Wedding Snaps Gone Wrong!

By Yuri S.

In most situations, you can laugh about anything which goes a little wrong. However, on your wedding day, you want everything to be as close to perfect as possible.

These couples found their wedding snaps weren’t quite to their liking, but they certainly give guests something to look back on with more than a smile on their face! Despite not being perfect, these snaps prove that even the strangest mishaps can turn out to be laugh-out-loud moments now and into the future. Whether the couples involved thought that at the time remains to be seen!

From odd facial expressions to animals photobombing at the strangest moment, backdrops that leave little to the imagination, and spellings that certainly mislead, these snap fails will have you guffawing and thankful that they didn’t happen on your big day!

I Told You We Should Have Hired a Limo!

The expression on this groom’s face says it all – she wanted to hire a limo, he wanted to save some cash and hired a car instead. Now, they have a snap. They’re rather forgotten, despite the fact that the bride is pretty handy with the mechanics!

Source: Pinterest

He should have listened – they could have been sipping champers in the back of a limo, enjoying their big day. Let this be a lesson to you all – hire the limo!

Joined in Total Bondage?

Okay, so their initials can’t be helped but are this really the most appropriate sign to be holding up on your big day? It’s rather unfortunate but let’s be honest, it’s certainly amusing!

Source: Twitter

Whether they dabble in a spot of light bondage or not, it’s quite likely that they didn’t intend on broadcasting their alone time activities to their entire wedding party! Let this be a lesson; always check what your initials spell out.

Blinded by Passion

This poor groom thinks he’s having a good feel of his new bride’s leg, but he might be wondering why she doesn’t seem to have shaved for the occasion!

Source: Pinterest

Everyone else is waiting for the poor guy to figure out the practical joke is firmly on him, and you can’t help but wonder what the bride thinks of it all.

When Nature Calls

They say you should never work with children or animals, and this is certainly the case for this rather unfortunate bride’s precious wedding snap. Rover seems to have made a rather untimely appearance.


When nature calls, you can’t ignore it, but perhaps they should have checked the backdrop to the photo before recording the moment in history! Rover is certainly going to enjoy is a moment of fame.

Moo Are You?

Bizarre as it surely is, the couple seems to have an affinity to the cow in question, and they seem very happy about its appearance on their special day. What do you think is going on?

Source: Pinterest

Are they feeding it? What is the bottle about? Who exactly is inside this very odd-looking cow suit? We’re confused, someone, please tell us what is going on!

It’s Not the Size That Matters

This bride seems to have been caught seriously off-guard at a very pivotal moment! Faced with the ring her husband presented to her, she seems less than impressed. Is it the size, or is it really quite ugly?


Whilst we know it’s not all about size, this bride seems to have missed the memo and is showing the world (her husband included) that the ring is quite low on her list of must-haves!

Stop! In The Name of Love

It seems like this bride’s father really doesn’t want her to make it down the aisle to marry her husband-to-be and is employing covert tactics to stop her in her tracks!


Is he trying to pull her hair out? Is he trying to make her look up? Perhaps the most important question is why doesn’t she just stop and tell him to step away from her veil?

You Had One Job Steve, Just One Job

Let this be a lesson, always choose who is carrying your cake very wisely. Steve had one job to do, and he seems to have tripped and fallen at the very last hurdle – literally!


Whilst it certainly makes for an amusing snap, you have to ask where they’re going to get a new cake from at the very last minute! But, was it an accident, or did Craig trip him up? The plot thickens!

Not Uncle Robbie Again

Every family has that one member who thinks they’re the best musician in history. They grab an instrument and play what they assume is the best music ever, but it makes everyone else’s ears bleed.


From the look on this poor bride’s face, she’s heard enough of Uncle Robbie’s accordion playing. From the lack of other guests, perhaps they have too! Where did everyone go?

Fido’s Marking His Territory

This pooch seems to be saying, “this bride’s mine!” and doesn’t want to share his favorite owner with her new husband. Either that or Fido really wanted to be a part of the big day’s snaps.


The groom doesn’t seem to be too concerned that his bride is being urinated on, although it certainly will make for a memorable photo in the years to come! Is this good luck somewhere in the world?

A Watershed Moment

When choosing the best spot for wedding snaps, you want somewhere stable, scenic, and large enough for the whole party. So, whose ideas was it to choose an unstable, rotting dock?


