Onscreen Transformation: From the Magnificent to the Appalling

By Yuri S.

Any form of acting involves several sets of skills. Some middlemen ensure the production matches the movie goal from the producer to the director. Film production is not a one-person thing, as it requires the sacrifices and input of the movie crew.

One of the significant crew capable of causing massive transformation is the costumes or makeup professionals. This is why you will see the same person on set act in two different roles. This has been played many times in movies, as we have top actors you could never have thought it was them.

Pepper Transformation Is the Huge One

Naomi Grossman is the talented actress who played pepper’s role in the second and fourth seasons of FX’s American Horror Story. The transformation was so magnificent that no one would have thought the beauty Queen would shave her hair.

Source: Tumblr / 20th Television

The talented actress was also featured in “Asylum,” She acted as a patient who performed unpleasant roles. Thinking about it, it would have been challenging to make the pretty woman play a hateful role as pepper, and there was a need to change the physical look, fortunately, achieved. However, she also acted in several movies, apart from “Asylum.”

The Harry Potter Movie Have Got Some Talents

Ralph Fiennes’s roles in the “Harry Potter” movie cannot be overrated. His look is one of the entertaining characters that attracted many viewers. He has also played in many popular films, including “The Boy Who Lived.” He convincingly played the young wizard role as Daniel Radcliffe’s personality.

Source: Twitter / Pinterest

He is known for performing dark magical roles, and they were usually scary but skillful at the same time. Fiennes is also a Shakespeare interpreter who performed excellently as a snake-like feature. It was challenging to realize the handsome actor had received such a remarkable transformation.

The Horror Look That Came Right Out of Nightmares

Anne Hathaway is well known for her iconic performance in 2001. During this period, horror genres in the Hollywood industry made big waves. Fortunately, the exceptional actress was suitable to be a part of it. With her excellent role in the “Princess Diaries,” it was almost impossible to imagine her outside the royal teenager role.

Source: YouTube / Facebook / Moviestillsdb

In the movie, she wore a shocking look after discovering that she belongs to the royal lineage. The makeover depicted how she looks outside of the movie set. Indeed, she is a stunning and talented actress. Despite shaving her head in the “Les Miserables” movie, she remained astonishing. However, it portrayed she could mimic several characters or look like the same person.

Playing the Female Housekeeper Role Big

Robin Williams is one of the Hollywood legends viewers will forever remember. He was not just an actor but made sure to leave an amusing and thoughtful impact. He became a role model to many people, especially upcoming actors. Hence, his experience in the industry made him stand out among others.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Twentieth Century Fox / Twitter

One of his most notable characters is an elderly Scottish housekeeper in the “Mrs. Doubtfire” movie. His transformation from the comedian actor to an elderly traditionalist is commendable. He played as an older woman with whitish hair, which drew the attention of many people. His iconic look was touching and inspiring.

Orange Is the New Black Transformations

Taryn Manning had started her acting career as early as the 1990s. She is well-known for her transformative role in the “Orange Is the New Black” movie. It was evident she loved her position because she played it effortlessly. She confirmed this in one of her interview statements, about how she never gave it a second thought to give up on the role.

Source: Reddit

In the movie, she played Tiffany Doggett, getting viewers’ attention with her missing teeth as receding gums. It was needed to portray a feature that describes a drug addict who had been to prison. Nevertheless, she remains a stunning actor who leaves every passerby appreciative of her look. She also plays in TV shows known as the “Sons of Anarchy.”

Only Makeup Could Turn an Actor Into a Joker

Heath Ledger is an outstanding actor who played the role of a joker effortlessly. His transformation in the movie was massive, and he only needed a facial costume to fit into his character. The aesthetic change lingers in many people’s memory, even after his unfortunate incident.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Warner Bos. / Pinterest

Many people argue that his death may have resulted from his role as a joker. Hence, his death is described by many as a suicide. Nevertheless, his impact cannot be forgotten since it brought the Hollywood industry into the greater limelight. Makeup artists realized the great work achieved by applying facial paintings.

Using the Innocent Look as an Advocate for Men and Women

Elizabeth Moss’s popularity started after featuring in AMC’s hit series, called the “Mad Men.” She had played the role of Peggy, who was not an attractive-looking secretary. She was discriminated against by many of her colleagues, who believed she did not wear the proper office look as expected.

Source: Facebook / Photo by Gary Gershoff, Getty Images

Nevertheless, she was not intimidated but instead took the advantage to advocate the men’s and women’s equality in the office space. Undoubtedly, she has a stunning look outside of the movie, but she needed to play the role of the innocent-looking girl. Nevertheless, she successfully impacted curbing the gender stereotypes that were almost the norm in the 1960s.

