Photos of Things That Don’t Look Real but Actually Do Exist

By Yuri S.

Reality may be stranger than fiction at times. At other times, reality appears to be right out of a novel. We’re not talking about magic, mermaids, or knights in shining armor. We’re talking about some of the world’s oddest, little-known facts—a lemon that is out of this world, bananas inside a banana, and even pink lakes—they are all here.

Yes, there are many remarkable, stunning, and incredible things in the world that you never knew existed. Many times, things you’ve considered to be wrong (for years!) turn out to be completely correct. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites that will make your mind whirl. Check out these Things That Don’t Look Real but Actually Do Exist for some fascinating information.

An Out-of-This-World Lemon

It’s not every day that you stumble across something so strange that it makes you stop in your tracks while doing your grocery shopping. When you look closer, you’ll notice something that looks and smells like a lemon but isn’t your typical lemon. It’s something that may frighten children and adults alike.

Source: Facebook

This lemon appears to be a mutant of an ordinary lemon. In the sense that it has many tentacle-like growths on its outer skin, it resembles a yellow octopus. Each tentacle has a stinger-like development that resembles the stinger of a scorpion in several ways. Maybe we’re seeing a little too much. On a philosophical level, it appears that life has handed this lemon some lemons.

Coins That Are Square

While we are all very inclusive and diverse (hello, body positivity!), we have seldom come across a square coin. Coins have come to be associated with a wonderful round, gleaming form—until we came across this Surinamese coin. Before you chastise us, let’s do it ourselves and promise never to evaluate a coin by its shape again.

Source: Facebook

The square coin is unlike any other currency we’ve ever seen. It appears exotic, the pinnacle of a foreign coin. The square shape appears to be inconvenient since it doesn’t roll, and finding a vending machine or coin sorter that can take square coins would be difficult (although we are not sure if countries with square coins have these problems all figured out).

Magic Mushroom

Is this a mushroom from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland or a gardener’s overzealous efforts? Look at its massive size. This is a strong contender for a state (or maybe national) vegetable competition. Consider how many people it could feed if it was edible and non-poisonous. Our minds are already racing with mushroom-related ideas.

Source: Reddit

We would rather call this giant fella a magic mushroom or a strange mushroom. Remember that while white button mushrooms are lovely and bite-sized, they have a relative out West that could take up many acres of land. To put it another way, a normal field of this monstrous fungus could require four square miles (10 square kilometers) or 1,665 football fields.

The Best of the Kitchen World

The stove, sink, and refrigerator are where most of the work in a kitchen is done. According to kitchen specialists, the work triangle is made up of these three spots and the imaginary lines that connect them. How would you like it if you had a sink, stove, and mini fridge all in one? The best part is that all these gadgets work together. We think it’s a brilliant idea!

Source: Twitter

Consider how much space it would free up in the kitchen. It’s also a great creation for kids who are labeled “severe kitchen hazards” by their parents. If your dish burns or catches fire, the sink (literally at arm’s length) can put out the flames before they consume your kitchen and reduce everything to cinders.

Bananas inside a Banana

Most of us are crazy about bananas. It is undoubtedly the most popular fruit in India and many other nations. Bananas are the go-to meal for everyone, from monks to gym rats. They’re great as chips and in shakes—yes, the go-to food. Never judge a book by its cover, just as you should never judge a banana by its peel. Both may be deceiving.

Source: Imgur

While we thought we knew everything about bananas, this banana came along. Pomona, the Greek Goddess of Fruits and Orchards, appears to have blessed this banana. We’ll call it the quadruple banana because it has four bananas in one banana peel. This meal could easily feed four people at once or serve as a nutritious snack throughout the day. Isn’t it strange?

Reeling over This Reel of Sausage

If you read culinary blogs, you don’t need 22 reasons to pick up a string of sausages or even a whole case of them. You don’t even need a reason because we know you enjoy sausages as much as we do. Here’s our justification for what’s for dinner tonight, in honor of sizzling grills, our favorite condiments, and how truly magical it is to bite into a perfect sausage inside a squishy bun.

