“Outstanding Move” Jokes That Deserve a Standing Ovation

By Yuri S.

Have you seen the latest Internet meme craze? The “Outstanding Move” meme is a collection of smart jokes and well-executed tomfooleries that merit a standing ovation. Memes are extremely popular due to their simple format and smart humor. It all began in 2017 when a Spanish news site cited a priceless reply from a 1940 chess encounter between Efim Bogoljubov and Ludwig Rellstab.

Did you figure out what the reaction was going to be? Yes, the “outstanding move” reaction drew the most attention from the many meme groups throughout the world. When someone intentionally or inadvertently comes up with a brilliant sarcastic retort to something, the “outstanding move” meme is commonly used as a reaction.

The Six-Foot Guy

It’s natural to fantasize about your crush asking you out on a date, but it’s also natural to panic at the prospect of someone you don’t like doing the same. Girls can often be harsh and unpleasant to males who are simply asking for a date. But we can’t always blame the girls who have so many men contacting them.

Source: Twitter

It is difficult for them to be kind to everyone all the time. Instead of being disappointed, this man took advantage of the situation and created a fantastic comeback, which deserves an “excellent move.” At the very least, we think it’s reasonable to conclude that the girl was impressed based on this Twitter post.

Anything for the Money?

There are two key reasons why humans like and frequently employ self-deprecating humor. It’s simpler to make a joke about yourself since you’re not insulting anyone, and it also tells others that you don’t carry your ego around with you all the time and can laugh at yourself now and again.

Source: Reddit

While there’s no disputing that this user has earned the label “amazing move,” we’re presuming it’s most likely an act for the joke’s sake. The poor person most likely doesn’t despise himself. But who would have missed out on an opportunity to get £50,000? Not us.

That May Appear to Be Incorrect, but It Isn’t

Some of us are just better at bending the rules than others when it comes to unfair techniques. When you look at the rules of some games, you can see why people want to cheat. There are three types of individuals: one who is honest, one who is dishonest, and a third who is honest but dishonest.

Source: Twitter

Isn’t it perplexing? This Twitter user and her crew are the epitome of the third type of person. They become dirty without breaking any of the rules. Putting aside the humor, we have to admire their foresight. At the same time, it’s hilarious and brilliant. If there was a prize for best “amazing move,” this tweet would have won it.

Taking Back from the Thief

Hollywood images of cunning heists like those in Ocean’s Eleven and The Pink Panther color our perceptions of thieves. The truth is even less enticing. Let’s consider this scenario for a moment. You steal a bike, and the guy you stole it from steals it back. No one would be more embarrassed than you, and no one would be prouder than the person you took it from.

Source: Reddit

That is exactly what the woman in this scenario did. Taking back what is rightly yours is not stealing—it’s not a crime. So, this woman did nothing wrong. Regardless of whether it was correct, this was an “excellent move.”

What Should I Do Now?

Pet owners sometimes equate their animals with children, much to parents’ chagrin. There is nothing quite like caring for another human, but pets also demand a lot of attention. Cats are, without a doubt, the Internet’s favorite thing. It’s amusing, interesting, perplexing, and even alarming to see how cats act and why they act the way they do.

Source: Imgur

We can be certain that being a rebel is one of the key reasons they act like they do. However, their owners occasionally exploit their weaknesses just to confuse them. We may never know what it is about this lemon that the cat can’t figure out, but the owner certainly made an “excellent move.”

Honors College Graduate

We want to congratulate all the graduates! Whether they’re working for a diploma, a certificate, a degree, or even a striking new professional title, their hard work needs to be acknowledged. All college dropouts, rebels, or so-called future self-made billionaires always end up remarking to clever and accomplished degree holders, “Your degree won’t keep you warm at night.”

Source: Facebook

This is one of the most popular things you’ll hear if you’re a dedicated and accomplished student, but this graduate just made everyone reconsider if that’s true. Warm or not, one thing is certain: this photograph earned everyone’s appreciation and made them laugh at this ideal “excellent move” moment.

