This Man Finally Cashed Out the Pennies He’s Been Saving for 45 Years

By Yuri S.

Online banks provide a significant amount of value and convenience. However, this does not imply that in-person banking has become obsolete. There are instances when visiting your local branch and speaking with someone in person is preferable or even necessary. When you have an expert sitting across from you, especially while you’re sifting through terms and conditions, many things are easier to understand or do in the bank.

The sound of pens scrawling signatures and papers sliding back and forth, in a big, uncluttered setting, is quite relaxing. We don’t know about you, but we’re so hot and bored these days that going down to the neighborhood bank to people-watch and also enjoy some air conditioning, almost sounds like fun. Of course, we all could have similar situations in the future, where we head to the bank, and maybe even experience hilarious situations.

Regular Day at the Local Bank

Banks can be a hive of activity, with various people who each have various requirements that must be met. At first impression, one elderly gentleman, in one bank we’ll now discuss, appeared to be just another regular bank customer. That is, until you noticed the transporting dolly he was carrying around. Even the most seasoned bank personnel were taken aback by the man’s appearance.

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All eyes were on him and his “luggage” full of riches as he pushed the squeaking dolly right up to the counter. The woman behind the counter looked at the contents, stunned. Thousands of coins were strewn across the top. The man had been collecting them for 45 years and was now ready to determine how much they were worth.

The Life and Times of Otha Anders

Banking experiences are varied. This here is an inspirational story, but before we get into the riddle of the pennies, we need to meet the man who started it all. Otha Anders, then 73, had spent most of his life as a dedicated supervisor on the Jackson School Board.

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His work entailed keeping an eye on the children who seemed to adore him. Anders was passionate about his work and excelled at it. He was well liked in town as a family man with a lovely wife and children. Despite his many attributes, he had an uncommon interest.

Is It a Hobby or an Obsession?

Almost anything can be collected, and it can easily become a pastime. Some people collect stamps, while others collect works of art. Anders, on the other hand, was interested in finding missing pennies. Anders had begun collecting them for the sheer pleasure of it. However, as his penny collection developed, this pastime became a full-fledged obsession.

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A hobby may make a person a lot more fascinating, and one of the most popular hobbies is collecting something. Seeing dropped pennies, according to Anders, was a modest gift from God that reminded him to be grateful. He also mentioned that when he failed to pray, he would come upon a misplaced penny that served as a reminder that God was watching over him.

A Gift from the Divine

Some people’s opinions may not conform to accepted norms, but it does not make them wrong. Man has always tried to know the reason for the facts about religion or its necessity, since the birth of civilization. Everyone has heard the adage that you can get whatever your heart desires if you wish on a penny. Anders took a different approach.

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He thought that praying on a penny was a good idea. While he had always been a devout Christian, his faith only became stronger with time. His faith, in fact, was the catalyst for his penny obsession. God simply tossed the missing pennies into his lap as a beautiful gift. Who knew Anders would one day be the proud recipient of many such gifts?

Benefits of Being a Devotee

Many people find it difficult to fit a new activity into their regular schedules. It’s difficult to be consistent over time, no matter how dedicated you are to your activities. Anders had been devoted to his hobby since the first time he picked up a single penny. He’d never notice a stray dime if he didn’t have to.

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The mound of pennies grew quickly, and Anders became increasingly enthralled with his new pastime. He became so engrossed in it that he began to save every “dime” he received. He was no longer just collecting missing pennies, he was now conserving all pennies he could find.

Unusual Habits

Having a passion that we enjoy enriches our lives and provides us with happiness. It provides us with something enjoyable to do in our spare time while also providing us with the opportunity to learn new skills or gain abilities. For Anders, it got to the point that he made sure he got at least three to four pennies in change every time he bought something. It started as a peculiar behavior that everyone thought was odd.

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Anders showed no indications of slowing down as the time passed. His loved ones grew accustomed to his peculiar mannerisms, which were a part of his character. Nobody knew when he’d quit collecting pennies or what he’d do with his prized possession. Perhaps not even Anders was aware of the astonishing sum he had amassed.

