Texts From Dads That Deserve to Go Viral

By Yuri S.

Dads are good at many things, and one of them is making corny jokes. No wonder these jokes are even called “dad jokes.” It takes a unique sense of humor to appreciate a dad joke, and you always know your dad will throw one your way.

Another unique thing about dads is how they text. From just sending thumbs up to using cringe puns and emojis irrelevant to the conversation, dads text in a way no one else does. We’ve compiled some of the best dad-to-child texts that will hurt your ribs. Let’s go!

Figure That Out, Son

There are things that you should never say to your kids. Somehow, this dad has managed to tell them all in just one text exchange that probably lasted a few seconds. Asking your parents for condoms is just as weird as when your parents ask you for condoms.

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So, we understand why this son couldn’t believe it. His son allowed him to retract his comments and make things right, but it got worse. This son will probably be thinking about this for the rest of his life. Condom and mistake? He’s definitely scarred for life.

Dad’s Seal of Approval

Have you ever heard your dad say, “I’m proud of you?” Well, not all the time, but it makes us swell when we hear it. However, one way to get your dad disappointed is talking back to your teachers, even though we know our parents did it when they were kids.

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Most dads will ground their children if they are rude to their teachers or call them bad names. Certainly not this dad. He was so proud of his kid’s response to the teacher that he didn’t even ground him. We’re sure he high-fived the kid after picking them up.

When the Library Is Fully Booked

Here’s another good example of a corny play on words that’ll you’ll most likely hear a dad say. Everyone loves a good pun, except when you’re the kid in this dad-son text exchange. When his dad sent that message with the ellipses, he knew what was coming and was ready.

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But he still hoped that his father wouldn’t go there. It was quite naive of him to think dads who love corny jokes wouldn’t take the chance to make this library pun. It was always going to happen. Dylan must be fed up with his dad’s antics.

Best Way to Break Bad News

We’ve all had to tell our parents something bad that we knew we’d be chastised for or grounded. This kid has mastered the art of telling their dad bad news. What better way to prepare your dad for bad news than sharing fake news that’s 100x worse?

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We get the feeling that, like most parents, this kid’s father has constantly warned them against getting someone pregnant. When compared to teenage pregnancy, failing an exam seemed like no big issue, so this teen decided to take advantage of it. Turns out, it worked.

Dad Is Ahead of His Time

When you’re in school and not working, your only source of income is your parents. They’re the go-to people to help you out when you need money. To most people, their dad is their ATM! This kid thought they were slick and chose to pass the message across.

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Little did they know that their dad had the best response on hand. After the kid used $ instead of S, the message was clear. And the dad highlighted his response in his reply, too. But the last message after the swear word was pretty clear.

Dad Has No Favorites

Every parent with more than one kid always claims that they have no favorites. But let’s be honest. If you grew up in a big family and had lots of siblings, you’ve probably felt a difference in how you all are treated at least once before.

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This dad claims he has no favorite child, but with a twist. He’s keeping it real, and according to him, he hates them all equally. Strangely, that’s the nicest thing he has ever told his child. We won’t be shocked if this child’s dad is Frank Gallagher from “Shameless”.

He’ll Know How to Cover up Crimes

When you hear a child telling their parents, “Don’t tell me what to do!” you know it’s usually a rebellious kid. But things are quite different here. It’s actually the dad who’s telling his child not to tell him what to do. Here’s why.

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We know this dad’s reply sounds a bit extreme, but we can understand where he’s coming from. A police officer will probably be the best person to advise you on how to cover up a crime. So, you better take that advice, especially if he’s also your dad.

Dad Was a Party Animal

We’ve heard stories from our parents of how they were the best kids growing up, always obeying rules and doing exactly what their parents said. But who are they kidding? Most parents will only allow you to go to a party if you promise you’ll be on your best behavior.

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But not this dad. We don’t support drugs, but we get his point because what’s the point of going to a party if you’re just going to be lame? This response shows he was probably a wild child and a party animal in his day.

