Stress-Free Trip With Ingenious Travel Tricks

By Yuri S.

So why would we place a towel at the bottom of the door? Or have a sink full of coins? Numerous easy tips and tricks will make a hotel stay that much better. What if we put together some of the best hacks that are so advanced, they’ll altogether revolutionize how you travel? Well, put your helmet on and prepare for liftoff because these creative hotel hacks will take you for a ride!

Most maids have only an hour to clean an entire hotel room. Though cleaners have a guarantee of a job well done, that new room scent and shine is all an act. In particular, the bathroom counters in a hotel room could host all kinds of bacteria. Most hotels don’t come with toothbrush holders, so are we supposed to risk it and go sans holder? Count us out! Grab a coffee cup, turn it upside down, make a small hole in the bottom, and there you have it, a travel toothbrush holder!

Mood Lighting 101

Hotel room lighting is always a gamble. You either get overwhelmingly glaring fluorescent lights that are a buzzkill, or you get a working lamp. If you’re lucky enough to get a single light setting, try switching it up by adding some color.


Spruce up the lighting by tossing that colored shirt or napkin over your lamps. This hack comes with disclaimers: don’t do this if the bulb is exposed, and don’t forget to turn the lamp off when you leave the room. High risk, high reward, so be careful because an electrical fire can also ruin the mood!

Dinner Is Served

Traveling becomes more expensive when you’re traveling with others. You’ve got multiple people to think about. They’re definitely not going to be interested in staying at a hostel or some low-budget option. Your group will want a more excellent option.


This isn’t great news for the ol’ bank account. Skipping a few meals or agreeing to a hotel lunch may be in the cards for you. There’s likely not going to be a table so use the ironing board instead of eating on the floor.

I Can’t Believe It’s Soft Butter!

One of the most leisurely breakfasts is toast with a soft butter spread. This dream proves difficult when dealing with hotel breakfast bars. Frequently, the hotel butter is prepackaged and cold, making it tough to spread on anything.


An easy solution only requires a bit of planning. Grab your desired number of butter pats, place them on a warm surface (like a toaster) while your bread is toasting. By the time it’s time to butter your toast, it’ll be nice and soft.

Ice, Ice Baby

Keeping a budget while on vacation can be really tough. Though eating out at new restaurants is one of the best parts of traveling, a more affordable option is to come with your own basic food and drinks.


The trouble comes from keeping them cold. Hotel rooms often come with minibars, a tiny unit, or no refrigerator at all. An easy hack is to fill a sink, garbage can, or bag with ice from the hotel’s machine for your own cooler!

Stash Those Little Shampoo Bottles

When you book your hotel, you can start picturing all the perks you get. Thinking beyond the complimentary breakfast buffets and amenities, there are specific things from your room that you’re allowed to take.


That doesn’t mean you can just stash any weird thing in your room to bring home – there are rules to what can and cannot go home with you. Your restroom should come with plenty of travel-sized soaps and hair products, so be sure to take those with you before you leave.

Remote Plastic Protection

The cleaning staff at a hotel will either clean a room vigorously, or they’ll skip things and hurry through it. The hotel room may seem scrubbed clean, but there are certain things that have lots of bacteria to be worried about.


The TV remote is one item that every guests’ hands have touched and is often skipped by the cleaners. To protect yourself from a bacteria-rich remote, cover the remote with the ice bucket’s plastic bag. This small tip can make sure you stay healthy on your trip.

Extra Counter Space

Reality can be a letdown. It comes down to the photography tricks that can make any ordinary room appear extravagant. You’re happy, imagining that your hotel room is going to have so much room for activities. You enter your hotel room and…

Source: Reddit

Yikes, hardly any space to move around. The photos online were deceiving, and now you’re wondering if there’s a spot to eat. Request an ironing board from the front desk. Now you’ll have even more space for meals and storage.

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Phone Closer

Where is my cell phone? There aren’t bedside tables in some hotels, so you have to put your phone across the room on the table, or you can leave your phone beside your pillow. This isn’t ideal since your phone could just fall off the bed.