Principles of the Penny

Trying something new is the best approach to develop a new hobby. We can investigate options and then engage in a a variety of amazing, fascinating activities, all over the world. When it comes to his collecting habits, Anders was a stickler. He’d rather shatter a dollar than waste one of his valuable pennies. One day, his peculiar little hobby was discovered by the students he supervised.

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The kids wanted to do something to aid him because they admired him. They used to bring a handful of coins to class for Anders. Anders established a rigid policy, rather than simply accepting the wonderful gifts. He would never take money from somebody without their being compensated in some way.

There Are Too Many to Count

Because we are all individuals, our interests and hobbies differ. Anders had filled up 15 of his five-gallon water jugs after 45 years of collecting. That’s incredible! Fifteen massive jars brimming with nothing but pennies. When you consider that Anders spent four decades collecting pennies, it’s quite an accomplishment.

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In the end, there were too many pennies to count. The jars, according to Anders, held thousands of pennies. In actuality, it was difficult to estimate the exact quantity because even Anders had lost track of it long ago. Finally, he decided to figure out how much all of his pennies were worth.

In Need of Emergency Pennies

We become hooked on a hobby that we enjoy and are enthusiastic about once we discover it. It becomes ingrained in our life and fascinates us on a most personal level. Anders had been collecting pennies for such a long time that it had nearly become second nature to him. His collection abruptly ended after he had amassed roughly 75 liters of pennies.

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Anders would have saved pennies indefinitely if he had had his way. Unfortunately, he was forced to take his treasure to the bank for appraisal due to unforeseen circumstances. The predicament was so terrible that he was upset and in desperate need of some emergency cash to get out of it.

The Unforeseen Circumstances

People who have interests can share their experiences and stories with others. They also have specialized information to impart to anyone who shares their passion for the same subjects. Anders found it difficult to get rid of his collection because it was linked to his faith. All of the pennies were evidence of the blessings that God had placed upon him over the years.

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On the other hand, life can be rather unpredictable and Anders had no way of knowing what he would face ahead. Anders didn’t count the pennies, but he knew they were worth a lot of money. That’s why he initially got the collection covered by his homeowner’s insurance. When he attempted to renew his insurance at one point, the providers refused him.

There Is No Insurance Coverage

It appears that we will all have to deal with our insurance company to file a claim at some point. Similarly, every day, stories like Anders’s, involving homeowners facing off against their insurance providers, make the news. Insurance companies refused to cover his penny collection, no matter where he tried to look.

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Finally, he opted for home insurance that did not cover the coin collection. This meant he’d have to let go of his prized pennies for good. Anders hoped that he had amassed a tiny fortune for himself through collecting pennies. He remembered reading about a man who had made a fortune collecting coins. Only the bank could tell him how much his years of toil were worth.

Eventual Value for a Life’s Worth of Pennies

Alternative investments such as artwork, jewelry, and automobiles can pay off handsomely, but only if you genuinely enjoy the goods you’re collecting. Anders’s penny collection could be worth millions of dollars if he was lucky. He hoped for the best, despite his pennies being mostly new, as opposed to rare older ones. But millions—maybe it wasn’t beyond the realm of possibilities!

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A man who owned a 1943 S Lincoln Wheat Cent had the same scenario in some ways. The coin’s value has risen dramatically over the years and is expected still to rise. Time appears to have only increased the value of these coins. Who knew what was in those 75 liters of pennies?

Coins of Fortune

There are certain commodities and assets that only increase in value over time. That is why time is regarded as the most valuable resource. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all coins. In truth, getting your hands on something truly precious requires a lot of chance. Many people start collecting coins after discovering an intriguing coin in their change, inheriting a coin collection, or getting a few coins through other methods.

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Others believe they have discovered a rare and valuable coin and hope to make a quick buck. How can you tell if a coin is valuable or not? Simply, seek out those made of precious metals, such as platinum, gold, silver, palladium, or copper. While the values of these coins fluctuate, they tend to rise over time.

The Opposite of the Phenomenon

Unless you’re a wealthy person who doesn’t mind making a thousand-dollar error, you’ll want to ease into the hobby and learn the ropes before investing in significant coins. While certain coins appreciate, others are more likely to depreciate. Base metal coins, such as aluminum, fall under this category. If the government no longer issues these coins, their value plummets further.

