These Photos from Winter Around the World Are Too Cool to Pass Up

By Yuri S.

Many people see the snow as a chance to have fun, and we agree! We’ve found a collection of hilarious pictures that show just how amazing it can be. One such fun idea is to create a snowman who is trying to get to the sunshine state of Florida!

Talk about running late for a date with destiny. Staying out here for the next few hours to hitch a ride to Florida is not the problem we are concerned about. Catching a bus ride back from Florida is our concern. Let’s hope it does not turn out to be a dissolving experience!

The Energy Free Fridge

Fridges take up a lot of power, and in these environmentally conscious times, we need to save as much energy as possible. When the snow is blocking your door, you may as well make the most of a bad situation and cool down your beers while you can.

Source: Twitter

It does not consume space in your kitchen, and you have no worries about power failure. The performance is so good that you don’t need to worry about putting your beers in the fridge. With this outdoor fridge, there is ‘snow’ place like home.

Golden Polar Bear Retriever

The Golden Retriever stands among America’s most loved dog breeds. They are meticulous hunters and hard field workers. They have an understanding of family life when not at work. Look how this one stands with those cute rubbery eyes.

Source: Twitter

He probably saw a person do that stance and wanted to imitate it. Fun dogs do funny things because that is what they do. They try to stand like their humans and imitate human gestures. The only question about this doggy bear is whether it has enough fur to be a snowman too.

The Icy Yoga Enthusiast

While we will all have a highly unique way of implementing a yogic lifestyle, yoga in the snow may be out of the limits of your imagination. This woman takes it to a whole new level by meditating naked.

Source: Tumblr

There is no way a lifestyle like this should be advised! There will usually be some pains when one adopts the way of a yogi, but the advantages and rewards are exceptional. If you practice yoga like this, however, you may get frostbitten before you get any benefits!

Breaking the Ice a Little Too Much

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘breaking the ice”? It takes a lot of energy to break the ice, but this man has taken that to some literal extremes. It seems as though his attempts to dislodge some snow have caused a little avalanche.

Source: Facebook

These gentlemen came off well when they tried to compete with Mother Nature. They just wanted to get the snow off the roof, but it seems as though the man on the right was a little too effective. That being said, falling from a low roof into some fluffy snow was probably quite fun.

Chilled Beers in the Snow

It can be great to have a cold beer in the winter, as long as you’re wrapped up nice and warm. These snowmen seem content and happy with their short-lived life. I’m actually quite jealous of them if it’s possible to be jealous of snowmen!

Source: Reddit

The only things lacking from the image are the campfire, the hot meal, and the other snow family who would have completed the picture. That being said, perhaps a campfire wouldn’t be the most welcome addition for these cool characters.

A Wonderful Wintery Warming Woman

Sometimes, all it takes to warm the weather is an angel in a lovely outfit. A free spirit as a symbol of freedom is the warmth that the world needs. At the sight of purity and innocence, winter undoubtedly becomes warmer than the summer with a disarming smile like this in a cold place.

Source: Pinterest

The heat of the sun ripples through the ice and reaches your heart without the physical presence of the sun. All that’s exuded from this picture is the harmony of nature. That’s a poetic way of saying we are huge fans of this picture.

Innovative Snow Packing Device

The most effective way of getting rid of snow is to pack it with a shovel or a truck made for the job. But some folks never run out of innovative ideas. Well, here is a snow terminator with a flamethrower and something that looks like a World War II helmet.

Source: YouTube

The hilarious thing is that he throws flames at the snow like a trained flamethrower in a fight. The cigar in his mouth shows how much warmth he needs even though he is the flamethrower. This has to be somewhere like Russia, doesn’t it?

Waiting In Vain For Your Love

One thing about the snow is that it preserves things. This could be true about emotions, and this man looks like he has been waiting for the love of his life. The execution of this photo with his long icy dreads for beard shows that time is the true test of love.

Source: Pinterest

What’s missing from the picture is any clue to help us determine when the wait will be over. This picture shows the trouble with having long hair and a beard in the cold. While they may keep you warm most of the time, you have problems if you get them wet.

Hot Bikini Snowboarding Competition

Everyone has their own original style and their own choices of how to turn up for the show. For some snowboarders, it is a lifestyle and not just a leisure hobby. That may be the reason she is snowboarding with an attitude. It looks like she was born to ride in the snow.