Exceptional Marketing Strategy

Marketing your brand and company is a difficult endeavor. Audiences are becoming savvier about their desires and requirements, and marketers are just trying to keep up with the ongoing changes by aligning with their target audience’s needs and expectations. Others get caught up in some of the world’s greatest and most unique marketing ideas.

Source: Twitter

This is an excellent example of that. It’s a win-win situation for dog owners since you get the mattress you want and your dog gets one, too, which we’re sure will make everyone very happy. What a fantastic marketing performance!

Dress Rules

We recognize that every business wants its employees to be professional, and the dress code is one aspect of that professionalism. Dress rules are meant to communicate to employees that proper work attire is important. But should businesses start adopting more creative clothing regulations so their employees can be more comfortable?

Source: Facebook

This person chose to break the rules, but he failed. Or did he? The man has just discovered a wonderful loophole in the company’s dress code that anyone may now take advantage of. The bravery and guts he showed were admirable.

Let’s Read Some Books

In a practical sense, books are regarded as students’ best friends and their closest, finest companions. They play an important role in the lives of students. We don’t need to explain why school bags or backpacks are an important school accessory. It’s where students keep all their books, notes, and a variety of other items.

Source: Tumblr

But this school has chosen to prohibit the use of school bags or backpacks. One of the students decided to respond with an innovative and amusing idea. It’s evident that the whole school and the administration understood what he was trying to say, but we’re not sure whether they loved his way of showing it.

Inappropriate Language

Naturally, parents don’t want their children to use bad words, but it’s unavoidable that they will learn about these words, get inquisitive, and maybe use them. Children may be attempting to communicate dissatisfaction with these words. Or they might simply be uttering the word because it is amusing or elicits a reaction.

Source: Reddit

We believe it is preferable to teach your children in a friendly manner why they should not use these words. This youngster was arguing the same point and demonstrated it in an interesting way. And we can’t blame him when his parents made their point with a bar of soap.

Monkey with a Mission

Complaining is an unavoidable aspect of being human. It is frequently used as a reaction to difficulties or as a means to express unhappiness. Some individuals sit and whine about their circumstances, complaining about how unlucky and terrible they are. Others take responsibility and seek solutions rather than concentrating on the difficulties.

Source: Reddit

It appears that the same is true for monkeys. This monkey does not appear to be content with his lot in life. He is adamant about getting out of that zoo. He must, after all, have huge aspirations for his future. He can’t spend his entire life sitting around in a cage.

May the Force Be with You Always

Because technology isn’t always flawless, you may encounter some issues you can resolve on your own. We’ve all been there when our phone slips out of our hand. Everything is moving at a glacial pace. You attempt to balance it and juggle it, but in the end, you fail.

Source: Facebook

Even before the phone hits the ground and the screen cracks, your heart fractures into a thousand pieces. Now take a brief, two-second break to get yourself together before picking up your phone. Then switch your wallpaper to make the most of the crack. Isn’t that a brilliant move?

Nothing in This World Is Truly Free

Certain words have an enticing sound to them. We as humans are drawn to a variety of things, and for some strange reason, we go completely insane when we see the word FREE somewhere. Whatever the context, you have to confess that every time you see the word FREE, you pause for a minute and read the entire thing.

Source: Twitter

This burger joint must have a psychology specialist on staff because they used the word FREE so well. We can’t blame them, can we? But there’s no such thing as a free lunch. We don’t know if anyone fell for it, but this restaurant was a winner if even one person did.

The Plot Thickens

Creativity is the most liberating form of self-expression. Nothing is more pleasant and rewarding for youngsters than being allowed to express themselves freely without fear of being judged. Imagine being duped for seven years by some schoolchildren. People sometimes underestimate children’s inventiveness and ingenuity. Believe it or not, kids are far more creative than adults since they are not yet stressed and anxious about their lives.

Source: Facebook

But this was a fascinating turn of events. We’re curious what type of interesting discussions and classified information the schoolchildren must have overheard throughout the seven years this carving hung there. Without a doubt, this is one of the finest “excellent move” moments in history.

Getting a Deal Done

People appear to be yearning for more followers on their social media platforms in today’s Internet-driven environment. Even if it meant severing ties with their favorite fast-food restaurant, this guy was serious when he approached Pizza Hut with this offer. What’s more intriguing is the response from Pizza Hut’s own social media account.