Words of Wisdom From Dad

Have your parents ever asked if there’s anything they can pick up from the store for you? Pretty much everyone has. It’s an unwritten rule that when they ask, you should probably stick to snacks and juice or any other “good child” product. If you know…

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Some of the other things, you should probably buy yourself. This guy learned the hard way and also got some advice from his dad after asking for something he probably should have bought himself. His dad didn’t get mad but responded with something that definitely burned.

Your Face Is Enough Protection

This dad must be friends with the dad above. We already mentioned that there are things you probably should get yourself instead of asking your parents to buy them for you. But apparently, this guy didn’t get the memo and chose to ask his dad to buy him some condoms.

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This dad took a similar approach to the dad above. We thought he was going to say the same thing, but he had something meaner up his sleeve. This reply was so brutal that we genuinely think a simple “no” would have been less painful.

Dads Are the Most Realistic

If there is any one of your parents that is the most realistic, it’s usually your dad. Some parents love picking out birthday presents for their kids. They’ve done it since they were kids. Other parents just cut to the chase and ask the kids what they want directly.

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As parents, buying what you want would probably be the best strategy because your child may ask for something impossible to provide. For example, this kid just wanted a girlfriend that isn’t crazy. But that was apparently impossible, and they would’ve had more chances of getting a dragon.

Dad Has a Valid Question

If you’re a bit of an extrovert, you’ve probably thrown a party before, especially in high school with your best friends. Every teen wants to have a party with their high school buddies, and the majority of them don’t even bother to ask their parents for permission.

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This teenager made the moral choice, but he probably later regretted it. Rather than saying no, his father tossed him some serious shade. We hope he took something away from this: Go ahead and have the party! His dad surely doesn’t care – he just wants him to have friends.

Dad and Mom’s Unique Word for the Kids

No matter how much parents love their kids, they’ll be the first to admit that they can be annoying sometimes. This dad is familiar with that feeling and isn’t even trying to hide that his kids are annoying. Not even from his kids! He obviously doesn’t care about their feelings.

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Typically, children are the ones who curse out their parents behind their backs, but one father chose to fight fire with fire. And to make matters worse, he didn’t even bother to deny his statement. This family will have something to discuss later in the evening.

Always Delete Your Files, Dad

Most millennials already know that before giving an old phone to someone else, you should delete all of its data and reset it to its factory settings, but as it turns out, not everyone has gotten the memo. This father learned the lesson the hard way in this picture.

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They probably deleted it but forgot to remove the pictures from their “recently deleted” folder. With iPhones, you have to delete them twice. Well, no one told the dad, and he’s learned it the hard way. From the dad’s response, we already know what type of pictures these are.

When Dad Is a Star Wars Fanatic

With so many disgusting people online today, parents are taking a more hands-on approach to checking on their kids. In fact, most parents now hack into their children’s phones to monitor them, make sure they aren’t engaging in any online mischief, and prevent them from texting people they shouldn’t.

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This father took a different path and played a prank on his son using his hacking skills. He obviously doesn’t care who his kid is texting and just wants to have some fun. We imagine how long he thought about this and waited to make the Star Wars joke.

As Long as Dad Knows Where You Are

Parents are always monitoring their kids and asking them where they are. Well, this is understandable because they care, and you still live under their roofs. So, technically, you’re still their responsibility. But most kids find it annoying when their parents ask them where they are.

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This teenager told an elaborate story to hide their whereabouts. This dad would likely be concerned if their response had any truth to it, but they were clearly making a lighthearted joke. We hope the truth – whatever it may be – was better than this.

Looking for ‘Sure’ Deodorant

We’ve all asked our parents to help us get something from the store before. We saw an example earlier with the child learning the hard way, and this is somewhat similar. Every child will eventually realize that it’s time to begin doing their own shopping for specific items.

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This text exchange marked that moment for this poor kid. Even though his father made a sincere effort, he failed miserably when looking for deodorant – or did he? Even though the name of the deodorant is somewhat strange, he still looked for it and found it. Well done, dad!