Source: YouTube

Notice how comfortable the crowd is as it watches in awe. While we admire the bravery of this picture, we wince at the potential for ice burns if she was to fall. We also admire her figure, but as for being nearly naked in the snow? Well, rather her than me!

No Changing Signs Today

This sign is steeped in irony. Someone decided to change it to say that it was too cold to change the sign. It clearly wasn’t too cold to make a great joke. Maybe they were annoyed that the warning sign wasn’t being used as it was meant to?

Source: Twitter

We think this photo is funny, and the person who took this photo surely enjoys cold temperatures. Like many of us, that person probably enjoys snow and everything about winter. Let’s just hope he didn’t freeze outside for the sake of a good photo!

The Fake “Frozen Man” On a Car Prank

This photo is hilarious. This is an example of a great way to take advantage of the snow. Someone who was passing near that car might have thought that someone had fallen and frozen on it. Whoever made this fake “frozen man” definitely has creativity.

Source: Tumblr

Maybe it was the person who took the photo? We’ll never find out, but it made us laugh. This is another example that the winter period is not boring at all! You can go snowballing; you can simply enjoy being in the snow or be creative like the person who made this.

The Dangerous Skiing Woman

Another positive side of winter is that you can go skiing, as this woman did in the photo. It seems like she was standing on the slope but looking behind her, there must be some risk of an avalanche. The bigger danger is probably her causing men to not pay attention to where they are going.

Source: Facebook

However, it seems to us that she didn’t dress too warmly. She’s probably going to get very cold very soon, but I doubt anyone around her is going to be complaining. By taking this photo, she might have distracted a lot of other skiers around.

The Cold Resistant Sailor

This man decided to go clear the snow. Nothing’s strange about that, but he’s practically half-naked, which is very strange! Not many of us could stand being half-naked outside in the cold, so we can tell that this man is definitely resistant to cold. Well done for that!

Source: Reddit

If he wants to go swimming, he doesn’t need to wait until summer; he can do it right now. Hopefully, he didn’t get ill after this, but by looking at him, we think he enjoys being outside in the snow half-naked, so there is probably no reason to worry.

The Sleepy Polar Bear

This sleepy polar bear seems to enjoy its natural environment in the snow. By looking at him, he looks completely relaxed, stress-free, and enjoys life. Many humans should look up to him. If we all were stress-free like this polar bear, we would enjoy our lives a lot more.

Source: Imgur

Imagine being in the position of this polar bear. He looks like he is so comfortable laying down in the cold snow, while we would simply freeze being there. Yes, we know, it’s his natural habitat. However, many of us enjoy the snow, probably just like this polar bear does.

Extreme Cold Snowmobile Fun

If you think you were cold by being outside in the snow in your jacket, just look at this woman! She went for a ride on a snowmobile without her shirt and her jacket! Well done, but let’s hope she didn’t get ill after this.

Source: Twitter

This looks like a fun experience. She probably didn’t even think about being cold at that moment; she was just focused on riding a snowmobile. Most of us wouldn’t have lasted a minute in that cold without any shirt. I bet some of you are cold just by looking at this picture!

Wait, What Is This Sign For?

This photo left us a bit confused and probably did you too. It’s obvious that you shouldn’t go skiing with someone else on the same ski. On this sign, this looks like a parent and a child are skiing together in a position that looks, well, a little inappropriate.

Source: Reddit

Winter brings many fun experiences like skiing, but it also brings potential dangers if you’re not careful. This sign has probably been set up here for a reason, but perhaps they should have thought twice before going ahead with this exact picture.

A Bit of Boston Humor

This picture surely has to come from Boston! It’s an example that winter brings many dangers too, like slippery roads in the snow. The roads are slippery, but signs like these are important for people who are driving fast, even in the snowy weather.

Source: Facebook

While the signs are important, why not have a little fun with them. We think it was wicked smart to remind people to take extra caution. Don’t mess around and drive fast; it’s not worth it, especially in the snowy Bostonian weather.

A Smiling Woman and Her Overturned Car

It’s hard to believe someone would be smiling if he had an accident like this woman had. We don’t know if this was her car, but it probably was. This is proof that driving carelessly on slippery roads and in snowy weather can lead to accidents.