You have to wonder whether whoever suggested it is now laughing to themselves behind the camera lens. Stand over there. You’ll be fine! No, it’s not going to break … oh, hang on – splash!

The Happiest Day of Their Lives

Two things. Firstly, who is the semi-naked man photobombing this special moment? Secondly, who died? This bride looks close to tears when it’s supposed to be the happiest day of her life.

Source: Pinterest

You have to wonder whether her new husband said something wrong, or maybe she wanted to marry the random in the background and didn’t have the heart to say it? Stranger things have happened.

Look Out Below!

Is knocking over a three-tier wedding cake bad luck? Let’s hope not for this couple’s sake! Their carefully crafted masterpiece took a tumble at the precise moment they were about to cut it—bad luck.

Source: Pinterest

However, there is a three-second rule to consider here. Grab a fork a dig in – we wouldn’t want to waste such a delicious cake now, would we?

When You’ve Gotta Go, You’ve Gotta Go

Let’s assume this couple’s wedding reception venue either didn’t have enough toilets, or they couldn’t afford porta-loos. They should be grateful they weren’t caught short in the other department, as that would have been messy.


This alfresco approach to toilet time certainly doesn’t seem to faze anyone; the two guys at the front are having a conversation whilst doing who knows what!

The Creature From The Lagoon

Photobombs are pretty common, but it’s not every day you see a naked man emerging from the cold sea! This unsuspecting couple certainly didn’t expect a spot of flashing in their wedding pics!


Perhaps the photographer should have been a little more aware of the background, or maybe he has so immersed in the love the couple share on their big day that the guy with zero clothes completely escaped his attention!

Where Are The Parents?

You have to wonder where this little guy’s parents are and why they’re not keeping an eye on their rather mischievous son! As hilarious as the snap may be, it’s not the best behavior to encourage your child to indulge in.


This bride will certainly have a rather humorous snap to look back on, even if she probably didn’t realize what was going on at the time. It’s probably for the best …

Get Me Out Of Here!

You have to ask why this groom is so intent on being rescued when he seems quite willingly about to get married. Maybe there’s some coercion we can’t see in the photo!


The likelihood is that the groom is simply joking around, playing on that old idea that the woman drags the man down the aisle. It’s a little outdated, don’t you think?

A Swan on a Mission

Swans might look like beautiful, gracious animals, but did you know that they’re actually quite vicious? They’re capable of breaking bones with their wings along. It’s no wonder this bride looks terrified!


The pesky swan seems to have set his sights on the bride’s bouquet, and from the predatory look in his eye, he’s not going to leave until he’s got what he’s after!

“Drop it! Good boy!”

It’s usually the small dogs that are the most tenacious, and that certainly seems to be the case here as the tiny golden dog decides he wants a piece of this bride’s dress as his own!


You can just hear the yapping and growling; we bet this bride was half amused and half distraught at the idea of her precious dress being ripped to shred by this determined doggy!

Fishing For Grooms

Trying to catch a husband could be as easy as donning a veil and waiting for the wind to blow in the right direction! This information could have saved many a woman plenty of time.


If nothing else, this groom now gets to know what it feels like to be a bride, with a veil covering her face until the big moment at the end of the aisle.

Who’s Marrying Who Here?

It looks like this bride suddenly found her husband had the hots for another on her big day! Overcome by shock, she suddenly faints, yet everyone is so taken with what’s going on that they fail to catch her.

Source: Buzzfeed

Perhaps this groom suddenly decided that it was his best man he wanted to marry after all, although he could have decided a little earlier and saved all this hassle, don’t you think?

Get Out of The Way!

It’s not every day you find yourself in the path of a stampeding herd of animals, and unfortunately for this couple, it happens on their wedding day. We’re not sure why the photographer failed to hear the rumbling of feet if we’re honest.


How are they supposed to escape a certain crush? If they turn around fast enough, maybe they could sprint to the left just quickly enough. Let’s hope her dress doesn’t hinder running!

Marriage Isn’t Good For Your Mental Health

The fact this registry office is located next to a mental health department isn’t a great sign for those getting married in this town! Perhaps it shows that marriage really is bad for your health?


Either way, perhaps they should have sited the signs further apart to at least make it look like the marriage had a much better-forecasted outcome?

Just Squirrelling Around!

