The Most Impressive Celebrity Transformations of All Time

By Yuri S.

Most celebrities put a lot of emphasis on their image, always looking their best and dressing to impress. However, some stars weren’t always as glamorous as they are today. Not everyone fits the perfect mold society expects of them, and some well-known figures have even transformed drastically while under the glow of the spotlight.

Whether they decided to get a makeover to feel better about themselves, changed solely for a role, began to live a healthier lifestyle, or got addicted to exercising, these are the most incredible celebrity transformations of all time.

Sharon Osbourne’s New Look

Known for being part of the most rock and roll family on TV, Sharon Osbourne is not only a show host and TV personality, but she is also the wife of rock icon Ozzy Osbourne. But back in the ’80s and in the ’90s, Sharon was a bit of a mess.

Source: Pinterest / Photo by Anthony Devlin, Getty Images

Fortunately, since then, Mrs. Osbourne has gotten a new look. Not only is Sharon now in fantastic shape, but she also has a new hairdo. Sharon revealed that she slimmed down with gastric sleeve surgery and lost almost thirty pounds. After removing the sleeve, Osbourne started the Atkins diet.

Kirstie Alley’s Everchanging Image

Kirstie Alley is known for her role in the popular sitcom Cheers. But she’s also famous for her fluctuating weight, which has changed so many times over the years that it has become one of the paparazzi’s favorite things to document. People can’t seem to get enough of her ever-altering appearance.

Source: Pinterest / Photo by D Dipasupil, Getty Images

Nowadays, after years of struggling to lose pounds while in the public eye, Alley has become a brand ambassador for the weight loss program Jenny Craig. The star looks great now, and her long-time commitment to keeping a healthy lifestyle has ensured that she’ll stay in shape.

Kelly Rowland’s Amazing Transformation

Kelly Rowland has always been drop-dead gorgeous, but she had another 70 pounds on her tiny frame at one point. Most people don’t remember it because Rowland’s talent as a songwriter, singer, dancer, actress, and TV personality has always been the most important thing.

Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Nevertheless, childbirth changes even the slimmest figures, and Kelly had a tough time losing the baby weight after she had her first kid. Luckily, Rowland was able to hire the best trainers and dieticians out there. They helped her get on a new diet plan and lose all the weight in just a few short months.

Melissa Joan Hart’s Magical Makeover

Well-loved for her early role as Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Melissa Joan Hart has stayed in our hearts since the ’90s. Despite the Netflix remake, we’ll never forget the OG teenage witch. Despite her magical prowess, Melissa couldn’t witch away the weight she gained during her pregnancy and put on a few pounds.

Photo by Jean-Paul Aussenard, WireImage, Getty Images / Michael Kovac, FilmMagic, Getty Images

So, with the help of the Nutrisystem program, Hart got on a diet plan, started working hard to get back to her old self, and lost 40 pounds. Her makeover was so incredible that we’d believe it if we were told Nutrisystem offers enchanted youth potions.

Tony Robbins’ Goals Achieved

As a life coach, Tony Robbins was used to being a role model for his many followers. Tony helped so many people achieve their goals and live a better life; one would think he’d also be living his best possible life and have his priorities in order.

Photo by Scott Legato, Getty Images / Noam Galai, Getty Images

But Robbins was unable to reach his goal weight for many years, despite his go-getter mindset. Luckily, at some point, Tony harnessed his “Unlimited Power” and changed his lifestyle completely, losing all that unwanted plumpness. He now sticks to a consistent diet and fitness regimen and has lost 30 pounds.

Queen Latifah Healthy Lifestyle Choices

The fabulous Queen Latifah is known for her inspiring work in music, film, and even record producing and has never been ashamed to shop off her beautiful curves. However, she, too, went through quite a transformation at one point.

Photo by Albert L. Ortega, WireImage, Getty Images / Jason LaVeris, FilmMagic, Getty Images

Latifah made some healthy lifestyle choices and eventually lost thirty pounds as a result. She didn’t resort to any fad diets or surgeries. Instead, she did it the all-natural way, eating only healthy and nutritious meals and making sure to get in more exercise. Now the Queen looks better than ever!

Ricki Lake’s Mission to Success

Tabloids have always emphasized Ricki Lake’s struggles with her weight, and she was sick of it! As an actress and show host, Lake is always in the public eye and has endured a lot of unwanted criticism about her image.

Photo by Jason Merritt, Getty Images / Jim Spellman, WireImage, Getty Images

So, Ricki made it her mission to make a change, impressing fans and the media alike with her beautiful transformation. After undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, Ricki lost almost one hundred pounds. Years later, when on Dancing with the Stars, Lake changed and lost another 20 pounds by eating right and exercising.

Adele’s Absolute Metamorphosis

No matter what people think, Adele is beautiful inside and out, no matter how much she weighs. However, the musician’s recent metamorphosis was so considerable that it dropped jaws all over the world. After losing over 50 pounds, Adele is almost unrecognizable.

Photo by Dave M. Benett, Getty Images / Source: Pinterest

She attributes her thin physique to a sirtfood diet and working out. Adele shared that she knew she “had to change,” but some fans were upset with her transformation and wondered why Adele felt she needed to look different. But the most important thing is that she is happy with her new look and feels great!

Matthew McConaughey’s Demanding Role

Matthew McConaughey used to be known for his handsome rom-com looks and Southern charm, but then came his role in Dallas Buyers Club. Matthew lost more than 40 pounds off of his already thin frame for the demanding and career-changing part.

Photo by Ignat, Bauer-Griffin, GC Images, Getty Images / Slaven Vlasic, Getty Images

He had just a few months to look as malnourished as his character and needed the help of a personal trainer and a dietician. Luckily, McConaughey’s dietician ensured he got all the required vitamins but seriously cut down his calorie intake. Now that is some real commitment to the craft!

Oprah Winfrey’s Inspirational System

Oprah has motivated, helped, and inspired so many Americans that she transcends celebrity, reaching icon status. But even Mrs. Winfrey went through quite a struggle with her weight and decided to do so openly in the public eye, sharing her progress with fans.