Source: Facebook

How is this woman so happy in this photo? She either is a true snow lover, and a true optimist, or just could pass up a great pic for the socials. Maybe she was just happy to be injury-free after such a crazy crash. Always remember to be safe out there!

Scared Kids Sledding In the Snow

Winter brings many fun activities, and one of them is sledding in the snow. Many of us enjoyed sledding, especially when we were children. Many adults often go sledding in the snow too, don’t worry, you’re never too old for that!

Source: Pinterest

These two kids look a little bit scared, but we’re sure they enjoyed sledding. Let’s just hope that this photo was not taken moments before an accident because it looks like they were sledding on an icy surface. We’re not going to be pessimistic; they probably had a fun experience!

You Have To Admire the Effort

As the seasons change, some businesses struggle with a lack of income. But now is the moment for you to think creatively. Your market is still there; they’re just concentrating on different products and endeavors. Find out what they’re interested in and work out just how your expertise can help.

Source: Imgur

That being said, trying to sell snow in the winter can be a rough deal. We don’t think they’d be much market for something you can easily pick up with a shovel. This business wanted serious inquires only, but we’re not sure they’ll be getting any.

Hypothermia in 3… 2… 1…

On the coldest days, when you know you’ll be going outside for more than 10 to 15 minutes, a fast gear check can make a big difference between a great outdoor experience and a chilly nightmare. The clothing we wear is vital for temperature control.

Source: Reddit

We’re not sure what this woman is doing out in the cold. With the clothing she’s wearing, there’s a serious chance of hypothermia. She looks like she’s having fun, though, and with all that snow around, you could make a lovely pair of giant snowballs.

The X-Rated Snowman Idea

Whenever the snow forms, almost everyone thinks that the first thing you should do is make a perfectly rounded snowman. There are people out there, though, who’ll have other ideas. They are going to get a little more creative with what they make out of the snow.

Source: Reddit

Be aware of others in your community; they may make an X-rated snowman. We’d love to know what the owner of this car did to deserve this. Perhaps this was revenge or just an amazing practical joke. Either way, to do something like this took some serious snowballs.

That Name Again Is Mr. Plow

“Call Mr. Plow, that’s my name, that name again Is Mr. Plow” if I had a snowplow like this, then the famous song from the Simpsons would be running around endlessly in my head. You must feel like a king being able to drive through all of that snow.

Source: Facebook

Given this picture, it seems as though he’s done his job very well indeed. The roads are cleared, and he’s triumphantly standing on top of his plow. While he’s doing an essential job, doing it must have been a whole load of fun.

A Warm Winter Wookie

So you’re trying to get ready for your first day on the mountains as you open your closet scrambling for a last-minute skiing costume, and you’re overwhelmed by the number of Halloween costume options. Keep in mind the rapid change in weather; you must be prepared for everything.

Source: Facebook

So, where do you begin? You can either stay inside while you watch everyone else have fun, or you can grab something else. This man went for the latter as he grabbed his Wookie costume and headed out to the slopes. You have to admire his dedication to having fun!

Getting Lost In Those Eyes

There is something really soothing about simply letting go and “being a child again.” Whether you shovel snow with your children, ride four-wheelers, ski, or sled, use snow as an excuse to take a break and have fun! This woman clearly decided to live her best life.

Source: Pinterest

What makes this picture special is not what you can see in her visor or her beautiful face, nor is it the funny face she’s making. It’s those eyes! Not only are they beautiful but you can see the reflection of the mountains in them.

A Car Owned By the Snow

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this picture showed a perfectly crafted snow sculpture. At a second glance, this is a car that has succumbed to the winter weather. It belongs to the snow gods now, until summer comes around.

Source: Imgur

Can you imagine trying to deice this think? You’d probably get to your destination quicker by walking. Thankfully the car behind it seemed a little more protected by the elements. It’s a lesson to try and keep your car a little exposed when it’s snowy and icy.

Hungry? Let’s Eat Snow!

Dogs enjoy playing in the snow for the same reason children enjoy playing in it; it replaces their normal playground. Humans aren’t the only species who like a snowball fight from time to time. If the snow starts falling, remember to take your dogs out for a treat.

Source: Tumblr

I could only dream of having as much fun as this dog is having. He seems to be having the time of his life out there, jumping up in the snow and trying to eat it. This is what pure happiness looks like.