Source: Facebook

God only knows how much sausage is in this twisted roll of sausage. If you can, guess how many pounds that is! However, there will be no reward money for this. This is a salami hose, sometimes known as a salami spool, and you can find them in Italian restaurants. If you have a strong inkling for sausage or salami, these restaurants are where to go since it looks like they will never run out, at least not very soon. You have our word on it.

Winnie the Pooh and Friends

Winnie the Pooh is a wonderful little Disney production that follows A. A. Milne’s favorite characters as they go about doing . . . well, nothing. The characters come up with significant yet kid-friendly answers as they encounter commonplace and harmless circumstances. It looks like Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger, and Piglet might be the characters in this tattered, wrinkled set of toys.

Source: Facebook

They appear to be old, odd, and nothing like what you anticipated them to be. These are the original Winnie the Pooh toys. Author A. A. Milne gave his son Christopher Robin Milne the Pooh bear and his companions as a present (Christopher appears in the comics too). Later, Christopher presented them to E. P. Dutton who donated them to the New York Public Library.

Turtles That Don’t Look Alike but Are

Turtles may appear to be sedentary and low-key, but they’re also interesting creatures. Turtles may be found all around the globe. They are classified as aquatic, semi-aquatic, or semi-terrestrial and may be found in a variety of climates. Regardless of where they reside, they require water for swimming or soaking. Some of them need to “bathe” on dry land as well. The amount of water that each one requires varies depending on the species.

Source: Flickr

Although all the turtles in this photograph appear to be different, they are all reptiles, and they are all turtles, and those are the only things they have in common. The sizes, shapes, and, most notably, the colors of these turtles are very different. This image is a one-of-a-kind representation of many different types of turtles that can be found in nature. And it doesn’t look like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are in there throwing a party or anything.

Mojo of Australian Echidnas

There are many fascinating natural species in South Australia, and this guy is no exception. The spines on an echidna, believe it or not, are long, strong, hollow hair follicles. When predators attack, an echidna’s spines are its main line of defense. They curl up into a ball of radiating spines to defend themselves or dig themselves to safety if they are threatened.

Source: Imgur

You should realize that swag isn’t only for humans. Even certain animal species such as these Australian echidnas have swag that is worthy of envy. They are known as ecosystem engineers and are named after the mother of monsters. These echidnas are also unconcerned about wildfires. They simply burrow deep into the earth and sleep soundly. Forest fires, you’ve been defeated!

Trick or Treat?

Discovering new taste combinations and culinary products is always fascinating. Unfortunately, some businesses have gone one (or two) steps too far with trendy cuisine trends. As corporations continue to try to develop the next big food fad or the hot new food trend, it’s not difficult to discover some ludicrous goods on store shelves.

Source: Reddit

Want to prepare summer sweets that everyone will be begging for more (and more)? This dessert mold has a creepy surprise in the form of a black spider in the middle of each stick. The spider appears to be a real spider that has been frozen. Just don’t give this frozen treat to someone who is terrified of spiders. That wouldn’t be a “cool” thing to do.

Amazing Cloud Egg

One of the finest pleasures for a relaxing spring or summer weekend is cloud gazing. Simply lie down on the grass and let your mind wander while you search for faces and images in the fluffy clouds that drift through the gorgeous sky. Pareidolia is the phenomenon of seeing faces or pictures in seemingly random phenomena such as cloud patterns.

Source: Reddit

Remember the egg that defeated Kylie Jenner to become Instagram’s most liked image? This appears to be a continuation of it. Eggs have stepped up their game, and in a big way! This cloud, which was seen over Reykjavik, Iceland, is like a fluffy egg drifting happily in the sky. Unfortunately, you will not be able to consume it. On the other hand, the cloud may be having an Easter egg moment and implying something significant. Climate change, we believe, will be the cause.

The Glamour Pet Leash

Your pet will look their best with this stylish pet leash and collar. The most essential thing to keep in mind about these collars and leashes is that they have the potential to save your best friend’s life. Even though it’s pouring cats and dogs outside, you still want to take your dog for a walk.