There’s an easy hack to keep your phone securely close by. Just loosen the top corner of the bedsheet. This makes a horizontal pocket so you can easily access your phone.

Things Are Starting to Heat Up

Sometimes hotels don’t have a microwave in their rooms, making it tough to reheat last night’s dinner. Don’t give up so quickly, though. There’s a trick to reheat that sad pizza slice.


Look to see if your room has a blow dryer and an iron. Put aluminum foil on the bottom of the iron, place the pizza slice on top, and use the blow dryer to reheat it. Within a couple of minutes, your pizza will be warm life it came out of the oven.

Travel Bottle Opener

Traveling can be tiring, having lengthy flights and carrying heavy bags. All you want is to relax with a cold drink from your hotel room minibar. The only issue is that there isn’t a bottle opener anywhere in the room!


You’re now thinking about going all the way down to reception, or even worse, deciding if it’s worth going to purchase one from a store. It shouldn’t have to be this hard. Just slightly open your door, and the hinge can pop off your bottle cap!

Keycard Hack

Hotels moved from conventional room keys to keycards to save money on electric bills. The keycards go into a slot on the wall, which turns on the room’s electricity. These slots are generally near the door when you initially enter the room.


A great trick to know is that these slots can work with literally any card placed into it, not just the particular keycard. Say you want to charge your device while you’re out at dinner – all you have to do is stick a library card or business card in there to activate the electricity.

DIY Sound System

Don’t expect loud, quality speakers to come with your room. They are omitted unless you’re in a penthouse suite, then it’s a possibility. Most people have to use earbuds or their phone speakers to play anything out loud.


The simplest way to take a hotel room party to the next level is to put your phone in a cup or bowl. It won’t be an incredible sound system, but it will be better than nothing. Plus, it’s crucial to be respectful of quiet hours for those staying near you.

Safely Hide Your Money

Just because you have a keycard and a lock doesn’t mean other people can’t access your room. While many hotels strive to hire honest staff, you can’t be 100% sure about everyone. Try and hide valuables when you’re out of your room.

Source: Reddit

To protect your cash, hide it in your hairbrush. It’s such an unusual place to put cash that it’d be one of the last spots where someone would search. Just remember that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Genius Laptop Stand

Nowadays, one’s pre-bed ritual includes time spent on your laptop and watching YouTube videos. Though in your hotel room, there isn’t always enough room to put your laptop on the bed. What’s a solution?


Watching videos on your side while your laptop sits on your bedside table isn’t the ideal setup before going to sleep. Utilize the board’s ironing board by having it open over the bed. Have your laptop sit on top, and it’s basically like a personal movie theater.

Shower Cap Your Shoes

Hotels have plenty of complimentary toiletries—go wild! Get your hands on as many free items as possible, and try asking for extra shower caps. But why shower caps? Isn’t that random? Not when they’re the perfect size for your shoes!


You’ve been adventuring all over the city in your shoes, and though the sidewalks look clean, they definitely aren’t. Instead of packing your shoes in your suitcase with all your other belongings, keep everything clean by wrapping them in the extra shower caps.

Keep Cool and Use a Spoon

You’re carrying your bags to the hallway, but your heavy door keeps slamming shut. For people who have been to hotels, you know how frustrating the door can be. It gets to a point where you’re searching for your keycard again.


It’s as easy as using a spoon as a doorstopper! The spoon will keep the door open so you can get your bag in and out. All types of utensils could work, not just spoons. Keep this hack in mind when you’re stressed about getting locked out trying to get all your bags through the door.

No More Cracked Open Curtains

A hotel stay can make anyone feel regal, minus the lack of full privacy. The thin walls serve as a reminder that you aren’t the only one there, and the curtains always seem to have a small crack revealing everything to the outside world.


What’s also frustrating is waking up in the morning because of the sunlight creeping in through an eye-level opening. An easy hack to shut them is to use the clamps on a hanger by rotating it sideways. You won’t have to worry about exposure again!