Ready To Launch Downhill

With the popularity of extreme sports growing, winter’s cold and dreary months are now the most thrilling time of year. Because of the rough terrain or harsh weather, most winter sports require extensive preparation and practice.

Source: Facebook

Skiers should buy better equipment and wear the right clothing. Given how stretchy this person’s suit is, it’s like they’re wearing practically nothing at all! It’s a great view in this picture, though, especially with that beautiful forest out there in the distance. That’s all we were checking out, honest.

The Real-Life Mario Kart Track

Side views are no longer a distraction in this image. You can focus on the road, thanks to nature. Rather than this being a real road, this looks more like a track on Mario Kart. There is no room for error on this winding road.

Source: Flickr

While the snow at the side of the road is crazy, thankfully, the road looks to be in amazing condition. There must have been some serious snow plowing and gritting going on. Let’s just hope those snow cliffs don’t fall down onto the road.

Winter Road Trip, Anyone?

Would you rather go on a road trip or stay home this winter. You can stay home and watch those Netflix series on the TV, which you do all the time. But if you are a cold-weather person, in a fun mood, and want to enjoy the beauty of winter driving, then this experience is priceless.

Source: Imgur

Before you head out onto your winter journey, you want to ensure that your vehicle is ready. Make sure that your windows are clear, clean any ice off your mirrors and, oh yeah, make sure there isn’t a huge boulder of snow on your roof.

We Wouldn’t Advise This Attire

What else do you need in life when you are chilling, wearing leggings, and having a drink in hand? This hot girl in this picture is having fun and enjoying herself in the snow. It looks like she lives in a snowy area or went on a trip to capture this fantastic picture.

Source: Twitter

Whatever her reason for being out, we love the view with those snowcapped mountains in the background. The foreground isn’t too bad either, though if she’s planning on going for a run, she might want to wrap up a little warmer.

The Coolest Cat in the World

Look at this cute kitty cat. She is wearing a nice winter outfit for the first time. It looks like the owner dressed her up in one of his baby winter outfits to capture the perfect picture. This picture is a perfect example of the silly ideas that come into mind during winters.

Source: Reddit

It’s hard to work out whether this cat is seriously unimpressed with what they are wearing or if they are just content with chilling in the snow. Given how warmly they are wrapped up, we like to think that the cute cat was just happy to chill there and watch the world go by.

The University of Alaska Hits Different

These naughty guys must have done so many funny and hilarious things for this silly picture. They are students of the University of Alaska who are chilling with each other. The weather looks extremely cold as it’s written that the temperature is -45 degrees centigrade.

Source: Facebook

We must admire their courage and silliness that these guys are in shorts yet enjoying and flexing their muscles in the snow. We’d guess that the second after this photo was taken, they ran straight back inside to get warm again. No one can be out in those temperatures for too long!

The Winter Version of Skinny Dipping

Many people like a cold shower. It helps to wake them up and shock some energy into their body. Deciding to take that a few steps further and jumping into icy waters is another thing. Even crazier is doing it in what they are wearing.

Source: Facebook

We admire the bravery here, and the woman doesn’t look to be particularly cold either. She’s having the time of her life having a dip in the freezing water. If you can handle water that cold, then why not go out there and create some special memories.

Poor Dog, Just Look At That Face

Running, jumping, playing, the dogs can’t get enough snow. It seems so fun for them. I guess no dog in the world doesn’t adore snow. Dogs are beautiful creatures, and this picture makes this pooch even more adorable as he just wants to play.

Source: Facebook

This dog must have a medical condition which means that he needs to make a medical cone. By the look of the picture, the loveable dog has tried to play in the snow, but the cone has got in the way. Hopefully, he’s had it removed by the time the next snowfall comes along.

When Winter Meets Halloween

It’s just mesmerizing to see that how the pile of snow is slowly being turned into such a masterpiece. Usually, people portray snowmen as joyous creatures with smiling faces, but this creator tried to do things a little differently.

Source: Reddit

The red color shows blood is coming out because of the biting of those small funny creatures. The big one seems helpless and is not able to do anything to save himself. The picture is a great masterpiece of art. It’s a lot more interesting than most traditional snowmen we see.

A Hot Tub in the Snow

Winter bathing in a hot tub is a soothing experience, especially for those living in the snowiest places. In this picture, it can be seen that the girl is enjoying her hot tub in the snow. She is feeling so relaxed that she is never going to come out of the tub.