Danish Girl Got the Magic

Eddie Redmayne had played the role of Lili in the “Danish Girl.” It was an outstanding performance that earned him an Academy Award. It was a movie based on his enchanting love for his wife, making him pose as a female model. His loot or portrayal was convincing that it was hard to believe the same handsome-looking man outside the set.

Source: Reddit

The elements that contributed to the success of his transformation were the wig and makeup he had on. The two primary feminine objects, the work of a skilled makeup artist and the display of the exceptional actor, could not have produced a lesser standard. The story was inspiring, and a lesson learned for many viewers.

Never Been an Ugly Betty in Real Life

America Ferrera played the role of the titular character in “Ugly Betty.” She got famous after featuring in this movie, which can be attributed to her iconic performance. She was bright but non-fashionable with braces and unmatched outfits. Although ambitious, she worked hard to feature in the fashion magazine, despite her non-encouraging outlook.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: ABC / Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

Ferrera won an outstanding award for her excellent performance, which made many people think she was no different from that physically in real life. Contrary to popular opinion, she is a stunning and brilliant woman. This was proven at the movie’s end, as she worked the red carpet with the most significant transformation ever.

Transforming Into the Detailed and Convincing Look

The “Game of Thrones” series undoubtedly shook the world, getting the attention of many people. The movie earned several accolades, recognizing the crews that played notable roles. Hence, Richard Brake is one of the actors that performed exceedingly great. He played as the Night King in the movie and served in other great films, including “The Tonto Woman” and “Perfect Skin.”

Source: HBO / IMDB

He went further to leave a remarkable record in his performance in the George R.R. Martin’s show. Film enthusiasts commended the show designer, Barrie Gower, to contribute to the outstanding achievement. Brake admitted the transformation is not easy to come by, as it requires a lot of details and quality tools. Hence, every contributor to these Hollywood stunning transformations is greatly appreciated.

What to Say About the Terrifying Villain?

Charlize Theron is well known for her iconic performance in many movies. These movies include “The Italian Job,” “Fury Road,” “Huntsman,” and “Snow White.” In the 2000s, she became the heart of Hollywood, especially when directors started noticing her exceptional talent.

Source: Twitter / Photo by Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

In 2003, she played Aileen Wuornos, a serial killer in the “Monster” series. Despite being a villain, her transformation cannot be ignored. This is coupled with her playing a role in being the bad girl who was expert and trained enough to kill six men. Even the film critic, Roger Ebene, acknowledged her excellent performance in the movie. The Academy later awarded her as the best actress in 2004.

Being Magically and Creatively Deformed

Jacob Tremblay is a young but talented icon in the Hollywood industry. Many people cannot forget the little boy’s face who performed well in the “Room” movie. He played Auggie, who was a deformed but intelligent boy. His role moved many watchers, making the film more touching and inspiring.

Source: Twitter

The chronic condition mandibulofacial dysostosis is an unusual disease that would require a talented actor to play it out excellently. Despite Tremblay’s less experience in the industry than many older actors, he did justice to the role. He was the nice sick boy at the hospital who also did makeup on his face. His role in the movie is nothing similar to how he appears or acts in the real world.

The Magic Work Performed off the Stage

Acting is not just about being seen on the stage or screen, and this is what Emma Thompson understands well about her career. She was requested many times in the Hollywood industry to play as the main character. Hence, she featured in many great movies like “Harry Potter,” “Sense and Sensibility” and “Love Actually.”

Source: Pinterest

Her role that stood out for many people is in the “Nanny McPhee” movie. She wore extensive makeup to appear as the frightening and magical nanny successfully. However, she instead used her magic for the good part, which was to win the children over. After submitting herself to learn from the children, she grew more beautiful. Meanwhile, she is gorgeous in real life and has a different look from the frightening one she portrayed.

The Same Person Showed up Thrice

John Travolta is one of the few actors that can adopt many characters effortlessly on the screen. He played several characters on “The Fanatic,” “Grease,” and “Pulp Fiction.” It wasn’t easy to believe the same person had played the three different roles in these three films. He went ahead to convince his fans more after playing as the self-conscious Edna Turnblad in “Hairspray.”

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: New Line Cinema / Getty Images

This same man could act like the chubby woman effortlessly. How the transformation was successful could only be unraveled to movie experts. However, one thing was sure that none of the crews who made it work was unskilled. The handsome dude successfully gained a new facial after wearing wigs and makeup. He received accolades from movie award presenters as the best actor.

She Was Never Truly Deaf

This outstanding actress’s popularity was well known after featuring in the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” movie. She was the deaf girl with the unibrow. People would have thought she naturally has a unique set of eyes. However, it was revealed that it was created for the set purpose. However, Thesy Surface claimed that she loved her role so much, and being deaf was not a big deal to her.

Source: Reddit

According to the actress, she is very far from the physical features in the movie. She also plays in comedy series, taking on several characters different from her personality. Afterward, that is all acting is all about, and this actress who understood the assignment did a great job. She made a lasting impact, such that watchers long to see her play a different role from her unusual look. It has been observed that she develops more acting energy in such positions.