Nothing Worse Than Wet Socks

Hotels are infamous for their absurdly priced laundry; it makes you wonder if laundry is even worth it! Some forgo laundry all together and stuff their sweaty socks and shirts into their suitcase, smelling everything up. A bathroom sink can be an interim washing machine.


After washing your clothes, a blow dryer can help rather than hanging everything all over the room. Your socks and shirts will be dry in no time. Place a sock on the nozzle of the dryer, turn it on, and you’re ready to wear newly cleaned socks.

Keeping the Bed in Pristine Condition

You’ve dragged your suitcases all the way to your hotel room. Overfatigued, yet excited to finally arrive, the first thing you do is toss your suitcase onto the bed, despite the wheels having been on the streets all day.


Wiping the dirty wheels with sanity wipes is an option, but that’d take ages and isn’t a real solution. When you leave your suitcase open, it’s available for bedbugs to climb aboard and get comfortable. Always make an effort to put your bags on a chair rather than the bed.

When Counting Sheep Doesn’t Work

Falling asleep right when your head hits the pillow is the dream, though it takes quite a lot of work for some people sleeping away from home. This can be especially problematic when trying to build a peaceful environment in a hotel.


Many commotions can prevent hotel guests from sleeping, like elevator noises, hallway conversations, or the irritating light that shines under the door. A simple hack is to cram a rolled-up towel beneath the door to block light and dampen outside noise.

Room Service? Not Worth It

Who could resist the temptation of getting a nice meal delivered and not have to leave their room? Depicted as a “rich people thing,” room service has been prominent in media. But to be honest, it’s overrated and looks tastier on-screen than in reality.


It’s too expensive, and you’ll end up spending $33 on basic mozzarella sticks that are cold by the time they’ve left the kitchen and made it to your hotel room. If you walked to the dining room, you’re likely to save more than 35% for the same meal.

Book the Hotel, Forget Third Parties

There are fantastic booking websites, and we can understand why people use them when reserving nice hotel rooms. The comfort that comes from using a third-party service makes it easier, and they offer cost comparisons for other nearby hotels.

Source: Reddit

However, making a reservation directly with the hotel saves so much money through deals and discounts. They often will match any prices you’ve discovered online. Because the hotel doesn’t pay any middleman fees to the booking sites, they may even throw in some bonus perks.

Every Day Can Be Your Birthday!

Traveling on a budget requires creative tricks to try and get the greatest deals. If you’re trying to get an upgrade for a classier room, mention to a booking receptionist that it’s a special event, like a birthday or anniversary.


This harmless fib will end with you getting a free upgrade from the receptionist about 90% of the time. You may also get other free perks, like a bottle of wine. This ruse only works if your morals are flexible enough, but the possibilities make it worth the white lie.

Quick Baby Proofing

In the past, traveling used to be a time to relax. Now it’s a different story that you’re traveling with your children. You can feel a bit overprotective when it comes to their safety, especially when considering your safe house and this not baby-proofed hotel room.


Hotels are not made baby-proof, so now you see every corner as a potential accident. No reason to panic. You can utilize some band-aids to baby-proof those electrical outlets. Now that that’s taken care of, you’ll just need to find a solution for the doors.

Peace of Mind

Unless you have a reservation at an expensive luxury hotel, you’ll find yourself staying at cheaper places with less-than-ideal security measures. These hotels are likely to have inexpensive and flimsy door locks, which don’t give you much peace of mind.


This hack puts you in a proactive position from any burglars trying to get it. Take a shoelace and secure it around the latch. This added security will make it more challenging to get into your room and will help you be able to sleep better.

Hotel Guest Turned Seasoned Chef

We didn’t guarantee all these hacks were going to be agreeable. This one is not going to be liked by the people coming after you. But, if you’re on a budget and need to make a meal, this might be your best option. Introducing the kettle on the hotel desk.


This device not only boils water for beverages but can boil veggies for soup or hot dogs for a meal. Your hotel room is now a functional kitchen thanks to the iron-blow dryer-microwave and this kettle hack. Enjoy!