Source: Twitter

She is soothing away her tensions by taking the pleasure of snow bathing. It seems like she is spending some quality time, and she is making some memories of her winter vacations, enjoying her moments in the bikini.

This Won’t Be For Everyone

We’ll just say it as it is. Wearing a gimp outfit while ridden like a snow sled down a steep hill by a dominatrix isn’t for everyone. That being said, everyone should feel free to express themselves so if this is what you love, then go for it!

Source: Pinterest

We can only imagine what the spectators must have thought looking on. It looks like the competitors are having a wonderful experience of skating in the snow. As long as everyone is having a great time, then there are no problems here!

This Mercedes Is Ice Cool

When you can’t decide between a Mercedes sign and an ice cream, this picture is funny and points towards the harshness of the winter. Even premium car such as Mercedes is going to succumb to the snowy weather.

Source: Facebook

The photographer did a tremendous job for this picture by going out there and clicking this great picture. It is hilarious as well because the Mercedes logo looks like ice cream. We wouldn’t recommend tasting it, though, as you’ll probably get your tongue stuck!

Creativity Taken To The Next Level

We all wanted as children to build the most amazing snowman anyone has ever seen, and making our friends jealous by doing so was just another bonus. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. In this case, the creativity is off the charts, showing that a little bit of patience and hard work can result in something so spectacular.

Source: Facebook

This is not your typical day seeing a dragon eat your car. Part amazing sculpture and a good prank for your friends who hate getting the snow off the car in the morning; better take your shovel and start working.

Don’t Forget About Winter Activities

We all know that the winter times are perfectly paired with a nice cup of coffee and the warmth of the fire inside the house, but we still need to burn those calories that accumulate during the endless slow days inside.

Source: Pinterest

So take your snowboard, a warm pair of gloves, and be ready to have a fun day in the snow. The perfect activity to get the blood pumping, see some amazing views, and have a great time; who knows what you may encounter on the snowy tracks up the mountains.

Don’t Need To Worry About Unwanted Guests

Everyone loves the snow in the winter, for the holidays it can be such a wonderful time to relax and enjoy a good time with the family. Unfortunately, too much is not good either don’t forget about the work that comes with it, from making endless paths all day long to searching your car in the mountains of snow in the street; snow will make you burn some calories for sure.

Source: Imgur

But don’t forget about the best part, you can have that maze you always dreamed of in the front of the house, no more annoying neighbors coming to your door uninvited.

Now, Where Is My Bone?

We are not the only ones happy with the white snow all over the town; even our pets love it, even if they express it in weird ways.

Source: Facebook

This dog definitely regrets burying that bone in the autumn, and it sure loves to get it back as soon as possible, so get the work started and make way for the doggo. They may not be able to tell us how much they love the winters, but the snow all over the living room and snowy paws around the house sure can.

Always Take the Right Equipment

With snow also come low temperatures, so stay safe and get a fluffy coat to protect you from the harsh winds and temperatures, don’t forget that hot tea and ginger brave cookies.

Source: Twitter

Do not take this woman as a good example for winter attire, she may be happy in the snow, but we all know just how cold she really is. She better gets that hot coffee as soon as possible. Even if the weather is harsh, she sure looks cool and just happy to be there; winter sports are the best cure for boredom; just ask her.

Winter Is Not Always A Happy Time

Even if the cold weather means for most of us cozy times inside, some hit hard times during snowstorms on the road. With the frozen road, awful traffic and overall harder time driving, we sure prefer to avoid as much as possible going places by car.

Source: YouTube

This person sure has a bad day on the road, not something we may want in the festive times, but what can we say, this happens when you forget to buy presents on time. Next year, he will be the first to stack on present and hot chocolate for the whole winter.

Winter Can Be a Harsh Time For Drivers

When the times get cold, it is better to stay inside and enjoy the fire, get the Christmas tree ready, and prepare for the carols, but sometimes the plans are not as smooth as we wish.

Source: Facebook

This girl is an example of this, not the best time to get stuck in the snow and not a right time to forget that good sweater at home. But what will winter be without the traditional car pushing? Nothing more refreshing than a good run with the car to get the engine started.