Had to Look Like the Notorious Prisoner

You can expect Johnny Depp to switch characters, which is no longer new to his fans. Therefore, he has titled the chameleon of Hollywood, especially after playing Edward Scissorhands and Captain Jack Sparrow effortlessly. He didn’t stop there, as he experienced a remarkable transformation in playing James Whitey Bulger in the “Black Mass” movie.

Source: CBS / Imgur

He portrayed the role of a notorious criminal in prison through his luscious hair. Although his inmates later killed him, he is an iconic actor that cannot be easily forgotten from the movie. He wore several facial expressions, from the wicked laughter into a frown. How he did it is a course that an upcoming actress can take. This actor sure knows his onions well and how to capture the attention of Hollywood lovers.

Being the Exceptional and Wanted Character

Judy Greer is an actor and an author who balances the two sides of his Hollywood career appropriately. Ingrid Nelson in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and Fatty Magoo in “Californication’s Trixie.” She performed excellently well in these movies, no doubt, but the one who stood out for viewers was her role as Arrested Development’s Kitty Sanchez.

Source: Reddit

Greer acknowledged her exceptional acting and attributed it to her passion and frequent training. She believed in her inner talent in making people laugh and were ready to go any length for it. Greer claimed it was much easier to play the funny character than to be the pretty one on the set. She believed she was not as curvy as many other girls and would stick with her prominent role. However, her physique in real life does not depict a funny person.

The Transformation Change the Deadpool

Who would have thought the handsome Ryan Reynolds could end up as an ugly face in “Deadpool.” He had a farce disfiguration in the movie because his superpower failed to cure his cancer. This was also an intriguing character for many viewers. The best way to portray his anti-hero character is to wear the same facial expression.

Source: Twitter / Tumblr

Although he wore a mask in many scenes of the movie, you will see the magic work of the makeup artist, Bill Corso, a few times he let off the mask. People who are not used to seeing his face regularly would pass out on recognizing the Reynolds’ version wearing the ugly makeup. This is indeed a remarkable transformation.

Homeless and Ugly, but Loved by the People

The young actress Vanessa Hudgens became famous after featuring in the Disney Tab movie high school musical. She was the pretty lead dancer who played Gabriela. However, the lovely Angel took on a different look in the “Gimme Shelter” movie. She played the role of Apple, a girl who barely had anywhere to stay and did not receive help from any family.

Source: Pinterest / Photo by Jason LaVeris, FilmMagic, Getty Images

Unfortunately, Apple had a mother, but she tried to fix her life and never got time for the teenage girl. She was unkempt, with rough hair, and always on a hoodie to portray the character best. She hoped for a change but never got it, especially after getting pregnant. Comparing her appearance in the two movies, she convincingly acted as two different personalities.

Three Different Characters in a Single Film

Eddie Murphy is the striking actor who effortlessly took on different roles in the same movie. Viewers could hardly figure out that they watched the same person play more than two roles in “Coming to America.” He played as the Prince of Zamunda, Randy, Clarence’s barbershop owner, Prince Akeem Joffer, and Saul’s Jewish barbershop customer.

Source: Wikimedia

The director observed his exceptional talent for fitting into several roles and gave him a platform for expression. He did not only change his look, but also his personality and look. This left many award-winning agencies amused and had no choice but to crown him for his efforts. The movie received global recognition and is recognized as one of the best movies of all time.

The Badass Hacker and Investigator

Rooney Mara had featured in two popular movies, “The Social Network” and “Nightmare on Elm Street” in 2010. However, she only got to the limelight after featuring in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” Transformative characters seem to be the push for many actresses. However, this is only normal as hardly anyone cannot be won over by creativity. This is what viewers love to see, and thankfully, Hollywood is delivering the top-notch of it all.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Colombia Pictures / Facebook

Back to Rooney Mara, the talented investigator and hacker playing Lisbeth Salander. She had to ideally fit into the role by wearing short hair with no makeup. Although it may mean letting go of her natural hair, it boosted her acting career. Salander was further nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe.

Making a Big Change Since the ’80s

When John Matuszak had his transformation in the ’80s, makeup in the Hollywood industry had not much advanced. But guess what? This actor changed the narrative, as he featured in “The Goonies.” He is also a football star who modeled his face for several brands or roles. It is safe to say his face got an exceptional talent of its own.

Source: Reddit / Tumblr

His transformation was a combination of makeup, prosthetics, and animatronics. His complete teeth happened to be full of gaps, and his stoic face appeared to be melting due to professional input. The young kid’s character was remarkable, especially how he wore the different looks perfectly.