Put a Cap on It

It’s a classic story. We pack our beloved hair care products only to find that they spilled in our luggage and got all over our clothes. Literally the worst! Somewhere between the airplane to the hotel room, the caps open, and now our suitcase is liquid gel chaos.


Avoid these accidents by keeping some extra plastic from your hotel and close the caps over the additional layer. This extra step will prevent any messy spills in your suitcases and give you peace of mind while flying.

Fresh Air of Hotel Room

Staying at an expensive, new hotel, chances are that it’ll feel fresh and unaltered. But if you’re on the cheaper side of the scale and sleeping at a Motel 6 or somewhere similar, then you’ll see the remnants of past guests in your hotel room.


When you turn on the AC or heater, almost two decades’ worth of built-up dust and mold will come out. If you’d prefer a nice scent over-breathing gross air, just bring an air freshener. You can use the ones for cars, hang them from the vent, and you get to choose the scent.

Motel Manicure

Hotels have a number of free accessories to make your stay more comfortable. From robes to shower caps, slippers to a book of matches, basically everything but a nail filer. How can someone keep their nails looking immaculate?

Source: Reddit

You can look all over the room, but there’s no chance you’re finding a nail filer. Your nails won’t grow out of control during your stay, and you certainly won’t have to go out and purchase a nail filer. Just use the hotel matchbook to file your nails!

Drain Plug on a Budget

You’ve been traveling all day, and all you want to do is unwind with a relaxing bath. When you reach your hotel room, you realize there isn’t a drain plug! The mood is already set with candles and music, so there’s no way you’re settling for a shower now.


No need to panic; you’ll be soaking soon after you make a mini drain plug. First, grab the plastic bag from inside the ice bucket. Second, put some coins into the bag. Finally, place the bag of coins over the drain, and you have yourself a functioning drain stopper.

The Forgetfulness Hack

The feeling of not knowing where you put something is a surefire way to increase stress. You’ve gotten on your plane, only to realize that you’ve neglected something. Passports, house keys, or even chargers have disappeared!


An easy hack to guarantee that this kind of forgetfulness doesn’t happen again in the future is to join all your most precious things, like in the photo. This guest attached their keys to their phone charger to ensure that they wouldn’t forget either item.

Improve Hotel Room Air Quality

There’s nothing more awful than waking up on vacation with a scratchy throat due to the dry air in your hotel room. You can feel wiped of any bodily moisture after only one night. Fortunately, we’ve found a trick to make your room feeling pleasant again.


Soak a towel in water and drape it on the AC or heating unit to make the room muggy. Once it’s nice and humid, you can dry the towel on the ironing board. The air quality in the room will immediately get better, and you can enjoy the rest of your nights there.

Prop the Door Open

When you’re juggling all sorts of suitcases out in the hallway, all you can picture is the door shutting in your face again, locking you out. This time there isn’t any silverware nearby to use as a doorstop. At this point, you’re contemplating giving up.

Source: Reddit

Hope is still alive, though! If you can find a spare hanger, you can hang one end from the closet pole and the other from the door latch. This method may be even more realistic than forcing a fork or spoon under the door.

Creative Phone Charging

Hotel rooms are blueprinted in all kinds of combinations. Some even blow your mind and exceed your expectations. Then there are others that might photograph well but disappointments once you arrive.


The room won’t have a number of things, like an outlet to charge your phone! Charging devices is crucial and but how? If your room comes with a TV, there’s no need to stress. Explore the back, as most TV sets have a USB port to charge any of your electronics.

Hotels From Your Nightmares

When you arrive at a hotel, you’re hoping for a stress-free stay. Whatever your reason for travel, you’re in need of a restful and relaxing space. Some hotels try their hardest to give you as perfect an experience as possible.


Unfortunately, not every hotel can perform at that level. The hotels on this list failed so hard that you can’t help but laugh, so you don’t cry. The guests had an experience far from their ideal trip.