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However, you don’t want them to get soaked in the rain. What should you do? We advise you to keep reading. We stumbled across this leash with a built-in umbrella so your dog can enjoy a walk without getting wet. The umbrella comes with a leash that allows you to tighten your grip and manage your dog’s movement to keep them from becoming too excited.

Is Santa Claus a Real Person?

Every holiday season, the men in red suits make children (and even adults) beg for and cry for things they’ve been wanting all year long. Santa has seen it all, from children who scream and weep for one reason or another and parents who believe Santa will have pity on their children and just give them what they want.

Source: Imgur

There is a plethora of fascinating photography hacks and techniques when it comes to Santa. This is only one of many! This photo of Santa Claus (with black sunglasses) was shot after a smoke-filled balloon exploded. The smoke creates the illusion of Santa’s flowing silver white beard. We proclaim Christmas cool! If you know of any other amazing and unusual photography hacks, please let us know.

Your Hamster’s Noodle Hut

Our animal pals are deserving of the best possible shelter. We give our dogs—large or tiny—backyard retreats and opulent dog homes. We love our furry friends more than our human friends. Sure, dogs like leaping into your bed, but they also need a place to relax after long walks and trips to the vet. Gone are the days when you felt bad about putting your dog in a crate!

Source: Flickr

But what about your hamster? This ceramic noodle hut is a creative design twist for your hamster or rodent. It is big enough for your little pet to sleep in and relax, and it is designed to keep your hamster or other small pet secure and warm in all weather conditions. If your hamster has a penchant for hipster items, this hideaway is ideal. Aside from that, you can brag about how much your hammy enjoys his cup of noodles!

Rainbow Tree Opal

Are you a fan of natural gemstones and crystals? The Rainbow Tree, a stunning boulder opal from Queensland, Australia, will take your breath away. It’s incredible to witness these natural crystal pieces formed by the earth. What’s more shocking is that some of them have been crystallizing and gaining form for thousands of years. We believe that nature is the greatest artist of all time! Don’t you think so?

Source: Facebook

Molecules in liquids stiffen when they cool, forming these crystals. Precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, and rubies are produced by magma cooling and hardening slowly. Diamonds and quartz crystals are two of the hardest stones known, making them ideal for use in tools like diamond saws and in jewelry.

The (Uncanny) Pet of Salvador Dali

Many people like the mystique and beauty of exotic creatures raised in captivity, such as reptiles, amphibians, birds, or mammals of non-native or native species. These people give in to their urge and buy creatures, reptiles, amphibians, and other exotic animals on the spur of the moment. Too frequently, the care and devotion required to properly provide for these creatures are overlooked.

Source: Twitter

Salvador Dali, a surrealist painter, had an odd selection of pets. He had unusual ones, ranging from an ocelot to an anteater, and he was convinced that he was a reincarnation of his brother. He was seen on the Paris Metro one evening in 1969 walking his anteater. His performance drew a crowd of onlookers who looked at them with a mixture of bemusement and fascination.

Interesting Animal-Human Relationship

The tie between animals and people hasn’t always been as close as human-to-human interactions. Human-animal interaction has been evolving for more than 15,000 years, and it all started as a working partnership. The love-hate connection between humans and animals is well-known. And it’s mostly due to people invading animals’ territories, either to drive them away or exploit them for personal gain.

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There are, however, a few kind people who treat wild creatures as if they were human. In this photo shot in the 1950s, Russian troops are seen feeding polar bears during a military mission. With the temperature plummeting to zero, the troops felt compelled to provide something for these massive bears to keep them from starving.

Bee Bearding

Honeybees have been bred for millennia, with beekeepers gathering the sweet honey they produce and depending on them to pollinate crops. Honeybees pollinate almost one-third of all food crops consumed by humans. Honeybees are not the quickest fliers in the insect world, with a peak speed of 15–20 miles per hour. That’s because they’re designed for brief trips from one bloom to the next, not for extended journeys.

Source: Facebook

The act of wearing hundreds of thousands of bees on your face is known as “bee bearding.” A lot of individuals use honey to get bees to land on their skin. This should, however, be done under expert supervision since, if things go wrong, you might be stung by a swarm of furious bees. While most people only do it on their faces, one guy went a step further and created a full-body bee beard, with bees covering him from head to toe.