Dad Joke or Mom Joke?

As we can see from this picture, dads aren’t the only ones that like telling silly jokes; moms obviously do. So, do we call these corny jokes “mom jokes?” Moms also have a special sense of humor. All this mom needed to do to cause chaos was five letters.

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We have a feeling that this child must have been surprised by the message and was probably thinking of ways to tell their dad it was all cool. Well, it was all over when dad got his phone back. Nice try, mom, but dads are immensely funnier.

Donuts Are Life’s Most Important Thing

In life, it’s important to get your priorities straight and be able to block out unnecessary information. And looks like someone abides by this rule. Here, you see a father with his priorities in order. There is only one way to get his attention.

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And it isn’t through a tragic family event or a teenage pregnancy. This dad is a real-life Homer Simpson since the only thing he noticed from these wild texts was the mention of donuts. Let’s hope he got home safely and found his beloved donuts.

The Killer Moth Outside the Bathroom

When we were kids, the go-to guy to help with anything dangerous that we were scared of was dad. Most people are frightened of insects, but eventually, we all have to learn how to deal with them. But that can wait until we’re no longer living under our parents’ roof.

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You don’t have to stress about killing moths and bugs as long as your dad is there to protect you, right? Err…you might want to think again. You really need to worry if the guy that sent this text is your dad, too. This dad wasn’t interested in killing moths.

We’re Stuck with Corny Dad Jokes

Although they occasionally get a bad rap, dad jokes can actually be quite funny. Even though his kid didn’t think so, this dad’s quirky joke really hit the mark. We have to say, it was flawless from beginning to end. Dave Chappelle needs to come out!

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It genuinely has all the essential components of a traditional dad joke, from a clear pun to a comic twist. The “Oh god!” response sounds like a child that’s super tired of their dad’s constant corny jokes. They probably think it’s time to move out now.

Not Even on Father’s Day?

A typo can be embarrassing. The universe can have a hilarious way of punishing you if you forget to wish your pops a Happy Father’s Day. And in this case, all it took was one misspelling for everything to turn sour. The dad already had a brilliant response prepared.

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And somehow, it was still more embarrassing than the typo. The kid tried to explain that everything was a huge mistake, but it was too late. This sounds like the dad would like the mom to take this ride, but oh well. Not even on Father’s Day? Poor dad.

Dad’s Still Got It

When it comes to internet slang, we usually want to take it easy with our parents because they may not understand. Small talk like, “What’s up?” and “What are you doing?” are not slang words and shouldn’t be a minefield. But things can go south really quickly.

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Especially if your dad is a big joker at heart. It just so happens that this parent is the textbook example of a joker, but we have to give credit where credit is due – jokes about exorbitant gas prices these days are inevitable. The second reply was even better.

The Automated Response from Dad

Automated messages are probably one of the most underrated features of cell phones and apps. We don’t talk about them much, but they’re quite useful and usually save us a lot of time that we would’ve spent typing the texts. But only if you use them right.

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This kid was likely calling his dad, but the old man kept declining and inadvertently sending an automated message over and over. So, his kid just thought to confirm if his dad was in a meeting. But he wasn’t. This classic dad behavior is strangely familiar.

Daddy Knows All the Slang

Cool dads are rare, and not everyone is lucky to have one. These cool dads are always trying to keep up with their kids and learn the latest slang words and abbreviations on the internet. But you’ll agree that this dad has taken things to a whole new level.

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LMAO, LOL, and ROFL are the commonest ones, but he has just come up with new funny terms that even his kid is 100% on board with! Whether or not his kid was just typing random letters, this dad has made it all make sense. Yup – BEST DAD EVER!

Dad Used the Harry Potter Joke

Some jokes are really unique on this list, but you’ll also run into a few that you’ve probably heard before, like this one. Even though this Harry Potter pun has been around for more than 10 years, this dad still used it.