Always Check For Extras

If you’ve ever found yourself in this tough situation, you know the drill. You can either crawl over to the closest roll of toilet paper or if things are really disheartening, you swallow your pride and reach for a towel, fully aware that you will be burning it afterward.


If those aren’t your style, then your last option is to call out for assistance. This method is only feasible if someone else can hear you and if the door is unlocked. Best to just assess if there are extra rolls before you sit down.

This Wall or That Wall

This is not the place you want to spend the night if there’s a crisis. It’s already scary enough to hear the fire alarm unexpectedly, and this design doesn’t make things better. Now you have to pick which wall you’re going to try to smash through.


The ideal situation would have the door on the right be the actual exit. If not, you’d have to imagine that the wall was magical, and you could slide through it to safety. This hotel needs clearer signage!

So Many Regrets

On what was an attempted fun, cross-country trip with his girlfriend to visit friends, this guy did not anticipate this addition to the itinerary. He was getting ready and got stuck inside of the show in his hotel room. His girlfriend chose the best solution.


She contacted the front desk for help. After the arrival of a repairman and three hours later, he was finally able to get out of the shower. Getting stuck in a shower is one of the last things you’re stressed about. At least he had plenty of time to deep condition.

Grass Stains From Swimming Laps

When parents make a reservation at Motel 6, they’re expecting that the kids will spend the day at the pool and out of the way. But for this hotel, every member of this family was equally disappointed.

Source: Reddit

We can’t tell what’s funnier; the pool filled with grass or the ladder coming out of it. Obviously, there was no pool time that day. Let’s hope this causes Motel 6 to update its swimming pools sooner rather than later. For everyone’s sake.

Can You Pass the Salt?

It’s perfectly sensical that the hotel restaurant would have salt and pepper packets for the guests to use. That is just quality and basic hospitality. Would that change if these spice packets were wedged into shakers? It leaves a lot of us, as well as guests, with so many questions.


Perhaps it’s a prank pulled by the hotel staff out of boredom. Or maybe it’s just another hotel scheme used to get more money out of patrons’ pockets. My best guess is that they’re charging at least $1.50 per packet.

Something Seems Off…

You look out to the beautiful beach as the early morning sun glistens on the waves of the ocean in Honolulu. The palm trees softly swaying in the wind, and you’re looking forward to drinking your coffee out on the terrace.


The only thing is that you have to go through the shower to get there. We’re unsure why the hotel designed it like this. Perhaps they thought that everyone should have a view of the ocean while they’re taking a shower.

A Sink From Hel..sinki Hotel

Some designs are so straightforward that failing would have to be intentional. Somehow, these designers still managed to screw it up. We still can’t wrap our heads around how the sink installation got this far along without anyone recognizing the issue.


What’s more absurd is that it wasn’t just one person’s fault. This sink had multiple people work on it: architect, contractor, plumber, and handyman. Not one of them ever noticed that it required a longer faucet. It seems safe to assume that the countertop is probably spotless.

Nice and Cozy

This hotel bathroom was clearly made for a couple that is incredibly comfortable with being very close to each other. And while it might work for some people on their honeymoon, there are a number of situations that we can picture in which this design would not be work.


For example, what if you were sharing this room with an unfamiliar co-worker on a business trip? It would guarantee to take your relationship to a new, intimate level whether you yearned for it to or not.

This Calls for Immediate Check Out

We’re usually acting under the assumption that the hotel room we’re about to sleep in has been completely cleaned from top to bottom. But let’s get real, this is not often the truth. While cleaning services do try their hardest, they’ve been known to skip over switching out towels and bedsheets.


Not many things could lead you to check out of a hotel reservation more quickly than finding this letter in your bed. Not even the hotel’s lousy complimentary breakfast buffet could not convince us to stay through the night.

Breakfast of Champions

It turns out that this $17 room service breakfast wasn’t better quality than the complimentary continental breakfast you were eager to get far away from. Maybe you were picturing pancakes or sausages but not this visit. You even have to toast the bread yourself.


This looks similar to the kind of sad cafeteria meal you’d be served in jail. Maybe it is actually called the Motel 6 Solitary Confinement Special. It’s not the first meal I want to eat in the morning.