Source: Twitter

We’re not sure what criteria Pizza Hut uses to employ people to manage its social media accounts, but one of the prerequisites for the talent hiring process must be a high level of wit. The finest negotiators listen to the other side, grasp their core concerns and hot buttons, and then design a strategy that works for both parties.

He Has a Valid Argument

It’s pointless to have amazing ideas if we can’t persuade others of their worth. It’s harder to accept that there are actually people who believe the earth is flat than it is to believe that the earth is flat. I guess we won’t be able to entirely dispel their view until every individual on the planet travels into space to prove the true shape of the earth.

Source: Twitter

All we can do is appreciate and be open-minded to other people’s ideas. This user made the master move, or “excellent move.” According to this user’s remarks, he probably didn’t want to be part of the group anyway.

He Got the Last Laugh

This guy exemplified true sportsmanship. After all, even after losing his battle with death, he was able to perceive the event in a lighthearted and amusing way. And whether you’re the prankster or the prankee, you’re sure to have a wonderful time reading this story.

Source: Facebook

Planning a prank to take place after he passed away requires a high level of attention and ingenuity. Aside from the outstanding move, this guy did a fantastic job. We’re guessing his relatives and attendees at the funeral were taken aback when they heard him say, “Let me out!” What kind of nightmare would that be?

Choose Any Card

There’s a lot of magic to be had. There is a trick to dazzle any audience of family or friends, whether it’s levitating cards and pencils, poking holes in money and mending them as if it never happened, or bending a spoon. If some regular person truly accomplishes any of these things, it must be quite annoying for the professional magician. Consider this: the magician attempts to demonstrate something unique with his abilities, and this joke steals the stage.

Source: Reddit

There’s no disputing that it’s humorous and smart at the same time. This is a very remarkable move. Now that the meme has gone global, magicians should identify which card they’re referring to from now on. A lot of people will probably try this prank again and again.

Yeah, That Stings

Because shopping is an inevitable aspect of life, it might be difficult to detect shopping addictions. What do you expect when you buy your dad an Amazon Prime account? We’re not sure what possessed this man to purchase a bee outfit on Amazon for no apparent reason, but he appears to be extremely pleased with himself.

Source: Reddit

But the outstanding move is this man’s response to his son. Some people dismiss this joke as a bad dad joke, but hey, it’s a dad joke that’s still better than most of them out there.

That Was a Pleasant Surprise

Many of us don’t use our imaginations nearly enough. But when we do, we realize how much we can do. We’ve all been in that scenario where we’re bored and decide to do strange things. This individual must have been in a similar predicament that caused him to do strange things.

Source: Tumblr

These hobbies might occasionally be incredible when you discover something both intriguing and humorous. We’re not sure how long this battery survived in this strange position, but it had to be well worth it, however long it lasted. This particular moment is deserving of the designation “outstanding move.”

Instead of Shrinking Back, Bite Back

Snakes are one of the most reviled animals on the planet, although most people fear them out of proportion to the harm they pose. Snakes terrify most of us, and for a good reason. When a snake bites you, it’s only natural to be terrified. After all, some reptiles are very poisonous, and their bite can result in life-threatening complications.

Source: Reddit

However, terror had a different effect on this individual. We don’t know if this is true or not, but with nothing left to lose, this man’s final attempt saved his life and won him revenge against the cobra—definitely a brilliant move.

You Are Granted Three Wishes

If you’ve ever blown out a birthday candle, seen a shooting star, or discovered a stray eyelash, you’ve almost certainly made a wish. It must be difficult to be a genie. Imagine spending thousands of years inside a lamp and then having to grant three wishes every time someone rubs your lamp.

Source: Facebook

And then there are those people who attempt to outdo the genie. Maybe we can learn something from these people’s experience and knowledge dealing with genies and wishes. This person attempted an “amazing move,” but genies have been doing this for years and know just how to reply with their own “excellent move.”