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As a result, the question remains unanswered. Was Anders sitting on a goldmine, or did he have a collection of depreciating coins? He had only a slim possibility of having a truly expensive coin in his stash because his coins were very recent. However, the sheer volume of pennies might help his prospects. The only thing that stood between him and his fate was the route to the bank.

Looking for Assistance

This age-old activity of collecting coins attracts people of all ages and from all walks of life. It may be traced back to ancient Greece, when giving coins as gifts on significant occasions was common. Anders wanted to get his complete collection to the Ruston Original Bank in Ruston, Louisiana, to cash out all of his pennies.

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Anders required some assistance with this vital assignment because there were so many jugs full of cash. Some of his close pals offered to assist him with loading the five-gallon water jugs into the truck. They also assisted him in transporting them to the bank. They were quite heavier than everyone had anticipated. There were a total of 15 jugs to transfer!

Disapproval at the Bank

For most collectors, the thrill of the hunt and the gratification of finally completing a collection after months of searching are irreplaceable. People began to notice Anders as he carried all of his water jugs inside the bank one by one. The bankers were astounded to witness it all happen before their eyes. An older man bringing 15 water jugs full of coins to the bank isn’t something you see every day.

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Anders was concerned they’d instruct him to take his penny collection somewhere else, based on the strange stares he was getting. It had been difficult to get all these pennies to the bank, and he didn’t want to do it again. “How many are they?” the woman could only ask, as Anders approached a shocked employee who stood behind the counter.

Taking a Wild Guess

Hey, it’s funny because we’ve all been there. Going to the bank is a tedious and soul-sucking activity, especially when you have that many coins. According to bank Vice President Jennie Cole, Ander’s visit turned an average day at the bank into quite a memorable one. The first question Anders was asked was how many pennies he had.

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This was a difficult question to which even Anders couldn’t provide a satisfactory response. He admitted to the cashier that he didn’t know, but he guessed that it was around half a million pennies. This proclamation seemed to leave the woman even more speechless. She then laughed at him and asked if he really believed they had time to count all of his pennies for him.

The Manager’s Decision

Anders chuckled along with her, pleading with her to consider his suggestion. He went on to say that this collection was extremely valuable to him and that if he didn’t need the money, he would rather be keeping it forever. The woman agreed to call her manager and present the case to him at Anders’s request.

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Banking has a reputation for being a highly serious business, and with good cause. Banks are in charge of keeping money safe and making it available for lending and borrowing. The bank personnel would have their hands full dealing with such a vast number of pennies. Will the management grant Anders’s request, or will they refuse him?

Eventually, a Friendly Face Appears

Additionally, banks must be aware that money can elicit a wide range of emotions. Talking about money may be a negative, worrying, and even frightening experience for some individuals. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. The manager’s face lit up with recognition as he went out and recognized who Anders was. The manager turned out to be extremely familiar with Anders.

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This unquestionably tipped the scales in his favor. Seeing a familiar face put his worries to rest. But how would they ever count all the pennies? That was the issue. The bank employees would almost certainly not have enough spare time to count every one of them. It would take a long time to complete the task, though the payoff would be extremely beneficial to Anders and his family.

Forever Counting

Working as a bank manager entails caring for both the bank and the consumers. The manager had the option of declining the request, but Anders had been a long-time bank customer. That’s why the manager knew him so well and wanted to assist him in any way he could.

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Anders was fortunate since the bank placed high importance on loyal customers. According to the manager, they were glad to assist Anders because he had been doing business with them for a long time. Because of their excellent customer service, they didn’t turn him away. Anders would finally find out how much money he had amassed.

Increasing the Level of Excitement

He only required the manager’s approval, which he received. Anders and his buddies began carrying in the water jugs one by one after receiving the green light. Employees who were given a break from their monotonous workday marveled at the sight. Everyone gathered in anticipation of the first few jugs being counted.

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Breaking open the plastic containers was the first order of business. It took five hours to count everything. The total sum was revealed to everyone after each coin had been passed through a coin counting machine. Everyone, including Anders, was eager to find out how much it was all worth.

