Some Unusual Jobs That Actually Exist

By Yuri S.

In this age of technological advancements, many jobs are no longer necessary. Nobody is going to pay and an employee’s salary for a job that a robot can do. Even though some jobs have become instinct and others are no longer in high demand, it doesn’t mean new jobs aren’t available. Technology has also created new jobs that are becoming more mainstream in the world of business.

With that said, some of these newly developed jobs are bizarre, to say the least. However, others are a fun way to use your creative skills beneficially. Some of these peculiar jobs are part-time or temporary, while others turn into a full-time career. Let’s check out some of the strangest jobs that you can actually apply for. Some of these are obviously ridiculous, and others sound like fun. You won’t believe the reason paper towel sniffers are necessary.

White Hat Hacker

When I think of a computer hacker, I don’t typically imagine someone using their powers for good. They are stereotyped as people who participate in sketchy activities and damage hardware. Well, White hat hackers are quite the opposite; they use their hacking skills to help people. Their job is to figure out the problems in IT networks and find a solution to improve it.

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Most white hat hacker’s work is focused on penetration testing. This basically means that they will do whatever they can to hack into an organization’s IT security. They report what they find to the organization so that they can give the IT security team ways to fix it. These skilled hackers make a hefty paycheck of $100,000 yearly.

Professional Cuddlers

If you are a human being a not a robot, you too need affection every once in a while. We all get sad and lonely sometimes, and all we want is a hug… well, this is what professional cuddlers are for. Their job is to snuggle with clients in a completely platonic and consensual way. This profession is a relatively new one, but more and more professional cuddling businesses have been opening throughout the country.


Usually, professional cuddlers will lay down in bed, hugging their clients for an hour or two. Both people are required to be fully clothed and can only touch each other in “appropriate areas.” Sometimes, cuddling studios have themed rooms to help the client feel more comfortable. Other times, these cuddlers do house calls.

Online Dating Ghostwriter

Nowadays, there is an app for literally everything. If you are single in 2020, you know how brutal the dating scene is. It seems like the only way to meet someone is on Tinder on other dating apps. You are getting judged by your pictures and short description, so if your profile sucks, you won’t get any matches. Luckily, this is where an online dating ghostwriter comes in.

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First, the dating ghostwriter will choose your pictures and write your profile using psychological methods. But once someone swipes right on you, their job isn’t over. To keep their client’s matches interested, the ghostwriter will send messages to the people they match with. So next time you meet someone on Bumble or something, remember, you might be talking to a hired online dating ghostwriter.

Paper Towel Sniffer

If you smell your paper towels, you will notice that it either has no scent or a pleasant one. It turns out that paper towel manufactures take the smell of their products extremely seriously because an unpleasant odor will turn away customers. That’s why these companies do whatever is necessary to make sure their customers continue to choose their product.

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Part of this process is a paper tower sniffer. Their job is to smell each paper towel to make sure it doesn’t have an unattractive stench. I know this sounds like a really odd job. I mean, how do you even become a paper towel sniffer? At the end of the day, it’s the only way to ensure the paper towels smell fresh before reaching consumers.