The Victory

We appreciate the Internet because it allows us to connect with others who share our sense of humor, even if they are on the other side of the planet. The Internet and social media offer many ways for young people to empower themselves. The irony in this Twitter tweet will go unnoticed by most people.

Source: Twitter

Some may believe this person is serious, while others will get the joke. The finest individuals on the Internet are those who just go along with the joke without ruining it. Regardless, a victor is still a victor. It was unquestionably an “excellent move.”

The Great War of the Century

Some feuds are never resolved. Rivalry emerges whenever people get together to work toward a common objective. Individuals and teams attempt to defeat each other, which leads to rivalry. Don’t think world war or civil conflict here. This battle between McDonald’s and Burger King will go down in history as one of the most epic.

Source: Reddit

Putting aside the humor, we must appreciate how Burger King and McDonald’s exploit their fight to promote their brands. We have no clue who in their marketing departments come up with these wacky ideas, but one thing is certain, they need a raise. What a brilliant marketing approach!

It’s Crucial to Keep Track of Your Words

We’ll never know why teachers have such tight word-count standards for their class assignments. There’s often a number of facts to write about for each topic. When you have a minimum word count for an essay, one of the worst things is thinking you’ve completed it only to discover you’re still below the required minimum word count.

Source: Twitter

We believe that fewer words than the minimum won’t hurt anyone or anything and won’t make kids any less bright. But is there anything we can do to change it? This student who tried to solve the problem with a clever solution must be living in a different world.

Don’t Direct Your Cat’s Actions

Cats are fascinating creatures, so figuring out what causes particular feline actions can be difficult. Several typical feline habits can hurt the quality of life for both the cat and their owner. Cats are naturally rebellious, and they most likely don’t appreciate being disciplined or insulted.

Source: Facebook

If you have a cat as a pet, you must accept its conduct and refrain from disciplining it by pointing your finger at it. That is impolite and dangerous. We’re guessing the owner never dared to raise their finger at his cat again. The cat made his intentions known, and his message was clear.

The Lady Who Is Antisocial

People who don’t like engaging with others are occasionally diagnosed with “social anhedonia,” a clinical diagnosis for people who have a low desire for and pleasure from interacting with others. Imagine despising social interactions so much that you spend 28 years pretending to be blind to avoid them. Doesn’t it sound strange?

Source: Reddit

After reading this news headline, we thought the same thing. True or not, this woman has some serious resolve, and who can blame her? To some extent, we all avoid social contact. But we’re curious to know why this woman did this for 28 years and never got caught.

The Tables Have Been Turned

Some individuals use teasing as a lighthearted approach to feel closer to others or express friendliness, but that doesn’t make it acceptable. So the next time you ridicule someone because they wear glasses, don’t take their glasses from them because they might mock you since you now have glasses.

Source: Imgur

Does that make sense? Yes? No? It makes no difference since that’s how it works. This is undoubtedly one of the finest memes with fantastic sarcasm mixed in, and it’s guaranteed to garner an “awesome move” label. But aside from the joke, it teaches a valuable lesson—treat people the way you want to be treated.

Online Ordering Challenge

Mobile phones are available in a restricted palette of colors, editions, and materials. Consider that you ordered a new iPhone 7 and have been waiting for it for days, if not weeks. The package finally arrives, and you open it. There it is—an iPhone 3 and an iPhone 4 with a Yu-Gi-Oh Fusion card.

Source: Facebook

Your instinct is to become enraged. But wait! Understand how brilliant this maneuver truly is. We’re not sure why someone did this or what their motivation was, but one thing is sure—they earn our admiration for pulling off such a brilliant joke.

Do You Want to Go Vegan?

It’s understandable if you’re new to the vegan lifestyle and want to convince all your friends and family to join you. For those who don’t get what the top billboard is all about, it’s a campaign to urge people to go vegan. The bottom billboard is an advertisement for Old Bay seasoning.

Source: Facebook

Whoever comes up with these marketing ideas deserves a raise. Even though this was a risky move on Old Bay’s part, we all know the adage—big risks, big profits. There is little doubt that this billboard campaign attracted people’s attention, which is the ultimate goal.