The Wicked Witch With the Special Talent

Bette Midler performed many iconic roles in several movies. However, the one who stood out is her role as Winifred, the head witch of the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. She had played a witch alongside the sisters in the movie, who died and had another chance to resurrect. However, the condition was that they could only resurrect if a virgin witch lit the candle.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Walt Disney Pictures / Photo by Jonathan Pushnik

Unfortunately, the witches took options into their hands and played on innocent souls. Many people hated her for the role, but who would have thought the pretty Bette Midler was the wicked witch. Hence, here is an example of an iconic actress who played a different personality convincingly.

The Children Are Never a Clown in Real Life

The “Clown” movie is commendable for beating the nightmare reputation. The acts, makeup, and story still linger in the mind of people. Tim Curry played a clown alongside other children facing their demons in this horror movie. To portray the character best, Curry did not only wear the fitted expression but also acted accordingly.

Source: YouTube / Wikimedia

Undoubtedly, Tim Curry had featured in many other movies, but his particular role in Stephen King’s thriller novel was breathtaking. This paved the way for him in the industry, while he received a nomination as the year’s actor. The nomination is well deserved for playing real, while the viewers feared clowns.

Winning Over Viewers With the Kiss

Drew Barrymore is popularly known for her role in the classic film “Kissed.” While she featured in the movie in 1999, as Josie Gellar, she was the ugly and non-fashionable high school, often embarrassed amidst her peers. She had several crushes, but no boy seemed to return the same emotional energy. She needed to wear crazy costumes and makeup, to convince the audience of the type of girl she was portraying.

Source: Pinterest / Reddit

She was given another chance to play as an undercover agent when she revealed her true beauty. She became Josie Grossie, and almost everyone loved her immediately. Just as it happened in the film, she was able to grab viewers’ attention with the switch in character.

The Huge-IT Transformation Got People Talking

Bill Skarsgård played a role in “IT” as Pennywise the clown. The position was remarkable, leaving everyone to wonder at the sultry gaze and goofy grin that successfully pops up on the actor’s face. It is understandable if you still cannot erase his facial expression in the movie despite seeing his actual face afterward.

Source: Warner Bros. / Pinterest

The makeup artist played with colors and elements, creating a magical expression. The handsome Bill became the haunting and menacing face. Along his forehead is some tuft of red hair, leaving him creepy. It was evident that the intention was rightly portrayed inset.

What We Have Beyond the Mask and What Hides Therein

The talented actress played notable roles in the 90s classic, featuring in “There’s Something About Mary” and “The Mask.” She was gifted by transforming her facial looks and has a convincing voice. Diaz played Fiona’s voice in the Shrek film series. What an exceptional actor who knows her skill well and how to fit it into the Hollywood industry.

Source: Facebook / Imgur

In the 1999’s, she played with John Malkovich, and no one would have thought she would become the stunning and sexy lady we see on the screen today. She was the woman who loved pets so much and wanted to live a part of her transgender desire. Diaz’s makeup artist, Gucci Westman, also admitted her look is a product of deliberate and detailed effort.

The Striking Resemblance of the Dog and Its Owner

Doug Jones is one of the rare actors that can portray non-human creatures excellently. In the case of Jones, you would think the creatures were made for him when you see him without makeup. His acting as Paleman would be because the casting directors have observed his ability to beat the striking resemblance. You may be suitable if you believe dog owners often look like their pooches.

Source: Tumblr / Pinterest

The kind of creature Paleman portrayed is the creepy one with beady eyes. It was quite a challenging role for him, but he victoriously did well. This made him get nominations for top awards. More so, it was a boost for his acting careers, as many directors sought to sign him up for movie roles.

The Laugh Doctor from Saturday Night Live

Kate McKinnon is a natural beauty Queen who often gets the opposite of her facials in movie roles. She played majorly on Saturday Night Live and played several characters to make people laugh. As they say, it is the job of every comedian to act as another personality. However, Kate seems to be doing exceedingly well in her comedy career.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: NBC / Photo by Gregg DeGuire, WireImage, Getty Images

The comedy gig appears to be all the actress invested in significant parts of her life. She had also played mimicking roles where she acted as the older version of Justin Bieber and spoofed Hillary Clinton. She imitates these actors’ styles like it was nothing, as the audience never stops applauding her talent and stage energy.

Trouble in Paradise Playing the Black Role

Many people could not recognize Robert Downey as the Kirk Lazarus who played a role in “Tropic Thunder.” The heavy makeup in the movie made it difficult to point to the actor as the same star as the “Ironman” movie. His great transformation is worthy of emulation in the Hollywood industry, and it could also serve as a case study for costume values and roles in the industry.

Source: YouTube / Wikimedia

He received an Oscar nomination as the best supporting actor based on his performance. However, the actor faced some controversial issues about the black community. Nevertheless, it was evident that he played the role excellently.