Photo by Christopher Polk, Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain, Getty Images

She took her time and did it right, even teaming up with Weight Watchers. Oprah followed the Weight Watchers points system and endorsed them as a spokeswoman, while with their help, she lost twenty-five pounds. We’re sure the $65 million they paid her served as quite the motivator.

Ed Sheeran’s New Shape

Ed Sheeran, singer-writer famous for the hit single, Shape of You, wasn’t in perfect shape. The one-man band was sick of feeling like an underdog and decided to work on his image. After working hard to slim down, Sheeran’s new look made his fans proud of the talented artist.

Photo by Jon Furniss, WireImage, Getty Images / Kevin Mazur, MTV VMAs 2021, Getty Images

He didn’t look for any magical treatments; he just started working out and eating healthy, making sure to remain dedicated and consistent. His simple path to health worked well, and Ed was able to drop 50 pounds. Now he’s still committed to his new lifestyle.

Mila Kunis’s Rigorous Routine

The beautiful Ukrainian-born Mila Kunis has always been petite and thin, from when she first graced our screens at age sixteen till today. But for one specific role, she was tasked to lose twenty whole pounds, which seems impossible to imagine.

Photo by Jon Kopaloff, FilmMagic, Getty Images / Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images

Alongside Natalie Portman in Black Swan, Mile played an ambitious ballerina. The actress had to commit to a rigorous fitness routine and a low-carb diet since she had only a few weeks to lose the pounds for the part. Kunis succeeded, but we bet that after filming wrapped up, she binged on carbs.

Holly Hagan’s New Diet

Holly Hogan from Geordie Shore was known for her red hair and fiery personality, and her love of deep-fried fast food. But recently, the reality star made quite the transition and decided to ditch the delicious delicacies for a healthier diet.

Photo by Joseph Okpako, WireImage, Getty Images / SAV, GC Images, Getty Images

Within just a few months of doing sports with a personal trainer and maintaining a strictly nutritious diet, Hagan shed 40 unwanted pounds. Not only that, but Holly’s face cleared up. Now a massive advocate for working out and eating clean, Hagan refers to her transformation as an education.

Candace Cameron Bure’s Journey to Wellness

When on Full House back in the day, Candace Cameron played the memorable D.J. Tanner. Candace was always a bit full, but as she grew older, she decided to get rid of her baby fat and began her journey to wellness.

Source: YouTube / Photo by John Shearer, WireImage, Getty Images

Bure shared that she worked off more than 20 pounds just by exercising regularly and eating a primarily plant-based diet. Her method has helped Candace age better than anyone, looking better now than she did at sixteen. Bure confessed that she only follows her dietary rules 80% of the time because rules are meant to be broken.

Chaka Khan’s Perseverance

When Sweet Thing singer Chaka Khan was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, she felt she wanted to heal her body and stopped eating sweet things altogether. To become well again, the amazing musician began a strict liquid diet cleanse before converting to veganism. Furthermore, Chaka became a frequent visitor to the gym.

Photo by Don Arnold, WireImage, Getty Images / Earl Gibson III, WireImage, Getty Images

In less than a year of her plant-based diet, Chaka Khan lost 60 pounds. Her perseverance helped get her diabetes under control and brought her blood pressure down as well. Khan’s inspiration? Her late vegan friend and confidante, Prince.

Khloe Kardashian’s Revenge Body

For years Khloe Kardashian was degraded for being the ugly duckling in her family. But after her highly publicized, ugly breakup, the reality star doubled down and shocked everyone with her rocking revenge body. With the help of her fitness trainer, Gunnar Peterson, and a strict diet, Khloe showed everyone.

Photo by Chris Ivin, WireImage, Getty Images / Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

According to her trainer, “Khloe’s work ethic is second to none. There’s no such thing as quit in her world.” After dropping 40 pounds and her cheating ex, the impressive influencer started her own makeover show, called Revenge Body. Revenge truly is the best motivation for just about anything.

Paul Wall’s Balanced Menu

Rapper Paul Wall realized that he couldn’t hide his obesity underneath baggy clothing when representatives from the weight-loss show Celebrity Fit Club started contacting him. Wall decided not to join the show but did feel like their interest in him was a wake-up call.

Photo by Peter Kramer, Getty Images / Jeff Kravitz, FilmMagic, Getty Images

In order to shed the pounds for good, Paul got gastric sleeve surgery. Afterward, he went on a healthy diet, eating a lot more fruits and vegetables and a lot fewer carbs than ever before. Altogether he lost 130 pounds and claims that his balanced menu saved his life.

Marissa Jaret Winokur’s Medical Emergency

The lovely actress and singer Marissa Winokur is known for her performance as the lead in Hairspray on Broadway. Her singing and dancing earned her a Tony Award and the love of her fans. While playing such a body-positive role, Marissa was never bothered by her weight

Photo by Amy Sussman, Getty Images / Ray Tamarra, Getty Images

However, after undergoing a medical emergency, she was forced to make a change. Winokur’s cholesterol reached dangerously high levels, and her physician strongly advised her to lose weight and eat healthily. So, Marissa cut down her daily calorie intake, exercised off 60 pounds, and brought down her cholesterol.

Melissa McCarthy’s Fight Against Stereotypes

Known as the perky and food-loving chef, Suki, in Gilmore Girls, Melissa McCarthy is one of the most famous comedians to graduate SNL. However, as she was always on the heavy side, Melissa shared that she was pigeonholed by Hollywood and only cast in comedic roles despite being a dramatic talent too.

Photo by Gregg DeGuire, WireImage, Getty Images / Daniel Zuchnik, Getty Images

Sick of being stereotyped, McCarthy got gastric bypass surgery and lost 75 pounds. Since then, Melissa has been cast in various challenging and dramatic roles, proving that the only thing stopping her from being considered a serious actress was a few kilos.

Mama June: From Not to Hot

Mama June came into the spotlight on the reality show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” June was constantly laughed at for being overweight and became the brunt of many fat jokes. Sick of being made fun of, Mama got gastric sleeve surgery and lost a booming 300 pounds.

Photo by Noel Vasquez, Getty Images / D Dipasupil, Getty Images

After her procedure, June got plastic surgery to remove some excess skin and also got a boob job. Wanting to show off her process and fantastic transformation, Mama June shared all the inside details on her own show “Mama June: From Not to Hot.”