Most Popular

To be honest, no one understands why or how Wikipedia became so famous in the first place, especially since its content was never credible. Anyone who has ever been assigned homework to write an essay or a research report understands that Wikipedia is not a reputable source.

Source: Reddit

Wikipedia isn’t concerned with what instructors, professors, schools, and universities say about it. According to Amazon-owned Alexa, Wikipedia receives more than 18 billion page views every month, making it one of the most popular websites. You can’t blame Wikipedia for claiming to be the “most popular” website. Even though it is notoriously unstable, it remains popular.

Luring Clients

Simply because something is described as inexpensive doesn’t make it a good value. A great low price might mean the store merely promotes the standard price rather than giving a discount. What are you most likely expecting to find if you click on a category labeled “Headphones under $100”? We believe you’ll be looking for headphones that cost less than $100. But this website has something special in store for its customers.

Source: Imgur

They’ve created a category called “Headphones under $100” to entice people and then tell them there are no headphones under $100, but you can spend an extra $50 on their headphones. We can only imagine how enraged consumers were after seeing the real prices of these headphones.

Is This Even Feasible?

In insurance companies’ line of work, they see a lot more than the typical fender-bender. Insurers occasionally come across a story that seems too unbelievable to be true—until it is. This appears to be unlawful, but it isn’t. We’re still baffled how this person pulled off such a feat.

Source: Tumblr

We’re not sure whether this report is true, but whatever the case may be, it’s next-level ingenuity. Imagine this situation in the courtroom. This person tells the judge about how he threw the boomerang, which then hit him in the face. He is now suing himself. We already know how the people in the courtroom responded.

An Essay without the Letter A

Rather than memorizing facts and taking examinations, the most efficient way to learn is to engage in real-world problem-solving. And why not modify our mindsets and learn naturally? You’d be astonished at how many words include the letter A. But kudos to this guy for not only accepting the task but also making it appear far too simple.

Source: Facebook

His essay on why someone should not write an essay like this demonstrates a certain level of arrogance, and we don’t blame him for it. Anyone with such a large vocabulary and a command of the language may, at the very least, have reason to be arrogant.

Everything Is Extremely Nice

In an ideal world, your future spouse would prevent you from being struck by a UPS truck while you battle to free your Gucci shoe from a sewer grate. But nowadays, courting typically happens online. Dealing with males online is difficult for a female who receives a lot of uninteresting and even insulting texts from desperate males. As a result, females can be harsh, unpleasant, or even unresponsive at times.

Source: Reddit

Sometimes females come into contact with guys who are sort of sleazy. And this is where clever wit comes in handy. Although the guy’s reaction was amazing, we don’t think the conversation got much farther than this. It’s still an “amazing move.”

Three States of Matter

One of the world’s most spectacular experiences is air travel. It allows people to go to new regions of the world and businesses to do business with international partners, but airports have some funny rules about one state of matter—liquids We’ve all learned about the states of matter in school. Well, it appears that the woman in this case used some of her educational knowledge to attempt to get out of her predicament and beat the rules.

Source: Getty Images / Twitter

We all know that airports restrict the amount of liquids you can bring on a plane. And thus this woman made this fantastic—or should we say exceptional—move. Although she made a compelling case, we doubt that she was allowed to bring her water bottle with her. Rules are rules, after all.

Don’t Argue with Your Teachers

Teachers amass a lifetime’s worth of amusing encounters with their students, and some of these tales are hilarious! Students get annoyed with a long lecture, and they get angry when they’re punished for doing something not particularly serious. The worst part is when students can’t figure out how to justify their actions.

Source: Reddit

Students often interrupt and argue with their teachers. But this kid seems pretty confident about winning this argument. The kid makes an excellent point, but was it worth it? The instructor was probably just a little bit irritated with this exchange of words.

The Best Ones Are the Free Trials

Maybe companies should stop thinking about free trials in terms of days, weeks, or months. We’ve all taken advantage of free trials from time to time. We’ve probably tried Netflix’s free trial at some point, and let’s be honest, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Source: Twitter

However, this man is one step ahead of Netflix. He has discovered a fantastic hack that allows him to receive four years of Netflix for free. We’re fairly sure that’s not how Netflix’s free trial works, but congrats to this person for coming up with such a clever, sarcastic joke. This is certainly deserving of an “excellent move” response.

