaneers. Since training began around the same time COVID started, things were a little different. Gronk wasn’t bothered though – the man had adapted.

Source: Tumblr

Instead of receiving in-person training, players were required to rely on their own discretion and record their sessions. As you can see in the meme above, Gronk pulled it off in his own special way – and we can’t stop laughing! Well, to be frank, he still trained, didn’t he?

The Return of College Football

We all have our own personal emotional highs and lows. For many girls, it was the scene in Titanic where Leonardo DiCaprio’s character died at the end of the movie. For many boys, it was the scene in the film Avengers: Endgame where Robert Downey Jr. said the famous words:

Source: Reddit

“I am Iron Man,” that sealed the deal. For many men, it’s something different. In particular, the release of the EA Sports College Football video game in the near future is being discussed. It brings tears to their eyes as they anticipate the release of one of the greatest games!

Jared Goff Again – Indeed a Rough Move

Our deepest sympathies are with Jared Goff. He wakes up one day in sunny Los Angeles, where he is winning games in a city where the sun never sets. The following day, he finds himself in gritty Detroit, where he loses games in the harsh winters.

Source: Reddit

As we learned earlier, this is not the smoothest transition. A change in the weather is accompanied by a change in the level of risk. Detroit is generally considered to be more dangerous than Los Angeles. But Goff can only concentrate on one thing at a time: leading the Lions to victory!

Aaron Rodgers, a Native of Wisconsin

Aaron Rodgers, although originally from California, appears to be having the time of his life in Wisconsin. Since 2005, the quarterback has been a member of the Green Bay Packers’ roster, and it appears that he will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

Source: Pinterest

Despite the fact that he was not born and raised in Wisconsin, Rodgers has unquestionably demonstrated his commitment to the state over the past 16 years. We don’t expect him to leave anytime soon. When Rodgers hangs up his cleats, he’ll do so as a proud Packer.