The Room of Requirement

A San Francisco hotel has a door in the middle of the staircase that looks to be just randomly placed there. Upon initial inspection, it seems like the railing blockades access to the room. Ok, so what if it’s inaccessible? Things aren’t always as they appear!


Look closer, and now you can see that the railing has a hinge for you to access the room. Spooky. That can only mean that the room holds something that they still need to get to. Maybe a secret extension or some sort of bullpen.

No Hot Water For You

On trips, people pack their days with exploring, business meetings, or wandering around. There’s nothing more exciting than the chance to shower off all the sweat and grime from the day, most desirably in hot water.

Source: Reddit

However, at this hotel, your only chance at a hot shower is if you channel your MacGyver side. It appears to be a classic “dad” design choice that was incorporated into this hotel in the hopes of saving money. It’s just an easy strategy to keep the hot water bill low.

Translation Mistake or Warning

We’re praying that this hotel in China simply made this error. It’s most likely that it was a receptionist at the front desk that was tasked with translating for English travelers, so they just put the words through Google translate.


It might’ve been an unintentional error, but it also could have been an actual warning not to slip and fall to your death in the stall. If you happen to, make sure it’s gracefully because they don’t want to bother cleaning up after you.

It’s the Effort That Counts

This hotel is one of those fancy places where they attempted to go above and beyond to give a special couple a memorable evening. But whoever had the job of placing “congratulations” with rose petals had struggled a bit. At least the swan towels turned out right.

Source: Reddit

At the same time, we could be completely wrong. Maybe it wasn’t a misstep at all. Maybe one of the guests staying in the room was named “Tulation,” which would give this hotel a win.

For Display Purposes Only

Most guests will assume that everything in a hotel is available for them to use. If the conditioner and bathroom towels are complimentary, why wouldn’t the books be? Honestly, they’re just there for embellishment. It gives the room a fancier feel.


An elevated look made less fancy with the addition of this disclaimer. The sign was possibly placed there after a number of guests started taking the books home with them like they were staying at the public library.

Invisible Room

When you arrive at your hotel late in the day, this signage doesn’t seem like much of an issue. But fast forward to a couple of hours later, after dinner, drink at the party, another one on the car ride back, and one last one in the elevator up to your room.


All those drinks aren’t going to help you find your room any faster. You are going to be waking up so many of the people on your floor banging on every door attempting to find your room, or you’ll give up sleep in the hallway.

Beware Of False Advertising

We have been taught in our lives not to believe everything we see or hear. It’s obvious how simple it is to lie on the web or edit an image to make it seem like something else. This person had a massive letdown when he was convinced there was a large, blue pool at their hotel.


Who would fault them? The pictures speak for themselves. The positive takeaway is that now you know who to hire for photographs when you want to sell your house. They’ll get that minuscule house looking like a mansion.

An Unforgettable Message

A quality hotel does everything in its power to make your visit a combination of personal and unforgettable. Many accommodations will upgrade your room, send up champagne or flowers for a noteworthy occasion, and even include tiny notes.


They want to make sure that you’re taken care of and enjoying your stay. When it comes to their personalized details, at the very least, they could try and remember to edit the “your sample text here” in the picture hanging above the bed.

Art Reflects Life

A universal problem that hotels have is trying to choose appealing decorations and aesthetics. Often times they’ll try for an artsy look as an easy fallback. Obviously, someone considered this piece of art the perfect level of abstract. The placement above the toilet does it no favors.


Perhaps they’re just attempting to stimulate their patrons. Even so, it’s a stimulant that has the potential to go very, very wrong. Just picture a guest that had too much to eat, creating his own abstract artwork.

Mixed Messages

I can understand the frustration of smokers at this hotel. Is smoking allowed here or not? It’s as if the ashtray is mocking you. That is assuming that it’s actually an ashtray. We can only hope the guest cleared up the answer.