Gift Voucher

Like the story in this case demonstrates, one of the scariest things you can do is take a leap of faith and trust someone in today’s environment. People find it difficult to trust even their friends, but for some reason, this guy believed that trusting his long-time adversary was a smart idea.

Source: Tumblr

Imagine the remorse this man must be experiencing for falling into his enemy’s trap. On the other hand, consider how ecstatic the other guy must have been. And we just have to commend him for devoting his time and efforts to devising such a scheme. The moral of the story is that you should never trust anyone.

The Question Mark Saved Him

Being humorous is a serious job, and studies have shown that establishing a lighthearted setting may help people relax and think more creatively. It’s incredible to see this man still alive, though, despite being on the verge of terrible embarrassment. Their conversation may have become uncomfortable, and their friendship may have never been the same after these text messages.

Source: Facebook

With a question mark, the guy saved himself and hopefully their friendship. This was an excellent save, but we suggest you express your sentiments carefully to the person you have feelings for. Sure, you might risk damaging a friendship, but at the very least, you won’t have any regrets.

The Anti-Masker’s Mask

Many people have shared their experiences throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. And some have pushed themselves to new limits. Since the pandemic broke out, people around the globe have been divided into two camps. One group is highly concerned and making efforts to prevent the virus from spreading further.

Source: Twitter

The other group believes that these efforts are pointless and that the virus is not a major threat. That is why persuading everyone to use masks has been quite difficult. It appears that this mask is ideal for anti-maskers. Both groups will receive their desired outcomes—an “excellent move,” to say the least.

Who Is Going to Foot the Bill?

The first date with someone you don’t know much about is fraught with anxiety. Don’t make things more difficult for yourself by attempting to prepare the perfect romantic dinner or plan an entire day out. The most unpleasant aspect of a date is deciding who pays the bill, but this gal made it too simple for our man.

Source: Twitter

You should never friend-zone someone when you’re out on a date with them. This is what happened to this guy on this date. Some may argue that he was quite disrespectful, while others may say he did the right thing. But everyone must agree that this was really funny and a truly outstanding move.

More Than a Smidgeon of Inspiration

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is one of the most well-known celebrities in the world and one of this generation’s most influential performers. Without a doubt, she has a huge effect on a lot of young women. However, listening to Beyonce’s songs might occasionally make females feel too driven. Nothing is wrong with it.

Source: Twitter

You might get incredible, hilarious moments like this one. It’s encouraging to watch this mother become more self-assured and confident with herself. But it might be far more entertaining to see her husband’s far more epic reaction. This is indeed a top-notch movie-rated scene.

Hello, Mom?

In an ideal world, women would be able to tell creepy dudes they meet at bars. “I don’t want to go out with you,” they say, and the creepy guy would leave them alone. Another female expressed her dissatisfaction with all the desperate and try-hard males. Although she should have simply declined to give him her phone number, the fact that she felt compelled to pretend to do so suggests that maybe the guy kind of made her do it.

Source: Imgur

We can’t imagine how humiliated this man felt after discovering he had been messaging his mother the entire time. Who would have thought texting would go all wrong? To be honest, we have a soft spot in our hearts for this guy. Nonetheless, this was deserving of an “excellent move” response.

You Need to Buy a Drink First

When speaking to a group or holding a meeting, the way you address inquiries reflects your confidence and expertise. It demonstrates your capacity to remain composed under pressure, an admirable leadership quality. But when individuals merely come into your bar to use free Wi-Fi, it must aggravate bartenders and bar owners alike.

Source: Twitter

On the other hand, the bartender appears to have devised a fantastic, friendly strategy for refusing to allow just anyone to use the Wi-Fi. How? This is how it’s done. The man who asked for the password was clueless and fell for it. The bartender won this round, and we’re sure he made an “amazing move.”