Going for Green

Organic clothes and other kinds of green fashion are good for the environment as well as customers in a variety of ways. The organic clothing business is environmentally conscious and strives to protect the environment. Organic clothing is manufactured from materials that do not have any negative impacts on the wearer and does not include any toxic chemical components.

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Sustainable fashion is highly popular, and it should take into account the annual waste that our garments and the fashion industry create. Embracing the notion that supports going green is a terrific idea if your New Year’s resolution is to go green. Consider turning green with these slippers that have a grass-like feel to them. While they appear to calm your soles with their soft caress, they also give the impression that you are environmentally responsible.

For the Love of Shrimps

Shrimps are wonderful and can be served in almost any way you can think of, as you surely already know. From the tropics to the Antarctic Ocean, there are approximately 2,000 distinct shrimp species found all over the world and in every known marine habitat. The Gulf brown shrimp, pink shrimp, and white shrimp are the most common species.

Source: Reddit

Now you can take your passion for shrimp to the next level by incorporating it into your home decor. That’s right, you read that correctly. This odd coral shrimp pillow has a realistic appearance and may be used as a neck pillow, cushion, soft toy, or combination of them all. If you get hungry while resting on it, we won’t blame you. Maybe that’s how it was meant to be—to make you hungry!

The Glistening Beach

Beaches are typical holiday destinations where people relax and have a good time. Beachgoers spend their time tanning, playing beach volleyball, and building sandcastles. But have you ever considered the history of a beach? What about its geographical location? Maybe a well-known person skinny dipped there. A vacation to the beach takes on a whole new significance when you’re armed with information about how beaches came to be and what the future holds for them.

Photo by Visual China Group/Getty Images

This photograph appears to show someone illuminating the sea with odd, gleaming blue fairy lights. But that’s not what this is! It’s also not a case of Photoshop. You might be shocked to learn that this illumination is caused by a natural phenomenon known as bioluminescence that is caused by a chemical reaction that occurs in a living creature such as a glow worm or a deep sea fish. This phenomenon is not limited to a single region; it occurs all over the world.

A Novel Approach to Drinking

You’re undoubtedly aware of the negative consequences of carbonated drinks on your health, whether you’re a former soda pop addict or not. There’s a lot more to the syrupy-sweet soft drinks than what’s indicated on the nutrition and ingredients labels, thanks to additional sugars, caramel coloring, and other chemicals. Do you want to attempt to kick your soda habit? Look at this innovation.

Source: Tumblr

Want to limit your sugar consumption without reducing your daily intake of sugary beverages? Confusing your brain is a fun way to achieve this. And you can achieve it with the help of a roller coaster straw kit. As you taste the drink of your choice using this super straw, expect all the thrills and hopefully no spills. It allows you to make a bizarre roller coaster using connections and straws and certainly cuts down on your soft drink consumption.

Pink Lake

A lake is a body of water surrounded by land that is neither fed nor drained by any river or other body of water. Lakes are not connected to the ocean and are part of the Earth’s water cycle. Lakes come in a variety of shapes and sizes all over the world. In contrast to rivers, the water in lakes is rather calm. They are larger than ponds and contain fresh or salt water.

Source: Kurioziteti123/CC BY-SA 4.0/Wikimedia Commons

What are the different colors of water you’ve seen on your lake vacations? While there are many tints of blue—cerulean, cyan, baby blue, and so on—it’s unusual to find a lake with pink water. The presence of the algae dunaliella salina gives the Pink Lake in Australia its pink tint. When the algae are exposed to sunlight, they generate a large amount of beta carotene, which turns the lake’s water pink.

Hold On to My Fries

French fries may be the finest way to consume potatoes of all the options out there. Nothing beats those crunchy fried edges, the deep-fryer fragrance, or the way each fry achieves the exact combination of salt and fat. You can never stop at just one, no matter how bad they are for you. You might dress up your fries with fancy toppings, or maybe you swallow them straight from a nasty fast-food paper bag.