That Does Not Look Comfortable

Speaking about activities to do inside while enjoying that hot tea, watching other people falling in the snow, sure sounds good. The winter sports are best served with a good blanket and fuzzy socks, pick your favorite athlete and cheer them on.

Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Let’s not choose the ones that fall a little bit more than the usual, like this guy, definitely not his best score but don’t worry, and we will cheer him for the next round. In the end, better them falling in the snow, but surely he will enjoy a hot cup of tea after as well.

Better Go Big or Go Home

Colder temperatures, endless snow, and a giant snowman in front of the house. What is more “winter” than a 20 feet tall guy with a carrot nose! This is an amazing sculpture which must have been a huge effort from a lot of people.

Source: Pinterest

If this is not a sign big enough for Santa to find your house, I can’t imagine something better. At that height, the snowman surely had one too many cookies. Well, at least he will get to see the next spring before melting. Better prepare his swimsuit!

Remember To Stay Active In The Cold

Even if the winter is not exactly the comfort season, it sure is fun; look at this girl living her best life in the snow. Get your snowboard out, the best beverage you find, and get ready to have some fun out. Even if you don’t like extreme sports in the snow, enjoy a good time inside with a book; winter is for everyone.

Source: Pinterest

So don’t get upset that the temperatures dropped, get that smile and colorful goggles on, and go have an awesome time with your friends. This girl has a great time, both defying gravity and the cold.

Cold Drink for Winter?

Here we see another person who has used their extra snow as an opportunity to have a cold drink. While some people see winter as a time to sup a cup of hot coffee or enjoy a hot chocolate, many others have different ideas of what they should do.

Source: Facebook

This person is looking forward to having some delicious rum or a cold bottle of beer. Hopefully, they have some gloves on when they are drinking from the glass. If the snow is blocking you from leaving your home, then you may as well make the most of it.

The Perfect Winter Costume

It’s cold on the outside, but his heart must be warm. Was he prepared for some winter festival but couldn’t find his way out of the homestead? I wish we could see his facial expression. In winter, it’s important to stay warm, whatever you look like. Even if dressed as a massive chicken.

Source: Reddit

Nevertheless, every individual has their perfect way of finding joy in the cold winters. And this man found the best costume to wear in the cold. Forget about the costume; at least he is doing his best to unblock the walkways through the neighborhood.

Remember To Close Your Windows

Did the owner of this car just leave the car under the snowy sky with windows open, or does he have no idea what he did? No matter what the reason, the car is almost half-buried in the snow, including its interior.

Source: Facebook

If the owner has no idea of the state of their car, they might have a hard time clearing the snow! This will send a message to all car owners. Remember to lock the car doors, including the windows! Let’s hope the snow did not damage the car, and they never did it again.

Be Careful Where You Park

While you shouldn’t leave your windows open in the winter, there are other things you should avoid too. One of those is parking your car right by the ocean in freezing temperatures. As soon as that ocean spray hits your car, it’s going to freeze.

Source: Tumblr

While these people probably returned to their cars in horror, at least it made for an amazing picture. Let’s hope that ice didn’t damage the car. With all that ice, it would have added up to plenty of weight. Let’s also hope it melted off quite quickly.

Sleighing All The Way

We’re big fans of having fun in the snow. There are plenty of amazing activities to choose from, and speedily going down a mountain is a huge amount of fun. While all of that is true, it begs the question here of whether or not she chooses the wrong activity?

Source: Pinterest

With her attire, she might have prepared for some cheerleading, but instead, she got herself on the top of the slopes. From the look of things, she looks pretty bright and ready to ski in those snow boots. Let’s hope she was ready for the exhilarating winter activity and not just photo shooting.

We Are Watching You

If you were passing by these images at night, you would probably be afraid. You’d think it’s some aliens or snow animals that only appear at night in a snowy area. However, it’s not what you might be thinking. These are snow mounts having glowing sticks made to appear like eyes.

Source: Tumblr

Winter gives people opportunities to play winter games, and a few get creative. These snow mounts with glowing eyes are some of the amazing artworks you can try. Next time you meet such a beauty beside the road at night, don’t be afraid.

Living Like a King

Who said paradise has to be tropical? This man knows the definition of paradise and what to do to have fun. The king from far lands came only for one thing or perhaps two things; having fun and enjoying the weather. He might have been at his happiest point, and it seems to be all downhill from here.