The Pretty Star Girl is Never Frightening Afterward

Nobody would have thought Meryl Streep’s role as the witch in the 2014 films in the woods was not all about her acting. It was possible to be convinced that it was the best role she could fit into. Meanwhile, she had featured in contemporary movies where she acted as the pretty star girl.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Walt Disney Pictures / Pinterest

The makeup artist did an excellent job portraying Streep as the frightening actress. If you are familiar with Streep’s acting, you will know she is different from the character she portrayed. She can effortlessly switch from the scary personality to the Beauty Queen.

Proving Nothing Else but Innocence

Dani Radcliffe played a remarkable role in the “Harry Potter” movie. His role was to use paranormal abilities to take revenge on his girlfriend’s real killer. The actor barely wore his face in the film. It is expected since no one can be trusted, especially since the false accusation of the rape and murder case.

Source: YouTube / Twitter

He had a threatening look with the two horns on his head. They may appear as just two horns alone, but the character was nothing short of convincing. Towards the ending part of the movie, the real demon in him is revealed. This was remarkably achieved with the contribution of the makeup artist.

The Face Painting Is Not Missing Out on the Script

Salma Hayek had portrayed Frida Kahlo in the biopic Frida. The makeup artist did an excellent job as the resemblance was striking. All she needed was the signature unibrow that made her fit perfectly into her role. They turned her to the ugly young lady to captivate viewers’ attention.

Source: Miramax Films / Photo by Traverso, L’Oreal, Getty Images

The actress played her part by consulting advice from experts like Dolores Olmedo Patino. Beyond the face painting, she realized the need to act her role well without missing out on the point. Fortunately, it took a positive turn on her as she won the outstanding award.

A Wookie Winning the Great Award

People who watched the lovable Chewbacca could not believe it was an actual human. However, this iconic character was played by Peter Mayhew. The costume came out perfectly to display a Wookie by using animal hair represented by rabbit and yak. The look was an inspiration from George Lucas’s dog director.

Source: Tumblr / Twitter

It was superb acting, which is recorded as one of the outstanding productions of the Hollywood industry. Mayhew also performed excellently playing Chewie’s voice. Fortunately, the actor won the Lifetime Achievement Award from MTV, which is incredibly commendable.

Another Facial Magic at Scooby-Doo Again

Linda Cardellini fans seem to have turned blindly to her exceptional acting in several movies, except for the television series “Geeks” and “Freaks.” This is primarily attributed to the remarkable transformation from a pretty girl to a need. Again, viewers prove how much they love to make up artists perform their facial magic.

Source: YouTube / Imgur

Facial transformation brings out creative personalities that intrigue many of the viewers. Her role in the adaptation of “Scooby-Doo” movie Velma Dinkley is striking and leaves a sweet memory. She often wore an orange sweater and glasses to portray her homely character. No doubt the crew could avoid a much more extensive and expensive wardrobe, but it was part of sticking to the script rules.

Dark Eyes, White Face, a Great Transformation Indeed

Michael Keaton’s role in the comedy-horror “Beetlejuice” was striking. The handsome man was transformed into a white face with dark eyes. In the 80s’, the Hollywood industry did less makeup and cosmetics, but Keaton succeeded in giving an astounding effect. Hence, the effort of the makeup artist is commendable.

Source: Pinterest / NBC

The Oscar-winning makeup artist Ve Neil and director Tim Burton worked together to create the fantastic transformation. He had pale yellow-white skin that was accompanied by a decaying tooth, and his nose also was made to appear broken by attaching some swollen lips to the bridge.

The Big Bang Transformation

Mayim Bialik played an excellent role in the “Blossom” TV series, which paved her acting career. She featured Amy Farrah Fowler in “The Big Bang Theory,” which caused her popularity in Hollywood. She played the role of a nerd and reserved character who was the love interest of Sheldon, a male character.

Source: CBS / Facebook

In real life, Bialik is nothing close to being a nerd. Despite the homely character she played in the movie, she is the stunning lady you would not miss out on her look at the grocery store. However, she is academically grounded since she obtained a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from UCLA.

Playing the 84-year-old Woman

Tilda Swinton had played a disguised look by playing the role of the murdered Madame D. It was almost impossible to recognize him as the handsome young guy. The young lady was convincingly transformed into an older woman, which was the movie’s primary character.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Fox Searchlight Pictures / Photo by Pascal Le Segretain, Getty Images

The “Grand Budapest Hotel” story was more captivating by the act of the 84-year-old woman. Soft silicone rubber and 11 prosthetics were used to achieve the aging look. It depicts an incredible talent, leaving a sweet memory in the mind of viewers.

Being Independent and Infamous at an Early Age

Mae Whitman had been in the Hollywood industry at an early age, and she was suitable to feature in top movies like “Independence Day” early. However, she grew in popularity after playing Arrested Development’s Ann Veal. She featured in most scenes, especially playing the role of Michael Cera’s girlfriend.