Sometimes animals feel a little left out and perhaps that’s they this mischievous squirrel decided he wanted to get in on the wedding action. The ultimate photobomb indeed!


Imagine this bride’s terror when she had already sat in the hairdresser’s chair for hours trying to get the ideal ‘do, only for a random squirrel to come along and ruin it!

Look Out Below!

It looks easy, but it’s not! Shaking and popping a champagne bottle “should” give you that winning photo, but in this case, the bubbles have other ideas entirely!


Perhaps the lesson should be to always pop your champers outside. Not only is this bride’s dress completely soaked, but the cake looks like it’s got a new alcoholic frosting of its own!

He Just Couldn’t Wait

All dressed up and ready to be a part of the wedding celebrations, this dog just couldn’t hold it in and decided to disgrace himself in front of the wedding photographer!

Source: Imgur

Luckily, the couple looks like they’ve seen the funny side of the incident and obviously adore their pooch enough to make him a part of the wedding. Dogs will be dogs!

Mmm, That looks Tasty!

We can only assume that someone forgot to feed this peckish pooch in the morning as he seems quite intent to grab one of his five a day on the wedding bouquet!


The look in his eye says that he’s determined to grab his prize, and his unsuspecting owners are too wrapped up in their own moment to realize what’s going on!

I’ll Catch You If You Fall

It seems there was a little slip on these steps, as the groom took a tumble whilst making his way down. However, he managed to recover quite gracefully!


His new wife doesn’t seem too concerned, though, does she? She’s quite into her own moment, not giving a second’s thought to her husband’s bruised ego. Well, at least they’re both smiling!

Who Said Weddings Were Stressful?

On the big day, the focus is on the bride and groom, but what about the work that goes on behind the scenes? The maid of honor’s job is a stressful one!


She looks harassed and fed up, not at all enjoying her duties. It doesn’t help when the bride’s veil decides to get stuck on the shrubbery as she’s about to walk down the aisle.

In Every Group, There’s Always One …

It must have been a stressful day, as this bridesmaid decided to calm her nerves with a glug of red wine from the bottle. Not the best idea when you’re wearing a white dress.

Source: Imgur

It looks like this group is quite used to her shenanigans, however, although you have to wonder whether she’ll have a hangover to match the disaster of her dress the next morning!

Gone With The Wind

The veil is an important part of a bride’s wedding dress. However, it also has to be attached n a very specific way. One gust of wind and it’s gone. That’s exactly what happened to this poor bride on a particular windy wedding day.


Thankfully, her groomsmen were able to find a handy ladder and attempt to rescue the runaway veil, hopefully before she said, “I do.”

Feeling a Little Blue

Either this bride has eaten or drank something blue-tinged, or she really needs to go and see a doctor! They say you should have something blue for a wedding, but this is taking it a little too far.

Source: Buzzfeed

You can only wonder whether the rest of the wedding party came down with blue tongue syndrome or whether the bride really did make her tongue her actual ‘something blue’ after all.

Strike a pose!

Sun, sea, sand, this should be the perfect wedding snap, and instead, we have a random man jumping for joy in his Speedos. It’s a good job the couple looks so loved up!


At least the guy is smiling and seems to know he’s in the middle of a wedding photo. It could have been a lot worse if he was unsuspecting. Still, this won’t be the best wedding photo this couple has.

Never Upstage The Bride on Her Big Day

There is an unwritten rule of weddings – never wear a white dress because you’re going to upstage the bride. This mother-in-law didn’t read the memo, or maybe she had every intention of upstaging her daughter-in-law-to-be.

Source: Pinterest

The bride doesn’t look too impressed, and who can blame her? The focus should be completely on her, but instead, nobody is sure which one is actually getting married!

Consider This a Lesson

This couple are so loved up and enjoying their big day that they aren’t in the slightest bit interested in what’s going on around them. Big mistake – the backdrop to their special photo could have been avoided!


At least the two photo intruders look happy about the wedding; it could have been a lot worse! The good news is that with a little editing, they can at least crop out the fun-seeking twosome.

Please Don’t Leave Me!

There’s a bromance, and there’s taking it too far, which is exactly what this guy seems to be doing in his best friend’s wedding snap! He’s obviously a little concerned his friend is going to be less available these days.

Source: Imgur

What should have been a lovely photo for two turned into a cozy snap for three, but let’s hope this guy gets the message and leaves these two lovebirds alone for their honeymoon, at least!