Drew Carry’s Fight Against Diabetes

Famous for Whose Line Is It Anyway, Drew Carey is the 24th highest-paid entertainer in the US, according to Forbes. He’s so popular that he even has his own show- The Drew Carey Show. But working all the time made it, so Carey didn’t have time for exercise.

Photo by Jeff Kravitz, FilmMagic, Getty Images / Araya Doheny, WireImage, Getty Images

Sadly, Drew led a pretty unhealthy lifestyle, so much so that he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. That’s when he decided to take charge of his life and make a change. With no surgeries or fad diets, the much-loved TV show host lost 80 pounds the old-fashioned way- physical fitness.

Lisa Riley’s Tireless Commitment

Talented English actress Lisa Riley starred on Emmerdale from 1995 to 2001 while also hosting You’ve Been Framed from 1998 to 2002. But a few years back, Lisa surprised fans by cutting her weight almost in half, losing 140 pounds!

S Photo by ANT, Bauer-Griffin, GC Images, Getty Images / HGL, GC Images, Getty Images

Her tireless commitment is what got her through it. For those who are wondering what Riley’s secret to maintaining her thin frame is- she never eats carbs after 1:30 pm. Furthermore, Lisa shared that she quit drinking alcohol all together instead of drinking a whole bottle of “empty calories” a day.

Renée Zellweger’s Fluctuating Look

Renée Zellweger is known for her fluctuating weight and look. She is the chameleon of actresses, able to adapt her body to fit every role. When cast as Bridget Jones in 2001, Zellweger needed to gain weight for the character. In 2002, she had to work off the pounds to play Roxie Hart in Chicago.

Photo by Frank Trapper, Corbis, Getty Images / Tibrina Hobson, WireImage, Getty Images

Renée has continued her talent of going up and down on the scale for roles over the years, each time regaining weight to act in the Bridget Jones trilogy. She confessed to following the Zone Diet when tasked to thin down for a part.

Jordin Sparks’s Renewed Confidence

Jordin Sparks really sparked our interest when she starred in American Idol during the sixth season. After winning and releasing her debut album, Jordin entered the national spotlight, and she even produced a single featuring Chris Brown. But, even if things looked sparkling on the outside, inside, Sparks was suffering.

Photo by Jeff Kravitz, FilmMagic, Getty Images / Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

Being constantly in the public eye made her lose confidence in her appearance. When she was only 20, Sparks changed her routine by eating healthy and adding running, boxing, and Zumba to her schedule. In no time, she lost 50 pounds, gained renewed confidence, and accepted herself.

Mariah Carey’s Seesawing Appearance

Mariah Carey earns over $40 million in royalties every year for her song All I Want for Christmas Is You. Since the ’90s, she has been everyone’s favorite pop star and always showed off her curvy figure in tight-fitting bodycon dresses, becoming famous for her little black dress look.

Photo by Ricky Vigil M, GC Images, Getty Images / Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

Fans were used to Mariah’s seesawing weight but were shocked when in 2017, she suddenly looked half her old self. The musician admitted to having undergone gastric sleeve surgery, her first weight loss procedure. Up until 2017, Carey had always worked off her weight with exercise and dieting.

Abby Lee Miller’s Accidental Weight Loss

Jaw-dropping dancer Abby Lee Miller shared that she went down a weight scale by accident in 2012. At the rime, tabloids wrote that the reality TV star underwent bypass surgery, but Miller denied those allegations, claiming to have shed 40 pounds on her own.

Photo by Jesse Grant, Getty Images / Roy Rochlin, Getty Images

It all started when her mom was diagnosed with colon cancer, and Abby sat by her side in the hospital. She said that the hospital food was so unappetizing that she could barely eat it and began slimming down. However, in 2017, she did get gastric sleeve surgery and became even thinner.

Carnie Wilson’s Tipping Point

Of Wilson and Phillips, Carnie Wilson is actually the daughter of Brian Wilson, of the Beach Boys. After her well-known ’80s group broke up, the musician started putting on pounds. Wilson later shared that she’d started comfort eating to feel better about her band falling apart.

Photo by Amanda Edwards, WireImage, Getty Images / L. Cohen, WireImage for The Recording Academy, Getty Images

Unfortunately, her binge eating got bad, and she reached 300 pounds. Carnie decided to get gastric sleeve surgery to eliminate her unwanted pounds. But alas, it wasn’t enough, and she got lap band surgery as well. After her second procedure, Wilson lost 150 pounds, cutting her weight down by half.

Marie Osmond’s Youthful Demeanor

Performer and singer Marie Osmond looks younger since she lost almost 50 pounds. Osmond joined Nutrisystem and attributes her wonderful new demeanor to the personal plan they built for her. At Nutrisystem, each client gets their own specialized menu plan.

Photo by Gotham, GC Images, Getty Images / Jon Kopaloff, FilmMagic, Getty Images

Marie eats 6 six meals a day and definitely doesn’t starve herself. The key is just eating healthier food, not eating less. Of course, Osmond also had a $1.65 million financial incentive when she endorsed the brand. The talented woman claims to be far more happy and healthy than ever before.

Anne Hegerty’s Forced Weight Loss

The British game show smarty-pants, Anne Hegarty, has been a chaser on The Chase since 2010. But after appearing in the reality show, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here in 2018, she lost a lot of weight. Apparently, on the series, celebs need to win their food in contests.

Photo by Mike Marslans, WireImage, Getty Images / Photo by Tristan Fewings, Getty Images

If they aren’t victorious, they are fed only a meager diet of rice and beans. Anne didn’t win many prizes and actually lost twenty whole pounds on this forced crash diet. The talented chaser has no regrets and has been working to maintain her new look since.

Kevin Smith Won’t Stay Silent

Kevin Smith, known as Silent Bob from Jay and Silent Bob, hasn’t stayed silent about his struggles with weight loss. After hitting over 300 pounds, the actor and filmmaker started taking fat blockers, which made his weight fluctuate dramatically and eventually gave him a heart attack.