It appears you can smoke inside the room, but you have to provide your own ashtray. Looks like you’ll just need to travel with mobile ones now. This hotel is just attempting to get you to feel guilty while you destress of the day.

Comfortable Couples Only

There’s nothing like getting up in the morning after a romantic evening next to your loved one. But what if they’re beside you using the restroom? That’s exactly what’s happening at this hotel. The strangest part is that the room comes with two twin beds.


Let’s take it to the next level. Now picture that you’re sharing the room with a roommate from your work instead of your significant other. I think everyone would rather stay at a Motel 6 than this.

Curtains to Nowhere

I wonder how they marketed the view from this room when the hotel reservation was booked. It’s not absurd to think that a window used to be behind these curtains, but that’s undeniably no longer the case.


This is one of those situations that you either giggle about or request a different room—especially one with plenty of windows. But if you got the room for a good price, then it’s not the most awful thing that could happen at a cheap hotel. Hopefully, you’re not wasting too much of your time in the room.

So Many Faucets, so Little Time

The way the sink is set up in this room is puzzling, to say the least. We don’t really understand the need for three separate faucets. We’re guessing that one is for the hot water, the second is for the cold, but what does that mean for the third faucet?


We are also confused about the purpose of the gold faucet. Slightly shifting gears, why are there multiple showerheads? It doesn’t seem feasible that all the faucets could run simultaneously. Figuring out which to turn on doesn’t seem like an enjoyable game.


Whoever uploaded the picture of this hotel fail had kids that were understandably disappointed that the pool wasn’t open. It certainly didn’t alleviate the situation when their parents joked about it.


Try and read the sign meticulously. You should see that there’s one notable mistake. We imagine that they were trying to spell “inconvenience.” Spellcheck really dropped the ball on this one. Unless, of course, that was the intended message of the sign. Regardless, we appreciate the honesty.

Pool Closed Indefinitely

The most glaring issue with this pool is that it is not likely to get fixed for many years if it ever gets fixed. Perhaps the owners of the hotel were attempting to shut down a late-night party. Though filling it with gravel is still a puzzling solution.


However, there’s still a possible upside. Maybe because of the lack of pool time, the hotel is offering a discount now. Who would choose to pay full price to sleep at a hotel that doesn’t come with a pool? That’s the whole point.

Who Even Needs Cabinet Space?

We’re still counting this as a cringey hotel fail, even though it appears to be a little more in the realm of Airbnb. It shouldn’t matter where you stay; there ought to be available storage under the island, stovetop, or sink.


Cabinet doors should never be installed just for the design. The moment that you realize those doors are fake, pack up your stuff and request a refund. Worst case scenario, it was an affordable room, and you’re only sleeping there for a night.

What in the World?

A big map displaying the world and different times is admittedly a really innovative idea for a hotel room. Even if you are going to be traveling somewhere else anytime soon on your trip, it’s kind of an interesting thing to consider. Granted, only if the map was accurate.


The origin of this map is unknown, but it’s pretty clear that whoever made it doesn’t have a good grasp of geography. Only one thing could’ve happened here. Someone either screwed up creating Pangea, or China controls way more land than we thought.

All-in-One Room

Why would you sleep in a room where you need to get out of bed to get to the restroom when you could just happen upon it instead. This could be the perfect hotel room.


That is generally unless you appreciate your privacy. If that’s the case, you should probably request a new room. But can you picture if you were staying solo? Imagine the freedom you could have in this all-in-one, relaxing room.

Parking Costs $86,264

The patron at this hotel was dumbfounded when he got his bill and saw the cost of parking after checking out of his hotel. This steep amount is more than the majority of people earn in numerous years. Is this the actual price?

Source: Reddit

It turns out this was an error. It turns out, the parking meter printed the ticket with the year 1996 on it. So, the amount was how much parking costs if someone wanted to stay at a hotel for a few decades. Good to know!

They’re So Unhelpful

Did you assume that staying at a hotel would make life effortless for you? Well, not at this place that hires the laziest hotel staff. If you wanted spices in separate shakers, then that’s precisely what you will receive.