I’m a Bride, Get Me Out of Here!

Is this bride trying to get a lift to her wedding, or is she trying to escape from it? The fact she has an empty glass in her hand and a rather resigned look on her face would suggest she’s trying to escape!

Source: Twitter

What is she running away from? She has changed her mind, or is she fed up with having to speak to extended family members already? One thing’s for sure, she doesn’t look happy about it!

A Snap Happy Crowd

Everyone can take a snap of the happy couple these days, thanks to smartphones in every pocket. However, this particular lady didn’t think twice before blocking everyone else’s view.


Perhaps she just wanted the perfect snap, or maybe she simply didn’t realize that by having such a large phone, she’d be stopping everyone else from getting their precious photo in the process.

Do They Own a Mirror?

This couple might be living their wedding dream, but when they look back in a few years’ to come, they might regret their choice of setting and appearance. They obviously love each other, however, so that’s something!


Are they getting married or going to the store for a few things they need? We’re not too sure, but it’s a lesson to think twice about themed weddings!

It’s in The Job Description

This wedding party was obviously quite worried they were going to forget their wedding role, so instead of trying to memorize it, they wrote it on their boxers. It quite concerns that the groom thought he would forget!


What the bride thought of this photo remains to be seen, but for the novelty factor alone, you’ve got to hand it to them – it’s memorable, for sure.

Did She Secretly Hate Her Bridesmaids?

You have to question whether the bride put her bridesmaids in these dresses out of spite because surely nobody would put their best friends into dresses akin to curtains out of choice?

Source: Pinterest

At least the bridesmaids managed to raise a smile, which is more than most women would do when faced with a hideous dress like that! Maybe the bride just didn’t want to be upstaged?

Over Here, Look Over Here!

What exactly is so captivating that it has the entire wedding party staring in that direction? Has someone just driven their car into a tree? Did the wedding cake fall off the table?


Whilst we’re probably never going to find out exactly what was so fascinating, it does create a rather alternative wedding snap this couple will never forget. Let’s just hope that whatever they were looking at wasn’t too serious.

Fighting For Love?

Did this couple have a fight and give each other bloody noses, or did they simply enjoy their wedding cake a little too much? Let’s hope it’s the latter for their sakes!


However, the likelihood is that the cake was strawberry and cream. Whilst it’s a delicious combination, is it really the best idea when you’re wearing a white dress? Think of the stains!

Getting Married is so Exhausting

This poor groom seems to have had quite enough for one day and has fallen asleep on his new wife’s shoulder. Maybe he didn’t get the best sleep the night before, or maybe it’s just all ben a little too much excitement for him.


Or, perhaps the more likely explanation is that the groom had a little too much champagne at the reception, and he’s sleeping off his excesses. Whatever the reason, he needs a cup of coffee!

Have Your Cake And Eat It

This bride wanted her wedding cake to be all about her, so she asked the baker to make a life-sized replica. They didn’t do a bad job, but the bride’s face doesn’t look too pleased!


Perhaps it’s best to stick to the traditional three-tiered cake; novelty is one thing, but it rarely turns out the way you want it to – just ask this unimpressed bride.

That’s a Smashing Cake

The cake is the centerpiece of the wedding reception and let’s be honest, they’re quite expensive too. So, imagine this bride’s horror when their custom-made cake decided to take a very dramatic tumble.


Props to the photographer for catching the moment, but maybe the guests should just grab a spoon and hoover up the smashed up cake before it’s too late?

Don’t Worry, I’ll Save You!

In the pursuit of the best wedding snap ever, this bride bent to one side just a little too much. Cue her falling head-first into the water. What did her husband do? Attempted to save her but didn’t quite manage it.


He doesn’t really look like he’s trying too hard, does he? And is that her foot he’s grabbing? Was he going to drag her out of the water feet-first?

You Were Not Invited!

You have to wonder whether this photobombing guest had an invite or whether they’ve gate-crashed in more ways than one! Points for creativity. However, she managed to get the positioning perfectly right.

Source: Buzzfeed

The bride and the bridesmaids don’t seem to have a clue that the imposter has made an appearance in their photo. We’re intrigued as to who she really is!