Photo by Bob Riha, Jr., Getty Images / Cindy Ord, Getty Images

Smith was sure he was going to die, and his one regret was not making a reboot of Jay and Silent Bob. Luckily, he pulled through and started a plant-based diet and exercising with a personal trainer. Since losing 100 pounds, Kevin claims he is never tired anymore.

Dawn French’s Wake-Up Call

English actress and comedian Dawn French is known for her role in The Vicar of Dibley. After being diagnosed with cancer, she had a wake-up call and decided to change her lifestyle. Dawn underwent surgery to remove her cancer and tried to get healthier as she healed.

Photo by Mauro Carraro, Comic Relief, Getty Images / Stuart C. Wilson, Getty Images

To aid her recovery further, the actress dropped her calorie intake and lost almost 100 pounds. Recently a brand of shady diet pills used her image to promote their brand without French’s consent. Dawn was furious and called out the company for spreading lies.

Janet Jackson’s Bounce Back

After the fabulous Grammy-winning musician Janet Jackson had her second baby, she gained almost 60 pounds. Janet was seriously bummed with her weight and wanted to get back in shape. So, with the help of a trainer, she set off on a journey to get in shape.

Venturelli, WireImage, Getty Images / Axelle, Bauer-Griffin, FilmMagic, Getty Images

The new mother bounced back in no time, shedding 70 pounds without even doing cardio. Jackson focused on weightlifting to burn back quickly and get some muscle on her bones. Kudos to Janet for getting rid of her baby weight so fast!

Austin “Chumlee” Russel’s Yo-Yoing Weight

Austin Lee Russell, star of the reality series Pawn Stars, better known as Chumlee, recently lost more than 150 pounds. Russell shared that the secret to his success was gastric sleeve surgery. Before the surgery, Russell’s weight would yo-yo so much that he could go up and down 100 pounds.

Photo by Denise Truscello, WireImage, Getty Images / Gabe Ginsberg, Getty Images

In order to maintain his newfound thin physique, Chumlee works out and eats healthy meals. Russell has also reached out to his fans, saying he would be happy to help them with their weight loss journeys. He attributes his success to having a sound support system.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Gradual Change

After legendary actress Whoopi Goldberg reached 217 pounds, she decided it was time to make a change. The actress shared that the best way to lose weight is the gradual way. Apparently, celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito’s “Pound a Day Diet” really helped her.

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

In the 2000s, she tried other methods, like Slim-Fast, even becoming a brand ambassador. Nowadays, Goldberg is so happy with her body that she is scared to get thinner. She also quit her bad habit of smoking, which has helped her get closer to her ultimate wellness goal.

Christina Aguilera’s Yoga Routines

When we think about the early 2000s, Christina Aguilera wearing low-waisted, hip-hugging pants always comes to mind. However, 20 years have gone by since then, and X-tina’s body has gone through many changes. In 2013, she was fed up with feeling insecure.

Photo by Steven Lawton, Getty Images / David Livingston, Getty Images

So, with the help of diet and exercise, she lost 50 pounds of post-pregnancy pounds and heartbreak weight. Aguilera claims that what helped her the most was yoga routines and her personal trainer. She also subscribed to Fresh Diet and followed their rainbow diet, eating foods based on their color.

Jennifer Hudson’s Dream Weight

American Idol star and Dreamgirls actress Jennifer Hudson is the ultimate performer and one of America’s most talented singers. In 2009, after giving birth to her son, the actress gained quite a few pounds and felt that she couldn’t be a good mother to her son.

Source: YouTube / Photo by Craig Barritt, Getty Images

Bummed out and depressed by this, Jennifer dreamed of going down a few sizes. Therefore, in 2010 Hudson joined Weight Watchers and developed healthier dietary patterns. Watching her diet and doing a regular exercise routine helped Jen lose 80 pounds and reach her dream weight.

Jessica Simpson Worked Her Butt Off

In 2019, after having her third baby, The Dukes of Hazzard actress Jessica Simpson shared that her “weight was in the high two-hundreds,” and she was feeling uncomfortable. So, within just six months, the star worked her butt off, literally, and lost 100 pounds.

Photo by HTYNY, Star Max, GC Images, Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

Simpson signed up as a spokesperson for Weight Watchers and signed off her new diet with her doctor to make sure it was the right choice. With the aid of celeb trainer Harley Pasternak, Simpson learned to indulge more intelligently and drank a lot of water.

Gabourey Sidibe’s Lifestyle Shift

Gabourey Sidibe made her film debut in 2009, with the title role in Precious. Known for being body positive, Gabourey showed off her voluptuous curves in the American Horror Story series. But after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and sinking into a pit of anxiety and depression, she decided to make a change.

Photo by Paul R. Giunta, Getty Images / Dia Dipasupil, Getty Images

After consulting with her physician, Gabourey opted for gastric sleeve surgery. The procedure helped her shed 150 pounds, but she also made a lifestyle shift to maintain it. Gabourey follows a healthy meal plan, eating no junk food and drinking a lot of water.

Eminem Ditched Mom’s Spaghetti

By 2007, the Grammy-winning rapper, Eminem, had developed an addiction to Vicodin and Valium. The pills are dangerous and can cause ulcers and other side effects and made Marshall want to eat all the time to avoid painful stomach aches. But he soon took his addition too far.

Photo by Donald Kravitz, Getty Images / Albert L. Ortega, Getty Images

Eminem overdosed on methadone and went to rehab. While there, he realized he was no longer Slim Shady and ditched Mom’s spaghetti for a healthy diet. Furthermore, the rapper learned to replace his addiction to pills with an addiction to exercise and ran off 81 pounds in just a few months.

Natalie Portman’s Ballerina Body

When we hear actresses like Natalie Portman lost 20 pounds, we can’t quite figure out how. She is so thin already it seems like there’s nothing left to lose. But like Mila Kunis, Natalie was made to get thinner for her role in Black Swan, for which she needed a Ballerina-like body.

Photo by Joe Scarnici, Getty Images / Source: Copyright: 20th Century Fox

But, once she lost the weight, even the director, Darren Aronofsky, felt that maybe Portman had gone too far. Darren shared, “I was like, ‘Natalie, start eating.’ I made sure she had a bunch of food in her trailer.” Thankfully, she gained it all back.