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He probably just heard of it and couldn’t wait to use it on his child once he got his chance. And he definitely did. That kid surely rolled their eyes. We know it’s not new, but you’ve got to admit that it’s always funny and magical when we hear it.

Keeping Up with the Kids’ Lingo

Some dads make a concerted effort to keep up with the kids, and as a result, they become knowledgeable about the newest slang, popular emojis, and secret codes that teenagers use to communicate. Other dads just skip the process and hack into their children’s phones to learn what’s going on.

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We don’t know which one this dad did, but no one can get the better of him because he knows all the internet lingo and codes. His daughter did her best to act naive and make it seem like her father had made a mistake, but he couldn’t be fooled.

The Best Weed of Their Lives

Fathers and daughters usually share a special bond, and this is certainly the case with this duo. Their connection is so strong that they can tell each other everything. And maybe even more than they should be sharing. This dad felt too comfortable and got into trouble.

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Dad must have thought this was another opportunity to get a deeper relationship with his daughter, only to realize it was autocorrect playing tricks again. Well, they now have one thing in common – their agreement that this should be kept between them because mom wouldn’t understand.

When Dad Learns New Slang

Has either of your parents ever learned new slang or discovered an emoji? Argh! It can be so frustrating because they just won’t stop using it! No matter how irritated you are, your dad keeps going OMG this and OMG that. And this goes on for days!

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This kid was going through just that, but they had the ideal remedy for this problem. Dads fear moms more than anything else, and this kid decided to bring the big guns to the conversation. Now, dad is back to default settings even though he still couldn’t resist using OMG.

‘It’s Not for You’

Remember when we said earlier that parents have favorites but swear they don’t? Well, here’s an example of something that looks like favoritism. If you’re looking for a sure way to show your kids you love one more than the other, here’s an idea to get you started.

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Just buy one of them a nice phone and leave the other(s) with nothing. Well, that seems to be the case with this dad’s strategy. He apparently asked his son for advice on the latest phones but only because he wanted to buy one for his sister.

It’s Not Out Yet

If you have come this far, you already know that dad jokes sometimes have unexpected twists that could turn nasty really quick! This is one such example. We think you should keep some things to yourself, especially potty jokes.

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Apparently, this dad doesn’t think so, and he totally went for it. Well, from talking about movies, this joke got nasty quickly, and we’re sure the child didn’t see that coming. At least we’ll give this dad props for coming up with something original because we haven’t seen this before.

What’s Your Dad’s Favorite Emoji?

We mentioned earlier that once your parents learn new internet slang, they will use it until you hate it. The same goes for emojis. Dads are generally fans of the thumbs-up emoji but just wait until they unearth another gem of an emoji that they really like.

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In this dad’s case, they’ve chosen to ride with the horse emoji. He certainly loves the horse emoji a lot, and he also enjoys using it continuously. When asked why he kept using the emoji, this father simply said he thinks he’s cool. Not a bad explanation.

Is This Post-Dinner or Pre-Breakfast?

Quite frankly, the concept of breakfast, lunch, and dinner is fast becoming outdated. Nowadays, people believe that time is just an illusion, and you can eat anything you want, whenever you want. This dad clearly subscribes to that belief. There’s no time like the present to enjoy some fish filets.

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Regardless of the time of day, hot fish filets will always be enjoyable. And even though this message came in at an odd hour, no one will resist a tasty and warm meal from their dad. Kudos to this dad for knowing their kid was definitely still up.

Dad Just Invented a New Word

When you think about it, most slang we have today is a mix of two words. So, we can’t really blame this father for giving it a go with this pet-and-selfie combo. We all know what a selfie is because it’s a common word.

Source: Imgur

But there’s no word for a photo with you and your pet posing for the camera. This dad has come to the rescue. He came up with his own word: Pelfie. This is adorable, and we don’t know why the Oxford dictionary hasn’t added this to the latest edition!