The Sum Total

Who wouldn’t want to know how much a 45-year collection of penny deposits would be worth? After counting all of the coins, it was discovered that Anders had amassed a total of $5,136.14 over 45 years of collecting pennies. This equates to a yearly savings of $114.14. While it may not appear to be much, it was significant for Anders.

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His personal convictions resulted in his receiving seven jugs of pennies. It was extremely astounding, considering he had gathered all of this simply by picking up misplaced pennies from the streets. While it must have been difficult for Anders to part with his prized collection, he was compensated handsomely. What was he going to do with it all, though?

Bills to Be Paid

Saving money takes a lot of discipline, but it is truly a lifesaver in whatever form it takes. Fortunately, the funds arrived just in time since Anders needed to pay some dental fees. He eventually put it to good use by paying off these critical debts. He might not have been able to pay the enormous sum if he hadn’t had this money.

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Savings can go a long way toward helping to alleviate the problem at hand. Due to pure luck, he could pay off the payments without a hitch. He had some money left over after paying his bills, which he utilized to plan a trip for his family. The remainder was donated to a church.

Faithful Symbol

Anders began collecting pennies for a good cause. As a show of faith, he gathered little coins. His pennies, in fact, boosted his faith in God even more. Rather than seeing it as a selfish motive, he saw it as a divine gift to be able to collect the coins. It was only a friendly reminder that someone up above was keeping an eye on him.

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The simplest details can often make the largest difference. While it may not appear to be a large sum of money, it was everything to Anders. As it turns out, “a penny a day” might eventually add up to $5,000! It also serves as a reminder to everyone of how small actions may have a great impact.

The Workings of Fate

Almost any successful person will tell you that hard effort was crucial in their achieving their objectives and goals. Working hard might mean the difference between success and failure, but it can also be a joyful experience. Years of dedication and well wishes yielded an incredible accomplishment for Anders. Who doesn’t like to get $5K all at once? Anders was able to get the most out of his reward as well.

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He not only paid off his debts, but he also went on a family vacation. Reality can sometimes be stranger than fiction. The story of Otha Anders is a terrific reminder that if you undertake something with dedication and good intentions, you will most likely reap the rewards in the future. It only takes a little trust! As previously mentioned, coins can be extremely valuable depending on their age and rarity. In the following incident, a woman was detained after discovering an old coin when she was a small child. Continue reading to find out what happened to her!

When This Woman Was 9, She Discovered an Unusual Coin, and the Police Arrested Her Years Later

Kate Harding, a British citizen, was around nine years old when she volunteered to help her mother in the garden. The youngster was playing in the mud, just like any other kid, when she came across an unexpected object. She was thrilled to have discovered what appeared to be a coin.

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When Kate discovered this coin, she kept it hidden from her parents and decided to keep it a secret. Kate assumed the coin had been under the earth for a long time because it was filthy and old, so she went into her room and cleaned it behind closed doors.

The Found Object

Kate spent a week obsessing over the new find, just like every other kid would. But when she became bored, she hid the penny in her dresser drawer and entirely forgot about it. Her family had no idea that Kate kept a coin and had never told anyone about what she had found.

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After many years, she was transferring all of her belongings out of the house in preparation for college, and while packing things, she discovered this old coin in her drawer. Discovering this after so many years brought back emotions associated with it.

An Unexpected Setback

Kate’s life was turned upside down only a few months after discovering the penny in the garden. Her mother died, and the young girl was left without her. As a result, discovering the coin in the drawer now brought back a wonderful memory of her mother—one of the last times she had spent with her.

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Finding this coin, of course, changed Kate’s life. She treasured the coin as a memento of her dear mother and the days spent in the garden together. Even though she never mentioned the penny, it remained a memory. Anyway, Kate became considerably more interested in the coin 14 years later.

Looking for Solutions

At the age of 23, she decided she wanted to know where the strange coin came from and its story. It caught her curiosity and bewildered her, even though it was simply a sliver of metal. She had a lot of questions, and she needed answers as soon as possible.

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Kate went to the town’s municipal museum the next day, filled with feelings about the past and unwilling to give up. She sought advice from some specialists. The young lady relayed how she came across the coin and how she now wishes to learn more about it. Is her inquisitiveness going to help her, you wonder…?