Kim Kardashian’s Killer Kurves

The reality star, influencer, and multi-talent, Kim Kardashian gained quite a lot of baby weight during her two pregnancies, and in 2015, she was unhappy and wanted to feel sexy again. Initially, Kim got on the Atkins diet and headed back into the gym with her trainer.

Photo by Tara Ziemba, Getty Images / Gotham, GC Images, Getty Images

Within a few months, Kardashian lost 70 pounds and regained her famous killer curves. Her tips for staying in shape include sticking to a plant-based diet with no processed foods, working out consistently six days a week, not drinking alcohol, practicing in moderation, and making time for herself.

Kendra Wilkinson’s Secret to Success

Fabulous blonde bombshell and Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson was used to being the hottest in the room. So, when she put on some baby weight after her pregnancy, the model was understandably bummed out. But she didn’t plan on sitting around and crying about it and instead took action.

Photo by Chinchilla, Bauer-Griffin, GC Images / Tiffany Rose, Getty Images

Kendra started on the Atkins diet straight away, which worked well for her. But that wasn’t all; Wilkinson also got into a good physical routine, lifting weights, running, and walking around her neighborhood until she worked off all 60 pounds of post-pregnancy pudge.

Zach Galifianakis’s Hangovers No More

After starring in The Hangover, Zach Galifianakis became a household name in America, even if no one could pronounce his last name. But, like many other chubby actors, Zach was only cast in supporting roles, and he wanted more! So, the hilarious actor set out on a mission to work off some pounds.

Photo by Cassidy Sparrow, Getty Images / Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

After implementing a new fitness routine and a healthy, well-rounded, nutritious diet, Galifianakis lost over 50 pounds. His secret? Zach quit alcohol, passing on the extra calories and the handovers that come with them. His new trim physique has helped him score some lead roles.

Valerie Bertinelli Is Taking It One Day at a Time

Star of One Day at a Time, Valerie Bertinelli, was always very open about her struggles with weight loss. The actress even became a spokesperson for Jenny Craig’s diet program in the early 2000s. While on the program, she successfully lost 50 pounds and gained quite a lot of cash for her endorsement.

Photo by D Dipasupil, Getty Images / Charley Gallay, WireImage, Getty

However, recently Valerie admitted that her participation in toxic dieting culture made her part of the problem and showed regret for “shilling for Jenny Craig.” Nowadays, Bertinelli is trying to learn to love herself the way she is and is taking it one day at a time.

Christian Bale’s Crazy Shapeshifting

Like Matthew McConaughey and Renée Zellweger, Christian Bale is known for his incredible shapeshifting ability. He commits fully to every role and gains and loses weight, seemingly, at will. Bale’s transformations often cause a media frenzy, especially when he lost 70 pounds for The Machinist.

Photo by Fred Hayes, WireImage, Getty Images / Source:, Copyright: Paramount Classics

Bale is still at it; for his roles in Vice and American Hustle, he had to gain 30-40 pounds and claims it was pretty fun. Bale’s favorite way to gain weight is by eating a lot of pies. But he admitted that it’s harder to lose it again, now that he isn’t 20 anymore.

Chrissy Metz Stayed Positive

Acting came naturally to Chrissy Metz, who took to the screen quickly. But not everything has been as simple for Metz; despite doing her best to stay positive, she just couldn’t seem to curb her constant weight gain. Metz soon sunk into a bad place and knew that she would have to actively do something to feel better.

Photo by Tibrina Hobson, FilmMagic, Getty Images / Source: Pinterest

So, that was just what Chrissy did! She got active and started exercising every day and sticking to a 2000-calorie diet. It worked, and Chrissy shed almost 100 pounds. Later, Metz became known for her fantastic performance in This Is Us.

Princess Eugenie’s Stunning Wedding Look

Most women want to get in shape before their big day, fit perfectly into their white dress, and look their best. Princess Eugenie was no exception, and, in the time leading up to her wedding, she put in the work to be able to fit into the stunning look she walked down the aisle wearing.

Photo by Karwai Tang, WireImage, Getty Images / Jeff Spicer, Getty Images

One source claimed the Princess had the help of Gabriela Peacock, a London-based nutritionist that Prince Harry also famously employed before marrying Meghan Markle. Eugenie also shared that she loves doing circuits of “burpees, squat jumps, lunges, the whole lot.”

Rex Ryan’s Newfound Happiness

Rex Ryan, a former coach in the NFL and current sports analyst, went through quite a legendary transformation a few years back. The former Jets and Buffalo Bills coach lost a booming 105 pounds. The secret to his success was undergoing lap band surgery.

Photo by Brett Carlsen, Getty Images / Gustavo Caballero, Getty Images

Rex felt happier and healthier after his surgery, but in 2016, he had the lap band removed in solidarity with his twin brother. After complications, Ryan’s twin was forced to remove his own lap band, and the coach didn’t want him to go through it alone. What a team player!

Susan Boyle’s Wellness Routine

Susan Boyle shocked audiences with her fantastic voice and jaw-dropping abilities on Britain’s Got Talent. Boyle didn’t care much about her appearance, and that was part of what made her talent so surprising. However, after she was thrust into the spotlight, the singer started developing anxiety over her looks and weight and decided to make a change.

Photo by Simon James, GC Images, Getty Images / Tibrina Hobson, WireImage, Getty Images

So, Susan began to exercise with a personal trainer who introduced her to a wellness routine, a regular workout, and a nutritious menu. Her hard work paid off, and Boyle now weighs 30 pounds less.

Rosie O’Donnell Became Unrecognizable

In the spotlight since her first TV role in the 1980s as a teenager, Rosie O’Donnell has since worked as an actress, comedian, author, producer, and TV personality. O’Donnell is used to being scrutinized and having her looks and weight filling the tabloids.

Photo by Jeff Kravitz, FilmMagic, Inc, Getty Images / Gary Gershoff, Getty Images

Over the years, Rosie tried different diets but never succeeded in sticking to them. A few years back, the talented woman had a heart attack and realized she had to change. She chose to get gastric sleeve surgery. Following her procedure, O’Donnell lost 175 pounds, becoming almost unrecognizable.

