Just Got Married – Wedding Cake Flops

By Yuri S.

Weddings require a lot of planning. There are seating arrangements, menus, dresses, props, wedding favors, and so much more to be decided that the bride and groom must really feel like not getting married would be better than all that trouble. One of the most symbolic moments of any wedding is the cake-cutting ceremony, and, for that, the cake should be serene and picturesque, not only as a representation of the bliss that is to come but also so that it looks good on Instagram.

But some cakes really take the cake (pun intended) – and not in a good way. Not only do they blow the minds of the wedding guests away with their truly horrific facade, but they also make the guests question the sanity of the bride and groom. After all, who on earth approved that? Have a look at these five shocking wedding cake flops that would make anyone facepalm.

The Bride and the Broom

Wait, seriously? Such a fundamental spelling mistake on the wedding day? Congratulations to the Broom & Bride. I mean, who’s to judge who someone falls in love with but that man certainly doesn’t look like a broom or else we would have thought it might be a joke in bad taste. It’s a good thing the picture was included, or we wouldn’t have known what to think.

Source: Imgur

There are so many plausible explanations. Maybe the cake decorator was confused about what the letter ‘G’ looks like. Maybe the bride’s nickname for her now-husband is Broom and everyone thought replacing the ‘G’ with ‘B’ would be a nice touch. Maybe it was a prank. Whatever it was, we still think the couple’s wedding day shouldn’t have been marred by such displays of humor.

Jabba the Poop

Somebody call the doctor because this poop just grew a tail. Oh, wait. That’s not poop, it’s a cake! Why on earth would anyone go for a cake that looks like a certain smiling brown emoji from the back? Someone who didn’t know better would be misled, not to mention appalled. And this kind of cake is really not your traditional wedding cake, anyway. People normally go for simple tiered ones.

Source: Twitter

Turns out that this particular couple is a huge Star Wars fans and wanted their wedding cake to be in the shape of Jabba the Hut. But, really, they should have been more intuitive about this. Not everyone likes Star Wars and the closest thing they’ve seen to Jabba the Hut really is the poop emoji. So why confuse wedding guests and have them think you’ve got a bad taste when Jabba cakes can be eaten at hundreds of other occasions besides your wedding?

Congratulations on Your Weeding

Where are all the grammar Nazis? We have a task for them. It seems like people have really forgotten how to spell with the introduction of AutoCorrect. In any case, what does this cake mean, exactly? Did they misspell ‘wedding’ or are they really celebrating a successful session of weeding? We are so confused because that green icing may be representing weeds, after all.

Source: Pinterest

Apart from the blatant spelling mistake, the cake itself doesn’t look as bad as the others on this list. At least it looks like a cake, and maybe it really was a weeding celebration cake that was presented to the happy (and garden-loving) couple as a wedding gift. Who knows? Some people really are tactless about timing.

The Leaning Tower of Cake

Here’s a cake that’s really seen some bad days. Not only is it drooping like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but it is also layered, making it look like it’s just about to melt all over the place. One has to wonder: who on earth designed this (non) masterpiece and what were the bride and groom thinking – going about approving of that melting disaster?

Source: Imgur

But let’s give the folks some credit – maybe it collapsed during the wedding. If so, then it’s quite an impressive feat that it’s managed to hold itself at that angle. Maybe it’s just bent over to cry, or maybe it is just too fed up with life. Whatever the case is, it deserves a place in the list of the biggest wedding cake flops.

Pickled Dessert

Now here’s a cake that no one – and I repeat no one – would be interested in eating. Not only does it look really, really unappealing, it’s also lopsided for some weird reason. Who designed that cake? Why does the second layer look like it’s been mauled by a wild animal? Why on earth are there strange-looking green blobs on that cake? We have so many questions.

Source: Rocketgeek.com

To be fair, the green blobs could be macaroons. But in all honesty, they look more like pickles than something that should be going on cakes. Cakes are supposed to be appealing to the eyes, but this cake is the exact opposite. And the clashing green and pink colors really make your eyes hurt. Who would want to eat something like that?