No, She Didn’t Come Out

Coming out to your parents must be one of the most difficult things as a member of the LGBTQ community. If you have understanding parents or those willing to learn, then you’re lucky! It could be easier to rip off the band-aid and just do it in a text.

Source: Imgur

But contrary to what pops thought, that’s not what was happening here. Autocorrect can be frustrating, right? Well, it led to confusion between this dad and his daughter. Luckily, if she ever wants to come out, we’re sure this dad will be totally cool with it.

How Does Turkey Smell?

Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays of the year. For some people, it’s pretty close to Christmas or even better. No Thanksgiving meal would be complete without turkey, but if the turkey isn’t warm and delectable, is there even a point in eating dinner?

Source: Imgur

He wanted to make sure the turkey for Thanksgiving was to his liking, but his father wasn’t much help. The dad might have been trying to be funny, or he might have just been frustrated that his son couldn’t make it to family dinner. Hopefully, he made it before 5.

The Big Leek in the Bathroom

We already know that dad jokes are cringe and silly. Some of the jokes on this list are a little too ridiculous and embarrassing, but this takes the cake. It’s the definition of a dad joke, and it hits on so many levels that you’ll laugh out loud.

Source: Imgur

This dad went above and beyond to craft a hilarious joke that put all other dads to shame, including creating a fantastic pun and a picture to go along with it. We’re sure there’s a frustrated child on the other end of the screen hoping to move out soon.

Right Time, Wrong Kid

Any parent will probably tell you that one of the worst errands you could send them on is a school run. And it even gets harder with multiple kids that go to different schools. They most likely push duties to the other parent when they can.

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So, this family solved this problem by having each parent pick up different kids. Sounds like a convenient plan, right? Well, only if this father could remember the kid he was assigned to. He certainly got there on time, only to learn that it was the wrong kid.

He Tried to Play it Cool

One of the worst mistakes you can make is mixing up phone numbers. And this mistake becomes unredeemable when you mix one of your kids’ phone numbers with your wife. We’ve already seen different examples of this type of mix-up on the list, and this is probably the worst.

Source: Imgur

This dad was anticipating having a good time with his wife tomorrow. He was so excited he didn’t double-check to see who he was texting. He tried to play it cool in the end, but the damage had already been done. Now, that son is scarred for life.

That Was a Test

Parents are always doing everything they can to make sure their kids are on their best behavior. And regardless of how chill and open-minded you think your parents are, they’ll never be OK with some things. So, don’t even bother sharing that thing with your “cool” parents.

Source: Imgur

Most kids will agree and even find it easy to figure out the things they should never share with their parents. But this guy fell hook, line, and sinker in his father’s trap. He’s obviously not a genius, but at least he already figured out that he’s grounded for life.

Dad Has a Reputation to Uphold

Most parents would be pleased to hear when their children say they’ve been studying all night, but this father wanted his child to have some fun and loosen up. Although it was obviously a joke, let’s be honest: His child probably wasn’t really studying the whole time.

Source: Imgur

Call this father a horrible role model, but odds are his child was already engaging in half of those activities in secret. This dad was probably a party animal in his day and had a reputation to uphold. The kid must have been too stunned to muster a response.

The Bar is Already Low

Hearing words of motivation from our parents can really work wonders for our confidence. No wonder their negative words hurt more. We all need a little bit of support from our fathers in tough situations, but sometimes, their idea of a motivational speech falls flat.

Source: Imgur

This father did his best to encourage his child, but his words were in some way misguided. Although we strongly doubt it, we hope these words of encouragement were just what the kid needed to hear. If not, he’ll definitely not be taking motivation from his father again.

Ready for Dinner, Ready to Risk It

Our parents provide the food and usually are the ones who still go through the trouble of preparing it. So, the least we can do is appreciate the effort they’ve put into ensuring we have food on the table. There’s no need to bombard them with questions.

Source: Imgur

This kid didn’t listen and made the mistake of asking for more details about the dinner. The exchange quickly took an unexpected turn, ending with threats of poison and death. Hopefully, they sorted it all out after having a tasty dinner seated beside each other.