Wayne Knight Is a New Man

Comedic actor Wayne Knight is known for playing the funny fat guy type and is most famous for his role as Newman on Seinfeld. Nowadays, Knight is no longer the chubby, grumpy guy he was on Seinfeld; he’s a new man.

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After being cast only as the fat guy and being told he was obese by a doctor, Wayne decided to get healthy to minimize his risk of heart disease. Knight shared that he did it naturally by eating right and making sure to incorporate physical fitness into his daily life.

Timbaland’s DIY Transformation

Grammy-award-winning producer and rap star Timbaland recently shared with fans that he not only lost 130 pounds but also overcame his addiction. The rapper had become addicted to pain killers after a root canal surgery back in 2011 and began seriously abusing OxyContin and Percocet since.

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His addiction caused Timbaland to put on weight, and he was diagnosed with prediabetes. That was when Timbaland knew he had to quit; he got off the pills all by himself and started working out. He transformed utterly DIY, with no help from anyone.

Charlotte Crosby’s Healthy Cookbook

Back in 2014, Charlotte Crosby from the reality series Geordie Shore went through a tough time. Paparazzi leaked unflattering pictures of her all over the internet, and poor Crosby was mortified. But, in the end, her humiliation served as a wake-up call for Charlotte.

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The very next day, the reality star signed up for a gym and started working with a personal trainer and a dietician. Her investment paid off, and Crosby lost more than 35 pounds. In an effort to help and inspire her fans, Charlotte released a healthy cookbook.

Claire Richards Did the Steps

Claire Richards, a talented musician and member of the pop group Steps, stepped into her solo career back in 2018. Claire also shared her personal story of weight gain and loss. After her band broke up in the early 2000s, Richards put on over 80 pounds and started feeling unhealthy.

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So, to get well again, Claire did the steps and committed to eating the right foods and doing exercise. Claire shared that she abides by a 1,500- calories-per-day diet and only has ice cream on Fridays.

EJ Johnson’s Magic Metamorphosis

EJ Johnson, the son of Magic Johnson, came into the public eye after starring in the reality series Rich Kids of Beverly Hills in 2014, during which he got gastric sleeve surgery. Johnson lost 130 pounds following his surgery and has since worked hard to maintain his health.

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EJ shared that instead of having big meals three times a day, he nibbles on healthy foods throughout the day. Furthermore, the socialite shared that he does Pilates four times a week, and instead of working out, he dances!

Star Jones’ Big Mistake

Star Jones, one of The View’s former co-hosts, was always heavy, but when she became classified by her doctor as morbidly obese, Star became worried. To regain her health, Jones got gastric bypass surgery and lost 160 pounds. But the show host made one big mistake!

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Star didn’t share that she got surgery with her fans. They could tell that something had changed with her and felt betrayed that star would keep such a serious lifestyle choice a secret. In 2009, she got real and revealed that she had been ashamed.

Jerry Ferrara Devoted Himself to Working Out

Jerry Ferrara is recognized for his role as Turtle in the series Entourage. Ferrara was used to playing the chubby friend but decided he was over being stereotyped and decided to devote himself to working out. Now, after losing 50 pounds, the actor looks completely different.

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At first, dieting was really hard for Jerry, and he had a meltdown every few days, but finally, after a few tries, he stuck to it. Ferrara also revealed that he quit smoking and maintains a weight loss regimen consistently.

Phylicia Rashād’s Renewed Motivation

When famous faces choose to endorse weight loss programs and become brand ambassadors, they make a ton of cash. Phylicia Rashad decided to take that route by joining Jenny Craig back in 2009. After following the program, the star lost 35 pounds!

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Making money for every pound you lose seems to help many celebrities gain the motivation to take those extra steps in the direction of dieting and exercise. Phylicia has since become a strong advocate for health, urging others to follow in her footsteps and get in control of their wellness.

Ricky Gervais’ Double Transformation

Ricky Gervais has doubled up on his transformation, changing his whole look back in 2011 before relapsing and again turning things around in 2021. In 2011, the actor no longer wanted to be looked at as an old, fat comedian, so he worked hard and lost 40 pounds.

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However, after a few years, the pounds started to pile on again, and Gervais shared that it was getting harder to work out as he got older. Luckily, this year, with the help of his girlfriend, Ricky started running and lost 20 pounds.

Adam Richman- Man Vs. Food

While hosting the reality show Man vs. Food beginning in 2008, Adam Richman learned to become a competitive eater. The constant eating challenges he did on the show made him develop unhealthy habits like fasting and then binging.

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Soon, Adam gained quite a lot of weight and became depressed. So, after he quit competing, Adam decided that it was time to get his health back. With a lot of willpower, the former over-eater started to work out and eat small healthy meals. Richman successfully lost 60 pounds.

Charles Barkley’s Famous Endorsement

Former NBA star Charles Barkley was always known as the Round Mound of Rebound. However, as the years went on, Barkley retired from basketball and became a sports analyst, and he started getting rounder. In order to get in shape, Charles joined Weight Watchers.

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Soon, Chuck became the face of the company, and for his famous endorsement, he received around two million dollars which served as quite the motivating factor to shed weight. So, Barkley lost 42 pounds using WW’s famous point system, just in time for his daughter’s wedding.

Chris Pratt’s Dad Bod

When Chris Pratt first started acting, he wasn’t as ripped as fans of Guardians of the Galaxy know him to be. Pratt admitted that while appearing in Parks and Rec, he had to gain a lot of weight for his role. Slightly broader back then, Pratt became known for his dadbod.

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After reaching 300 pounds, Chris decided it was time to get into shape for his leading man role. So, Pratt worked with a trainer, went on a mostly paleo diet, and dropped 60 pounds. When Pratt’s transformation was complete, everyone was shocked by his incredible abs.

Tyra Banks’s Determination

Even gorgeous models like Tyra Banks go through ups and downs in the image department. Back in 2018, Tyra shared that she put on a few pounds, and her career suffered. She had sustained an ankle injury and was unable to do her regular exercises.