The Outcome of the Museum Visit Was Unexpected

Kate went to the museum since it seemed like the best option. When she arrived at the museum and withdrew the coin from her bag, the professional took it and carefully examined this uncommon treasure. Kate received some unexpected news from the professional a few moments later. It was a unique coin. Kate had no idea, though, what was going to happen.

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The expert explained to Kate that the object she discovered many years ago was not a coin. So, what was it then? It was something unique and priceless. Kate was taken aback when she heard the news. The narrative behind that bit of metal piqued her interest further. As a result, she was eager to learn more.

Is There Any Positive News?

Kate was certain it was a coin when she arrived at the museum that day, but she now realized it wasn’t. Kate was completely perplexed. Despite the fact that this coin was not utilized as a form of currency, it was extremely valuable and more than she could have imagined. If only that little girl had known back then.

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In fact, just four of these metal coins have been discovered in the entire United Kingdom. Some may think this is fantastic news, but this is not the case. There was something horrible going on, and Kate couldn’t get away from it. She was doomed to find out the truth.

It’s Not a Coin Actually

Everyone would have assumed, right away, that a round metal with a design on it was a coin. Kate had the same thought, and we can’t say we’d blame her. Kate learned from the museum professional that her find was a “piedfort” rather than a coin. But what was a piedfort, exactly?

Photo by Jordan Rowland/Unsplash

It resembles a coin, but it weighs around twice as much. Piedforts are also twice as thick. She mistook the piedfort for a coin, which could have happened to anyone. Kate was now even more interested in learning details about the piedfort’s origins and why it was buried in her garden.

A Large Sum of Money

If you assume the only valuable finds are coins, you’re partly right. The foundation of this particular piedfort was also worth a fortune. Kate was ecstatic when she realized that the coin was really valuable. If you’re a student with numerous loans, you’re probably well aware of her predicament.

Photo by Pranav Kumar Jain/Unsplash

This piedfort might have undoubtedly made her life easier by assisting her in repaying her college loan. She assumed the revenues were all hers because she had been the one who discovered it. However, not everyone agreed with her, and it would cause her far more problems than peace.

A Fantastic Discovery

Just like most items of ancient origin, experts on the topic aren’t always entirely clear what piedforts were used for. One suggestion is that they served as guides for mint workers. They could also have served as official reckoning counters (used for computation). Piedforts are precious, but the complete history behind their importance has yet to be discovered.

Photo by Udit Saptarshi/Unsplash

Kate discovered that this was a 700-year-old artifact. Can you believe it? Is it possible to hold something so ancient in your hands? It must be thrilling! She was so perplexed that she didn’t pay attention to what the museum had to say to help her comprehend.

What Is the Worth of Something?

This coin discovered by Kate turned out to be a commemorative piece honoring Charles IV’s ascent to the French throne in 1322. This fascinating fact reveals that the currency had significant historical meaning. It was also presumably worth a lot of money back then, as it is now.

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The unusual piedfort was evaluated and thought to be worth $3,000. Kate had to make a difficult choice. She quickly considered all of the things she could do with the money, but she also considered the object to be priceless. She recalled one of her last memories of her mother. We only have one mother, and she missed hers.

She Was Prepared to Put the Money Aside

Would Kate preserve this piedfort because the emotional worth was considerably greater than the worldly monetary value? After all, she had kept it all this time because it made her feel closer to her late mother, whom she adored. Perhaps she would simply forget about the money and retain it as a pleasant memory of her mother.

Photo by Joshua Hoehne/Unsplash

Regrettably, the case appeared to be going in a different direction. Whether the coin held personal recollections for Kate or not, the police in England were not concerned. The authorities wanted Kate to hand over the coin because of its historical significance—and it was at this point that the real problems began.

A Difficult Situation

Kate was puzzled as to why the authorities were so concerned with one single coin. On the other hand, the officials were perplexed as to why the girl clung to it so tightly. This was unquestionably a challenging affair. The end could not be predicted. What did Kate have in store for her?