Source: Facebook

He might have forgotten his clothes, or did his royal gown fly with the wind? Similarly, he might have chosen to ice-skate like nobody is watching. Let’s hope nobody was watching as this is a body that should be behind some thick winter clothes.

A Crash Is On Its Way

Who said sleighing is for the kids alone? What the kids can do, the men can do better. In this photo, three men are captured making fun of the snow down the hill. But something unusual seems to have happened to them.

Source: Pinterest

Maybe they have a way of doing tricks with the snow tube, or perhaps they were too heavy, and they crashed it. Though the guy high on the air looks frightened, he is committed now. Hopefully, he lands on his inflatable and not on his head!

The True Beauty of Winter

Is this artificial, or is it the work of nature? No matter who sculpted the snow, it’s an impressive job. Imagine you woke up one morning, and you found your house transformed. It must have been natural, which shows how beautiful life can be.

Source: Twitter

There is something endlessly satisfying about seeing this perfectly curved snow sitting there. The best designers in the world surely couldn’t create anything as beautiful as this. It’s just a shame it’s going to melt when the sun starts shining.

A Snow Clearing Fight

The authorities recommend snow clearing your property within the first eight days of snow falling and regularly after that. With these two guys, they decided to have mortal combat. They got serious about working on their sidewalk, but none cared about the other.

Source: Reddit

They might be well equipped and dressed for the cold, but they forgot their faces. Maybe they are trying a new adult’s game, but they should finish the job first. Nevertheless, they must be good neighbors who like having fun, or perhaps they are sworn, enemies?

Meet the Drunken Snowman

Winter is a lengthy period, and people need to have some fun in those darker months. Here we get to see the hilarity of a drunken snowman who can’t find his way home. That bottle of wine was clearly too much for him.

Source: Facebook

We love how creative this snowman is—the boots up in the air and the big hat on his head. Next time the snow falls in your area, think of a unique way to make a snowman. Maybe, like this one, you’ll like to pretend you have an alcoholic snow creature in your yard.

Is He Gonna Make It?

You’re relaxing in your backyard in winter. You have the lovely feeling of sipping on a nice cold beer while the hot water soothes the rest of your body. You’re sharing the great times with your friends, and life couldn’t be better at that moment.

Source: YouTube

Except, you hear that a crazy man is hurtling towards you on his snowboard! Is he going to make it, or is he going to fall flat into that hot tub cover? Imagine chilling there in your hot tub and then seeing a crazy snowboarder fly over your head.

Let The Beer Be With You

A snowman cooler! While hanging out with friends in the snow, it becomes easier to construct many things with the snow that falls. While in the yard, this snowman makes the perfect cooler that is great for handling loads of different beers.

Source: Facebook

Certainly, this is another work of art. Rather than going inside to grab your next drink, you can just walk over to the snowman to grab your next one. Let’s just hope they were able to drink them all before the snow melted. We’re sure they managed this difficult task.

The Dancing Polar Bear

The ice gradually melts off, the rivers come back, and the bear is dancing because his fasting days are over. It’s time to go into the river and fish. Standing by the riverbank on its feet, the happy bear knows that hunting will begin soon.

Source: Imgur

We just love how happy this bear looks. Maybe he’s just got a belly full of food, and he’s enjoying life. We’d love to think that he saw the camera and decided to put on a show. Even if he does appear friendly, we wouldn’t advise going near this awesome creature.

A Snowy Slice of Heaven

These friends are out, creating special moments in a beautiful snowy region. We’d love to know where this is because we want to go. Imagine the serenity of being nice and warm in a hot tub while surrounded by such a stunning landscape.

Source: Pinterest

Recreate your paradise anywhere that makes you comfortable. For these people, they look like they’ve found paradise in the middle of these mountains. Even in the winter, you can still have some of the most memorable vacations ever, even if you’re in an igloo in the middle of nowhere.

Getting Those Stretches In

Just because there is snow outside doesn’t mean you can’t be active. Snow is a great fitness tool and is an opportunity to change your routine, testing your body in diverse ways. Maybe people stay indoors too much over the winter, but we admire this person’s bravery.

Source: Twitter

Yoga is an exercise many people enjoy. Here, we do not know whether she was in the woods alone or had company. We could easily deduce that she was in the woods keeping fit. Her hands may be cold, and her feet may be very cold, but at least we got to see this great picture.