Source: Fox / Photo by Jason Merritt, Getty Images

However, Whitman’s character was outstanding, which got him several acting gigs after the movie. In 2015, her role as “the duff” portrayed her as the low self-esteemed one among her friends. You would have thought she is the fat ugly friend portrayed in the movie, but this gorgeous actress is otherwise in real life.

The Gentle Man Playing as Hellboy

Ron Perlman is one of the screens faces you would not easily let go of in your memory. If you had watched “Hellboy,” “Sons of Anarchy,” and “Quest for Fire,” you will quickly recognize the striking resemblance. However, it may not be that easy in the “Hellboy” movie because the costume required much work and input.

Source: YouTube / Imgur

About 60 people contributed to creating the beautiful costume in “Hellboy.” The prosthetics work was also magnificent. Amidst all these, Perlman can also take the glory for being a patient and exceptional actor.

Arya Stark Playing in the Popular Game of Thrones

The UK actress is well-known for her iconic performance as Arya Stark in “The Game of Thrones” series. Almost every of the movie actors had a specific look to each role, including Maisie Williams. Williams played a challenging position in GOT, and it was expected of her not to look glamorous as she would have as a lady. Hence, most of her appearances were rough.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: HBO / Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto, Getty Images

She was seen as a strong and independent woman, earning the Emmy Award as the best-supporting actress, and she also won the Saturn and Portal awards. The talented actress understood her role well enough to describe the victorious lady in “Game of Thrones confidently.”

Grumpy and Green Character from Transforming Make up

Jim Carey is a super talented comedian to fit into many roles. His talent is also best portrayed on stage, while he makes many people laugh. He played an excellent transformation with the “Grinch” movie while undergoing several layers of makeup. He best portrayed the green and grumpy character.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Universal Pictures

He wore contact lenses that added to his transforming look, but the green was best achieved through the contribution of other crew members. Today, he is celebrated for his iconic performance. However, it would not have been possible without his talented transitioning. His fans recognize his efforts in fitting into several people’s supposed lifestyles to create a moment. Hence, he is well appreciated and acknowledged for it.

The Slim Actress Who Never Loved to Binge

Tina Fey is an actor and a talented writer who develops scripts for variety shows. He is well known for his role in Rock’s Liz Lemon as the sarcastic and binged character, and lemon was also portrayed as a nerd who barely had any social interaction.

Source: YouTube / Photo by Annie Leibovitz

He performed at NBC’s Saturday Night Live while launching the 30 Rock show afterward. However, she majorly portrays the character of weird women while she admits to fitting best into the role as a nerd. She is naturally beautiful, making it easy to believe she loves what she does, even though it takes a nerd.

Playing the Horror Dracula in the Yet Romantic Way

Gary Oldman played the Dracula’s role in the “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” movie. It was a horror yet a romantic film, and Oldman never disappointed the viewers. The makeup artist did a great job giving him the gothic horror look. Despite the makeup and prosthetics input, his outstanding performance is commendable.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Colombia Pictures / Photo by Kevin Winter, Getty Images

He became the news of the Hollywood industry after featuring in the movie, and this also won him some top awards and gigs from many main characters. However, the transformation he experienced during the Dracula movie was only successful because he was a corporation. Hence, makeup is not the best if the actor has no clue what it takes to play the role well.

An Ambitious Actress Who Gladly Fits Into Her Role

Lee Michele had been an actress but only rose to fame after playing Rachel Berry in “Glee.” However, she was ambitious but never a popular cheerleader of her high school. The best transformation to portray her role is being a nerd. She was a talented singer, but her friends judged her dressing or physique.

Source: Getty Images

While she acted in the movie, she had put on some extra weight. Fortunately, she regained her slim body back as she wanted. She now campaigns for weight loss and lifestyle agencies. The actress is iconic and well respected by her fans.

Fans Love to See Makeup Creativity

Tom Cruise played an iconic role in the “Tropic Thunder.” The makeup and costume team did a great job in the movie, as was evident from the screen. Tim Cruise underwent a vast transformation to play another role, which was that of Les Grossman.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Paramount Pictures / Photo by Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

The movie’s popularity can be somewhat attributed to the intriguing costumes. It attracted many fans as they never want to stop seeing their favorite actors in exciting dresses. The movie producer put in extra effort by working with a chest mat, prosthetic hands, and a skull cap. With these elements, Tom Cruise achieved his Hollywood scumbag look.

Just For Laughs and Fun

Patricia Heaton is an award-winning actress and model. She played the role of Frances Heck in “The Middle” and as Debra Barone in “Everyone Loves Raymond.” She is known as the 24th funniest woman on TV screens. According to her, it is an exceptional talent to make people laugh. She was inspired to achieve this, regardless of the outfit on her.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Warner Bos. / Photo by Lester Cohen Archive, WireImage, Getty Images

The acting was not just about the outlook for Patricia Heaton. This approach or belief makes it easy for makeup artists to work their magic. Thank you for a role well played for everyone who contributed to the success.