Source: Reddit

The Ludlow Museum encouraged Kate to inform the local coroner, a judicial officer, about her discovery, to better examine it and begin negotiating. Of course, their goal, as a museum, was to buy this currency from her, but the poor child had no idea. She was pondering the advice in innocence.

She Refused to Listen

Even though she was innocently considering the offer, Kate chose in fact to keep the piedfort for herself. It was a recollection of days spent with her mother, and it was far more significant than the money it might be worth. She merely went on with her life, ignoring the request. She even thought they’d forgotten about it, but she was utterly mistaken.

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Kate was unable to find serenity, or at the very least, the museum did not allow her to do so. The museum regularly sent her notes regarding the coin, but that wasn’t all. The museum’s employees would contact her daily. She disregarded them, though, because she did not want to sell the coin that reminded her of someone far more valuable.

Not a Pleasant Surprise

Understandably, the museum wasn’t ready to let go of the episode. And Kate, on her end, was well aware that she wouldn’t be able to avoid the phone calls indefinitely. She’d have to deal with the consequences sooner or later. The entire scenario with the coin was soon brought to the attention of Anthony Sibcy, a South Shropshire coroner.

Photo by King’s Church International/Unsplash

Kate’s doorbell rang one day, and when she opened it, the cops were standing outside. They advised her that she would be required to appear in court. The young lady was completely perplexed. She was pondering whether or not she had made a mistake. Kate claimed ownership of the coin because she was the one who discovered it.

The First Person Who Was Prosecuted

On the other hand, Kate had no idea that the law stated otherwise. Kate had no idea there was a law against collecting old coins. She had little knowledge of laws or such issues, especially when she was young. The unfortunate girl felt as if she was trapped in a horrible situation with no way out.

Photo by Jouwen Wang/Unsplash

Things had gotten out of hand. Kate never imagined that she would be the first person to face charges under the Treasure Act of 1996. It never occurred to her that things would go that bad. She had only wanted to understand more about a coin she had discovered as a child.

Violations of the Treasure Act

The UK Parliament enacted this law in 1996. According to the statute, everyone who discovers an object like a treasure must report it. This is a legally binding law. Was there a treasure of such grandeur in this item? Kate was taken aback. All she wanted was to be closer to her mother.

Photo by Annie Spratt/Unsplash

Furthermore, under the Treasure Act of 1996, anyone who discovers an object older than three centuries that contains 10% precious metals, but is not a coin, has two weeks to report it to the coroner (14 days). Kate definitely should have known more about the law when she was younger, but she was just a small child.

Deciding on Her Case

Kate Harding wasn’t a bad person. In truth, the young lady had no notion that the coin was a piedfort, and she was unaware of the legislation. On the other hand, Kate’s act was regarded as a criminal infraction. Unfortunately, this is correct. They took her offense seriously since she had failed to submit the old currency and refused subsequently to give it up.

Photo by Sherise VD/Unsplash

This young lady felt powerless in her situation. Imagine yourself in her shoes at that moment. It had to be a horrible feeling. All she would have needed at this point, to help her situation, was for her mother to appear and offer her some guidance. Unfortunately, this was not going to happen, and Kate Harding was arrested, charged, and could face up to three months in prison.

Kate Wasn’t the Only One

On the other hand, Kate was fortunate to have found a decent lawyer in Brendan Reedy. He stated Kate didn’t formally report her discovery, when asked to repeatedly by the museum, because of her disorganization and the sentimental value. Of course, she was only nine years old when she discovered the coin, so that she couldn’t have reported it even back then, since she was only a young girl and unfamiliar with any possible requirements. To the court, the lawyer just told the truth.

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm/Unsplash

Kate and the lawyer hoped that this would be enough to get her out of the sticky situation. They were both well aware that the courts could be brutal when it came to something as important as this. So all they had to do was wait. They’d have to wait and see.

Treasure from the Garden

Despite knowing the law, Kate stated that she did not submit the coin to the coroner. Yes, it wasn’t a wise decision, but Kate was very close to her mother, and that treasure meant a lot to her. It reminded her of all the fun she used to have gardening with her mother.