Advice About the Sister’s Dog

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but most dads are actually dog people. Sure, they may resist the idea of bringing a dog in at first, but once the dog is home, they become its best friend! Dads are willing to ignore all of their dog’s flaws.

Source: Imgur

But strangely, they don’t have that much patience for other people’s dogs. You won’t see the same amount of kindness and affection. This dad was obviously not impressed by his daughter’s latest rescue dog and was even considering never sitting on her couch due to the dog’s huge body parts.

Making Excuses for Failure

Everyone knows some men make better dads than others. The ones who weren’t great due to too many reasons, such as running away or being unavailable, usually try to justify their inadequacies. And they don’t mind blaming anything and making up flimsy excuses to justify their failure.

Source: Imgur

We don’t know if this dad was being funny or was also trying to blame something else for not being a good father. He chose to blame science when apologizing to his daughter for not being a great dad. At least he has a good sense of humor.

Love You to the Moon and Back

Dads have one emoji and one only – the thumbs up. Seeing your dad use any other emoji is good grounds to be worried if he has been abducted. We’re just kidding, but dads don’t usually use many emojis at once. So when they do, it speaks volumes.

Source: Imgur

This dad only needed a few letters and three emojis to pull off this dad joke. He’s clearly a fan of astronomy because he just put a funny twist on the popular saying, “I love you to the moon and back.” We’ve got to tip our hat to him!

One Way to Say ‘It’s Never Happening’

Once again, no matter how close a dad’s relationship is with his kids, there are some things you should never speak about. This dad ignored all of that and just went right in. We all know kids are inquisitive about many things. They want to know everything.

Source: Imgur

One thing we’re sure kids don’t want to know is the intimate details of their parents’ relationship. If you googled “TMI,” chances are that you’ll stumble upon this text exchange. This dad completely crossed the line, and his kid must’ve decided to buy the car on their own.

The Gender Reveal Party

Gender reveal parties are extremely popular nowadays. But it’s clear that this dad didn’t get the memo. The term “gender reveal” has an entirely different meaning to him, and his definition created a lot of misunderstanding. We wonder how long he thought about this before asking his other child.

Source: Imgur

One thing that stood out, though, is that he seemed supportive of Casey coming out and announcing her transition. However, this “gender reveal” was for Casey’s daughter this time around and not for the mother. It can be refreshing to see fathers interested in their children in this way.

No, I Didn’t Make a Mistake

The TMI dad has struck again! There are many things you can discuss with your children without it being weird. And there’s probably only one thing you shouldn’t discuss with them – you and their mother’s sex life. But that was exactly the topic this dad chose to dabble into.

Source: Imgur

Why not talk about the weather? There’s also sports, news, and the good times the family shared. There is a plethora of topics to choose from without going into intimate details. You can make up an excuse if you don’t want your kids to be home. But not this!

Dad’s Embarrassing Toilet Selfie

Have you ever had to teach your parents how to use technology? It can be quite frustrating, right? That frustration is nothing compared to how annoying they get when they finally understand how things work. They just start doing embarrassing things online!

Source: Imgur

You just hope that they don’t wind up embarrassing you! Luckily, this dad first shared a toilet selfie with his child before posting it online for the world to see. We hope he took the text exchange as a lesson and began taking selfies in more appropriate places.

The New Homemade Apple Watch

We’re back to dad jokes that’ll just make you cringe. We’ve seen many of them on this list, but this is one of the silliest. Apparently, this child had asked their father about getting them an Apple watch in the future. And they had a response.

Source: Imgur

When making ridiculous jokes, most parents use slang words and puns, but this one decided to include pictures. He deserves credit since, although being very obvious, the joke is still hilarious. The lesson here, if there is one, is to never ask your dad to get you an Apple watch.

Never Keep Dad Waiting

If there’s anyone who finishes first before everyone at home, it’s your dad. You sometimes wonder how they get ready so fast and tell everyone to hurry up. Some people just can’t help but be late, no matter how hard they try to be fast.