Winning Sibling Rivalry

When you play video games with your brother or sister, you express both affection and extreme competiveness in your sibling connection. Teens who play video games with a brother or sister more frequently have a more loving sibling relationship. Nevertheless, guys—brothers—have more conflict. Is it wrong to pump up your younger sibling while playing a video game? It depends on the situation, but false hope is still hope.

Source: Tumblr

This big brother gave his younger brother a controller without batteries and then went on to win the game. It was a brilliant way to keep his little bro engaged and pleased. It’s natural for children to be curious about their older siblings’ activities, and what you don’t know won’t kill you, so it’s all okay.

Think Quickly, and Live

When it comes to comparing IQ and gender, there isn’t always much to talk about. But now and then, a new study emerges that makes it worthwhile to open this particular bag of worms. Back in 1140, an enemy stronghold was under siege. It was a time when the battle was fought with swords and arrows, and the capturing king Konrad III turned it into a game.

Source: Tumblr

He decided to spare the women, but with a twist. He said he’d let them depart with whatever they were carrying on their backs. By the way, what did the women do? They put their men soldiers on their backs. The king was confused. The women had outwitted him, and the men had survived.

Save a Life by Holding the Line

At some point in their lives, many individuals find themselves in circumstances where they want to help save someone’s life, regardless of what role they play. Life is unpredictably unpredictable, so these talents will be helpful. One day, a radio host received a phone call from someone who had taken an overdose and wanted to die.

Source: Tumblr

We’re guessing the guy wanted to give one more shout-out on the radio before passing away. Or maybe he wanted to record his final comments as a voice memo. Things turned out differently than he had anticipated. Before he knew it, the radio host had kept him engaged on the air until sirens were blaring outside his window. What a comeback.

Virtually Walking Down the Aisle

We are all aware that anything on the Internet has advantages and disadvantages. The digital world is practically at our fingertips, implying that everything is right there, from restaurant phone numbers to illicit connections. We live in a time when virtual businesses are booming, and one couple decided to use them. It had to be done, and they did it.

Source: Tumblr

This couple’s wedding was postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but that didn’t deter them. Instead, they decided to play Animal Crossing to plan their wedding. They invited visitors, animals, and the entire neighborhood to join them in their celebration. It’s safe to say that LEGO didn’t have a chance with this one!

Everything Gets a “C” from Me

Exams may be aggravating, particularly if you actually read them, but the teacher grades multiple choice tests just by looking at the little letters. Understanding the test questions is beneficial since your response is based on how much you know. So how do you get the best grade on an exam?

Source: Facebook

You’ve decided to stick to the alphabet. You will attempt to outsmart the teacher at their own game. This kid took a chance and chose one letter of the alphabet to work with. He selected the letter C for all of his answers, and he happily came out on top. The student was probably not anticipating this, but he was very pleased with his grade.

Extremely Inquisitive Duty

Breakups may appear straightforward in romantic comedy films, but nothing lowers your self-esteem like a horrible breakup. Take a look at this guy’s funny experience. You block her, and she ends up working at your place of business. Isn’t that a little over the top?

Source: Imgur

Because we live in a bizarre environment full of vengeance, this girl decided it would be a good idea to follow the guy who blocked her to his place of business and work alongside him. You can picture the surprise on this guy’s face when he got to work that morning. What would you do if something like that happened to you?

No Matter What, I’m Rooting for You

Everyone goes through ups and downs in life. Encouragement and cheering up keep our spirits high and give us the strength to face our obstacles and challenges. There’s a reason why we all have favorite people in our lives. Even our favorite teachers are our favorites for a reason.

Source: Facebook

This is simply the scenario of a student struggling in school and their favorite instructor refusing to give up on them. Teachers are there to pick up students when they fall. They will always cheer you up, 25 times and more. They are, without a doubt, the type of people we need in our society.

Wise Grandma Indeed

Grandmas are great ladies, and a garden of love blooms wherever there is one. Hugs, love, and cookies never run out with grandmas. No one can deny that a grandma is an angel in our lives. They feed their grandchildren, even when they make them worry or give them a headache. And grandmas are usually irritated when their grandkids refuse to eat the last five bites that will empty their plate.