Optimus Priming for Winter

A charming picture that relates the complete joy and fun had on snowy days. As the snowflakes fall, it’s time to get ready for some fun, and this man did just that. I’m not just talking about having fun skating, but any way to laugh, even if that is dressing up in ridiculous costumes.

Source: Reddit

This person must be amazingly skilled on a snowboard if they are comfortable enough to do it while dressed as Optimus Prime. We’d love to think about how confused people must have been to see him riding down those slopes.

A Unique Way to Relax

This picture leaves me asking a lot of questions. How did they get there, and why are they now in the middle of the lake. The questions are endless, but the two men seem quite relaxed about the situation, especially considering they both have their tops off.

Source: Tumblr

We’d like to think this was something of a comedy sketch. They went to relax by the side of the lake, and the bit of ice they were on broke off and started drifting away. How long will they have until their ice melts? Hopefully, they can safely get off before it does.

The Instant Snowy Regret

It seemed like a great idea at the time. The woman looks out from her house and sees layers of perfectly fluffy snow. It must have looked like a giant pillow and jumping into it was just too tempting. She decided to take off all of her clothes and go for a leap.

Source: YouTube

Going by the looks of the third slide, the snow was definitely soft, and it must have been a nice landing. Going by her instant regret in the fourth slide, though, she soon realized that diving into extremely cold snow while naked probably wasn’t the best idea she’s ever had.

The Fat Drunken Snowman

Well, it’s clear that this snowman needs some sun as he needs to melt away a few pounds of weight. They could have made an incredibly tall snowman with all of the snow they used, by they decided to create an incredibly fast one instead.

Source: Reddit

They also put on some amazing finishing touches. This is another alcoholic snowman but one who appears to have drunk a whole barrel of beer. Maybe he should cut down on his calorie intake and switch to water instead? That’s going to be a lot of water when he melts!

The Hilarious Snowy Bike Prank

Many of us love the snow because it allows us to play pranks and be silly. This cyclist must have ridden past this wooden wall and couldn’t resist. The execution is perfect for a hilarious photo that he was no doubt very proud of.

Source: Tumblr

The only thing lacking from the image is some realism, as we’re not buying that he actually rode into the fence. That being said, the skid marks and claw marks are almost convincing. Let’s hope he wasn’t too cold for the rest of his ride after lying down in the snow!

The Amazing Board vs. Vehicle

Winter gives you a chance to take some spectacular shots and complete some incredible challenges. This snowboarder seems to think it was a good idea to race against a snow vehicle. They both look like incredible fun, but the snow buggy is probably a little safer.

Source: Pinterest

All we hope is that the border didn’t land on it, as that may have been a very painful fall. Those slopes look perfect for having fun. These people are taking it to the extreme. Playing in the snow like this is sure to get the heart pumping and the adrenaline flowing through your veins.

Feeling Freer Than Ever!

Many people love the feeling of skiing as you get that find rushing past your face and the feeling of freedom running through your hair. For this brave soul, clearly, that wasn’t enough, and they wanted to feel free in more ways than one.

Source: Pinterest

We have no idea why they thought this was a good idea as it makes us wince just looking at it. The whole world is certainly going to get an interesting view when she unfurls from that crouching position. At least she’s wearing a helmet, gloves, and boots, at least.

Another Way to Ride Pillion

For those who don’t know, a passenger on the back of a bike is said to be riding a pillion. It can be a thrilling way to ride as you’re holding on to the rider in front as you enjoy the experience. This person is taking pillion riding to a whole new level by riding with a snowman.

Source: Facebook

We’d like to think that this wasn’t a prank, and instead, it was carefully crafted by the biker. Maybe they wanted to be less lonely on their rides and travel with a snowman instead. At the same time, we’d like to think that a couple of people more likely created it as a fun joke.

Always Take Extra Precautions

Whenever you’re riding a bike in the snow, you need to take extra precautions. You should travel a little slower and make your turns less dramatic. Riding over snow and ice isn’t probably going to be the best idea for you either, but it doesn’t seem like these riders got the memo.

Source: Facebook

They decided to ride through a snow park, and the results were quite dramatic. With the number of people on the floor, we guess that conditions were quite bad. Most of these riders probably thought twice about ever riding on the ice again.