Playing the Novel in the Most Convincing Way

It is never extra to talk about the talent of an outstanding actor like Gary Oldman. He played a disguised role in the “Mason Verger” movie, which is ever convincing. To create the perfect image as described in the novel, the makeup artist ensured to carry out a compelling look.

Source: YouTube / Photo by Kevin Mazur, WireImage, Getty Images

He looked like he had no flesh, with his bony structure as Hannibal’s surviving victim. Being the movie antagonist, his name was removed from the screen, and he claimed it was best to remain anonymous both physically and by name. The fact disfiguration was fun for him, and no doubt the actor was glad to experience such in his acting career.

Loving the Big Bang Theory Gigs

Melissa Rauch is a famous actress who got featured in many movies. However, her biggest gig is “The Big Bang Theory,” She featured as Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz. She did not only disguise her look but also portrayed a highly pitched voice. However, some viewers instead find the voice annoying.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: CBS / Photo by Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

The change of voice was so the actress could mimic her mother. Although she did not mock her mother’s jersey accent, she did well with the voice imitation. She looked like a nerd in the movie but had a gorgeous look outside the set. Rauch, a successful model, presented many photoshoot gigs, including the S&M-inspired Maxim photoshoot.

Another Show from the Talented Tim Curry

We never seem tired of talking about Tim Curry because he is one transformation kings. Talk about him portraying terrifying characters effortlessly, especially in underworld movies. His face as Lord of Darkness in the “Legend” movie is scary, and you would agree it walked right out of your Nightmare.

Source: YouTube/ Wikimedia

Curry mentioned that the cast had become a part of him since he sat five hours every day to achieve the look. No wonder he acted his role perfectly, as he had shown his commitment right from the set preparation. The makeup artist truly deserves accolades for the job well done. It was indeed proof of talent and long hours of dedication, and this alone got the attention of many viewers.

The Ever Creative English Actress

The English actress, Sophie McShera, is well known for Daisy Robinson (Mason). The beauty queen who could victoriously compete for a cheerleading role was portrayed as a kitchen maid. Her role in the “Downton Abbey” drama paved her acting career, receiving nominations for many awards.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: BBC Studios / Photo by Danny Martindale, WireImage, Getty Images

Although she had been popular in top movies before “Downton Abbey.” We cannot outrightly ignore her excellent contribution in “Saved by the Bell.” She spoke the American accent correctly after so much practice. Her high learning spirit got her a role in “The Goodbye Girl.” She also played the ugly step-sister of Cinderella, and it is the opposite of her role as the popular character of the “Mean Girls.”

The Old, Yet Attractive Woman is a Male

Dustin Hoffman did not just randomly play the role of a lady; he portrayed that of an attractive older woman. Portraying a character of another gender is one thing, but doing it attractively requires exceptional talent. However, he wore a man’s face in the movie but had to pretend to be a woman after being an unemployed actor for a long time.

Source: YouTube / Facebook

He claimed he had practices offset as soon as he got the gig. He needed every information on how best to portray being a woman. Hence, his acting is evident from the hard work and dedication put into the role. In addition to that, the makeup artist did a convincing job, and no one would have thought Hoffman was the one on the extravagant wig.

Pretty Little Liars Behind the Creative Makeup

Janel Parrish is a stunning singer, dancer, and actress. She had portrayed different roles in several movies, and only viewers who religiously follow her can identify her. Her role as Jade from Bratz: The Movie and Mona Vanderwaal in “Pretty Little Liars” can convincingly go as two different actors.

Source: Twitter / Facebook

In “Pretty Little Liars,” Parrish is an unattractive, homely, and calm character. Although she changed her cosmetics in the movie, she remained enemies with Hanna, and meanwhile, she played with the villain by faking her death. Parrish loved her role so much and is thankful for the fans she attracted for playing her talent so well.

The Dwarf and Talented Actor

Actors like Warwick Davis, who has the dwarfism challenge, seem to be in high demand in the Hollywood industry. However, it is not enough to be physically challenged and essential to be talented. Despite his physical challenge, he wore makeup that made him fit more into character. Hence, his role appeared just natural to him.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Warner Bos. / Photo by Jason LaVeris, FilmMagic, Getty Images

The “Harry Potter” series provided a platform for Davis to showcase his talent in multiple ways. He fitted into the role perfectly, with the help of the makeup artist and costumes. However, he mentioned that wearing silicon ears and noses was not easy, and they were heavy, and the black contact lenses were tricky to wear.