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One grandmother employed reverse psychology on her grandson, tricking him into consuming all five bites of the food left on his plate. She told the child to take four bites because he was four years old, but the child argued that they should take five because he was five years old! This grandma is known as the “smooth operator,” and her strategy succeeded.

What Are You Allergic To?

It’s possible to have a great time eating out. Dinner with a buddy, a romantic meal on a date, or a restaurant gathering to commemorate a significant occasion are all activities we love. If you have food allergies, dining out can be a stressful experience. As a result, you must ensure that anything you eat is safe. Having your waiter relay this information to the chef is the best way to make sure of this.

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These two buddies placed an order for meals, one for a salad and the other for a steak. The person who ordered the salad stated that she is allergic to nuts, even though the salad had no nuts. The person who ordered the steak ordered the steak without bees! We’re hoping everyone had a good laugh over this.

Work Smart Rather Than Hard

Did you ever have to write your name 50 times as punishment for forgetting to put it on your assignment? Some teachers also use this as a penalty for any kind of disobedience. Isn’t it true that computer coding is a basic function today? So why not use some of the fundamental principles you learned in your programming lessons to defeat the game of punishment?

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Take a look and tell us if it isn’t a clever approach to this type of punishment. It’s never been easier to repeatedly write “I’m sorry.” You’ll save a lot of time, and the teacher will have no idea what just happened.

What Did She Stand to Lose?

There are a lot of funny people out there who thrive on their sense of humor, especially when it comes to April Fools’ Day pranks. But it’s not always a joke. On April Fools’ Day, a woman received a beautiful new BMW automobile in exchange for her old Nissan. Here’s how it all went down.

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BMW, the automotive manufacturer, ran a commercial in 2015 claiming that anyone who drove in with their old car would drive out with a new BMW—free, no payments. Nobody believed them, but one woman did, and she got her new BMW. It was worth a shot since she had nothing to lose.

Breaking or Bending the Rules?

Being able to laugh at yourself is a necessary social skill. The majority of people are unaware that being hilarious can be learned. And the funniest people usually practice their wit. Being funny is important. You finally receive your shipment, and you know the contents are fragile.

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What do you do when the carton warns you not to open it with a blade? Well, of course you don’t use a blade. You just use your incredible sense of humor and use a CD labeled “Blade” with a rather blunt edge. You didn’t break any of the rules, did you? We know it was “Blade,” but how funny can this be? Not many people would have thought of this in a circumstance like this.

Keeping the Mask On

Who hasn’t fantasized about winning the lottery? Even $100,000 or maybe even $1 million can drastically transform your life if you invest it wisely. Certain people are born with an incredible amount of luck and manage to win not only seven-figure sums but more. Winning the lottery is a joyous occasion.

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The more well-known the winner, the more important the occasion. But what happens when everyone that person knows finds out? All their troubles and debts become yours, and you should change your phone number. Relatives are typically the first to contact you. This particular winner was very smart, wise, shrewd, and more. Wearing a Scream mask, he walked out to collect his reward. No one had any idea who it was. To be safe, the winner also covered their hands.

The Rain Refused to Stop Pouring

It’s pouring outside, and your kids are growing impatient. Can’t we assume that when kids sing “rain, rain, go away” the rain will stop? Things don’t always go as planned, and children may learn their first life lesson. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

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Imagine singing this song, and suddenly the heavens open up, releasing a bunch of rain the clouds had been holding back. On the plus side, the kids can go out and splash in dirty puddles. But since the rain never seems to stop, they have to come back inside where they’re safe and warm. They’ll need to dry off and get warm.

Having a Sense of Entitlement

Children are wonderful creatures. And being their parent has a plethora of positive elements. But apart from the obvious pleasures of having a kid—hugs, love, happiness—there are a few lesser-known advantages to having a child. Some of them are worth a good chuckle. When we were little, didn’t we all want to grow up and be like our parents?

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We wanted freedom, wealth, and the ability to drive around and eat as many sweets as we want. But what happens if you get the title “Sir” by accident? A seven-year-old would feel quite fantastic and strong, and this picture wonderfully captures that feeling. However, we don’t know if adults feel that same way when a telemarketer calls.