When You Marry The Wrong Guy

It looks like this bride is second-guessing her choice of husband. The photographer seems to have caught her staring longingly outside at the tradesman, and it looks like she’s stroking him in her mind! Do you think she wishes she’d married him instead?


Let’s hope her husband doesn’t see this photo and starts to worry that his bride has changed her mind. And, do you think she knows the mystery man outside?

Always The Third Wheel

This poor guy seems to have been completely left out of the love-in happening around him, but at least he doesn’t look too sad about it. Maybe his partner simply nipped to the toilet?

Source: Pinterest

Maybe his friends should have been a little more sympathetic to his single status and not decided to have a love-in with him standing there on his own!

An Inventive Use of Balloons

Some brides want to shun tradition and go with a dress that’s completely unique. All power to them, but are balloons really the best way to go? After all, they pop!


These brides want to shout from the rooftops about their love of balloons to the point where they wanted to be accompanied by them during their walk down the aisle. What do you think? Are balloons your thing?

Is it a Horse or a Bride?

Heading into your wedding on horseback is a romantic and beautiful thing to do; until your photographer catches the entire moment from the wrong angle, that is. This poor bride looks like she has hooves and a shaggy tail!


From another angle, the man leading her looks extremely short to her very tall too! This photo was not very well thought out at all, and it’s probably not one she’ll want to keep.

This Day is About … Me!

Did this woman go all bridezilla, or does she really want all the attention for herself? The poor groom is so squashed he can hardly breathe! Perhaps someone should remind her that the wedding isn’t all about her.


Can we also take a moment to talk about the dress and tiara? She looks like she’s about to start granting wishes like a fairy godmother, not walk down the aisle to be married.

I Like My Personal Space

At first glance, this dress might seem ridiculously large. However, when you think about it, it’s actually genius. Weddings are full of people invading your personal space, but with this dress, no-one can get near her!

Source: Imgur

However, the downside is that even her new husband can’t get close to her. How do you think they managed their first kiss or their first dance?

A Car For One

There is supposed to be more than one person in the wedding car, but this bride has a dress so big she can barely fit in herself! Is there even space for her to breathe in there?


You have to wonder how she actually got in the car and how is she going to get out of it? Is it a case of once you’re in, that’s it, you’re stuck forever? Maybe the wedding will need to take place half in the car and half out of it!

Giddy up, Nelly, Giddy up!

Why do weddings have to be such serious affairs? Why not embrace the fun of the moment? That’s exactly what this couple did, by incorporating a mythical unicorn into the day!


Whilst they could have chosen a slightly more aesthetically pleasing mask, the moment is a fun one. How did the photographer manage to hold the camera still from laughing?

Stand up, You Plank!

Is this a photobomb or a very elaborate entry into the planking challenge competition? If you’re not looking up, you might even miss him. You also have to admit that planning at height isn’t the easiest thing.

Source: Twitter

Despite the guy planking in the background, the couple looks supremely in love, and it’s a great photo. Maybe they could Photoshop him out or crop the photo altogether?

Give Her a Magnifying Glass

Firstly, is this couple famous? Why are they being filmed? Secondly, what exactly has this bride looked so horrified? It has to be something with the ring; maybe she was expecting a bigger rock than the one she got.


Considering there is a crowd watching her, maybe she should be a little more mindful of her facial expressions. Her poor husband is going to look back on this and feel terrible!

Flexing Those Muscles

This groom is getting some early practice for carrying his bride over the threshold by seemingly carrying her home! However, at first glance, it looks like this bride has seriously long legs and has chosen to wear pants under her dress.

Source: Buzzfeed

If we see this wrong and it really is a very tall bride, she should have gone to a bespoke tailor to get that dress altered – it’s not a great look!

Doves For Peace or Fear?

Releasing doves is a sign of peace and love, yet this groomsman looks absolutely terrified and rather upset about it. Does he have a phobia of doves, or did he receive a little parting gift from the bird itself?


The happy couple looks quite impressed with their doves anyway, so maybe they can crop him out and improve the quality of the photo! Either way, he should get over his phobia of birds!

Throw Your Hands Up, Or The Groom?

It’s a tradition to celebrate your buddy getting married by throwing him up in the air and catching him. However, this group underestimated how far they could throw. The poor guy hit his head on the roof rather spectacularly.

Source: Twitter

Props to the photographer for catching this moment, but the force with which he hit his head is concerning. His head seems to have inverted into his body!