Photo by Jonathan Borba/Unsplash

Kate wanted to preserve the coin she had found, despite everything that had transpired. Yes, it was uncommon and valuable, but it was priceless to her, so she couldn’t care less. She was more concerned with the sentimental value. Her actions were going to cost her a lot of money.

The Most Important Decision

Kate was released on conditional discharge, with a note made on her record, after a lengthy and hard battle. She only had to pay a total of about $30 for her legal fees. Nonetheless, Kate’s situation was not ideal because she still lacked the legal right to keep the currency she firmly believed was hers.

Photo by Tim Gouw/Unsplash

Kate was determined to do what she should have done a long time ago, once the lawsuit was ended. Finally, the girl went to the coroner’s office to explain what had transpired. They had no idea she would take them by surprise in this fashion. They were taken aback by how much commotion the newly discovered coin caused.

People Were Enraged

The people were furious because the authorities handled this delicate situation poorly. “When did museums become law enforcement agencies?” Threatening letters from a group of “collectors” would also be ignored by me. This indicative that Kate was not alone in her feelings. Many were staunchly in her corner.

Source: Facebook

“This woman was taken to court over a penny!” some might have said. “This is completely absurd! I’m fine with preserving English culture, but this is, after all, her property…” People couldn’t believe this woman had been sued over a coin. Of course, there should have been a better method to resolve this situation than by filing a lawsuit.

Bending the Rules

Of course, there would be opposing viewpoints, as one would anticipate. “What happened to possession being nine-tenths of the law?” someone else wondered. “That is insane!” exclaimed another observer. “Why should she have to give it up when she found it fairly and squarely?” People were probably correct, but what could one do in the face of the law?

Photo by Michael Longmire/Unsplash

People did not take this lightly. There were a few issues with this episode that needed to be addressed. “I can’t understand how she could be found guilty,” a Coventry resident said. Another, a man named Alan, asked an excellent question: “Did the find happen before or after the Treasure Act went into effect in 1996?”

There Are No Boundaries or Limits

Is it possible for the prosecution to establish the coin’s discovery date in the garden? Most likely not. On the other hand, the museum was dead set on obtaining the piedfort. They were so desperate for it that they couldn’t see any limits or restrictions. It was such a shame that they had to place Kate in the middle of their endeavor to obtain the prized coin.

Photo by Monty Fresco/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

People from all throughout the country were asking even more questions. “Secondly, if that happened 14 years ago, she was only nine years old,” Alan further said. “What was the legal age of criminal responsibility during this period? The prosecution would still have to prove that she knew the act was gravely wrong for kids under the age of 15.”

Regardless of the Cost

We understand how desperate people might be, but the museum’s response was unsatisfactory. “Because the magistrates’s awful ignorance of the law has resulted in her having a criminal record,” Alan continued, “I believe she should appeal before a real court.” Interestingly, when Kate met the coroner, she informed him that she had misplaced the coin.

Photo by Jason Dent/Unsplash

The question was: did Kate truly lose the coin she’d been holding for so long? Probably not, but she was adamant about keeping the rest of her mother’s memory alive. Her love for her mother was great enough to drive her to do the unthinkable. Kate was determined to triumph, even if it meant concealing the truth.

Nowhere to Be Found

Kate made certain that the museum would never get their hands on the coin. She was determined to keep the coin no matter what it took. She was presumably in a lot of pain as well. We can’t really blame her for that. It was, after all, quite special to her and reminded her of her late mother. If we were in her shoes, we might have done the same thing.

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When Kate stated that she had misplaced the coin, the authorities ceased harassing her. She deserved to feel at ease because this had been a torturous experience. On the other hand, the museum did not have the opportunity to examine the relic, so its origin and tale may never be known.

She Intends to Safeguard It

Kate could have sold the coin for $3,000, but the money would have been wasted, and she would have had nothing left. However, if she did not truly lose it but kept it hidden, she would be able to pass it along to future generations in this manner. Her children and grandkids would be ecstatic to inherit such a priceless heirloom.

Photo by Caroline Hernandez/Unsplash

We sincerely hope Kate managed to retain the coin and hide it well enough someplace where only she can find it. She went through so much hardship and occasionally reminds herself of the beautiful moments she spent in the garden with her mother. There are some things that money can not buy.