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To get back on track, banks hired a nutritionist who helped her eat healthier and in moderation. Likewise, Banks’ trainer has her on a cardio and resistance exercise regimen. Nevertheless, Tyra still indulges every so often in her favorite dessert: ice cream!

Kelly Clarkson’s Health Problems

Ever since she first entered the limelight, Kelly Clarkson’s weight has been a popular topic of discussion. The talented singer was hurt by the constant body shaming she was forced to endure over the years. However, in 2018, fans were shocked to see that Clarkson had slimmed down extensively.

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Back in 2006, when the American Idol star was diagnosed with a thyroid issue, which caused weight gain, she started researching how to stay healthy to overcome her disease. After reading The Plant Paradox, Kelly changed her diet and lost 37 pounds.

Chaz Bono’s Natural Path

The famous son of musicians Sonny and Cher, Chaz Bono was once named Chastity Bono. After transitioning into a man, Chaz became a spokesperson and advocate for transgender rights. In 2012, after embarking on a natural path to weight loss and wellness, Chaz also became the go-to person for dieting advice.

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Altogether, the talented writer and actor lost 85 pounds by changing the way he eats and taking dancing classes. These days, he avoids starches, sugar, and most milk products and sticks to eating primarily proteins, fruits, and veggies.

Seth Rogen’s New Role

Seth Rogan always played the funny, chubby underdog and built an entire brand around having a dadbod and being a lazy pothead in films like Knocked Up. However, when Rogan was cast in the role of Green Hornet, he had no choice but to shape up.

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With the help of a personal trainer and an adjusted diet, Seth lost 30 pounds in just two and a half months. Rogan shared that one of the side effects of the quick and drastic change was sagging skin, which he eliminated with continuous strength training.

Alec Baldwin’s 100 a Day

Alec Baldwin shared that he actually lost weight thanks to a lie told by fellow SNL star Pete Davidson. Baldwin was envious of Pete’s thin body and asked how the younger comedian maintained it. Not wanting to discourage Alec by explaining that he is just young, Pete lied.

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He told Baldwin that he does “100 pushups and 100 sit-ups every day.” After that, Alec started doing 100 of each every day and shed 60 pounds. Now he does 150, proving that white lies can do a world of good.

Carrie Underwood’s Fit52

Back in 2005, Carrie Underwood was unhappy with her body. Although she weighs the same now as she did then, Carrie is pure muscle these days, and it shows. When she first started working out and eating right, Underwood wished she’d had a helpful manual to guide her.

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Later on, after she went through her wellness journey on her own, Carrie wrote a workout and nutrition manual and even started an app called Fit52. Carries revealed to fans that for her, self-care is going to the gym.

Rebel Wilson’s High-Intensity Interval Training

Rebel Wilson lost 30 pounds in 2019 and has been focused on her health since. The actress shared that she gets why fans are so obsessed with her new look and explained that she embarked on her wellness journey after her doctors recommended she do so in order to get pregnant.

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Wilson revealed that she exercises every single day and likes high-intensity interval training especially. Rebels’ inspiration throughout her process has been Oprah Winfrey, who is one of her heroes and went through quite the weight loss journey of her own.

Missy Elliott’s Autoimmune Crisis

Hip-hop star Missy Elliot has been forced in the past few years to focus on her health. In 2011, Elliot was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Grave’s disease, which impacted her thyroid, causing worrying symptoms. To get her health back, Missy stopped drinking soda and cut out bread for a few months.

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Furthermore, the musician shared that she is “feeling great” and has been keeping her disease under control with the help of exercise and diet. We always knew that if anyone knew how to work it, it’s Missy Elliot.

Shonda Rhimes’s Newfound Health

Popular ABC showrunner, Shonda Rhimes, bore her soul in 2017 in Health magazine, revealing how she managed her whopping 150-pound weight loss. Shonda shared that she had no choice but to slim down after she reached a point where she couldn’t climb a flight of stairs in one go.

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The Greys Anatomy creator decided to pursue her health and wellness, and she can’t be happier. Shonda revealed that getting in shape was hard work, and she hated every minute of it but felt she had no choice because she felt so unwell.

Shannon Beador’s Mental Switch

Shannon Beador, of the Real Housewives of Orange County, lost 40 pounds after her divorce in 2019. The reality star claims two things helped her drop the excess flab, she made a mental switch and decided she could do it, and she dieted.

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Beador is a firm believer that we are what we eat, and it all comes down to what we decide to put into our bodies. Since her success, Shannon wanted to help her fans as well and started a line of healthy meals called Real for Real Cuisine.

America Ferrera Trained for Triathlon

Sick of feeling like Ugly Betty, the talented actress America Ferrera doubled down after entering her 30s and started training for a triathlon to get healthy. The star had already had two children and was carrying quite a bit of baby weight on top of her already gorgeous curves.

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Part of America’s journey was overcoming the mental barriers that she felt were stopping her from taking control of her body. With the help of fitness, a protein-based diet, and a new mindset, Ferrara worked off 30 unwanted pounds.

Kate Hudson on How to Lose 25 Pounds in 10 Days

One of Weight Watchers’ top celebrity brand ambassadors, Kate Hudson, shares her path to getting in shape with fans via Instagram. She set a goal to lose 25 in a few months after the birth of her third baby two years back and reached her goal!

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To reach her dream weight, Kate worked the pounds off ten at a time, training every other day. Among Hudson’s favorite types of exercise are pole dancing, Beachbody Brazil Butt Lift classes, and Pilates. She maintains a balanced diet, abiding by WW’s system.

Mo’Nique’s Hard Work and Dedication

Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique lost 80 pounds after being inspired by her helpful family to get healthy. The talented star committed herself to dieting and exercise with hard work and dedication and underwent a significant transformation.

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Mo’Nique shared that she likes to do all different exercises, including yoga, weightlifting, rope jumping, hiking, boxing, hula-hooping, and swimming. That way, she never gets bored! In an Instagram video, the actress sent out a message to encourage fans, calling out to them not to quit and explaining that change doesn’t happen overnight.

Drew Barrymore’s Santa Clarita Diet

Since Drew has been an actress since her early childhood, the press has duly covered every fluctuation of her looks. Her constant time in the spotlight has made Barrymore less shy about her private life than most. The actress has accredited her extensive weight loss to her trainer Marine Alton.