Source: Imgur

This kid and his father appear to have indulged in it far too often. We can’t get over this dad’s brilliant and humorous idea to speed things up a bit. Another piece of advice is to type less and run more. You don’t want to keep dad waiting.

The King of All Puns

Like we said earlier, contrary to the bad rep they get, dad jokes can actually be hilarious. When it comes to conjuring hilarious puns, dads take the cake. They love playing with words and surprising their kids with a funny play on words. And this is an example.

Source: Imgur

This dad’s pun is completely next level, and we’ll forgive you if it takes a second to get the joke. But once you figure it out, it’s almost impossible to resist bursting into laughter. How do they make us laugh with the corniest jokes?

Just in Case You Didn’t See It

If you’ve ever asked your parents to take a picture of you, you already know it’s almost impossible for them to get a good photo. No matter how much you teach them to handle the camera, they somehow mess it up and give you a crooked photo.

Source: Imgur

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a photo from your parent that’s actually good, but this dad doesn’t think it’s completely his fault. Instead, he blamed his kid for the picture and couldn’t even resist landing a jab at how his son looked. What a great father-son bonding moment.

Making His Case Known

Your parents are responsible for meeting all your needs for the first 18 years of your existence, and some of them won’t ever let you forget it. This father couldn’t ask his son the name of his internet provider without mentioning the fact that he was still his main provider.

Source: Imgur

This text exchange has all the ingredients of a classic dad joke, from a funny pun to “LOL” in capital letters. We can almost imagine how this dad grinned from ear to ear as he thought of the joke, typed it out, reread it, grinned more, and hit send.

Your Love Machine Is Waiting

This is another classic example of why dads need to double-check their text recipient. We all know that feeling when we read a text, and all we want to do is wash our eyes with bleach or go back to the last five seconds before we saw the text.

Source: Imgur

Well, it can’t get worse than this! This kid thought he would be free from all the things he didn’t want to see by moving out of his parents’ house. But he soon realized that he would never escape his father’s crazy shenanigans – not even if he traveled to Mars.

He Just Made the Joke

Just because it’s called a dad joke doesn’t mean it’s strictly for dads. We call it that because dads do it the most. But dads aren’t the only ones who like making these silly jokes. While some people find them cringe, others enjoy dad jokes to the fullest.

Source: Imgur

This girl wasn’t ready for what was coming. This guy from OkCupid is certainly a keeper, and his dad joke is just next level. But we think his joke was wasted here. Even though he probably failed to get her on a date, at least he made us laugh.

When Dad Uses Too Much Slang

Dads like to pick up a few slang words and use them regularly, but one dad took things to a whole new level. Although he uses silly sounds, he is a true master of puns, and we must respect his commitment to keeping up with his kids.

Source: Imgur

He started with a good one. But once his child reminded him of his age, this dad felt the need to prove something. And then he just kept going on and on. We don’t know if this child felt proud of his pops or just tired of his numerous antics.

Sending Dad a Picture of a Sloth

Many people use Siri or Google to seek assistance when searching for answers to their queries, but dads are an exception. Why Google “Sloth” when you can just ask your kid about it? Well done to this child for being so understanding with their father.

Source: Imgur

He even gave him a nice sloth picture. There’s no difference between asking the kid and going online because even search engines provide pictures and text. However, we’re still kinda surprised that a dad didn’t know what a sloth was. Well, at least he was humble enough to ask!

What Is Your Favorite Candy?

Dads are usually in the mood to crack a joke or two. They may joke about different things and even take it to the forbidden potty or an intimate sex-with-the-wife joke. But candy is one topic that you’ll never catch them tiptoeing around, just like this dad.

Source: Imgur

We’re not sure if this father wanted to reward the child with their favorite sweets or if he was trying to win a bet with the mother. Whatever the reason for this question out of the blue, this father raised a kid with an extremely sweet tooth.