Source: Facebook

But look at this nifty device! It may appear like a gift from God for people who want to eat fries in their car, especially while driving. It not only keeps fries in place in your cupholder but also allows you to enjoy them without worrying about dropping them all over your car’s upholstery. The fries are handy and safe so you can eat them to your heart’s content. This invention is bound to make your life easier. We’re tempted to kiss the inventor’s hand!

The River of Many Colors

Although rivers only hold a small portion of Earth’s water, they have always been essential to human life, transporting fresh water to people and animals all around the globe. Rivers are also super-strong natural forces, carving huge valleys and gorges and sculpting the terrain as they flow to the sea.

Source: Facebook

You already saw the Pink Lake in Australia with its phenomenon of bioluminescence. We now want you to be aware of this odd, five-colored river. The Caño Cristales in the Serrania de la Macarena appears to be like any other river most of the year, but for a brief period it transforms into a symphony of five magnificent hues. When that occurs, it looks like someone has poured colorful paint into the water. Macarenia clavigera, an aquatic plant, is responsible for the river’s beautiful hues.

Kitchen Fun

Cooking has provided humanity with food from prehistoric times to the present. Cooking has progressed from a means of survival to an art and a discipline. These cooking facts will tantalize your taste buds with the oddest culinary advances over the years. Preparing and presenting food is the art, science, and application of cooking.

Source: Tumblr

How can you turn your kitchen into a crime scene? This ladle, which comes with a glob of splattering scarlet, has the solution. Before you panic wondering what this splatter of red might mean, let us assure you that the red blob is merely a spoon rest. However, it accomplishes much more. It not only provides color to your kitchen and enlivens the room (oh, the irony!), but it also attempts to make long, messy cooking sessions more tolerable.

A Pillow with a Design That Isn’t Visible

When it comes to pillows, the word sleep comes to mind first. These seemingly simple things, which are mostly connected with relaxation and rest, have a long and intriguing history. There are a few intriguing facts about pillows that will convince you that they are more than simply a sleeping headrest.

Source: Facebook

You think you’re the only one who can keep secrets hidden? Just so you know, we are aware of what you did last summer. Meet this glitzy, sequined cushion, which is just as adept at concealing secrets as you are. While it appears to be an infinite string of sequins at first sight, running your hands over it reveals a lovely wedding photo (surprise!). If you can come up with some interesting patterns to make when you run your hands over it, you will find it is also a terrific stress reliever.

Slime, but in a Posh Way

You’ve certainly seen and enjoyed slime videos before, but are you aware of the many advantages slime offers? Slime is fun to play with and look at, but it also has a number of health advantages. Slime, by exciting your senses, can have relaxing and concentrating effects that can help you relax.

Source: Imgur

If regular slime isn’t your thing, try this slime prepared using Evian clear water. Assuming you despise all things simple, this luxury slime is the slime of your dreams—that is, if you enjoy slime or find it curiously pleasant! This Evian water slime, we believe, will give your slime game a boost. Evian slime is, after all, the Queen of all slimes. It’s what all those other slimes aim to be, and it’s not at all odd.

Inflatable Tray

When you’re at the grocery store, the packaging of a product can determine whether you put it in your basket or leave it on the shelf. Packaging is crucial not just because it keeps your food safe but because it may also influence your shopping decisions in subtle ways. Imagine what the packaging for this pretty inflatable tray looked like. These inflatable trays were probably unheard of until a few years ago. You can now eat breakfast or brunch in the pool without getting out!

Source: Reddit

With an inflatable tray, you can eat a delicious meal in the water and soak up all the benefits. Many hotels around the world are now offering floating breakfasts. These lightweight trays are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and eye-catching designs to make breakfast by the pool a pleasant and relaxing experience.

The 2D Structure

The construction business is a broad and expansive enterprise that changes with society. The building sector will develop and evolve in lockstep with society’s needs. Certain items might seem different depending on the angle from which they are viewed—and that becomes their USP (unique selling proposition).

Source: Facebook

They can even persuade your mind to believe in occurrences that do not exist in the context of the image. When viewed from a certain perspective, this tall building, for example, appears two-dimensional and weird. Because the structure is formed like a rhombus, it seems two-dimensional. Consider how it must appear from the air.