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Drew called Marine a “long-time teacher and dear important friend” and shared how her trainer helped her get in shape for the show Santa Clarita Diet. Alton healed Drew and convinced her never to give up.

Kelly Osbourne’s Diet and Dancing

Kelly Osbourne, daughter of Ozzy and Sharon, became well known because of her family’s reality show. Even back then, Kelly shared that she found losing weight hard. Finally, in 2009, when she joined the competition Dancing with the Stars, Osbourne learned some healthier habits.

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Her dancing partner, Louis van Amstel, forced her to eat salads and protein and taught her that carbs would suck away her energy. That was when Kelly began to drop some pounds. Now the multi-talented singer is 85 pounds less and feeling fabulous.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s Strong Is the New Sexy

At 4 foot 8 inches, when Snooki puts on weight, it’s really noticeable because of her tiny frame. The Jersey Shore star shared her secrets regarding how she went down 42 pounds after having her first baby back in 2013. Polizzi followed a rigid 1,300 calorie per day diet.

Photo by Jon Kopaloff, FilmMagic, Getty Images / Robin Marchant, Getty Images

Furthermore, Snooki hired a personal trainer and started working out four times a week. The young mother wrote a book about her journey called Strong Is the New Sexy: My Kickass Story on Getting My Formula for Fierce.

Action Bronson Took Action

In 2020, Action Bronson, famous for being a chef and a rapper, decided to take action and overhaul his diet. He went all the way and lost over 120 pounds in just nine months, just with dieting and exercise.

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“I’ve been a big boy my whole life, and it got out of control,” Action shared. So, when he reached more than 400 pounds, the rapper started to hit the gym, and now he is 240 pounds of muscle. Bronson’s favorite gym activities are HIIT workouts and boxing.

Ross Mathews’ Race to Health

Ross Mathews, known for acting as a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, recently opened up about his extensive weight loss. During lockdown last year, he had so much free time and decided to dedicate it to breaking bad habits and racing to health.

Photo by Miikka Skaffari, Getty Images / Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Another reason for Ross’s motivation was his mother’s recent passing from breast cancer, making the judge want to take better care of his body. At first, when she died, he started comfort eating but soon realized he had to make a change.

Simon Cowell Judged Himself

Known for his harsh and honest judging, Simon Cowell decided to change his diet after he started to judge himself. After the birth of his son, Simon realized that he was out of shape, feeling like he couldn’t keep up with his young and energetic child.

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The X Factor judge switched to a vegan diet and made sure to cut out his sugar intake altogether. He confessed that what helps is consistency and sticking it out. Now, Cowell is in shape enough to play soccer with his son.

Gordon Ramsay Shaped Up

Who knew that the iron-fisted Gordon Ramsay was a secret romantic? The chef’s reason for wanting to get in shape was none other than his wife. Ramsay admitted that he shaped up to save his marriage. Gordon felt that Tana deserved better and wanted to give that to her.

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He knew that his wife was better looking and thinner than him and wanted to get on her level. Ramsay shared that he still eats around five meals a day but makes sure to allocate small amounts during each sitting.

Jonah Hill’s Trainer and Nutritionist

One of the most impressive celebrity transformations on our list is Jonah Hill’s, who made a 180 switch. In 2011, the Superbad star lost 30 pounds for his role in 21 Jump Street, but he wasn’t through yet. In 2017, after asking his friend Channing Tatum for advice, Jonah hired a personal fitness trainer and a nutritionist.

Photo by Jason Merritt, FilmMagic, Getty Images / Kevin Winter, NBCUniversal, Getty Images

Now Hill is unrecognizable. He shared how hard it was to be called “fat and gross and unattractive” during his early career. But Jonah is happy to report how good it makes him feel that nowadays, paparazzi stalk him while he surfs.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Intermittent Fasting

Jimmy Kimmel shared with fans that he never worried about his weight until Dr. Oz came on his show in 2010. Oz showed concern for Jimmy, so the comedian finally admitted that he needed to make a change and started a strict diet.

Photo by Gregg DeGuire, FilmMagic, Getty Images / Jerod Harris, Getty Images

Kimmel’s diet was extremely tough; the show host only ate two protein shakes and a tiny dinner every day for two whole months. After that, Jimmy moved on to a 2,000 calorie-a-day menu. His regimen worked, and Kimmel lost 25 pounds. Now he’s into intermittent fasting.

Miranda Lambert’s Tips and Recommendations

Country singer Miranda Lambert revealed that she too has struggled with yo-yoing weight over the years, explaining that it really shows because of her height when she gains a few. The singer has finally reached a place in life where she is delighted with her body.

Photo by Frederick Breedon, Getty Images / Taylor Hill, Getty Images

Lambert shared that she failed just about every diet and isn’t great at exercising consistently. But she recommends cutting down on sweets and focusing on eating more fruits and vegetables. Luckily for her, Miranda’s handsome husband Brendan takes a run with her every day.

Al Roker Is Never Goin’ Back

Everyone’s favorite weatherman Al Roker, also had quite the struggle losing weight over the years. Diet after diet failed to help him, and Al’s marriage started to suffer as a result. So, in the end, he went for gastric bypass surgery.

Photo by LRNYC, MEGA, GC Images, Getty Images / Noam Galai, Getty Images

The surgery was a success, and Roker lost 150 pounds. Since his surgery, Al has kept to a low carb and high protein diet and is making sure to stick to it this time. Roker even wrote about his experiences called Never Goin’ Back: Winning the Weight Loss Battle for Good.

John Goodman’s Road to Sobriety

John Goodman was never thin, but at one point, he weighed over 400 pounds. The actor shared that one day he realized how overweight he had become and resolved to make a major change. His first and foremost step was to quit drinking alcohol!

Photo by Evan Agostini, Liaison, Getty Images / Theo Wargo, Getty Images

After beginning the hard road to sobriety, Goodman also switched to a cleaner daily menu, mainly eating healthy, lean proteins and protein shakes and lots of fruits and veggies. But what really made the difference for John was working out with a personal trainer. With his combined technique, Goodman lost over one hundred unwanted pounds.