Playing the Homely, Yet Talented Girl

Do you remember the woman who played a secretary in the sitcom “The Office”? It is the stunning Jenna Fischer. Although she took a break in acting, she had climbed the top ladder before then. She mentioned how she had to do some sex education videos for psychiatric patients.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: NBC / Photo by Michael Buckner, Getty Images

While she played the cool homely girl in the movie, her beauty could not be hidden. It never occurred to her that her role as Pam could blow to the extent it did. She had just wanted to play Pam as much as possible, but her enthusiasm attracted many fans to her. Indeed, it was a kick-off for her acting career.

A Creative Makeup Wore Behind the Mask

Eric Stoltz is a handsome American who made an excellent record in the Hollywood industry in 1985. The makeup artist portrayed him well as the boy with a bone disorder. The first movie he acted in was called “Mask,” when his transformative talent was first evident.

Source: YouTube / Wikimedia

He had to do another transformation in the “Pulp Fiction” movie, which got him the Golden Globe Award nomination. The makeup artist, Michael Westmore, mentioned combining three pieces of foam latex and fake dentures to create the Rocky character. This is one of the few movies where the makeup artist is recognized for an award. Hence, the makeup crew received an Oscar nomination for the best makeup design.

Saved by the Bell and Transforming Makeup

Tori Spelling played two different roles in two movies, and it is almost impossible to tell she is the one. The girl who loves wearing glasses and braids in the “Saved by the Bell” movie is also the same geeky Violet Bickerstaff. In one of her talks in the True Tori, Spelling revealed how she acted as Screech’s love interest and played a notorious role in 90210.

Source: YouTube / ABC Family

In short, the gorgeous actress had played several characters in movies, including Holly Hamilton in the “Mystery Girls.” Playing the ugly part was no big deal for her, and she believed she could convincingly fit into the role just by being told she was ugly. It does not matter if she is the gorgeous woman on the physical; she was good to go with whatever character on the set.

Nightmares in the Makeup Chair

Do you remember the “Nightmare on Elm Street” movie? Robert Englund exceptionally portrayed the Freddy Krueger character. No one could have thought he was the actor who portrayed a serial killer behind the face. The transformation was a huge one, which was turned into a documentary.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: New Line Cinema / Photo by Paul Harris, Getty Images

People love to watch the behind the scenes of the movie through the “Nightmares in the Makeup Chair.” The makeup crew patiently created the magical look with airbrushing, latex, and glue. The good thing is the monster’s look never caused a harmful effect to his natural face. As you have thought of other movie transformations, the damage never goes beyond the scenes.

Different Roles, but the same Individual Doing it Right

Alyson Hannigan has played several significant roles, which helped boost her acting career. Fortunately, her role in “Buffy the Vampire Slyer” as a best friend and side chick is the one she is well-known for. However, she had featured in “How I Met Your Mother,” “American Pie,” “American Wedding,” and “Boys and Girls.”

Source: YouTube / Photo by Jon Kopaloff, FilmMagic, Getty Images

She made a good impression as a talented actress in these movies, adapting to different roles. However, the roles were significant to her, and she was thankful for being a part of the excellent productions. She married Alexis Denisof through one of her outstanding performances on set. Currently, they have two children together and live happily.

How Mr. Nobody Got Everybody’s Attention

Jared Leto performed a unique role in the “Mr. Nobody” sci-fi film. As the last mortal human, the movie portrayed a character who would watch him age. In his late 30s had to age till 118 years in the film. He is a good-looking actor, and how he got his wrinkled face is no other than make-up proficiency.

Source: YouTube / Instagram, @jaredleto

He also appreciated the work of the makeup team by performing his role well. It would have been fruitless if there was no deliberate effort from his end. Diane Kruger, who played on the same set with Leto, agreed that they spent hours on the makeup transformation.

It’s Always Sunny and Creative in Philadelphia

The actress is well-known for her role in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” She acted like a funny character, not far from her real-life personality. However, she is never unkempt as she mainly appeared in the movie. She was a sociopathic lady who was a drunkard and rude individual.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: 20th Television / Photo by Amy Sussman, Getty Images

She is determined to make people laugh in whatever ways she can. However, Olson could portray a happy and despair character simultaneously. Although she may have had her ups and downs, she was determined to push through her career regardless. She is always ready to fit into her character, no matter the amount of practice required.

The Handsome Looking and Old FBI Director

Leonardo Dicaprio played the role of the FBI director excellently, which was quite different from his usual characters. It took a while to find a perfect fit for the role, but Dicarprio’s exceptional talent paved the way for him. With long hours of makeup, he succeeds in being a part of the force sector.

Source: Moviestillsdb.com, Copyright: Warner Bos. / Photo by Theo Wargo, Getty Images

Nevertheless, he remained handsome with his dashing eyes. He looked older with a gray and white face with a different personality. No one could have thought the sexy young man would have an impressive turnaround. This brought him into the limelight of award agencies, as he received several nominations. The movie was commended for the efforts put into the production.