Now, what’s your plan on how to open the pepper and salt? Rip open the shakers, then grab as many as you’ll want for your room service dinner. Will this spicy situation change what you’re going to order now?

Didn’t See That Coming

This specific sign was designed to be more inclusive of people with disabilities. Apparently, except for anyone who’s visually impaired. The glass part of the sign is covering the braille that tells guests not to use the elevators.


We can only hope that someone reported this impractical sign to the hotel staff so it could be taken care of in time. It makes us curious about what else in the hotel has been poorly executed. Maybe they multi-faucet sinks or a shower with several showerheads that you could use.

A Gym for Ants

This man says that when he first reserved the room, he saw the gym in the photos was enormous. That might have been the reason why he chose the hotel. Consider his dismay when he sees this.


The only explanation for why the gym appears so large in the pictures is because of the floor-to-ceiling mirrors. That transforms this room with only a couple of pieces of equipment that look like a large gym. We hope he gets there before the line forms.

Cutting Corners

Let’s hope that this is just a short-term solution to getting a new room number. If not, we’ll be quite puzzled. Just like a number of previous slides, if this is legitimate, then the hotel has some huge issues.


There is cutting costs to remain in business, and then there’s just being obnoxious by refusing to substitute number plates when it’s morally your responsibility. But again, perhaps this is just interim. Better to just ignore it until it’s actually replaced.

Water Be Good

Is this a pirate-inspired hotel? One might think so from the sign. If there are actual themed bars similar to this one all over, it’d be great to find all of their locations. But we admit, the translation on the wall is slightly incorrect.


It’s not actually a pirate bar. At least we’re now aware that the hotel water is safe to consume. That’s not always guaranteed in hotels across the country or around the world. Then you need to pay for safe drinking water, and that is not budget-friendly.

What Does That Say?!

This was far from what I was expecting for breakfast! While Coco Pops are delightful and tasty, they are not among this hotel’s cereal choices. Those would be best left in the toilet and flushed.


The health inspector needs to visit this place and close it down. This hotel is going to go down in rankings at the very least. We’re joking! Obviously, it was a minor spelling error, and that the hotel isn’t actually offering Coco Poops to guests.

So Close Yet so Far

This is one of the most frustrating hotel fails on our list. The last thing you want to stress about in the restroom is whether or not the toilet paper is within your reach. That sounds like a plot of a horror movie.


The last thing that everyone wants, including you, is to get up and walk to the toilet paper. This is not only an uncomfortable undertaking but could result in ridiculously unsanitary messes if you’re not cautious.

No Size Limits Here

All elevators have a sign posted stating their weight limit. However, this specific elevator is so teeny that the only limit is how many humans can fit in it at once. Our calculations say it’s only two—the epitome of private service.


The actual issue here is that everyone will have to wait for a ridiculous amount of time before they actually get on. Talk about inconvenient. It would be tough to know when people would be getting on or off before it would finally be your turn.

Ensuring a Clean Sidewalk

Almost nothing says “fancy,” like a hotel that vacuums the sidewalks leading up to the hotel. The typical method for this would be using a broom or even spraying with a power hose.


This is an inspiring level of efficiency that we don’t often see. I’m curious how much one room costs here? You certainly receive what you pay for. This isn’t a failure, more of a strange addition to this hotel’s management that you had to see for yourself.

Which Is the Worse: Hotel or Guest?

We can’t decide which is more of a fail, the design of this shower curtain or the attempt to make it into a joke? There’s not much to do but cringe as we see his fake fall and yell for help.


His significant other probably had a big scare when she looked and saw all the blood coming from his neck. We hope their room came with an extra bed because it’s likely that’s where he will be sleeping tonight.

The Great Lake

Whenever you’re convinced you’ve found the right hotel, something goes awry. You earned taking a hot shower, and then the whole restroom floods. Whether a hairball or a faulty drain caused it, this accessible shower got water all over.


Now there are no more towels to use to dry off after the shower. How maddening. They still took their hot shower but will have to accept air drying because of all the dirty towels.